1. Matsy

    Matsy20 хвилин тому

    wait they call this a dance practice? this could pass as the performance version tho the quality👏

  2. Kai Rivald

    Kai RivaldГодину тому

    0:42 I can die happy now

  3. iman loves winwin's lines in 127

    iman loves winwin's lines in 127Годину тому

    this needs more views weishennies where are y'all😤

  4. Mateo Banda

    Mateo Banda4 години тому

    Dance Practice? Nope. This Is A Whole Music Video!

  5. papexr _

    papexr _5 годин тому


  6. Sakuさく

    Sakuさく5 годин тому


  7. Aurora Leliel

    Aurora Leliel6 годин тому

    Cant help but be amazed all over again. I dunno how many times i've watched it but it is the exact feeling of seeing it the first. Salute to WayV! They really perform this as a group. I love it!

  8. Nilesh Kadam

    Nilesh Kadam7 годин тому

    Вєѕт ∂αη¢є ρяα¢тιѕє єνєя ι ℓσνє уσυ ωαуν αη∂ η¢т αℓωαуѕ ѕυρρσят уσυ αη∂ ƒσяєνєя ℓσνє уσυ αℓℓ 😇😇😇😇😊😍😍😘

  9. Abimbola Adebole

    Abimbola Adebole9 годин тому

    This is sooooooo dope 👏😮😍

  10. Yoo Jeongyeon

    Yoo Jeongyeon10 годин тому

    0:41 well damn 🔥 yea someone pls play this at my funeral 💀

  11. itsmomo

    itsmomo10 годин тому

    me: *rewinds video for the 373937th time* the fbi agent in my phone: OK I GET IT I SEE XIAOJUN!

  12. 10 годин тому

    The 313 dislikes are all from lucas's all white shoes.

  13. haechan fullsun

    haechan fullsun11 годин тому

    i am very happy with the winwin line in wayv, winwin in wayv has more lines, I am happy for winwin and why is winwin so cute? tell me now

  14. MinNotMax

    MinNotMax11 годин тому

    Just saw this today and I really missed seeing Ten dancing in his own way! You still amaze me with your dance moves since 'The 7th Sense'. Fighting Ten and WayV!

  15. Yanti Puspita

    Yanti Puspita12 годин тому

    :3 so (sis) so nice~~

  16. Dila Nurcahnia

    Dila Nurcahnia12 годин тому


  17. john's banana

    john's banana13 годин тому

    lucas's get it get it part has me DEADDDDDDDDDDDDD

  18. Ardiruh 3

    Ardiruh 313 годин тому


  19. Simret Sekhon

    Simret Sekhon13 годин тому

    1:00 that camera angle was cool

  20. nct's fart

    nct's fart13 годин тому

    That get it get it hits hard No dirty jokes intended

  21. Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows13 годин тому

    This dance is so fast and perfect. Lucas dances as fast as the rest of them. Then there is Ten. This is just practice. Hope live music shows come back soon, WayV we need you.


    SERENA PAN14 годин тому

    No one in WayV can see properly due to their hairstyles and hats

  23. Princess angel Ferrer

    Princess angel Ferrer14 годин тому

    tanod hendery HAHAHAHA

  24. Falimatul Khasanah

    Falimatul Khasanah15 годин тому

    Oppaaaaaaa saranghaeeeeeee😭❤

  25. Yanti Puspita

    Yanti Puspita19 годин тому

    Dance performance:))

  26. A.R.I :3

    A.R.I :321 годину тому


  27. A.R.I :3

    A.R.I :321 годину тому


  28. Sandra Juárez

    Sandra Juárez22 години тому


  29. Diane Martinez

    Diane Martinez23 години тому

    Hendery looks like he's about to go catch some pokemons

  30. HEAR THE V

    HEAR THE V13 годин тому

    why so smart

  31. Syeda

    SyedaДень тому

    How can Ten see in these low bucket hats?

  32. Syeda

    SyedaДень тому

    Honestly this isn't even a dance practice anymore like it's so extra with the lights and camera zoom ins too!

  33. Angela Go

    Angela GoДень тому


  34. Andy Tran

    Andy TranДень тому

    I’m crying because not all units get equal popularity.

  35. Arten Zaini

    Arten ZainiДень тому


  36. Lindsey Sullivan

    Lindsey SullivanДень тому

    You know there's amazing dancers when they distract you from your bias.

  37. Aycee Vicencio

    Aycee VicencioДень тому

    Am i the only one who finds ten's tattoo hot

  38. Isbah Khoiri

    Isbah KhoiriДень тому

    I love this part 1:40 - 1:47

  39. Nãss ïmà

    Nãss ïmàДень тому

    Whos your bais ?? Kun 💙 T'en ❤️ Winwin💞 Lucas 🍓 Hendery 💜 Xiaojun 🌺 Yengyeng 💫

  40. Faye

    FayeДень тому

    2:48 xiaojun is so cute 🥺 how he killed me with that smile

  41. Hades Beetlejuice

    Hades BeetlejuiceДень тому

    WayV y el naranja es mi concepto favorito.

  42. Hades Beetlejuice

    Hades BeetlejuiceДень тому

    Pinches gatos preciosos, los amo.

  43. Rachel Olivia

    Rachel OliviaДень тому

    Siapa indo y?

