Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Trailer - The Gig


  1. The Higher Space

    The Higher Space32 хвилини тому

    So Keanu's character is already dead but he is "alive" somehow because of the magical chip or smth like that ? it's clear his body is some kind of hologram

  2. Suーちん

    SuーちんГодину тому

    Neuralink please make this BCI immersive VR experience happen. SAO would do too~

  3. Brandon Verduzco

    Brandon Verduzco2 години тому

    Why he says "COJONES"?

  4. Salty Gamer

    Salty Gamer4 години тому

    Good to know theres still some companies out here making quality AAA games. It feels like overall the gaming ind is alot more geedy, this seems like something actually worth buying. ..Can't wait to find catgirls..

  5. Micah

    Micah4 години тому

    I am from the future to say this game is a master piece

  6. David Stroup

    David Stroup6 годин тому

    Revolutionary lighting and graphics of chronicles of riddick, open world with endless options like GTA, missions with depth like the witcher, this game needs to hurry up and come out so I don't have to buy games anymore. Pop on VR and chuck the deuces, Mr. Anderson.

  7. GAMER ADAM 99

    GAMER ADAM 997 годин тому

    Honestly they should get Steven Ogg to be in the game (Steven Ogg voice actor of Trevor Philips in GTA 5)

  8. vaibhav sharma

    vaibhav sharma8 годин тому

    Meanwhile at Rockstar in 2077: We are happy to announce GTA 5 for PS15.

  9. The savage gummy Bear

    The savage gummy Bear9 годин тому

    What’s the song in the background? It’s great!

  10. Blue Baby

    Blue Baby9 годин тому

    when keanu says fuck

  11. Brett Mikey

    Brett Mikey9 годин тому

    I think playing as a male would be canon, I just don't see V being female.

  12. DarkGdx

    DarkGdx12 годин тому

    Eh dragon ball kakarot is better

  13. Spiff Kid

    Spiff Kid8 годин тому

    I can assure you it’s not

  14. LakatosFrodo

    LakatosFrodo13 годин тому

    “ Ideally no bodies, not a one!” Me already cocking the Pistole: “Sorry what?”

  15. Fabian Rosales

    Fabian Rosales13 годин тому


  16. Марсианин yt

    Марсианин yt13 годин тому

    да хто этот киберпанк

  17. Rafal Sabisz

    Rafal Sabisz15 годин тому

    Judy is the cutest one from all the women i saw in game yet. Just my humble opinion

  18. MD Records

    MD Records15 годин тому

    What is the fact about 2077! BTw?

  19. Spectr3

    Spectr317 годин тому

    " A futuristic game that takes place in the year 2077" *Actually releases in 2077*

  20. Tung Nguyen

    Tung Nguyen17 годин тому

    I want to pre-order the collector's edition but they all sold out :(

  21. Ponyreaper 1

    Ponyreaper 117 годин тому

    Anyone seeing this. If someone says it’s trash. Then don’t believe it. Play it first then judge. This game will not play the same for everyone.

  22. solarcupid

    solarcupid18 годин тому

    Cant wait to play this in 2077,

  23. RoE

    RoE18 годин тому

    Chill out and deep wont be ready by 19 NOV of 20 :))) They will change it on 1st Q of 21

  24. Koyote Green

    Koyote Green8 годин тому

    They can't posh it past 2021

  25. AmericanPewDiePie

    AmericanPewDiePie19 годин тому

    Am I still going to get my preorder from Walmart back in the winter? Lol. Like I even moved since then.

  26. designfy

    designfy20 годин тому

    This game also from 2077

  27. Donnie Brasso

    Donnie Brasso21 годину тому

    So love the vibe the music gives. Rock and roll John wick baby

  28. Jake Lee

    Jake Lee21 годину тому

    Cyber Punk “2077 delays”

  29. Jan Nowak

    Jan Nowak23 години тому

    Wow, dużo wyświetleń w tak krótkim czasie, szacun!

