Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)


  1. TYO TJ

    TYO TJГодину тому

    Soko njowo LATHI ENENG LHO

  2. Horinity

    HorinityГодину тому

    They told us to Pray for Plagues, and now they come up with this ! 😶

  3. TakashiMagicalSenpai

    TakashiMagicalSenpaiГодину тому

    Am i the only one who thinks that this song is about covid-19? xD still great song!!!

  4. remaiin

    remaiinГодину тому

    Now that's more like it

  5. 2ri

    2riГодину тому

    why this is giving me killing floor vibe idk.

  6. Nolan James

    Nolan JamesГодину тому

    Okay. Definitely not as lame as that Ludens shit.

  7. Randy Rattansingh

    Randy Rattansingh2 години тому

    When's the released date? Video released same time PS5 game trailers are being released. Coincidence!?..I think not!

  8. Lhilithu Sempiterno

    Lhilithu Sempiterno2 години тому

    they're changed but I still love them...every shades that they have is Art

  9. HEY LUZ

    HEY LUZ2 години тому

    Malditasea los amo ♥️

  10. Veronica Moody

    Veronica Moody2 години тому

    Is okay but still lame compared too the old stuff

  11. chris L

    chris L3 години тому

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘

  12. TheCrumskies

    TheCrumskies3 години тому

    I feel like bmth is trying to seriously warn us about something

  13. JesusS7

    JesusS73 години тому

    This is what I imagine Linkin Park could have been if they didn't go pop

  14. TheFinalL

    TheFinalL4 години тому

    2:42 can you hear Oli's "poosh it fookin' back! bigger!"?

  15. TezeeX Gaming

    TezeeX Gaming4 години тому

    What kind of culture music is the first part? (Sorry my english knowlenge)

  16. Charlene Rose

    Charlene Rose4 години тому

    I have so much appreciation for how BMTH has evolved and moved... Cant get over the "M.O.V.E" - fucked with my head the first time I heard it. The melody is 😛 I love the build up to the chorus and cannot help mouthing along. Thankyou for relasing this masterpiece in the pandemic: its dark, its heavy, pop genre overtones and the cgi thing is mint. Needed a new favorite Parasite Eve makes me feel like; 🥀🌌☠🦂🔪🖤⛈🔭🔭🔭👽

  17. JuicyGamer

    JuicyGamer4 години тому

    See everyone says its about the game, I heard it when it came out as was like, "SHIT, they talking about Covid-19"

  18. Artem Nekto

    Artem Nekto4 години тому

    Awesome soundtrack for new game Parasite Eve.

  19. Hannah Mathers

    Hannah Mathers4 години тому

    They should make an acoustic version of this! I think it would sound really cool stripped back!

  20. Serra Kurtoğlu

    Serra Kurtoğlu4 години тому

    düştüm agam iyi şarkı çıkarmış sonunda bu gözler bu günleri de mi görecekti

  21. {Subliminal Bakery }

    {Subliminal Bakery }5 годин тому

    I love the new and old BMTH and always will

  22. Роман Дем'яненко

    Роман Дем'яненко5 годин тому

    I would like an even heavier sound.

  23. すぎりゅう

    すぎりゅう5 годин тому

    かっこよすぎて笑っちまったわ笑 神曲決定だな

  24. NateRS

    NateRS6 годин тому

    *ay ay*

  25. D M

    D M6 годин тому

    I love their new stuff but I really hope he brings back those high screams from count your blessings and occasionally on suicide season, at least for one track on this new album. One can dream at least

  26. Владислав Василишин

    Владислав Василишин7 годин тому

    0:29 Будь здоров!

  27. Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson8 годин тому

    BMTH.... what happened to you. pure garbage

  28. jeremy sokolowski

    jeremy sokolowski8 годин тому

    Well we finally got something better than the 2 last albums ...

  29. Preacher DroneCo

    Preacher DroneCo8 годин тому

    this is fucking disgusting and i fucking love it.

  30. Александр Против

    Александр Против9 годин тому

    Сблевнул вытерся и пошел дальше

  31. Nik Nik

    Nik Nik5 годин тому

    А родители за тобой подтирай....

  32. Kim Sho

    Kim Sho9 годин тому

    So don't hate me but is this like... linkin park 15 years ago?

  33. Marco Da silva

    Marco Da silva9 годин тому

    Perfect song for cyberpunk 2077

  34. something went wrong

    something went wrong10 годин тому

    This is not deathcore, not metal core, not pop... I don’t fucking know what is this, but this shit is good.

  35. mr Robot0101

    mr Robot010110 годин тому

    Just wanna go to the forest and scream something so i dont scare anyone

  36. NPCDwarf

    NPCDwarf10 годин тому

    This song has Howard the Alien energy.

  37. Arivano TV

    Arivano TV11 годин тому

    A song parasite eve....I'm think about this song not bad....but too many element pop and EDM...

  38. Keelan Channavy

    Keelan Channavy11 годин тому

    I thought instantly of Parasyte the anime series, seriously fitting and a genuine underrated show

  39. Breann Craig

    Breann Craig11 годин тому


  40. eNigmaa326

    eNigmaa32612 годин тому

    I heard from some article that they were "going back to heavy" i was expecting more of a Pray for Plagues but im pleasantly suprised.

