Oliver Tree - Bury Me Alive (Official Unofficial Music Video)



    JAYTIEM3 години тому

    Hurt: gets age restricted for a blown off head Bury me alive: balls on chin *NOT AGE RESTRICTED

  2. max christensen

    max christensen6 годин тому

    If peter Griffin was real this is him

  3. Animations _

    Animations _7 годин тому

    “I will blow that nut sack of a chin” -Star Lord

  4. Vidmantas

    Vidmantas7 годин тому

    Its like '90s and '00s had a baby

  5. The Sauce

    The Sauce7 годин тому

    *sacc face*

  6. TheNoobster

    TheNoobster7 годин тому

    couple days left till his new album comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ethan Lewis

    Ethan Lewis9 годин тому

    Girl: ok let me ask you were I can kick you chin nut or pant nut??? Me: please neither

  8. roccorboy1122 A.

    roccorboy1122 A.10 годин тому


  9. Cecilia Dela Cruz

    Cecilia Dela Cruz11 годин тому

    *the chin,oh hunny thats another strory...*

  10. Meme Trash

    Meme Trash12 годин тому

    "How much makeup do you want?" Oliver: Yes.

  11. Avyninja

    Avyninja12 годин тому

    Anyone else think he’s in front of a green screen

  12. Jason Giz

    Jason Giz12 годин тому

    Imagine a Official Music Video being Unofficial


    I DO RANDOM VIDEOS13 годин тому

    b a l l s a c k

  14. Mr. Bananaman

    Mr. Bananaman13 годин тому

    It's Monday! Ball out!

  15. Colin Yang

    Colin Yang13 годин тому

    This man dresses like my sense of humor

  16. Colin Yang

    Colin Yang13 годин тому

    Yes I saw

  17. earbhuds

    earbhuds13 годин тому

    Did you know that Oliver just made a snippet to his new song?

  18. Ares14

    Ares1414 годин тому

    Ballchinnian race lives on.

  19. mobilezac 1

    mobilezac 117 годин тому

    Oliver tree you keep me alive

  20. Travis Sinder

    Travis Sinder19 годин тому

    Do a remix of pumped up kick

  21. Cristóbal Faúndez

    Cristóbal Faúndez20 годин тому


  22. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis20 годин тому

    Siren hit

  23. Triggered6D

    Triggered6D21 годину тому

    how was he not dizzy while recording this

  24. Александр Машков

    Александр Машков23 години тому

    генадий горин 100лвл! которому подписчики подарили резиновые яйца!

  25. loch rosa

    loch rosaДень тому

    Love The South Park Refrence

  26. Colton Carey

    Colton CareyДень тому

    dancing on the outro is inspirational

  27. H4v4Ik

    H4v4IkДень тому

    Ты чаво наделал

  28. Jack Longo

    Jack LongoДень тому

    So this is what Andy Milonakis has been up to

  29. Aureus

    AureusДень тому

    Damn, he really went balls to the walls on this music video...

  30. Sara Nox

    Sara NoxДень тому

    Where my sociophath squad at? 😂

  31. Crazy Wesley

    Crazy WesleyДень тому

    *Official Unofficial Music Video*

  32. hi there

    hi thereДень тому

    so this is what my custom character does when im not playing :O

  33. 50k with no vids?

    50k with no vids?День тому

    Hey oliver, I have always been introverted and under a lot of pressure. The pressure is mostly about school stress. Whenever I’m doing my homework, I like to listen to your songs because they are unique and makes me focus. I’m thanking you for making these songs to all your fans and that your songs helped me through tough times.

  34. An Alien Life

    An Alien LifeДень тому

    I didnt know gopros came with dick grips...

  35. Snaggle Lsah

    Snaggle LsahДень тому

    Why do I want this guy to team up with filthy Frank?

  36. Dalton Merritt

    Dalton MerrittДень тому

    I need an Oliver Tree and Filthy Frank collab

  37. Not Jake

    Not JakeДень тому

    Phone sticks are banned in america: Oliver tree: idgaf

  38. Priffu

    PriffuДень тому

    it feels so close yet so far

  39. TheSplint3r

    TheSplint3rДень тому

    I love how there was an ad for ball deodorant prior to the video.

  40. AAAWolfGang

    AAAWolfGangДень тому

    2:00 a nice little reference to one of his older songs arising Phoenix!