  30. MrRedEnderman

    MrRedEnderman23 години тому

    Let me guess, they are releasing the game this year because of the board game called cyberpunk 2020 Just a thought

  31. okow tina

    okow tina23 години тому

    1:53 “The game was rigged from the start”

  32. sillylittlesheep Jax

    sillylittlesheep Jax23 години тому

    bold to go into rock music instead of some synth for this trailer, kinda gives it crazy tarantino rock n roll style - i like it

  33. Donnie Brasso

    Donnie Brasso21 годину тому

    Love it. The Cold Stares

  34. Deathreaper877

    Deathreaper877День тому

    Anybody know what the background music is? It's absolutely brilliant!!!

  35. Donnie Brasso

    Donnie Brasso21 годину тому

    Love it. The Cold Stares singing Mojo Hand

  36. okow tina

    okow tina23 години тому

    I want this game so bad

  37. mu116688

    mu116688День тому

    1970: In 2000's we'll have flying cars, holographs, moon and mars bases, and more!! 2020: *Memes and coronavirus.*

  38. Kot iz Yello

    Kot iz YelloДень тому

    SPOILER : Another SJW scam here. CD PROJECT RED is no longer the company they were when they created the witcher. They sold themselves to the mainstream and lost their spirit.

  39. felix george

    felix georgeДень тому

    What is missing - Skin texture , Teeth/ Eyes look odd , Emotions on face. ( Now if the narrative is that - everyone is into plastic surgery in 2077 , then it is fine )

  40. dyke0some

    dyke0someДень тому

    1:53 Truth is , the game was rigged from the start

  41. Spiff Kid

    Spiff Kid8 годин тому

    Stolen comment

  42. M Beist

    M BeistДень тому

    Filler. Just fuckin filler slop for everyone who can pay.

  43. ukamu _

    ukamu _День тому

    Still wish there was some 3rd person cutscenes tho

  44. star blitz

    star blitzДень тому

    CD Project Red, I doubt you will read this comment, but on the off chance you do, just know that I fully support your decision to wait till the game is polished to give it to us. I was very disappointed by the action to do this initially, but after some convincing, I realized you guys deserve a break and some time to not only work on the game more, but enjoy yourselves at the same time. I don't want you guys to kill yourselves over a game, especially one as good as this. Good luck in your endeavors, and I hope you have the same attitude about your future titles as you did with Cyberpunk 2077.

  45. M K

    M KДень тому

    Guys, according to youtube gameplays please consider upgrade vehicle's physics and steering wheel play (meant steering from inside feeling is strange, as hoovercraft in gta:sa), and consider adding countersteering to motorbikes (turning with mouse balance and steering opposite way, than we wanna ride.) Besides good work, i hope these materials are a small tiny unpolished pieces of very big cake that you'll serve :)

  46. DesiringLamb249

    DesiringLamb249День тому

    I love this trailer lmao

  47. John Doe

    John DoeДень тому

    50 bucks says... "Delayed jan 19 2021"

  48. Beasty J

    Beasty JДень тому

    Anyone know the pc specs to run this?

  49. dan theman

    dan themanДень тому

    gonna buy a years supply of gaming nappies for this game : )

  50. aola wili

    aola wiliДень тому

    loads of shit happen Keanu: FUCK.

  51. Evan Cade

    Evan CadeДень тому

    Minigun exhausts

  52. Victor R. Ziblis

    Victor R. ZiblisДень тому

    Nooooooo! Every time they release a new trailer they delay the game again!

  53. Sean Ivey

    Sean IveyДень тому

    am i the only one thinking the guy introducing him to the strip club, looked like lt bleowskowitts from wolfenstein, just a cyberpunk version

  54. Ouf 6

    Ouf 6День тому

    I want this game so bad

  55. Latshaw, Austin

    Latshaw, AustinДень тому

    Yo ngl some if those character animations look JANK. I’d really fix that. Looks like ps2 character walk cycles up in here.

  56. A Wooden Kiwi Toy

    A Wooden Kiwi ToyДень тому

    Fuck now I recognize the player character's voice. It's Rex Colter! Guess that Far Cry Blood Dragon only became more techno.

  57. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  58. Eric Fraser

    Eric FraserДень тому

    I think it's really dumb that the game is only going to be first person to "make it more immersive" to me it just makes all the character customization pointless. And of course in vehicles you can go third person cause you know every time i get into my vehicle i can see from a third person view. If anything i think it would make sense to have it be third personal optional and say you have a drone constantly following you so you're aware of your surroundings since you're a cyborg and constantly have people coming after you. I just see it as lazy.

