Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!
I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!
That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!


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Місяць тому

FUNNIEST TikTok Pranks Ever !FUNNIEST TikTok Pranks Ever !

FUNNIEST TikTok Pranks Ever !

Місяць тому

Funniest KID TEST Answers !Funniest KID TEST Answers !

Funniest KID TEST Answers !

2 місяці тому

Playing HIDE and SEEK in IKEA !Playing HIDE and SEEK in IKEA !

Playing HIDE and SEEK in IKEA !

2 місяці тому

Funniest KID TEST Answers !Funniest KID TEST Answers !

Funniest KID TEST Answers !

4 місяці тому

  1. author

    Sandy Hamster811 годин тому

    4:10 the face of absolute shock.

  2. author

    cassandra walker11 годин тому

    5:55 Azzy: K step one have perfect hair Me: there goes that hairstyle idea

  3. author

    Kelvin Martinez11 годин тому

    The one that has a little long teeth

  4. author

    Gacha with Banana11 годин тому

    I can stick my tongue out and swallow

  5. author

    Savannah Moore11 годин тому

    What’s the most random face you could have in your hair? Me: FINNICK ODAR ..thg anyone?

  6. author

    Itsyourgirlondyn Hall11 годин тому

    Yass queen

  7. author

    Manongsong Storage12 годин тому


  8. author

    fox princess12 годин тому


  9. author

    Kailei Hinton - SOES 202912 годин тому

    Azzy : does wowed count🤣

  10. author

    I C O N I C12 годин тому

    Azzy: holy fruit cakes this is awkward Oompaville: YES MY GUY

  11. author

    Denis Alvarez12 годин тому

    Bye -bye

  12. author

    poke matthew12 годин тому

    Give me a shoutout please!

  13. author

    Maria Kryvasheina12 годин тому

    the dad is trying to be nice and she is so rude :( :(

  14. author

    LAKYN POTTER12 годин тому

    8:10 Azzy you were suposed to click on the even numbers not the uneven ones AZZY YOU FOOL no offense

  15. author

    Chloe Wright12 годин тому

    I love dogs

  16. author

    joyseva girl12 годин тому


  17. author

    Lori Escaros Escaros12 годин тому

    Azzy, I didn't know you say bad words... ☹️

  18. author

    Peter Huynh12 годин тому

    Kassie: *Takes a sip* Azzy: *Takes a sip* Kassie: *OOOO* Azzy: *COUGHS LOUDLY* Kassie: *MMMM Dr. Pepper?* Azzy: *AHHHHHHHH* Kassie: *mmmm it's delicious!!* Azzy: *Dies* Kassie: *YUM did I get it right?!* Me: I would do that to my friend too ;-; U-U

  19. author

    minetube 73712 годин тому

    1:22 EXPOSED sorry for that

  20. author

    Tatiana Cartagena12 годин тому

    That moriah made over

  21. author

    Joanne Cantle12 годин тому

    So satisfying 😀

  22. author

    Kaiyah Foley12 годин тому

    With that can thing with if your also have ocd XD

  23. author

    Gustavo Ochoa12 годин тому

    There’s also ice cream taste testers

  24. author

    Kailey Anderson12 годин тому

    I think only the orange ladybug,s are poison someone told me that too

  25. author

    brooklyn martel12 годин тому

    1:17 is amazing

  26. author

    The Random Re's12 годин тому

    how did they find diamonds so easy!!!!?????

  27. author

    Choco latte12 годин тому


  28. author

    MatthewAcbang12 годин тому

    Lol on first one lolz

  29. author

    Kawaiikakekitten12 годин тому

    Who’s not watching this during quarantine lucky humans -w-

  30. author

    LillaAnn Bellinger12 годин тому

    Baby KassieAnd baby azzyMail there self two Hawaii

  31. author

    Marlena Thompson12 годин тому

    I hate it

  32. author

    Shailesh Lad12 годин тому

    So cooooooooool!!!!!😁

  33. author

    cassandra walker12 годин тому

    1. I woke up 2. I saw Azzy 3. I hugged her 4. I cried Now read it in the order 2314 P.S Real nightmare

  34. author

    Monie K12 годин тому

    OMG I love watching your vids Azzy!

  35. author

    Kawaiikakekitten12 годин тому

    So she crash her own car

  36. author

    Reactors12 годин тому

    At 3:04 he says idont but it but it really does

  37. author

    Meme E.12 годин тому

    Your roommate or mom looks like my teacher

  38. author

    Marlena Thompson12 годин тому

    Yes i am in quarantine

  39. author

    Brennan Adkins12 годин тому

    He got 50 dollars and his brother got a video game 🎮 I would be so happy ☺ to get 50 dollars

  40. author

    Jenny Sullivan12 годин тому

    I have ten sisters and five brothers

  41. author

    90z.vintage12 годин тому


  42. author

    Ca1m11e E12 годин тому

    So cool.

  43. author

    Janisse Flores12 годин тому

    Its a Fox rith?