  41. Ekzor

    Ekzor12 годин тому

    This whole music is a masterpiece, the structure, contrast, details. Thank you Bring

  42. Alana Adoll

    Alana Adoll12 годин тому

    “when we forget the infection will we remember the lesson?”

  43. Joaquin da Silva

    Joaquin da Silva13 годин тому

    the good the bad and the ugly theme

  44. judiel delacruz

    judiel delacruz13 годин тому

    Olobersyko the best

  45. TheFiveTees

    TheFiveTees13 годин тому

    I must say.. at first I thought we was watching an epic trailer for a movie.

  46. Terry Lynn

    Terry Lynn13 годин тому

    Remember when people were saying they are getting poppy.. Oli: hold my tea!

  47. daniel broomhall

    daniel broomhall13 годин тому

    I've known about this band since I was almost too young to remember, they played The Underground in my home town when I was a kid. Ultimate scene band, they didnt interest me at all and havent at all the whole time they've existed but I will say this, "we can not save you, enjoy the ride" does tickle some part of my brain in a good way. After 15 years (wow, just scared myself by how much time has passed) I may have just "got" something they've made.

  48. Terry Watson

    Terry Watson13 годин тому

    Holy shit...

  49. DJINI 3222

    DJINI 322213 годин тому

    This Girl part ad the beginning is fuckking Awesome .

  50. nanosyd

    nanosyd13 годин тому

    Can't help but feel like they must have played the game...

  51. Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic Photography

    Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic Photography13 годин тому

    This song has a lot of moving parts. Multiple listens and it just gets better and better. Need more material like this.

  52. ALE melchenko

    ALE melchenko13 годин тому

    the beginning with the chick talking is actually so corny and bizarre. i like the song other than that but jeez cringe central in the first minute....

  53. Baby Huntley

    Baby Huntley13 годин тому

    why's there so many dislikes this a bop

  54. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml14 годин тому

    I had a dream that bmth did a collab with pitbull and I’m so glad they didn’t.

  55. Bliss X

    Bliss X14 годин тому

    I am legit listening to this song while working at the hospital taking care of my covid patients. This feels just right.

  56. Erik Edgerton

    Erik Edgerton14 годин тому


  57. zitronentee

    zitronentee15 годин тому

    I thought this is for Parasite Eve remake?

  58. Brad Maskimof

    Brad Maskimof15 годин тому

    2020 theme

  59. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml14 годин тому

    People that pressed dislike are fckn insane. How can you not like this song?! May the parasites come for ya 😂

  60. the 3 musket3ers

    the 3 musket3ers15 годин тому

    The Rona needed a sound.

  61. corraleskevinh88

    corraleskevinh8815 годин тому

    Like more people need to see this.

  62. brent barajas

    brent barajas16 годин тому

    Not really a fan of the new stuff, however, this song jams.

  63. Marcola Villarreal

    Marcola Villarreal16 годин тому

    My God, the fucking chills I tell ya.

  64. MRxAmazing

    MRxAmazing17 годин тому

    This is so beyond overproduced it barely feels like music to me. It almost feels more like a spectacle. Idk if that's a compliment, but I do not enjoy this at all. Throw on some crazy outfits and face paint, while you're at it! Oh...

  65. Brandie Howell

    Brandie Howell17 годин тому

    Fuckinh love it

  66. Brandie Howell

    Brandie Howell17 годин тому

    Ooooooh you got it mmmmmmm

  67. Neal Schuster

    Neal Schuster17 годин тому

    Why do people like Alternative Press keep calling this so heavy? It's good but it isn't heavy

  68. Justin Hasan

    Justin Hasan17 годин тому


  69. Ytiaw Nat

    Ytiaw Nat18 годин тому

    omg amsdlomaosdinajsodiajsodiajsdoiasjdoai

  70. Sternal The Game Is Over

    Sternal The Game Is Over18 годин тому

    Sick of this song good Job BMTH

  71. Aidan.Raezer

    Aidan.Raezer18 годин тому

    Love the band and the song. This would be great as the main song for a new Parasite Eve game!!

  72. The game Guy 3.0

    The game Guy 3.018 годин тому

    Compare this with “diamonds are forever” Lol never do that

  73. Brandon Elmore

    Brandon Elmore18 годин тому

    A little DMT never killed anyone

  74. Scar93

    Scar9319 годин тому

    People that pressed dislike are fckn insane. How can you not like this song?! May the parasites come for ya 😂

  75. Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown19 годин тому

    woah, I haven't listened to BMTH for a whiiiiile and tbh this shit slaps more than their older stuff. I genuinely can't believe this is the same band

  76. tired hero

    tired hero19 годин тому

    im a little bit addicted to this

  77. Zeh Ra

    Zeh Ra20 годин тому

    Another late discovery💕👍

  78. Xero _103

    Xero _10320 годин тому

    No one: Oli: _EHH EHH_

  79. brezzyyx

    brezzyyx20 годин тому

    twenty one pilots but epic

  80. Danissa González Rentería

    Danissa González Rentería20 годин тому

    I love them .. nice work .. im in love with this new album ..

  81. sarah williamson

    sarah williamson20 годин тому

    Love it love it

  82. Betty Blue

    Betty Blue21 годину тому

    As much as I love their old style, i gotta admit, this is a pretty dope song. And the video is amazing in its own right.

  83. Francesco Augusti

    Francesco Augusti21 годину тому

    this is beautiful