Nether Update: Official Trailer


  1. Chloe Is Here

    Chloe Is Here10 годин тому

    If you want a texture pack that looks like the one Minecraft uses for their trailers use bare bones. It looks that same as this

  2. Uwu_ Emma

    Uwu_ Emma10 годин тому

    I wish there could be a brain update

  3. Jareni Mendoza

    Jareni Mendoza10 годин тому

    I’m love netherite 🤗

  4. Eliciene Francisco da Silva

    Eliciene Francisco da Silva10 годин тому

    The new Nether 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  5. Lelex :D

    Lelex :D10 годин тому

    Alex and Steve: Survive Me 2 min later entered the nether: /gamemode creative

  6. míster blanco

    míster blanco10 годин тому

    Like si ablas español

  7. Romy Granado

    Romy Granado10 годин тому

    what new in minecraft 1.17 is in cave update?


    ANDYTANDY10 годин тому

    Trailer vs reality

  9. Ignacio Orrego

    Ignacio Orrego10 годин тому

    Si tengo en mi xbox 360 mi cuenta con maincraft puedo jugarla en la one ?


    CTAREFT CRAFT10 годин тому


  11. cbclothdiapers

    cbclothdiapers10 годин тому

    1:00 Why you always wear gold boots...

  12. ACE234G5I6

    ACE234G5I610 годин тому

    if the nether update was actually as epic as this trailer

  13. Fire Walk

    Fire Walk10 годин тому

    nether villagers? and pillagers. I wonder if they whould exist some time. Or maybe the nether pillagers are piglins.

  14. Lexie Hastings

    Lexie Hastings11 годин тому

    Why can't this amazing update be on the Xbox 360 version? :C

  15. Jackson Worthman

    Jackson Worthman11 годин тому

    1:08 One unlucky Piglin fell off that cliff to the right.

  16. Nicolas Malca Julca

    Nicolas Malca Julca11 годин тому

    Me encanta

  17. Nicolas Malca Julca

    Nicolas Malca Julca11 годин тому

    Está muy muy muy muy muy buena eh

  18. Nicolas Malca Julca

    Nicolas Malca Julca11 годин тому

    Lo que más me gustó de esa versión es la cosa que te hace revivir el neder

  19. No longer an Undertale Fan

    No longer an Undertale Fan11 годин тому

    Anyone remember Rena?

  20. Mezar play

    Mezar play11 годин тому

    0:32 herobrine 0:32 херобрин

  21. Wallacy Martins Moreira

    Wallacy Martins Moreira11 годин тому


  22. Nicolas Malca Julca

    Nicolas Malca Julca11 годин тому

    Qué chévere la versión

  23. Nicolas Malca Julca

    Nicolas Malca Julca11 годин тому

    Tú eres el que puso la versión no porque está muy está muy buena y me encanta jugar la

  24. Cute Boi

    Cute Boi11 годин тому


  25. josue Hernandez Garcia

    josue Hernandez Garcia11 годин тому

    Yeah really cool but... we still want the cave update

  26. Javi VT.

    Javi VT.12 годин тому

    Basicaly in these update you're gonna die ;-; xD

  27. Abood Abordan

    Abood Abordan12 годин тому

    They ended the trailer with a cave, why tho? Hmmmm, lets guess, CAVE UPDA- yeah its impossible

  28. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisement12 годин тому

    I thought I was nether going to the nether, but this changed my mind.

  29. AGARAGÃ gta

    AGARAGÃ gta12 годин тому

    F for zombie pigmans😔

  30. Lara Strife

    Lara Strife12 годин тому

    E coloca mais flores e tipos de arvores pra game de celular Eu quero SAKURA no meu REINO🌸

  31. Lara Strife

    Lara Strife13 годин тому

    Arruma logo o problema de link com as camas dos VILLAGERS por favor, tem um monte de cama pra dormir e eles fica de pe' a noite toda!

  32. Marino

    Marino13 годин тому

    Imagine the mobfarms possible with such spawnrates

  33. Osito Peluchin

    Osito Peluchin13 годин тому


  34. Lara Strife

    Lara Strife13 годин тому

    Esses porco e' muito fominha! Vou ficar pobre trocando ouro por tijolo (ง🔥Д🔥)ง

  35. Osito Peluchin

    Osito Peluchin13 годин тому


  36. YinYang Productions

    YinYang Productions13 годин тому

    The ending looks like the Doom poster

  37. Maury Solís

    Maury Solís13 годин тому

    Cualquier similitud con Doom es mera coincidencia... jajaja

  38. francisco aponte

    francisco aponte13 годин тому

    holy moly i dont want a pigman army against me

  39. Mikeoz

    Mikeoz13 годин тому

    When the bois use command blocks

  40. Daan Hulshof

    Daan Hulshof13 годин тому

    the piglins ar like no fles bro we want the gold bro

  41. CalsTrap _YT

    CalsTrap _YT13 годин тому

    Yo pienso que para las actualizaciones desde el 1.13 a las que siguen Agan secuelas , por ejemplo La Final Nether update o algo asi

  42. Davi gacha e gamer

    Davi gacha e gamer14 годин тому

    It soo AMESOWE minecraft

  43. juanesteban castillo

    juanesteban castillo14 годин тому


  44. Jayden Pudvah

    Jayden Pudvah14 годин тому

    I'm happy is here

  45. Bruno Gonzalez

    Bruno Gonzalez14 годин тому

    Anybody else thought that the ending in the cave is probably a wink to cave update?