  44. author

    Adrian Ochoa12 годин тому


  45. author

    Jami San12 годин тому

    It’s late like 11 almost 12 im here a scared hopeless 10 year old child reading everything about Mr. Floyd meanwhile I hear gunshots close all by myself then u see azzy 💗💗

  46. author

    Ńightmáré Wølfÿ12 годин тому

    Azzy should be MC Donald’s mascot

  47. author

    Keri Avaritt12 годин тому


  48. author

    Emilio Oliva12 годин тому

    I love to whach azzy

  49. author

    Samuel Davis12 годин тому

    Can you do a video on furry

  50. author

    Taya Bobbitt12 годин тому

    The toilet paper dress might come in handy now

  51. author

    Marie W12 годин тому

    Why does this video remind me of myself?

  52. author

    Helen Mcfarlane12 годин тому

    My dad where is vests

  53. author

    destiny wascavage12 годин тому

    Alpaca are so cute and funny and fluffy

  54. author

    Josiah Harrison12 годин тому

    i have that thing at 5:00 and its actually for big water jugs like gallons and that way you can fill up your cup just from there if you dont have a water cooler.

  55. author

    Faza Mohammadpro12 годин тому


  56. author

    Kailey Anderson12 годин тому

    Hehehe those otter are stealing money they're probably on the money Heist or something hehehe 😂😏

  57. author

    Amelia Smith12 годин тому

    I'll be listening to a book and acting out what I think the characters are doing then someone will walk in the room

  58. author

    Impossible Gaming12 годин тому

    Why do people dislike dis there's nothing wrong with dis

  59. author

    iyanuoluwa Adegok12 годин тому

    That man wearing the same color of the couch is African that's why he is wearing that. Oh and also I'm African too.

  60. author

    Goku blaster12 годин тому

    I love azzy you make me feel good about myself

  61. author

    Olivia Mitsas12 годин тому

    harry ron and Herminini actually went to the same school and these people came for the cast of Harry Potter and they got in. sorry if this is long 😂😂😂

  62. author

    worried-giant 29612 годин тому

    I think im gonna pass out frfr not lying im dizzy rn and im sittung

  63. author

    carla miles12 годин тому

    Farts for days

  64. author

    Eevee Pika12 годин тому

    I'm hungry now

  65. author

    Amy Nuñez12 годин тому

    2020 MY DUDES

  66. author

    Vivian Dishman12 годин тому

    I am covered in maskto bites and I don't feel good

  67. author

    unicorn squad12 годин тому

    Yes for help on homework

  68. author

    Ruby Sanchez12 годин тому

    He lost befire u he LLLIIIEEESSS

  69. author

    Kiara Henderson12 годин тому

    I'm still waiting for those noodles 😂😃

  70. author

    C Dew12 годин тому


  71. author

    iyanuoluwa Adegok12 годин тому

    That lady is.......ChEWBAKa!!!

  72. author

    Minkraft Gamr12 годин тому

    Bathroom in the closet is bad enough, but there is also carpeted floor. 😐😂

  73. author

    Marlena Thompson12 годин тому

    You said wow you missed it

  74. author

    Adam Schmidt12 годин тому

    Can you try doing ASMR?

  75. author

    Grace Loh12 годин тому

    I had a lot of friends when I was samller but now I don’t

  76. author

    Stealthy BTW12 годин тому

    Oh my god it’s a Karen

  77. author

    CLARALYNN SHIFLETT12 годин тому

    Me and my bro have the same mark on the same ear

  78. author

    Lindsey Tapia12 годин тому

    Do part 2!

  79. author

    Alpha Chibis12 годин тому

    I laugh at your puns

  80. author

    Emily Horn12 годин тому

    That was scary😨😱

  81. author

    Vinnie Greer12 годин тому

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the water bottles in the shirt 👚😂😂😂😂she looked hilarious 🤣

  82. author

    iiPaigeGamingx12 годин тому

    “I’m a gummy bear inside your mouth, what do you do?” Me: Spit you out. :>

  83. author

    ITZ_CONNIE GAMER12 годин тому

    i noticed the lambo's plate number is azzyland

  84. author

    Jessica Bennett12 годин тому

    I wish this happened to me my mom is poor and I really want to meet you

  85. author

    Gladys Noblejas12 годин тому

    This a gold digger song

  86. author

    Keely E12 годин тому


  87. author

    Jonah Ralph12 годин тому

    Azzy is the best

  88. author

    Donald Jose Castillo Araujo12 годин тому


  89. author

    Abigail Lindrud12 годин тому

    dont need a crotch shot

  90. author

    john12 годин тому

    dont like it

  91. author

    Donte Houston12 годин тому

    The bikini doesn't have a top

  92. author

    Madison Lamb12 годин тому

    I... this is horable

  93. author

    Emma Lynn12 годин тому

    Wow sorry I said wow

  94. author

    unicorn girl unicorn12 годин тому


  95. author

    Jennifer Williams12 годин тому

    This remind me when you’re looking for sunglasses and there on your face

  96. author

    Aurora Mendoza12 годин тому

    I will eat apples any day even if he’s cute

  97. author

    Yoly Sevilla12 годин тому

    I have 30

  98. author

    6cinalynn12 годин тому

    U siad wow it look like Hart and something

  99. author

    Vinnie Greer12 годин тому

    Dear I don’t know

  100. author

    Evangeline Salazar12 годин тому