  44. Amal's world [English]

    Amal's world [English]День тому

    Who's My Bias Lucas -> Like Yangyang -> Like Xiaojun -> Like Kun -> Like Ten -> Like Hendery -> Like WinWin -> Like *Way* *V*

  45. Ms. Chin BK

    Ms. Chin BKДень тому

    They all dance well, but Ten just moves so smoothly and effortlessly.

  46. Yanti Puspita

    Yanti PuspitaДень тому

    Let's go to 1.9M!!

  47. Zara Zhala

    Zara ZhalaДень тому

    This is NOT a dance practice. Huhu they purposedly filmed this😭😭

  48. amanda tearra

    amanda tearraДень тому

    they really said lets wear long pants and dont tell xiaojun

  49. Sofia P. S

    Sofia P. SДень тому

    I love how extra they went with this

  50. Alizha Segura

    Alizha SeguraДень тому

    Tbh, as much as i want Winwin to have more lines, i think his voice really brings an impact when he sings his lines even though he doesnt have a lot of lines. What do you think?

  51. Lili Rubalcava

    Lili RubalcavaДень тому

    0:42 hendery did the mf stank leg 💀💀

  52. Amber Webb

    Amber WebbДень тому

    that tattoo on tens are isn't real right? like im not going crazy?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!????!?!

  53. SUPERM doesn't benefit to shinee,exo and wayv

    SUPERM doesn't benefit to shinee,exo and wayv22 години тому

    it's real..and there is another one on his chest part..

  54. 1000 NCT MEMBERS

    1000 NCT MEMBERSДень тому

    HENDELY. ♡

  55. Christina Rusan

    Christina RusanДень тому

    Well this must be an advanced dance practice lol cute ❤

  56. EXO Roro

    EXO RoroДень тому

    Yo Way V you are take me heart 🎯💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  57. Pamela M. Kay

    Pamela M. KayДень тому

    xiaojun: *knees*

  58. tsaniyah fathma

    tsaniyah fathmaДень тому

    mau pacaran sama wayv gimana caranya pls..

  59. mia

    miaДень тому

    0:29 this part is soooooo satisfying

  60. diyana shahira

    diyana shahira2 дні тому

    other member: ;( winwin: :-)

  61. HEAR THE V

    HEAR THE V2 дні тому

    $tr3am TBT thanks

  62. Sheila Tucker

    Sheila Tucker2 дні тому

    Yangyang I love uuuuuuuuuuuu❤

  63. Virby Ilona

    Virby Ilona2 дні тому

    kulit manggis kini ada estraknya :3

  64. Yanti Puspita

    Yanti PuspitaДень тому


  65. Fatin Aqifah Kalsum

    Fatin Aqifah Kalsum2 дні тому


  66. Seeyou Again

    Seeyou Again2 дні тому

    Tennnn so hotttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. Hongli Si

    Hongli Si2 дні тому

    So perfect!

  68. Karen Rose Villa

    Karen Rose Villa2 дні тому

    Ten has a tattoo???

  69. Virby Ilona

    Virby Ilona2 дні тому


  70. Nishtha Banerjee

    Nishtha Banerjee2 дні тому

    They are so in sync! this is fyeeeee🔥

  71. istri kun

    istri kun2 дні тому

    I Luv U >_

  72. 레몬향기

    레몬향기2 дні тому

    난 너희들이 좋아 에너지 넘치고 멋져 ㅎㅎ 샤오쥔은 진짜 보고있음 뭐 저런게 있나싶음 ㅠㅠ 다 잘해 ㅠㅠ

  73. Ynobe

    Ynobe2 дні тому

    Maybe its just me but the build up to the chorus kinda reminds me up f(x)'s bridge in electric shock

  74. Yanti Puspita

    Yanti Puspita2 дні тому

    Makan banyak buah yuk, supaya BABnya nggak susah (gua gomang apa si woi TT) random banget anakmu ini mak :)

  75. Kristin Gwyn

    Kristin Gwyn2 дні тому

    may nabasa ako sa fb sabi ng isang weyshenie si hendery parang tanod hahaha

  76. tenten 0

    tenten 02 дні тому

    That double body wave in the end 🤤👍

  77. ¡ip a r a d i s e i¡

    ¡ip a r a d i s e i¡2 дні тому

    I'm sorry I love you babies, but when it comes to the "stop, rewind, turn, back time." part w/ lucas center. . . . I can't help but think you look like chickens when they do that neck thing while walking and I mean that in the nicest way possible I-

  78. Nerrion

    Nerrion2 дні тому

    Ten is going crazy in this practice, they all dance well but he is actually on a professional dancer level.

  79. 텐깅

    텐깅2 дні тому


  80. OutcastintheAshes

    OutcastintheAshes2 дні тому

    Honestly yangyang needs more appreciation. He is the youngest in the group but one of the better dancers and such a good rapper. On top of that he speaks 4 languages fluently!

  81. Taeyong kpop

    Taeyong kpop2 дні тому

    💜💜👌👑 wayv ilove you

  82. Lily C

    Lily C2 дні тому

    Please release a static version of the video, I can't see the dance...

  83. Virby Ilona

    Virby Ilona2 дні тому

    komennya sepi nihh, ramaiin dongzz

  84. Yanti Puspita

    Yanti Puspita2 дні тому


  85. Just a person

    Just a person2 дні тому

    This is not just a dance practice video. This is a dance performance video

  86. Virby Ilona

    Virby Ilona3 дні тому

    keep streamm!!