  59. Eric Fraser

    Eric Fraser17 годин тому

    Dude all the technology in this games world yeah it's definitely understandable and the fact it's first person only an not optional is losing them sales

  60. Eric Fraser

    Eric Fraser17 годин тому

    A small hidden drone?

  61. Joshua Bull

    Joshua BullДень тому

    A drone that can't be shot down?

  62. Joshua Bull

    Joshua BullДень тому

    A drone that can't be shot down?

  63. Jason Johnson

    Jason JohnsonДень тому

    wild n out

  64. DCLegend Strives

    DCLegend StrivesДень тому

    3rd person is the only thing I want but the game is awsome

  65. Cyber Oblivion

    Cyber OblivionДень тому

    I have created my own version of this trailer 😂 after watching it 3000+times

  66. Kevyn Maddox

    Kevyn MaddoxДень тому

    And maybe it will be out by 2077😂 I don't think Keanu can save this dumpster fire😂

  67. Carrera4K

    Carrera4KДень тому

    Is this going to be like grand theft auto? Just in the future.

  68. Joshua Bull

    Joshua BullДень тому

    It's an RPG, not a sandbox. So no, it's nothing like gta

  69. Rudal

    RudalДень тому

    Hopefully not.

  70. GoodPlayer

    GoodPlayerДень тому

    This game is bad

  71. Imagine Wagons

    Imagine WagonsДень тому

    *loads of shit happen* Keanu: FUCK.

  72. Jan Nowak

    Jan NowakДень тому


  73. The Crow of Yharnam

    The Crow of YharnamДень тому

    This game is 99% cutscenes, dialogue, cinematics and 1% gameplay

  74. 2sxy4myshrt Sosxyithrts

    2sxy4myshrt SosxyithrtsДень тому

    @x-pop one Don't bother bringing up logic in discussion. He is not here for it. This is sociopathic.

  75. 2sxy4myshrt Sosxyithrts

    2sxy4myshrt SosxyithrtsДень тому

    @x-pop one There's definitely something wrong with him. His beef is that CDPR's previous game 'Witcher 3' won goty over his one true love 'Bloodborne'. This is back in 2015... I think he is suffering and lonely. I mean why do this?...

  76. x-pop one

    x-pop oneДень тому

    You have over a thousand comments (mostly negative) on this channel. Wouldn't be suprised if you are mentally ill. Anyway, yeah, it's not gameplay focused, get another game then. It's an RPG.

  77. William Sanders

    William SandersДень тому

  78. Hamlet

    HamletДень тому

    So this is basically a GTA of the future. Nice.

  79. Joshua Bull

    Joshua BullДень тому

    RPG and immersive sim, not a sandbox

  80. Hamlet

    HamletДень тому

    0:27 Lamar from GTA5 Online is that you?

  81. RedCenx

    RedCenxДень тому

    57 more years, lets go! Original Creator of the comment: Modh Sharihan

  82. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  83. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  84. FatRown

    FatRownДень тому

    I forgot, why did cdpr decide to get rid of 3rd person cut scenes? Just curious because it seems like making a custom character will be pointless

  85. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  86. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  87. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  88. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  89. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  90. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesДень тому


  91. In Sync with the Infinite Tundra

    In Sync with the Infinite TundraДень тому

    GTA meets Ghost in a Shell.

  92. Joshua Bull

    Joshua BullДень тому

    Not at all GTA

  93. S0lar Dr0p

    S0lar Dr0pДень тому

    Honestly if people talked to me about this game and not customizing your balls I'd maybe get it

  94. Jonathan Krefta 1 C

    Jonathan Krefta 1 CДень тому

    Cadê os Br

  95. Yakut Voice

    Yakut VoiceДень тому

    Готов убить за этот трек!)

  96. Luis Ochoa

    Luis OchoaДень тому

    November 19: no, wait us another 4 years

  97. Андрей Петров

    Андрей ПетровДень тому


  98. Matthew Vasta

    Matthew VastaДень тому

    Stadia lol