1. chicken wings

    chicken wings8 годин тому

    10M before treasure debut?


    STREAM STAY GOLD8 годин тому

    I want to stan a younger group can anyone help me stan treasure? ❤️

  3. Alayne Not

    Alayne Not8 годин тому

    10 episodes, but it has an open ending because the line up was announced through instagram later 🙃 btw welcome to the family if you are new Teume 💕


    STREAM STAY GOLD8 годин тому

    @지훈Eirrah thank youuu how many episodes are there?

  5. 지훈Eirrah

    지훈Eirrah8 годин тому

    I highly recommend you to watch YG TREASURE BOX first to know them all better. Then go back to this channel and watch all their TMap. And other vids.

  6. Syafiqah Yasin

    Syafiqah Yasin8 годин тому

    This song is so soothing like seriously I'm so addicted to it!!! Good luck Treasure for the upcoming debut. I'll be rooting for you all 💪🏽💪🏽❤️

  7. aen yiensrxh

    aen yiensrxh8 годин тому

    Who stiil hear this song

  8. T E U M A E

    T E U M A E9 годин тому


  9. T E U M A E

    T E U M A E9 годин тому


  10. Nelaiza Dioniso

    Nelaiza Dioniso9 годин тому

    We're going 10M guys! Keep up the good work! Let's give our best on their debut. Teume fighting!

  11. Arely Hdz

    Arely Hdz9 годин тому


  12. Mary Byun

    Mary Byun9 годин тому

    Yg wayo wayo?

  13. Nur Syukrina M

    Nur Syukrina M10 годин тому

    He suppose to be Solo..

  14. masha sivan

    masha sivan10 годин тому

    Teuha treasure ! I miss you guys

  15. nurma ayunda

    nurma ayunda10 годин тому

    I can't sleep tonight so i come here, but still. Just kid:)

  16. Help Me Reach 200 Subs With No Videos

    Help Me Reach 200 Subs With No Videos10 годин тому

    He is my new oppa

  17. Help Me Reach 200 Subs With No Videos

    Help Me Reach 200 Subs With No Videos10 годин тому

    Omg I love his voice so much honestly, his voice makes me feel comfortable and warm

  18. niweefark waeduereh

    niweefark waeduereh10 годин тому


  19. niweefark waeduereh

    niweefark waeduereh10 годин тому


  20. Ajeng Prida Damayanti

    Ajeng Prida Damayanti10 годин тому

    We Love u BANG YEDAM

  21. blackpink stream

    blackpink stream10 годин тому


  22. Daniela Vales

    Daniela Vales10 годин тому

    9 205 946

  23. blackpink stream

    blackpink stream10 годин тому

    Çok sıcak

  24. My Top Picks

    My Top Picks11 годин тому

    Im here again.. and its 9.2 m.. 10m before debut.. stream more..

  25. Bernike Ferryan

    Bernike Ferryan11 годин тому

    Yoo wassup yorobun!

  26. chanwoo is mine

    chanwoo is mine11 годин тому

    You guys should watch this everyday , every minutes ,,,!!! Yedam gave his 100%, he even got bruise for riding that damn bicycle!!!! Appreciate this masterpiece!!!!!

  27. rebel one 1

    rebel one 111 годин тому

    Hahaha, that bicycle im going to sue it..

  28. rofaila lallaoui

    rofaila lallaoui11 годин тому

    I loooove his voice 😭😭😂

  29. chanwoo is mine

    chanwoo is mine11 годин тому

    Its much better to listen WAYO every midnight.

  30. ardini a

    ardini a11 годин тому

    can we talk how good Bang Yedam in delivering this song? I mean it's not only about his voice but also how he controls his voice and how he put his emotion in it

  31. susanti susanti

    susanti susanti11 годин тому

    10M soon 👀👀👀

  32. Nur zakia Rahmani

    Nur zakia Rahmani11 годин тому

    Pls stream. We must get 10M before they debut:D

  33. ylimaf gy

    ylimaf gy11 годин тому

    9 202 784

  34. Gnan Indaeyo

    Gnan Indaeyo11 годин тому

    Lets hits 10M Fighting.

  35. MsMisaki28

    MsMisaki2811 годин тому

    9 202 696!!!!

  36. Jenlisa Kimanoban

    Jenlisa Kimanoban11 годин тому

    I'm blink but i support treasure uwuu YG family

  37. your area

    your area11 годин тому

    Lets hit 10M Kajja kajja kajja ~

  38. 트하트바

    트하트바11 годин тому

    AHHH, WE'VE REACHED 9.2M. GOOD JOB TEUMES, let's keep going huhu the debut date might drop on Monday we dont know hsgdghsdh

  39. ae love

    ae love11 годин тому

    9.201.000. come on!!

  40. xxx nev

    xxx nev11 годин тому


  41. 자이_131

    자이_13112 годин тому

    Waahhh.. its july now and its their month!!!! TREASURE hwaiting!!!!

  42. lex D.

    lex D.12 годин тому

    let's reach the goal guys :))

  43. treasure world domination

    treasure world domination12 годин тому

    still proud and thankful of yedam for this masterpiece. I LOVE YOU! let's get this to 10m

  44. treasure world domination

    treasure world domination12 годин тому

    im back again lmaooo i have no internet so :((

  45. HM CATH

    HM CATH12 годин тому


  46. Mireia V

    Mireia V12 годин тому

    i didn't know who he was but his voice ?? mind-blowing.

