❤️ It's very unique ❤️ Fountains, fish ponds, bird baths ... all in one idea ❤️❤️❤️

  • 1 чер 2020
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  1. Ale4ever Mth

    Ale4ever Mth8 годин тому

    Ooh my Good😟, terrible!

  2. Maria de Fatima Ferreira Jesus

    Maria de Fatima Ferreira Jesus10 годин тому

    É meu amigo deu certo não as ideias dos bichinhos mas ficou um trabalho bonito parabéns

  3. Zeynep Budak

    Zeynep Budak11 годин тому

    İçine koydugu balıkların hepsi kaçtı :))

  4. Татьяна Соловьева

    Татьяна СоловьеваДень тому

    Какой кошмар и рыбы даже повыскакивали, зачем это все?

  5. Marina Milaya

    Marina MilayaДень тому

    Fish and birds like crazy jumped out from this stupid thing😂😂😂😂

  6. nimash mohamed

    nimash mohamedДень тому

    Very nice what's this paint machine easy from where you get adwise me thanks.

  7. ionescu carmen

    ionescu carmenДень тому

    da' cainli e plin de purici !

  8. Melissa Fife

    Melissa FifeДень тому

    You should be so ashamed of yourself! How would you feel if someone threw you into a cement bowl! Reporting this as animal cruelty!!!!!

  9. Anailta Vieira dos santos

    Anailta Vieira dos santosДень тому

    Gostei Disso eu e a minha avó

  10. Jude Irwin

    Jude IrwinДень тому

    What an idiot! He got spray paint all over his potted plants, his patio, and worst, all over the water that he just put in as a "pond" or birdbath, thus making it polluted and unsafe for anything to bathe or drink. JERK!!

  11. Salome Dzantenge

    Salome DzantengeДень тому

    Wow wow this is so amazing

  12. Cierra Dickson

    Cierra DicksonДень тому

    First off take care of the poor dog's fleas! Poor thing did nothing but scratch itself!

  13. Sharon Sharn

    Sharon Sharn2 дні тому

    Very beautiful n unique...


    NAVES SOBRE RODAS2 дні тому

    Ficou muito legal vou

  15. eurides Sousa

    eurides Sousa2 дні тому

    Coitadas das plantinhas vc tá enche o elas de tinta vc não gosta de plantas?

  16. Agurtix Sz.

    Agurtix Sz.2 дні тому

    So CUTE ducks

  17. Regina Cortez

    Regina Cortez2 дні тому

    Muito bom esse trabalho ! Só só achei que o dog de coça muito deve tá cheio de pulga precisa cuidar dele !

  18. Lissy

    Lissy2 дні тому

    The poor itchy dog! Someone give him some flea drops and a bath! He's a good boy though! lol

  19. Joe N5000

    Joe N50003 дні тому

    Throwing ducks from height to show off, is a damn lack of ethics and principles.

  20. Blanca Escoto

    Blanca Escoto3 дні тому

    Tanto trabajo para nada☹️

  21. Gerry Nam

    Gerry Nam3 дні тому

    Always well made, but u all time ruined u r creations with wrong color selection... too country style.. or 70's. 80's style... Why as always crew it up with the colorings. Sorry. But its true...

  22. Cajundaegoes D

    Cajundaegoes D3 дні тому

    Couldn’t you just use quick dry cement instead of the mixing w/sand & all? Or is there a reason you do it that way? I’m looking for ways to make flower pots. Not a pond or bird bath.

  23. mobutu sequoyu

    mobutu sequoyu4 дні тому

    you poisoned the water bozo!

  24. Sebastian Sai

    Sebastian Sai4 дні тому

    two words...animal cruelty...

  25. Aubade Lala

    Aubade Lala4 дні тому

    Les pauvres plantes vertes à l'arrière-plan..... devenues toutes bleues. En plus c'est très moche

  26. Ronaldo Ruivão

    Ronaldo Ruivão4 дні тому

    Ficou horrível, e intoxicou a água para pôr os peixes! 👎🏻

  27. Josemon John

    Josemon John4 дні тому

    Ayye ith enthu koppado??

  28. Felicia Nicole

    Felicia Nicole5 днів тому

    What the heck there’s so many things wrong in this video

  29. Baviluan

    Baviluan5 днів тому

    Por qué tan ordinario, lanzando los patos como si fueran basura, no me gusto eso..