  41. MůňđöĄğöďãö Đőčė

    MůňđöĄğöďãö ĐőčėДень тому

    Hahahaah you very cool

  42. Ballomessi -_-

    Ballomessi -_-День тому

    El cocos 😳👌🏼

  43. Changed Later

    Changed LaterДень тому

    Anyone else think of Eric Cartmen when they saw this

  44. Lil Bank account

    Lil Bank accountДень тому

    He’s a ballchinian from men in black

  45. Sasuke Free

    Sasuke FreeДень тому

    Soy el comentario en español que nadie espera

  46. VeonZ Channel

    VeonZ ChannelДень тому

    Peter griffin netflix adaptation

  47. Franco Cisternas

    Franco CisternasДень тому

    butters approved this

  48. Brayan Nunez

    Brayan NunezДень тому

    Is this man ever gonna change his outfit

  49. Wessyboi 678

    Wessyboi 678День тому

    He may have a ballchin but it still fire

  50. solid

    solidДень тому

    q bosta

  51. J0i'FUL' N0i'ZE'

    J0i'FUL' N0i'ZE'2 дні тому

    Weirdest blending of sounds love it. I hope guy ain't the debil? Can't even understand •xactly what he is saying but it just all fits~ pErFeKtLy~

  52. Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic2 дні тому

    Peter griffin

  53. Joey Delahoy

    Joey Delahoy2 дні тому

    I like most of your other songs but this one just doesn’t do it for me🤢

  54. lil llama

    lil llama2 дні тому

    PETER GRIFFIN looking ahh XD

  55. Raymod Wilson

    Raymod Wilson2 дні тому

    es Bueno

  56. Carlos Isaac Guzmán Pérez

    Carlos Isaac Guzmán Pérez2 дні тому

    Llevo 3 días escuchándola sin para jajaja

  57. LinkFamous

    LinkFamous2 дні тому


  58. emmaagirl

    emmaagirl2 дні тому

    Did u & melanie break up?

  59. Smokey Wilyumz

    Smokey Wilyumz2 дні тому


  60. Holden Waffle

    Holden Waffle2 дні тому

    Movie 43 am I right 😂

  61. Tegan Bamber

    Tegan Bamber2 дні тому

    Are u normal

  62. Jack Mount

    Jack Mount2 дні тому

    Dat chin tho

  63. Esquizofrenia Natural De la tierra 2

    Esquizofrenia Natural De la tierra 22 дні тому

    Maybe his scooter got lost recently.

  64. human man

    human man2 дні тому

    D-did anyone see the guy in the background 3:10

  65. St John Smith

    St John Smith2 дні тому

    pleasssse do a collab with NF, for the love of BALLS!

  66. SuperAndrea iAnimations

    SuperAndrea iAnimationsДень тому


  67. Selegina Sparrow

    Selegina Sparrow3 дні тому

    bruh i just realized that chin looks like balls

  68. Andrej L

    Andrej L3 дні тому

    I have a feeling that god is gonna do something bad to oliver

  69. Ribbit x

    Ribbit x3 дні тому

    me when I realized those were balls: oh cool-AAAAAAAAA

  70. Matthew Fabacher

    Matthew Fabacher3 дні тому


  71. ・A s h e g a c h a・

    ・A s h e g a c h a・3 дні тому

    Anyone else here from Mel’s coroner I heard they broke up😢

  72. ᴄʀʏ ʙᴀʙʏシ

    ᴄʀʏ ʙᴀʙʏシ12 годин тому

    No, people are assuming they broke up. There is theories, but Oliver or Melanie haven’t told us yet, so we don’t know, but they probably have bc of The evidence


    KAUANNN3 дні тому

    2:56 I didn't understand that part of the song, can you explain it to me?

  74. Wilko Bro

    Wilko Bro3 дні тому

    I love from 3 minute mark the intensity change I reckon Oliver would make a great director especially from some of his earlier music and what it’s blossomed and evolved into is on a whole other level Oliver tree is the man 🤙

  75. Rats Arebeautiful

    Rats Arebeautiful3 дні тому


  76. Perfect Someone

    Perfect Someone3 дні тому

    Image a guy taking the ball sack off of his chin and chasing you

  77. cheese grinder

    cheese grinder3 дні тому

    Is this peter griffin

  78. The Karma Police Tree

    The Karma Police Tree3 дні тому

    Bro I literally was in online class when you released this music video,I was crying in online class cause of happiness bro the teacher saw me and kicked me out 😂


    ELKIN QUIROZ3 дні тому

    Like si te gutaria tocar a oliver tree

  80. The Karma Police Tree

    The Karma Police Tree3 дні тому

    Si jajajajaaa

  81. coolmanreebro

    coolmanreebro3 дні тому

    Countdown till ugly is beautiful releases

  82. Piru Luv

    Piru Luv3 дні тому

    Bro now this man right here has some (BALLS) for doing this video😎✊

  83. wrldresolver_

    wrldresolver_3 дні тому

    Rip OliverTree and Melanie relationship

  84. The Karma Police Tree

    The Karma Police Tree3 дні тому

    Now:Welcome to the Karma Police’s new relationship whit Oliver Tree!

  85. BP Gampleys

    BP Gampleys3 дні тому

    0:33 ,'0

  86. Евгений Боришкевич

    Евгений Боришкевич4 дні тому

    He looks like Peter Griffin, and he also has a scrotum on his chin.