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    Bogard Sparks21 годину тому

    I don't understand all this Zach Wilson talk. What conference did he play in? Every touchdown on this highlight all the receivers were wide open. I can't judge a guy when they're playing inferior competition.

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    mike hand21 годину тому

    very important news from important people about important people,very silly people acting like big people.PLAYTIME IS OVER

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    Justin Teamer21 годину тому

    these teams are gonna be in the natty for at least 2-3 years inna row

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    A1 Day 122 години тому

    “Process quicker” sounds like someone understanding what they been coached up on

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    Jonathan Scott22 години тому

    Justin Fields > Zach Wilson don't fall for the paid hype Fields will be a JET

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    Stop The cap22 години тому

    There’s a movie on Netflix called greater it’s a really good movie

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    Electric Ink23 години тому

    What an injustice ,F... China

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    Nabil Esmail23 години тому

    it wears me out when people say "I understand his situation was bad, the worst in football , but... his statistics show .... " No you don't understand, there is not but after. "it was an impossible situation, but great players elevate beyond it" No they don't. They help teams that have potential realize it. This jets team was not only the worst team in football, but by and far one of if not the least talented team of all time. Go look at its players draft scores. They screwed up their draft picks for years, and cut the players. Theres like 6-7 players on the team drafted in the 1st 3 rounds.

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    Philip BaldassiniДень тому

    The movie is awesome about Brandon

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    Anthony SimmonsДень тому

    and they were supposed to beat oregon? lmao foh casuals

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    BurgerSmooth HighlightsДень тому


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    Q !День тому

    They'll bounce back. Yall expecting the new QB to come in elite status right off top lol. A lot of football left to be played

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    Real PikachuДень тому

    Justin fields could have been 1000% healthy no way he was gonna beat the crimson tide 😂 Fields looked amazing his first year at Ohio st but had a huge drop his second bowl !!! Fields is gonna flop like Haskins

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    TrentДень тому

    Best QB in this draft class. bet on it.

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    Ian SnyderДень тому

    Sam Darnold = turnovers .....if he didn't make bad decisions and do that , i would be cool with keeping him, but I say move on...feel for the kid cause' he seems like a great dude.

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    Ja ToaДень тому

    Justin Fields getting similar heat to what D.Watson got when he came out of college . Look at him now .

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    herogibsonДень тому

    2:33 words are hard

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    Major PriceДень тому

    It all depends on how good a team a QB goes too. I hope Fields fall to SF!!!

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    C.День тому

    Huge season for Clemson for having the first trans qb.

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    Prince ZukoДень тому

    You see Kwity in the 9ers jersey

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    mark lawrenceДень тому

    Them Salukis put them paws on em

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    Randy ReneauДень тому

    Just a mess,

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    Rafik BainesДень тому

    Dan sounds emotional invested. Sam hasn't raised the play of others around him. Go w Zach

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    Joshua MitchellДень тому

    Dan u are wrong! There are 3 highlights video of darnolds turnovers on youtube!! N he literally gives the ball to the other team . No pressure! No nothing, just literally giving the ball away , like here u go!

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    Jason MillyДень тому

    If you didn't think NDSU would have their streak end, and rather soon into the season, have you even watched sports the past 12 months?

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    submissions72День тому

    Please get Justin Fields! Don't fall for Zach Wilson nonsense. It's all a facade!

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    MarinoДень тому

    My Bears will take him👍

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    MALAKHI WILKДень тому

    why are they overhyping Mac jones hes not better than lance,wilson,lawrence or fields

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    Richard KuligДень тому

    Well let’s see Seeing that Wilson has played 0 NFL games and Darnold has on a poor team I would say Darnold is better Until Wilson actually gets into the NFL and proves he can play amongst men and veteran players.. Darnold is better Stupid question!!

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    Charlie FranzДень тому

    Let's go Salukis!

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    Alfredo DueñezДень тому

    Where is Trey Lance?

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    Toby McClintockДень тому

    Thats what happens when you play in the spring. And the teams 1st rd pick QB is getting ready for the draft.

  33. author

    peejugДень тому

    his dads a legend

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    Senpai CamДень тому

    Zach Wilson won me two or three chips in my connected franchise on madden. And Sam Darnold has won zero

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    Chris RouloДень тому

    If running for a qb was as important as these silly people talk about joe montana wouldnt have been the goat pre brady and brady wouldnt be seen as the goat now. Mobile qb is a bonus ability because it means you can't leave him alone in a gap but like who doesnt try to hit the qb anyway?

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    Brian BenninghoffДень тому

    Looked like a High School B team game honestly...terrible blocking, no schemes, QB technique pitiful...It Will be interesting to see what this team looks like at the end of their season as Deion wants a bigger school coaching job, he has a long way to go!

