jxdn - Angels & Demons Acoustic (Official Video)


  1. Glorian May

    Glorian May5 годин тому

    I wish I was him to be honest

  2. Εβελινα Πολυμενιδου

    Εβελινα Πολυμενιδου5 годин тому

    2:05 ahhhhh goosebumps

  3. Auguste_ Cibin

    Auguste_ Cibin6 годин тому

    I am so waiting for more awesome songs like this😍

  4. Htc Rb

    Htc Rb6 годин тому

    When you will have a consert tell me when ir where

  5. Sydney Marklew

    Sydney Marklew7 годин тому

    i love you xx

  6. Sydney Marklew

    Sydney Marklew7 годин тому

    i can see you being a huge artist and number one pop star soon. xx

  7. Sydney Marklew

    Sydney Marklew7 годин тому

    i miss you and mads so much but i respect your decision xx

  8. Sydney Marklew

    Sydney Marklew7 годин тому

    am i the only one listening to to this for 24 hours every day. xx

  9. Mï Łëê

    Mï Łëê7 годин тому

    I love you myan i love every single thing about youu your voice..its just soo perfect❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Карина Усачёва

    Карина Усачёва7 годин тому

    I love u, this voice... 💥❣️

  11. Emily swartwout

    Emily swartwout8 годин тому

    Parts of this give me Nickelback vibes🥺🤩

  12. Annikki huttunen

    Annikki huttunen9 годин тому

    I love this.

  13. Jaden Takara

    Jaden Takara9 годин тому

    I feel like it should say "tell my friends I'm sorry Doug

  14. bluberryslime 5

    bluberryslime 59 годин тому

    Did anyone else cry , happy tears

  15. Naza Sanchez

    Naza Sanchez9 годин тому

    i love u babe so much🥰

  16. Kaitlyn Carthy

    Kaitlyn Carthy10 годин тому


  17. manielie fran123

    manielie fran12310 годин тому

    He's not just a tiktoker he's much more with awesome voices😍

  18. Luciana Rios

    Luciana Rios13 годин тому


  19. Rian Armijo

    Rian Armijo14 годин тому

    Where did he get his pants

  20. Kaylee Forever

    Kaylee Forever14 годин тому

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: crying because bc I can’t date him

  21. Jillian Ailey

    Jillian Ailey15 годин тому

    tbh.... this is really good Jaden

  22. kenzieandkayz4211

    kenzieandkayz421115 годин тому


  23. shay w

    shay w16 годин тому

    jaden isnt a tik toker that is just what started his career he is a rockstar and nothing will ever change that!!!!!!

  24. Kailey Weiss

    Kailey Weiss16 годин тому

    Nobody: Not even a single soul: Me at 3:00am: SO F ME LIKE A ROCKSTAR

  25. Chloe Kobus

    Chloe Kobus17 годин тому

    how could someone that innocent looking get arrested lmao

  26. Alanna Hutton

    Alanna Hutton17 годин тому

    Is it just me or does he look like he would be perfect in the “she looks so perfect” or “amnesia” by 5soso

  27. Melinda Van Der Westhuizen

    Melinda Van Der Westhuizen18 годин тому

    Just marry me please.♥️💍

  28. lara fly

    lara fly18 годин тому


  29. Mariana Molina

    Mariana Molina19 годин тому

    i love

  30. Maddie Goss

    Maddie Goss20 годин тому

    Honestly this song makes me cry because of my mental health and when he says, "one gun shot I can solve em." I can relate and when he says, "no one can help me out" it makes me think of how I'm stuck Inna position that hurts

  31. Rosiee Vargass

    Rosiee Vargass20 годин тому

    I actually love this and how is he so good at singing

  32. Mari Luv

    Mari Luv20 годин тому

    He sounds like an angel and i sound like a demon.

  33. Angie Martinez

    Angie Martinez21 годину тому

    no one: literally absolutely no one: not a single soul: not even jaden himself: me: crying at like 3:00 in the morning bc both versions of this song is just so good and touching

  34. Sydney Schneider

    Sydney Schneider22 години тому

    Am I the only one who listens to this in full blast in my earbuds and just jams out screaming the song when I’m home alone and feel chills running through my body, Just me okay 😬

  35. ana carla

    ana carla22 години тому


  36. Facundo Montecinos

    Facundo Montecinos22 години тому


  37. Азиза Нарзуллаева

    Азиза Нарзуллаева22 години тому

    Русские где вы?

  38. rebecca lynn

    rebecca lynn23 години тому

    Jaden has so much talent, love his music

  39. Marlee Guthrie

    Marlee Guthrie23 години тому

    With him from the start, cant wait till he gets big! With him all the way!!