  46. Clovis Trannoy

    Clovis Trannoy14 годин тому

    At 0:37 second it's very very fun and so true ho i am french

  47. blackwolf nations

    blackwolf nations14 годин тому

    What is the name of the music used

  48. The Slicer

    The Slicer14 годин тому

    they dead

  49. GGX Fletcher

    GGX Fletcher14 годин тому

    Is the next update The cable please

  50. Sanjin GAMES

    Sanjin GAMES14 годин тому

    1:00 at you join in batle royal game in duo and jump in best map side Players :

  51. PromoYT

    PromoYT14 годин тому


  52. RealMiksus

    RealMiksus15 годин тому

    Still waiting for that cave update

  53. Marx Rostov Ordinola

    Marx Rostov Ordinola15 годин тому

    1:01 wait, why the piglins did't scare with the "fire of souls"?

  54. user name

    user name15 годин тому

    wish the actual game was like this

  55. ender dragon

    ender dragon15 годин тому

    1:07 a shut

  56. Dylan Gamer

    Dylan Gamer15 годин тому

    Great! NOW can we have a cave update?

  57. ForgottenRaoul1991

    ForgottenRaoul199115 годин тому

    me: OAH NOOOO THERES NO NETHERITE HORSE ARMOUR Also me: what if you could upgrade a diamond block and get 9 netherite trollolololol

  58. That's Mine Bruh Gaming

    That's Mine Bruh Gaming15 годин тому

    You can see Piglin Brutes, but only a little, in 1:05

  59. Dionisia Pereda de Ruiz

    Dionisia Pereda de Ruiz15 годин тому


  60. _EverOne _

    _EverOne _16 годин тому

    WHY DO YOU ADD THESE EMOTES ?! THE PRICE IS HORRIBLE your cornflakes (creeper crunch) are very tasty 😌 and i would love to see some chairs and tables, just this, no cuppboards this animation is lol


    HOLA_SOY_JERE16 годин тому

    No to homosexuality

  62. Roaden

    Roaden16 годин тому

    When you put the Impossible mode on: 1:06

  63. miguel prieto

    miguel prieto16 годин тому

    hellou pou

  64. Lucca brawl

    Lucca brawl16 годин тому

    Minecraft I Love Herobrine

  65. Дима Ли

    Дима Ли16 годин тому

    Майнкрафт моя жизнь

  66. porjo01

    porjo0116 годин тому

    Ooh look like world war 1 happened in minecrafct

  67. I'm tea ._.

    I'm tea ._.17 годин тому

    *заходит в чат в надежде увидеть русских*

  68. Zom Pizza

    Zom Pizza17 годин тому

    damn the nether is gonna be actual hell

  69. Bastian Alvarado

    Bastian Alvarado17 годин тому

    Muchas gracias por el trailer

  70. Sad Walnut

    Sad Walnut17 годин тому

    Rip and TEAR! wait no wrong game

  71. Иван Рогов

    Иван Рогов17 годин тому


  72. Angeles Calquin

    Angeles Calquin17 годин тому

    1:08 Game: 1K mobs in one dimension Steve and Alex: 0.00001FPS Lol their computers crashed

  73. KrzyhuhuK

    KrzyhuhuK17 годин тому

    LGB T is bad

  74. الإتحاد ٣

    الإتحاد ٣17 годин тому


  75. MrWaspTV - Gaming

    MrWaspTV - Gaming18 годин тому

    After this update... my minecraft ON PS4 won’t stop crashing! Idk what to do!

  76. Arianna Sydney

    Arianna Sydney18 годин тому

    "5:09" If someone need something simply try ** Its cool for everyone! ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකි

  77. Riley Killick

    Riley Killick18 годин тому

    sorry but i ment chainmail and netherite armour sorry

  78. jose gabriel campos ticona

    jose gabriel campos ticona18 годин тому

    Why don't they do a series?


    MIGTY GAMES18 годин тому

    Amazing! =D (poor alex and steve)

  80. DRAGOM

    DRAGOM18 годин тому

    hello good morning I want to leave an idea for minecraft and thought of a ghost or demon that appears in hell that was like a ghost but that the wings were like those of a bat with details of gold spikes and that the color of the skin is red dark and horned.

  81. Rosario Ramirez

    Rosario Ramirez18 годин тому

    The end tho