Nothing But Thieves - Real Love Song (Lyric Video)


  1. Iain Reid

    Iain Reid3 години тому

    I like this

  2. OffThePoint

    OffThePoint8 годин тому

    This is the only NBT song I genuinely dislike

  3. Andrea Lee

    Andrea Lee14 годин тому

    It won’t go away....

  4. ~wackyfiasco~

    ~wackyfiasco~17 годин тому

    He sang “Nick Cave” in the lyrics, and I am smitten all the more.

  5. x yg

    x ygДень тому

    dang this is so good i can't stop listening. NBT has done it again.

  6. Charlii Roberts

    Charlii RobertsДень тому

    I just fucking melted... cheers for that!😆😜🥰

  7. Dexter Morgan

    Dexter MorganДень тому

    This band reminds me Muse's first 3 albums (Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution)

  8. xTriinuux

    xTriinuuxДень тому

    'Have you heard a better song?' Yes. Take this lonely heart. But Real Love Song is my new obssesion 💙

  9. boris ruban

    boris ruban2 дні тому

    В продолжении триллера как один классный парень из Украины из вентилятора превратился в кондиционер от прослушивания этого шедевра )) все мы обрели чтото большое и прекрасное от этой волшебной темы , божественно , что парни не теряют с годами , а поднимают планку в небо

  10. Auralyn Waves

    Auralyn Waves3 дні тому

    This song is amazing! They have done it again

  11. Im Lost

    Im Lost3 дні тому

    I'm creating a Playlist for my crush. I hope she'll like it ❤️❤️

  12. Cleunice Caetano

    Cleunice Caetano3 дні тому


  13. Llenamoon

    Llenamoon3 дні тому

    Cómo amo esta canción!!!!! MALDICIOOOOOOOOOOOOON

  14. Sab Deg

    Sab Deg3 дні тому

    What a nice song, just like all the others. Can't wait to see you for the 4th time in Montreal. Covid sucks 🤭

  15. Gonzalo Gauna

    Gonzalo Gauna4 дні тому

    In your opinion , what is the worst song of Nothing But Thieves? In my opinion, this

  16. jli69

    jli694 дні тому

    To those saying these lyrics are weak...It’s possible they know exactly what they’re doing here! It’s a song about a song. The “sitting all alone and listening to Nick Cave” line is funny, a teenage emo cliche. It’s a song about someone trying, and failing to write an effective love song to catch someone’s attention. The narrator’s frustrated at his inability to convey the strength of his emotions, hence “Did it slide into your heart, I guess not, I still love you a whole lot, have you heard a better song? I hope not.” ...a failed attempt to win someone over, With the lyric being the reason it failed. The clumsiness of what he’s saying is the whole point.

  17. Trenton Moonias

    Trenton Moonias4 дні тому

    Sounds like Springsteen and summer

  18. Aero J

    Aero J5 днів тому

    2:31 Have you heard a better song? I hope not.

  19. Aero J

    Aero J5 днів тому

    Hit like within the first three seconds

  20. Солнце Солнечное

    Солнце Солнечное5 днів тому

    the music here is really beautiful, so is Conor's voice thank you for a nice addition to my playlist!

  21. T M

    T M5 днів тому

    Triple Header Concert... The Killers! NBT! Sam Fender! 👍🏻👌🏻💪🏻

  22. Dan Bourne

    Dan Bourne5 днів тому

    Has to be my favourite song right now, amazing.

  23. Adam

    Adam4 години тому

    Same here. I can't get enough of it!

  24. Enrico Rossi

    Enrico Rossi5 днів тому

    when a new song of nbt comes out I am almost scared: Is this the time when I get disappointed? Yet still hasn't happened

  25. 6. Marcelo Fabian Azuga Fernandez

    6. Marcelo Fabian Azuga Fernandez6 днів тому

    Maciel, te amo.

  26. victoria ltv

    victoria ltv6 днів тому

    I love you guys so much

  27. Josie Benson

    Josie Benson6 днів тому

    At first i wasnt so sure i liked this song but after listening to it on repeat it became one of my fav songs 😀❤

  28. Yousef ii

    Yousef ii6 днів тому

    I’m gonna commit not exist to this song,

  29. Theresa Waveyme

    Theresa Waveyme6 днів тому

    NBT the best bad! No Doubt. I love the songs. Too much. Come play Vancouver Island. Soon, ya!

  30. Lilly Louis

    Lilly Louis6 днів тому

    I just came, i'm definitely a new fan and I'm in FUCKING LOVE WITH THIS LOVE SONG!!!!!!! Plus i thought about that and we need a Movie for the whole album. I WANT TO LISTEN TO HIS VOICES

  31. john fletcher

    john fletcher6 днів тому

    You guys have done it again! Every song is an anthem.

