Kruger Sightings
Kruger Sightings
Kruger Sightings

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Kruger Bird Course - LIVEKruger Bird Course - LIVE

Kruger Bird Course - LIVE

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Cheetah and cubs - LIVECheetah and cubs - LIVE

Cheetah and cubs - LIVE

Місяць тому

Lion Cubs Discover the See-SawLion Cubs Discover the See-Saw

Lion Cubs Discover the See-Saw

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Pride of LionsPride of Lions

Pride of Lions

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Pride of 20+ LIONSPride of 20+ LIONS

Pride of 20+ LIONS

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Male Lion - LIVE!Male Lion - LIVE!

Male Lion - LIVE!

Місяць тому

Hyena Steals Impala from PythonHyena Steals Impala from Python

Hyena Steals Impala from Python

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Pack of Wild Dogs - LIVE!Pack of Wild Dogs - LIVE!

Pack of Wild Dogs - LIVE!

2 місяці тому

Lion Roaring - LIVE!Lion Roaring - LIVE!

Lion Roaring - LIVE!

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22 Lions on Mala Mala - LIVE!22 Lions on Mala Mala - LIVE!

22 Lions on Mala Mala - LIVE!

2 місяці тому

Pride of 20+ LIONSPride of 20+ LIONS

Pride of 20+ LIONS

2 місяці тому



2 місяці тому

Pack of Wild Dogs - LIVE!Pack of Wild Dogs - LIVE!

Pack of Wild Dogs - LIVE!

2 місяці тому

Best Wildlife Sightings This WeekBest Wildlife Sightings This Week

Best Wildlife Sightings This Week

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3 місяці тому

Pride of 20 Lions - LIVE!Pride of 20 Lions - LIVE!

Pride of 20 Lions - LIVE!

3 місяці тому

17 Wild Dogs - LIVE!17 Wild Dogs - LIVE!

17 Wild Dogs - LIVE!

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22 Lions on Mala Mala - LIVE!22 Lions on Mala Mala - LIVE!

22 Lions on Mala Mala - LIVE!

3 місяці тому

Mala Mala Realtime Lion Sighting!Mala Mala Realtime Lion Sighting!

Mala Mala Realtime Lion Sighting!

3 місяці тому

Hyena Tries Drowning RivalHyena Tries Drowning Rival

Hyena Tries Drowning Rival

4 місяці тому

How Not to Wake Up a Female Leopard!How Not to Wake Up a Female Leopard!

How Not to Wake Up a Female Leopard!

5 місяців тому

Leopard Walks Right into a LionLeopard Walks Right into a Lion

Leopard Walks Right into a Lion

5 місяців тому

Giraffe Kicks Lions To Defend ItselfGiraffe Kicks Lions To Defend Itself

Giraffe Kicks Lions To Defend Itself

6 місяців тому

Best Wildlife Sightings of 2019Best Wildlife Sightings of 2019

Best Wildlife Sightings of 2019

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How Different Animals React to GoProsHow Different Animals React to GoPros

How Different Animals React to GoPros

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Why Hyenas Shouldn't Climb TreesWhy Hyenas Shouldn't Climb Trees

Why Hyenas Shouldn't Climb Trees

7 місяців тому

Hyenas Gang Up Against Hurt RhinoHyenas Gang Up Against Hurt Rhino

Hyenas Gang Up Against Hurt Rhino

8 місяців тому

Lone Lion Takes on Young ElephantLone Lion Takes on Young Elephant

Lone Lion Takes on Young Elephant

8 місяців тому

Hyena Saves Warthog from LeopardHyena Saves Warthog from Leopard

Hyena Saves Warthog from Leopard

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World's Best Elephant Soccer PlayerWorld's Best Elephant Soccer Player

World's Best Elephant Soccer Player

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Buck Doesn't See The Python Stalking ItBuck Doesn't See The Python Stalking It

Buck Doesn't See The Python Stalking It

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Elephant Tramples Rhino & Baby!Elephant Tramples Rhino & Baby!

Elephant Tramples Rhino & Baby!