  40. Alice Ribas

    Alice RibasДень тому

    O ruim dessa musica e q ela acaba

  41. Aryskies

    AryskiesДень тому

    ngl he's got potential

  42. Estefania Vazquez valencia

    Estefania Vazquez valenciaДень тому

    Solo diré una cosa:INCREÍBLE. ❤

  43. Julieta Pilar Rodas

    Julieta Pilar RodasДень тому

    Porfinnn un comentario en español

  44. camis

    camisДень тому

    o talento meu pai

  45. MegaCK8

    MegaCK8День тому

    Sounds good, but it’s not acoustic as there is clearly auto tune on the chorus 😂

  46. Fantasy World

    Fantasy WorldДень тому

    I'd love to see him get successful & famous 💗 But I would miss him being our little secret💜😀

  47. Jena Patel

    Jena PatelДень тому

    bruh just found out jaden supports trump😔✌🏼

  48. Ozlem Gumus

    Ozlem GumusДень тому

    Je préfère ça c'est mieux et doux

  49. Avanililia

    AvanililiaДень тому

    i think he might be want to apologize to mads cause he tryna f another girl while he w mads

  50. Femi Aldilla

    Femi AldillaДень тому


  51. Mariam Hussain

    Mariam HussainДень тому

    well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jxdn At least we have someone who's actually doin smthing good in their life good content love u xxxxxxx

  52. Diário da Mariana

    Diário da MarianaДень тому

    Cadê os br?

  53. britton pulse

    britton pulseДень тому

    can someone name the brand of those jeans?

  54. Kylee Schuster

    Kylee SchusterДень тому

    😇 and 👿 sometimes

  55. macy champagne

    macy champagneДень тому

    so glad we are all able to watch your music journey from the beginning

  56. Jxdn is a qt

    Jxdn is a qtДень тому

    Jxdn Is my fav singer

  57. Skyler Pierce

    Skyler PierceДень тому

    his voice makes me tear up

  58. Isabella Gutierrez

    Isabella GutierrezДень тому

    You should make merch

  59. Dhannyell Oliver

    Dhannyell OliverДень тому

    It is difficult to sing like this your voice is perfectly amazing 🖤😍🇧🇷

  60. Mariama Ndiaye

    Mariama NdiayeДень тому

    Che bel pezzo di manzo, anzi tutta la macelleria

  61. Addison Cundiff

    Addison CundiffДень тому

    Again just a average voice but he is handed all these opportunities. Don’t come at me for saying the truth. The only thing he is, is a pretty face.

  62. Evie 13

    Evie 13День тому

    bro he is so cute!!!

  63. milah 123

    milah 123День тому

    People who came from tik tok

  64. Kay Plata

    Kay PlataДень тому

    Everyone who’s here from is tik tok -->

  65. fioreeev

    fioreeevДень тому

    We need a fucking album boy😭❤️❤️

  66. ellie and jess gaming

    ellie and jess gamingДень тому

    Hi, I love you so much❤️

  67. Dolan Marais

    Dolan MaraisДень тому

    Very very good ⚪👄⚪

  68. Khadija Bhatti

    Khadija BhattiДень тому

    love the acoustic

  69. Lacey Kshdi

    Lacey KshdiДень тому

    I’m not gonna simp I’m not gonna simp I’m not gonna simp , imma simp

  70. Anna clara Goes

    Anna clara GoesДень тому

    This version is so much better than the original one

  71. Evgenia S

    Evgenia SДень тому

    Everything is fine. 😍

  72. Danielle Amos

    Danielle AmosДень тому

    Wow usually I don’t care for acoustic versions but this I really like this

  73. Kristina Grabovskaya

    Kristina GrabovskayaДень тому

    Это великолепно

  74. gergana

    gergana2 дні тому

    ok but the way he says 'fallin' sends me in heaven 🤤🥰

  75. Zoya Zeb

    Zoya Zeb2 дні тому

    Who thinks he’s gonna be a singer 👇🏻

  76. Jaden Takara

    Jaden Takara9 годин тому

    Yes a flipen sinher

  77. shay w

    shay w15 годин тому

    he isnt going to be because he alredy is he is a rockstar and an amazing one whos career can only grow from here !!!!!!!!!! lol i dont mean for that to sound mean

  78. Amaya Indumini

    Amaya Indumini2 дні тому


  79. Аня Дианова

    Аня Дианова2 дні тому


  80. Myriam Legault

    Myriam Legault2 дні тому

    Jaden is SO cute ,SO perfect and hier voice is juste PERFECT

  81. Jade Plays Roblox

    Jade Plays Roblox2 дні тому

    i almost cried this is beautiful

  82. Aria Kiran

    Aria Kiran2 дні тому


  83. leader shimmy

    leader shimmy2 дні тому

    he is tik toker?