  32. Sarah Mestdag

    Sarah Mestdag7 днів тому

    If you wanna join a fanmade lyric video for this song, comment on this reaction!! :)

  33. 이상욱

    이상욱7 днів тому

    This song is the best

  34. Jonathan Gillespie

    Jonathan Gillespie7 днів тому

    There are certain bands where mostly all their songs are really good to me and this is one of these bands and this song was just amazing hands down 💚🙌

  35. Olha Maliar

    Olha Maliar7 днів тому

    You know the song is good when your heart rate increases and you feel like running through a field of flowers naked hehehe

  36. N J L

    N J L7 днів тому

    This sounds like the soundtrack to a coming of age movie montage and I’m here for it

  37. Magdalena Fuentealba

    Magdalena Fuentealba7 днів тому

    Every single song of Nothing But Thieves makes me realize how much talent they have as band and how far they're gonna go

  38. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide7 днів тому

    That it won’t go away It won’t go away”

  39. Szymon Dudziński

    Szymon Dudziński7 днів тому

    holy shit, another band overcoming themselves. great job!!

  40. Em Joz

    Em Joz7 днів тому

    Fuck, this song is so good.

  41. Shannon S

    Shannon S8 днів тому

    I love the deep lyrics of their songs....Conor sings right from his heart. 👍👍❤️👌

  42. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide7 днів тому

    Thank you so much for that song! It is exactly what I needed for now! thanks for saying everything that is stuck in my heart with the best words possible! see you soon!!

  43. Cold Sleep

    Cold Sleep8 днів тому

    We love this song!!! our chilled cover here:

  44. Job Gonzalez

    Job Gonzalez8 днів тому

    Latinos para Nothing But Thieves

  45. alice c:

    alice c:8 днів тому

    i love you 😔❤

  46. Gerardo Cervantes

    Gerardo Cervantes8 днів тому

    Getting real Foster the People vibes from this

  47. vale seok

    vale seok8 днів тому

    I LOVE IT!!!♥️

  48. miss atomic bomb

    miss atomic bomb8 днів тому

    Goddamn this is some fine art

  49. 김희지

    김희지8 днів тому


  50. Andrea Laino

    Andrea Laino8 днів тому

    A band on the rise. Exciting. Can't wait to see you again in 'Rock in Roma' fest. This time as protagonists

  51. Lucia

    Lucia8 днів тому

    this is phenomenal

  52. Jason Huddleston

    Jason Huddleston8 днів тому

    Guys -- You probably don't remember me. My two sons and I came to see you in Atlanta a few years back. We took a pic with you after the show. I introduced us as the family band (I, the singer; my two sons, guitarist and drummer). Anyway, this song -- "Real Love Song" -- is the most powerful music I have heard since hearing U2's "With or Without You" the day The Joshua Tree was released! I listened to your song nine times back to back -- one less than I did "With or Without You" (sorry)! I am grateful to have met you, seen you in concert with my boys (twice), and have you around to continue inspiring me to write my own music (especially during this time)! Thanks for it all! Jason (aka, Hud)

  53. _ YEEDITH

    _ YEEDITH8 днів тому

    Never heard of this band or their songs and UAreporter recommended this to me and I have no regrets.

  54. _ YEEDITH

    _ YEEDITH6 днів тому

    @TheUselessPotato ty :)

  55. TheUselessPotato

    TheUselessPotato7 днів тому

    Welcome! :D You will love the other songs.

  56. Xia L8r

    Xia L8r8 днів тому

    Slight The Killers vibes, mixed with their own original sound. Never a bad song from these guys.

  57. Malina A.

    Malina A.8 днів тому

    Already replayed it for the fourth time :)) Really love this!

  58. Evy Music & Lifestyle

    Evy Music & Lifestyle9 днів тому

    Fantastic work! Love it!... I need to start watching your videos more often!😏 if you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle too, ty!

  59. Gabriel Menndezz

    Gabriel Menndezz9 днів тому

    Thank you so much for that song! It is exactly what I needed for now! thanks for saying everything that is stuck in my heart with the best words possible! see you soon!!

  60. Miss Burton

    Miss Burton9 днів тому

    Wow, did they write this song for me? It fits so perfectly to my life right now 😭 I hope it will get better.... I love NBT ❤️

  61. bentley De Guzman

    bentley De Guzman9 днів тому

    has a High Enough and Make me Fade by K. Flay vibes

  62. Aylê Dark

    Aylê Dark9 днів тому


  63. Karina Mendes

    Karina Mendes9 днів тому

    This song remained me the fact that I cant leave home, just for work , I dont know why

  64. Lady Dyke Vader

    Lady Dyke Vader9 днів тому

    I like that this song has a very specific structure but the fact it breaks it suddenly is even better. So satysfying

  65. sarah

    sarah9 днів тому

    i'm so incredibly obsessed with this song it's an actual problem at this poin

  66. Joanna

    Joanna9 днів тому

    Just realized that I spent my whole life without knowing what a real song love was, until now

  67. Raphael Costa

    Raphael Costa9 днів тому

    The Killers vibe!