10 місяців тому

Man Walks Right into a Pride of LionsMan Walks Right into a Pride of Lions

Man Walks Right into a Pride of Lions

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This is How You Handle a Rhino ChargeThis is How You Handle a Rhino Charge

This is How You Handle a Rhino Charge

11 місяців тому

Leopard Tries to Escape Pride of LionsLeopard Tries to Escape Pride of Lions

Leopard Tries to Escape Pride of Lions

11 місяців тому

Male Lion Takes on Kudu in the RoadMale Lion Takes on Kudu in the Road

Male Lion Takes on Kudu in the Road

11 місяців тому

Buffaloes Rescue Friend from LionsBuffaloes Rescue Friend from Lions

Buffaloes Rescue Friend from Lions

11 місяців тому

Lion Pride Take-OverLion Pride Take-Over

Lion Pride Take-Over

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Cheetah "Threesome"Cheetah "Threesome"

Cheetah "Threesome"

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  1. author

    Sione Nopuki8 хвилин тому

    That was killing frenzy. They didn’t even eat the calve body but just killed it and go on killing one and another.

  2. author

    Mr. Mopar17 хвилин тому

    Hyenas don’t kill ....they eat..

  3. author

    Debra Webster28 хвилин тому

    Hippos are such cunts the most anti social animal ever they kill anything that they can catch ,strange of all the animals in Africa it's the Hebivours that are more dangerous to humans then Carnivores

  4. author

    Carmela D'ausilio37 хвилин тому

    Finalmente quanti sforzi ma anke quanta solidarieta e amore tra loro e x il babyelephant

  5. author

    Daniel HKHK745 хвилин тому

    Mami, there's a lion, shouldn't we close the window? No, there's a kudu.

  6. author

    Shweta Sinha57 хвилин тому

    Yes they teaches us family n relatives are important part of life

  7. author

    Quang NhưГодину тому

    Con ran bi mo mu ca 2 mat . Chac lam j lam con chim thu

  8. author

    Monkey D. LuffyГодину тому

    01:28 🐘 😲 hahahahaha😅

  9. author

    Linda MatildaГодину тому

    I screamed oh my God for life 100 times. Oh poor thing

  10. author

    D Ch ThonГодину тому

    สัตว์เปรต แดกเนื้อชาวบ้าน ถ้ากูเจอ ที่ไหน มึงตาย

  11. author

    codyГодину тому


  12. author

    Галина СергеевнаГодину тому


  13. author

    Yusi GГодину тому

    I wonder why animals like to eat always thru the ass ? 🤔

  14. author

    Deepak PanwarГодину тому

    Maintaining social distancing.

  15. author

    Henry LiГодину тому

    The mother Cheetah probably not happy that her kids think all meals come this easily.

  16. author

    Uditi Padyachi2 години тому

    That was cool!!!! Even male lions are scared of their female lions😄😄

  17. author

    tosin adejumo2 години тому

    She belongs to the streets

  18. author

    Karlo Brown Comedy2 години тому

    Cheetah burnt his ass

  19. author

    ทิชานันทน์ ไชยเดช2 години тому


  20. author

    Iverzuni F.I2 години тому

    cheetah: "hey, crocodile trick works for us too"

  21. author

    Pedro Torres Jr2 години тому

    That's about 1100 PSI , that is some serious bite force!

  22. author

    tiny vr3 години тому

    I liked how this elephant didn't just want to smell you, but to look in your eye. They're like that.😊 Awesome.🐘❤🐘❤🐘

  23. author

    Prasanna Bhat3 години тому

    2:18...the lion is like "wtf just happened...I mean i am supposed to be the king of the jungle"

  24. author

    obrian gayle3 години тому

    Cheetah pull a mc hammer. Cant touch this

  25. author

    Lucien Primavera3 години тому

    Impala be like “ I feel sick”

  26. author

    Shiba inu3 години тому

    Owww lion fanboys a tiger killed a girrafe under 8 seconds lolllll

  27. author

    Wild Librarian4 години тому

    I hope this mail finds you well in these trying times. We are currently producing a documentary on “Cecil and the Hwange Lion legacy” and was hoping that you might have some footage that we might license. Please contact me on thank you