  47. treasure world domination

    treasure world domination12 годин тому

    thank you! he's bang yedam from treasure

  48. nctxxskz enthusiast

    nctxxskz enthusiast12 годин тому

    the only one i unlike about this song is it ended up early

  49. My Top Picks

    My Top Picks12 годин тому

    9,199,278.. 722 more views to 9.2m

  50. Alvira

    Alvira12 годин тому

    teume fighting

  51. Alvira

    Alvira12 годин тому

    10M before debut kajjaaaa

  52. Joama Quant

    Joama Quant12 годин тому

    teumes you guys are almost there. almost 10 mil before debut. Fighting

  53. Gee Bee

    Gee Bee12 годин тому

    wayo wayo wayo

  54. Natasha Dewi

    Natasha Dewi12 годин тому

    i love treasure i love teume treasure fighting!! teume fighting!!^^

  55. Catalina

    Catalina13 годин тому

    Hola yedam soy yo de nuevo, escuchando tu canción por 874.146 799.854 vez, te amo jhgdg

  56. Yedam Gray hair

    Yedam Gray hair13 годин тому

    Yedamiiiii miss you TT TT


    EPHYPHANY Y13 годин тому

    10M a

  58. Tsukiya.lvy_

    Tsukiya.lvy_13 годин тому


  59. Louise Chiu

    Louise Chiu13 годин тому

    Can't wait for treasure's debut

  60. she rylle07

    she rylle0713 годин тому

    Yedamie we miss you hope you drop your selca I'm excited on your debut noona always here to protect and support you 🎶❤

  61. Princess Villena

    Princess Villena13 годин тому

    This is my first time watching this and I already know this song will be stuck in my head for a whole 2 months and I'm not even a fan. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  62. Lalnunthari Hauhnar

    Lalnunthari Hauhnar13 годин тому


  63. Yedam Gray hair

    Yedam Gray hair13 годин тому

    Yedam you are precious 🦊💎❤ uwu~~

  64. carmela

    carmela13 годин тому

    str3am wayo for clear skin

  65. carmela

    carmela13 годин тому

    lets keep on str3aming!! 10M here we go !!

  66. Mia Hardianti

    Mia Hardianti13 годин тому

    Blink is here for support our dongseng ❤️ YG Family Family Family ❤️❤️❤️


    KILLINGS STAR13 годин тому

    8.2k dislike for a boy who hasn't debut,so jealous people comes everywhere,so you fking jealous haters get ready cause when he and his group will debut,they will be on fire,so get ready to be more jealous..

  68. Vea Myca Rosas

    Vea Myca Rosas13 годин тому

    Whos waiting for the debut date??

  69. Literally Umama

    Literally Umama13 годин тому

    Let's wayo wayo until 10 M vi3ws!!! Or maybe moree!!!!

  70. 000 00

    000 0013 годин тому

    Yedam estás a punto de debutar Todavía no hay fecha pero ya estamos julio, el mes en que debutas tu y los chicos Estoy muy feliz por ti, te lo mereces Se que treasure crecerá mucho y será muy grande Cuando venga de vuelta a este comentario dentro de un año veré qué no me equivoqué y que Treasure llegó muy lejos y son un orgullo para mí. Estoy segur de que será así y yo estaré ahí para apoyarlos siempre. TREASURE los quierooo TREASURE fighting TREASURE MAKER fighting ESPERO que el fandom crezca a un más de lo que es ahora y que sea pacífico, habrán personas que digan malos comentarios pero ante todo confiaré siempre en Treasure

  71. graciagrasya G

    graciagrasya G13 годин тому

    This is relaxing..

  72. Danica Diem

    Danica Diem13 годин тому

    3.8K to 9.2M views

  73. Linh Rin

    Linh Rin13 годин тому

    The first song that i listen to everyday😳

  74. Kim Junkyu

    Kim Junkyu13 годин тому

    why does this masterpiece only have 9.1M Views? This deserved more❤️

  75. Kim Junkyu

    Kim Junkyu13 годин тому

    walang agawan ng bias pag nag debut na yung treasure ha, akin yung may dAmit🥴

  76. Kim HanBin

    Kim HanBin14 годин тому

    It's been exactly one month since this MV was released and can you believe me I listen to this song at least once in a day But I don't even get bored cuz his voice is so sweet and attractive

  77. Angel T

    Angel T14 годин тому

    malapit na tayo teumes

  78. hola! it's yats

    hola! it's yats14 годин тому

    wayo wayooo


    PRAGYA AGRAWAL14 годин тому

    6k for 9.2M

  80. Teume Indonesia

    Teume Indonesia14 годин тому


  81. Pivity Chishi

    Pivity Chishi14 годин тому

    This song gives me peace 💜💜❤❤

  82. just jinx

    just jinx14 годин тому

    let's reach 9.2m today

  83. Summer Hood

    Summer Hood14 годин тому

    Happy 1 month of Wayo and Yedam as solo artist!! ♡

  84. Erlina Maulia

    Erlina Maulia14 годин тому



    LAL RUATFELI14 годин тому

    Amami nen kan fav song ani