  68. Rafael Nagao

    Rafael Nagao9 днів тому

    I love songs that make me imagine their MV. For this one, I imagined a girl visiting her grandmother in the hospital and she's hearing this song in her headphones. She sees a strange woman worried about something. The girl broght some snacks to her granny, but she didn't eat everything, it was too much, she then brings them to the woman. While she eats, they talk and laugh, but the doctor comes and tell them a devastating news for the woman and they hug each other while the woman cries.

  69. Joanna

    Joanna9 днів тому

    i can't stop listening

  70. lmnaurora

    lmnaurora10 днів тому

    The only thing that's making me sad is the fact that this song ends

  71. Gabriele Palla

    Gabriele Palla10 днів тому

    I've seen'em for the first time in Rock in Rome in 2015, opening the Muse's concert. I was astonished by his voice, I felt like I would never hear a voice more powerful and sweet than his. And in 5 years nothing has changed. They deserve more fans.

  72. DrummerBoy_08

    DrummerBoy_0810 днів тому

    nbt and the hunna would be amazing

  73. De Neón

    De Neón10 днів тому

    alta banda. pueden hacer un tema que sean solo sonidos de pedos que si le ponen a Conor cantando arriba es un temon igual.

  74. Antioco Da Blisi

    Antioco Da Blisi10 днів тому

    Pure love!

  75. Livin

    Livin10 днів тому

    I've had Amsterdam and I'm Not Made By Design on my phone for so long. They are some of my favorite songs and it was only yesterday I thought "hey why don't I see if they have any other good songs". I had no idea every song would be an absolute classic!! I've been having such a hard time lately and this find was such a nice thing to happen. Been listening to NBT for a solid 24 hours and don't want to stop. Fell asleep with it on, woke up with it on. It's just on, always

  76. Erin B

    Erin B10 днів тому

    Every NBT song is a love song to my ears! I NEED another American tour post COVID-19 please, please! Fuck it, I'll wear a mask & promise to help keep the peace! ✌🤟🤘

  77. culture of the dead

    culture of the dead10 днів тому


  78. TheUselessPotato

    TheUselessPotato9 днів тому

    Oh wait until you hear more. You are gonna be mindblown. They just have only awesome songs.

  79. Aran Fatih

    Aran Fatih10 днів тому

    Hey guys, I did a cover of this song recently. Will appreciate if you check it out ❤️🙌

  80. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin10 днів тому

    to see you soon and hear this live!

  81. Alexa F.

    Alexa F.10 днів тому

    Never heard of this band before, (probably because I'm not English) but I heard this song on BBC Radio 1 today and I made sure to write down the name of the song and the band so I could find it later, I fell in love with it!

  82. TheUselessPotato

    TheUselessPotato9 днів тому

    You are gonna love the other songs!

  83. Alisson Ch

    Alisson Ch10 днів тому

    A broken riff for broken hearts, I LOVE IT

  84. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin10 днів тому

    Cool...super loved it?

  85. Luke Mayer

    Luke Mayer11 днів тому

    Huge NBT fan, but anyone else disappointed by the verse lyrics? I get what they were going for, but I was craving a better rhyme structure and it just sounded a little plain and cliche to me. I love the instrumental, but the verses are weak. So far, probably my least favorite NBT song.

  86. Luke Mayer

    Luke Mayer5 днів тому

    @TheUselessPotato I caught all that, and it is interesting and talented rhyming, but in the end, it failed to make me really "feel" the emotion. It might just be a personal preference thing, but as a music production major at Berklee, a big thing that is pushed is the idea that the point of music (at least most of it) is to really make you "feel" the emotion that is trying to be conveyed. If it makes you feel, good for you, it just doesn't do it for me. And while end rhyme is not always completely necessary, there is a reason it is used over and over again and it's because it sounds pleasing to the ear. Internal rhyming is great, but (in my humble opinion) internal rhyme is best when paired with end rhyme, not with repetition which isn't rhyme. Just my opinion though. If you like it, khudos.

  87. TheUselessPotato

    TheUselessPotato9 днів тому

    Well actually I love the verses. They actually rhyme but not on the last words. For example: "I’ll drink myself to death dark Do anything to feel your breath on my neck dark" death and breath. The verses are like this, because they don´t say what he is doing, but explaining the kind of love, sadness and darkness. "I cried so hard I died sad" He is not crying himself to death. The sadness is like crying to death. So: This is a sad song, so sad Aching like it's more that I can take sad I cried so hard I died sad Losing all that's making me human inside sad The first line is introducing into the word sad. Then he describes the sadness. Rhymes are Aching - take and cried - died- inside

  88. Jackson Page

    Jackson Page11 днів тому

    Keep getting better and better

  89. karaoke mood

    karaoke mood11 днів тому

    i can't stop listening

  90. karaoke mood

    karaoke mood11 днів тому