  28. author

    Pushpa Rani4 години тому

    That's why we need live in joint family

  29. author

    cheesy pvz4 години тому

    Male lions. Woah woah woah stop the fight , break it up ladies we were just in the middle of eating that buffalo

  30. author

    Enrjco 恩里科5 годин тому


  31. author

    Elan Zankman5 годин тому

    This looks about as dangerous as thumb wrestling

  32. author

    Murat Kaptan5 годин тому


  33. author

    Tuhin Ghosh5 годин тому

    Satisfying ❤️

  34. author

    D Ch Thon5 годин тому

    กลุ่มพระเอกมาช่วยไว้ได้พอดี สุดยอด

  35. author

    Diamond_ Boy5 годин тому

    Buffalo: MUHAHAHA I STOLE THAT ELEPHANTS FAVORITE LEAF FROM HIS FAVORITE TREE MUHAHAHAHAHA Elephant: Omae mou shindeiru Buffalo: NANI!??!?!? **The Video Will Show What Happened To That EVIL Buffalo**

  36. author

    Gabriel Afonso6 годин тому

    Cheetahs are very small too. Amazing. Would have loved to see the video of them eating

  37. author

    Sione Nopuki6 годин тому

    0:41 to 0:50 only 9 sec from a active live hare to two pieces of meat.

  38. author

    Moisés Alejandro Quintana Martínez6 годин тому

    Las crías de las jirafas no son becerros, son jirafatos. Las jirafas pertenecen a la familia de los jiráfidos, no a la de los bóvidos.

  39. author

    Omar Elahi6 годин тому

    In case nobody heard it, she told you she could hear the cheetah.

  40. author

    Wessi Gondrong6 годин тому


  41. author

    Sankkar Shetty6 годин тому

    Nature God gift mother whether animal or birds take precautions of their baby . Looks beautiful .

  42. author

    Shinobu. exe7 годин тому

    I see comments about how a lion would be convenient but as much as I would've liked to see that zebra get slayed, this is nature and it probably would've attracted the baby 😭

  43. author

    Abdul Khader8 годин тому

    Excellent camera skills

  44. author

    Magie8 годин тому

    I've been watching a lot of these videos and nature really is harsh. We humans don't see it that way side we are privileged.

  45. author

    Jim Smith8 годин тому

    The Animal kingdom equivalent of mistakenly getting off the 6 train at 125th street.

  46. author

    Moy Olaf Fragancias8 годин тому

    Wtf with the camerman!!! Somebody say him stop play with the f*#king zoom!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  47. author

    Felix Sheldon8 годин тому

    This is the funniest shit I"ve ever seen. Laugh till I cried =)

  48. author

    dragon03618 годин тому

    Cheetah was feeling no pressure at all, he knew that bitch ass couldnt catch him

  49. author

    Reynaldo Flores8 годин тому

    The basic rule of survival for prey animals is NEVER stray away from the herd. The safest place is in the middle of the herd. But this impala leisurely walked away like he was strolling in Central Park. He paid dearly for it. On another note, the laughing, cheering tourists really turned me off. There was nothing funny about the incident. Nothing at all to cheer about.

  50. author

    Lt. Longshot8 годин тому

    The lioness catching the calf is even better at 1.25x speed

  51. author

    Suganthi B8 годин тому

    Thank you for this video i enjoyed the way she made sure by hiding behind carefully and running towards them and the whole pride was observing the situation

  52. author

    HDDRTY18 годин тому

    The elephant is like "that's what I thought bitches"

  53. author

    The Complainer9 годин тому

    What a badass...

  54. author

    Victor Tecpa9 годин тому

    If the other hyenas didn't kill it. It would've still died. There no way in hell that shit was not gonna get infected or cause other problems.

  55. author

    cheesy pvz9 годин тому

    The elaphant must have had a very bad day

  56. author

    LITTLE9 годин тому

    IDIOT people...

  57. author

    LITTLE9 годин тому

    A mother's worst fear.

  58. author

    Number One 1⃣10 годин тому

    1:26 Watch closely . There is another elephant in the middle of the frame. See his tusks moving behind the trees 🧐

  59. author

    Si Dunue10 годин тому

    Humans: We eat meat. Also humans: We cheer at predator unable to capture its prey.