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    Off-season ProductionsДень тому

    Field is better than wilson lol Wilson did not have a good game vs Carolina 17 points and an L while fields was beating up clemson with half of his body

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    Oliver FlakeДень тому

    Zach Wilson is better than Sam Darnold!

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    Henry ChipmanДень тому

    this video needs more players, we need burrow, RGIII, zeke, saquon, derrick henry, jameis winston, kyler murray, and possibly trevor lawrence.

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    GodModeДень тому

    side note all these mock drafts are trash

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    Kevin ClementsДень тому

    Really ? Listen to Mike Tannenbaum, the guy that messed up, not 1, but 2 franchises

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    GodModeДень тому

    Id even go a step further and say Mac Jones over Justin Fields.

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    ESPN College FootballДень тому

    0:00​ Mike Tannenbaum calls Mac Jones a cross between Jimmy Garoppolo and Matt Ryan. 0:52​ Tannenbaum proclaims that Zach Wilson is a better QB than New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. 1:38​ Dan Orlovsky argues that Darnold is a better player than Wilson.

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    Mr MEДень тому

    To the one person reading this: you’re a legend and adorable, stay safe

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    Mr MEДень тому

    I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life!

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    Christopher HeuserДень тому

    Alabama is better with winning streaks and championship so NDSU is really nothing

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    MitchDaBakerДень тому

    Cyclone fans cheering rn that Brock is the starter rather than Zeb Noland

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    Roland EdwardsДень тому

    Travor going to get his head knocked off in Jackson.Wilson going to struggle with the speed of the game.Fields okay but he can't read defence fast enough.THE MACK Jones will set back this year and learn the speed of the game as a backup that's cool for him.LANCE IAM scared for him.🤔

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    Richard LawrenceДень тому

    ☀️ Sunshine from Remember the Titian’s

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    christopher grazianoДень тому

    On the next 30 for 30 a no name school has their record snapped by another no name school how tragic

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    Rocco SpinelliДень тому

    Michigan is an average team and they need to come to the reality

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    Scott KingДень тому

    Don’t do a flyover with Aikmen there

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    Paid TouristДень тому

    Just goes to show you that the FBS is EXTREMELY overrated as a whole. Zeb Noland threw for over 300 yards against a top 10 ranked (I think even top 5) Oklahoma team before he transferred from Iowa State to NDSU. As it sits he's the worst QB in modern NDSU history behind only Mertens. Too bad Trey decided to leave, but NDSU will bounce back

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    Dreaded LuvДень тому

    I’m a va tech Hokie fan ,transfer from va tech and former 4star recruit Quincy Patterson is qb to take a look for

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    oiuet souiuДень тому

    Edwards water need to go ahead and give me a offer they dbs suck

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    Archie LeeДень тому


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    DojoNugget DeluxДень тому

    My mom and him went to high school together and they still are friends

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    MaverickДень тому

    Mac Jones to Dallas.

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    K JacksonДень тому

    Showtime, Primetime...forget Aikman; Deion opened up his first game at coach, like the superstar he was as a player.

  60. author

    D ScottДень тому

    Listen the Falcons will not trade up for Wilson when Fields will be there at 4 😂

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    Richard CДень тому

    Surprised that Greeny did not start asking about favorite college stadium condiments.

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    randee 4День тому

    3:33 I like how he hugged his lineman after throwing a pick 😂

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    Darrel MoydДень тому

    They are lucky they didn’t have to play NC A&T this year because of COVID with run defense like that? Man, it would’ve got ugly FAST!

  64. author

    joe blowДень тому

    SIU over Bama!

  65. author

    steve OДень тому

    NDSU lost a lot of talent!!!! There’s 3 players that will be 1st or 2nd round picks there missing!!!!!

  66. author

    Curtis MillerДень тому

    As a SIU alum, this is great 👍

  67. author

    Bubble GamingДень тому

    “You can hear that one the doink special

  68. author

    RythzzzДень тому

    nice fc

  69. author

    Manuel PestanaДень тому

    2:20 Clayton i see you bro!!!!

  70. author

    Roscoe CharlesДень тому

    #25 Michael tutsie 💪

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    Joe Veitch2 дні тому

    Plus says we had best team in history 2019.....nick says hope my beer and watch 2020 lol

  72. author

    ASCENT2 дні тому

    What Is a saluki?

  73. author

    farley toussaint2 дні тому

    What a Reachhhhhhhhh

  74. author

    Antbeast232 дні тому

    How about put them in the fbs and see if they really can dominate

  75. author

    Cyclone Mama2 дні тому

    Yes, Ames, Iowa IS the place!

  76. author

    Colby Garrow2 дні тому

    I’m confused why is there college football still on

  77. author

    LaZy AL2 дні тому

    Why didn’t lance play?

  78. author

    A. T. Smith2 дні тому

    Go! Southern, Go!

  79. author

    Marquies Riley2 дні тому

    SIU came to play...respect to the coaching staff

  80. author

    Shaun McCann2 дні тому