  30. David Matos Mendes

    David Matos Mendes5 днів тому

    Don't you mix styrofoam to the cement, it's gonna be very easy to break and is going to crack very often. Definitely doesn't help to make something with quality

  31. David Matos Mendes

    David Matos Mendes5 днів тому

    Isopor no cimento faz ficar de péssima qualidade e nenhuma durabilidade, não coloquem isopor no cimento

  32. Pamela Townsend

    Pamela Townsend5 днів тому

    Would be nice to know what you doing instead of going so fast when we can't tell what you doing

  33. Choii Abano

    Choii Abano5 днів тому


  34. James

    James5 днів тому

    How is this video still up?

  35. Saha Hoseini

    Saha Hoseini5 днів тому

    خیلی بیکاری

  36. Rhai InTheCorner

    Rhai InTheCorner6 днів тому

    I laughed when the small fishes refused to stay and jumped out from the water.🤣🤣🤣

  37. Christel ter

    Christel ter2 дні тому

    Einfach schrecklich was der Mann da tut. Dog hat Flöhe die Fische springen wieder aus d Wasser die Enten werden hineingezogen Er sprüht einfach mit den spraydosen die Farben ins Wasser. Einfach nur schrecklich. Das Video.

  38. Anamaria Castañeda

    Anamaria Castañeda6 днів тому

    Y no me gustó el trabajo

  39. Anamaria Castañeda

    Anamaria Castañeda6 днів тому

    No me gusta como avienta a los patitos al agua

  40. 야트나나

    야트나나6 днів тому

    i have lots of fishes and if u put fish in "painted" pond, they die because of toxic, and water is to shallow for medium and big fishes i saw 4fishes jump in 10 sconds, which means after 3hr they will all die. and other fish is to big for that small pond

  41. Violetta Sokolov

    Violetta Sokolov6 днів тому


  42. Elionai Teixeira

    Elionai Teixeira6 днів тому

    Legal 👍

  43. Eduardo Rodrigues_Pinto

    Eduardo Rodrigues_Pinto6 днів тому

    Kkkkkkkkk matou os peixes intoxicado com a tinta spray, e ficou bem zuado kkkkk

  44. Marie's OFW Vlog

    Marie's OFW Vlog6 днів тому

    Wow so amazing.

  45. Straight Whitemale

    Straight Whitemale6 днів тому

    All these have talented , skilled people in them. What always gets me is the really nice tile floors.

  46. Saindo da casquinha

    Saindo da casquinha7 днів тому

    MT bom!

  47. omegaracer1

    omegaracer17 днів тому

    This is all kinds of animal cruelty.

  48. Duka Ferreira Seabra

    Duka Ferreira Seabra7 днів тому

    Ridículo.. jogando os patinhos desse jeito..

  49. Lamala Alcantara

    Lamala Alcantara7 днів тому

    Dios mio ese hombre es un jenio

  50. Сергей Руденко

    Сергей Руденко7 днів тому


  51. Following Christ

    Following Christ7 днів тому

    Who else fast forwarded this after about 4 min? It’s ugly It’s toxic It’s too small for the fish It’s a lot of work I give them an F- I’ll go buy a $10 baby pool and burry it in the ground.

  52. Following Christ

    Following Christ7 днів тому

    Give that dog flea treatment @4:20 🐕 poor thing!

  53. kamaal ali

    kamaal ali7 днів тому

    Inaba cadi maha top movie

  54. elizabeth rivas verdu

    elizabeth rivas verdu8 днів тому

    Disculpa no hagas estas cosas cerca de las matas las dañas, los quimicos de las pinturas son dañinas para ellas. Gracias

  55. محمود محمود

    محمود محمود8 днів тому

    انت رائع

  56. Makita Sakamura

    Makita Sakamura9 днів тому

    Pretty cool but Too much work. I’ll get one at Home Depot. Spray paint before putting the water in and clean it very well before putting the water. A little disturbing with the animals situation 😆

  57. Vanessa N. P. O

    Vanessa N. P. O9 днів тому

    but you must think that the inks used are toxic, so the fish will not last long. When you do something with pure cement, and you are going to place animals, try to make a waterproofing or paint with non-toxic paint. Very shallow water, brings suffering to the fish. I wanted to leave my opinion.