  60. author

    Lydia Petra10 годин тому

    They are simply super cute and adorable! So playful... beautiful momma! What a relaxing scene!

  61. author

    Alida De Barreiro11 годин тому

    Pienso que aquí deberia haber intervenvpción humana estos animales estan en peligro de extinción

  62. author

    Dusmanta Mohakud11 годин тому

    What the consequences...

  63. author

    god here11 годин тому

    Two ton Tessy is pissed off....

  64. author

    god here11 годин тому

    Get off my turf ...and away from MY water hold.....

  65. author

    Kathryne Prickett11 годин тому

    Can't tell what's chirping in the background. A bird or a cheetah

  66. author

    Dylan Foxguy world11 годин тому

    Don't even think about it

  67. author

    Dylan Foxguy world11 годин тому

    I didn't see that coming

  68. author

    S. S. Cookies12 годин тому


  69. author

    red jar12 годин тому

    8:08 nigga like 1 heart Warrior

  70. author

    Raymond Quadros12 годин тому

    Talk about eating Fresh Meat.....This is as fresh as Meat can get.

  71. author

    Hanz C12 годин тому

    these stupid people acting like this is a sporting event

  72. author

    Naruto Squad12 годин тому

    O my god 😭😭😭😭

  73. author

    LA BoutaBagDoe12 годин тому

    The camera man Had 1 Job🤦🏾‍♂️

  74. author

    Abel Valdez12 годин тому


  75. author

    Carlos Perez12 годин тому

    I love it, I don't like hyenas 🤭🤭

  76. author

    R ICH12 годин тому

    Don't get to close to them honey,

  77. author

    José Freitas Oliveira12 годин тому


  78. author

    bobnell13 годин тому

    Put on Cheetah tail salt. Leopard forgot salt :)

  79. author

    daddy joe13 годин тому

    For some reason that eagle remained me of the USA, police officers.... keep it moving!!!! Nothing happening here people!!! Go away... I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do.

  80. author

    Koyun Cobain13 годин тому

    No girl, it is acting till the first time he will be able to esc.

  81. author

    flacon hawker13 годин тому

    She hates him i can tell

  82. author

    L. Salisbury13 годин тому

    0:35 - I'm glad someone thinks this is funny...

  83. author

    Zidon Qadrea13 годин тому

    Why cheetah always loses to other big cats

  84. author

    D Clop13 годин тому

    Curb side, now available in the jungle for a limited time.

  85. author

    HCAR13 годин тому

    That junior passed away, the video ends of jackals eating junior he was bad injured he couldn't handle it no more,that's nature on the wild life.,just like us killing chicken, cows,goats,sheep etc.

  86. author

    Charles Thompson13 годин тому

    What a spaz.

  87. author

    Gertude Gamer YT14 годин тому

    The dog is like THA HECK HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE?!

  88. author

    Obito Uchiha14 годин тому

    That was a good opportunity there

  89. author

    Gertude Gamer YT14 годин тому

    If this animal had better defenses he would of survived

  90. author

    Andre Myers14 годин тому

    Cheetah drive thru: one Impala nothing on it.

  91. author

    Terrance Gibbs14 годин тому

    I don't wanna live anymore.....WAIT WAIT WAIT I'M PLAYING I'M PLAYING

  92. author

    Mike Jankowski14 годин тому

    Beautiful animals

  93. author

    say my name14 годин тому

    نايس جدن

  94. author

    Jeff Holland15 годин тому

    That bird didn’t fly to safety! BS!

  95. author

    Faxels15 годин тому

    Damn that impala was fast it could have got away if it wasn’t for the third one teamwork at its finest

  96. author

    Moviesfortheblind15 годин тому

    Damn assholes!!!!

  97. author

    chamcham12315 годин тому

    The elephant wanted some buffalo chicken.

  98. author

    Khanh Nguyen16 годин тому

    This baby lamb .die her mom and now the lion fine the lamb and thought the lamb is her baby!

  99. author

    Yellowgyrl298216 годин тому


  100. author

    kay M16 годин тому

    The camera person hopeless indeed