  58. evelyn alejandra mora quero

    evelyn alejandra mora quero9 днів тому

    Troppo lavoro.poi i pesci grandi così hanno bisogno di spazio bene per quelli piccoli

  59. pastelle !

    pastelle !9 днів тому

    when i saw him spray painting the circle styro at the top and the paint flowing down into the water.. *big yikes*

  60. Drew Rhodes

    Drew Rhodes9 днів тому

    Vlad the impaler would love it

  61. Cherie Guzmàn

    Cherie Guzmàn10 днів тому

    Bella la fuente...pero los peces se escaparon y los pobres patos aventados huyeron también

  62. soraya nadershahi

    soraya nadershahi10 днів тому

    You idiot. Stop abusing the animals. The fish kept jumping out and then the bigger ones looked like they were dying. Kept throwing the small birds. I’m reporting him.


    LA GALACTOR10 днів тому

    es necesario tirar a los patos de esa forma idiota!!!

  64. سگر『LP』

    سگر『LP』10 днів тому

    البط الصغير : ساخبر الله بكل شي

  65. Melissa Nolastname

    Melissa Nolastname10 днів тому

    Looks like every living thing wants the heck out of it asap.

  66. Amparo Cristina Alvarado Valdivia

    Amparo Cristina Alvarado Valdivia10 днів тому

    Pobre perrito....echarle algo para las pulgas

  67. Adriana Carneiro

    Adriana Carneiro10 днів тому

    14 min de pura merda

  68. Shady Man

    Shady Man10 днів тому

    Next video is cement as a soil amendment...

  69. Lisa Remmos

    Lisa Remmos10 днів тому

    Schließe mich auch den vorherigen Meinungen an: was für ein unsinniger Quatsch! Und ich habe mir das auch noch angeschaut!

  70. Lisa Remmos

    Lisa Remmos10 днів тому

    Viel zu wenig Wasser für die armen Fische!

  71. joshi2 gaming

    joshi2 gaming10 днів тому

    Abe is ye mar jayege wo..banana h to kch dhng se bnao na ki logo ko chitiya

  72. Msmorningsunrise

    Msmorningsunrise11 днів тому

    so toxic and way too small for those giant fish

  73. Pammi Payne

    Pammi Payne11 днів тому

    unsubscribed... animal's deserve better

  74. rosebudforglory

    rosebudforglory11 днів тому

    He doesn’t care about getting paint everywhere- I liked the idea of using the umbrella and still do but it needs a lot of work to execute in a better manner, and the use of non toxic materials is a definite for fish or birds. Also I believe it is too thin and will easily crack and I would want it higher and on a moveable (rolling) platform. Also if higher it would be easier to clean each day which it would need. If used as a bird bath, needs places for them to land and feel safe - like a couple of large rocks or some slate pieces. It would be cute with miniature water lilies. If used on the ground level, Maybe to use this as a overflow into a larger pool (pond whatever you wish to call it) like at least 3x the size of the umbrella. Anyway, a starting point. Also, forgot to say - you could always build a frame the same shape but larger and certainly, deeper. That small amount of water would get very hot in the summer. You’d have cooked fish in a couple of hours.

  75. Amal Gomaa

    Amal Gomaa11 днів тому

    Very nice 👍

  76. Lourdes Juarez

    Lourdes Juarez11 днів тому


  77. Ferret Entertainment

    Ferret Entertainment11 днів тому

    The "fountain's" motor scared the animals. ;-;

  78. Chu Chu Cat

    Chu Chu Cat10 днів тому

    No, its actually the chemicals the paint contains especially the spray paint he used to paint the upper part that is highly toxic, even to humans. A pond needs to be free from chemicals before becoming an animal habitat, some handymen leave their ponds with water and banana trunk cause banana trunk absorbs chemicals from the cement and paint that is in the water, then after one week they drain the contaminated water and refill it again. But in this video they immediately put animals on it.

  79. Royal97

    Royal9712 днів тому

    Not only is this completely ugly, the fact that this is supposed to be a fish pond is ust cruel...

  80. Asha Chettri

    Asha Chettri12 днів тому

    😂😂🤣 What the hell man

  81. John Werahiko

    John Werahiko12 днів тому

    How to get 9.7 million views.

  82. 000 2

    000 212 днів тому