Pepsi, Coca Cola, Fanta Vs Mentos Catch Python Snake & Komodo Dragon In Underground Hole |Experiment

  • 1 чер 2020
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  1. T'Tanoy Tso

    T'Tanoy Tso2 години тому


  2. Cristóbal Barría

    Cristóbal Barría8 годин тому

    No maltrato a animal

  3. Arvind bhai Solanki

    Arvind bhai Solanki9 годин тому

    L X Khiio

  4. kornoytis

    kornoytis10 годин тому

    Autistic language

  5. kornoytis

    kornoytis10 годин тому

    Why the hell to do that you would be 100% annoyed by that poor animals.STUPID HUMAN KIND CREATURE.❤

  6. AssAd sy Vip

    AssAd sy Vip13 годин тому


  7. Kezart

    Kezart16 годин тому


  8. Sergio Lima

    Sergio Lima16 годин тому


  9. AJ Gaming

    AJ Gaming16 годин тому

    Why break the snake and combo dragon house 😞😞😞😞😔😔😔

  10. Maxsuel Gomes

    Maxsuel Gomes20 годин тому


  11. Maxsuel Gomes

    Maxsuel Gomes20 годин тому


  12. Maxsuel Gomes

    Maxsuel Gomes20 годин тому


  13. Rashunda Maddox

    Rashunda Maddox20 годин тому

    Disney care by hill

  14. André Marri

    André Marri20 годин тому

    These guys should be in jail for animal abuse. Unbelievable

  15. Nauel pro Leonardi 201

    Nauel pro Leonardi 20121 годину тому


  16. Yonsse Benbh

    Yonsse Benbh22 години тому


  17. Moktar888 Jani

    Moktar888 Jani23 години тому

    ?... 🧐...

  18. Chaos Playz

    Chaos PlayzДень тому

    U should get arrested

  19. Chaos Playz

    Chaos PlayzДень тому

    U hurt them

  20. Chaos Playz

    Chaos PlayzДень тому

    Animal cruelty

  21. bluegazer

    bluegazerДень тому

    He's expecting a snake then got surprised by a lizard

  22. bluegazer

    bluegazerДень тому

    The kids in the egg are gonna be where's mom

  23. Alexandru Moscovciuc

    Alexandru MoscovciucДень тому


  24. Marianna Kiss

    Marianna KissДень тому

    You are killer!!!😒

  25. maria lourdes catalan

    maria lourdes catalanДень тому

    All gas mana n, *oy

  26. only study

    only studyДень тому

    You are so bad

  27. Nicholas Jevon

    Nicholas JevonДень тому

    Dude stfu, that's not komodo dragon. They only live in Indonesia. You didn't speak Indonesian. Also they are protected so if you did that shit to a real komodo dragon, you will get in jail. Stop clickbaiting people, I'm sick of people clickbaiting stuff.

  28. Marcell Ferdi

    Marcell FerdiДень тому

    That's not komodo dragon t Thats a monitor lizard komodo dragon is gone but only indonesian have komodo dragon in komodo island

  29. Atanu Deka

    Atanu DekaДень тому


  30. sola chukwura

    sola chukwuraДень тому

    Pore monitor lizard

  31. Jovan Stojanovic

    Jovan StojanovicДень тому


  32. Patricia Garcia

    Patricia GarciaДень тому



    SAURAV RAJAДень тому


  34. 李小明

    李小明День тому

    What is your purpose, why harass him

  35. prachi

    prachiДень тому

    Why they don't stop tourchure animals

  36. Abd Jalil

    Abd JalilДень тому


  37. Albert

    AlbertДень тому

    Through the other end his friend released thise animals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. João Victor Moura

    João Victor MouraДень тому


  39. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto UzumakiДень тому

    El lado oscuro de YT

  40. María Martínez

    María MartínezДень тому


  41. Aygün Memmedova

    Aygün MemmedovaДень тому

    Ĺllĺĺĺlĺĺlĺĺlĺĺĺlĺllllĺĺlĺĺĺlĺĺ llĺllĺl ĺ lll llĺıĺlllĺ

  42. Pinky Goyat

    Pinky GoyatДень тому


  43. Dariu Ne

    Dariu NeДень тому


  44. Shagufta Parveen

    Shagufta ParveenДень тому


  45. je cubetv

    je cubetvДень тому


  46. Khỉ Con TV

    Khỉ Con TVДень тому

    L Kiiiiii

  47. Kisiel Studios

    Kisiel Studios2 дні тому

    I think animals like these can't drink coke cuz it's bad for them 🙁🥺 And what are you doing with this animal house? Now where it will live?

  48. cL1cKyB

    cL1cKyB7 годин тому

    Yeah they will eat it or sell it.

  49. aragon twinkll

    aragon twinkllДень тому

    On a hot boiling pot

  50. Valvi Valvipikesh

    Valvi Valvipikesh2 дні тому


  51. JR De Torres

    JR De Torres2 дні тому

    these rude demons need to learn a lesson

  52. A. Shu

    A. Shu2 дні тому

    Shear idiotic people showing their inhumanity.

  53. Swapan Mondol

    Swapan Mondol2 дні тому

    very dangerous k

  54. Yachana Phansal

    Yachana Phansal2 дні тому

    After this video : Monitor lizard's leader: that guy took our fellow friend and his snake roomate after that he headed to north track him down and we will flood his house with poop and our saliva hahahahahah

  55. Клипы Моё

    Клипы Моё2 дні тому


  56. Akshat Raj

    Akshat Raj2 дні тому

    If you r looking for a english comment here is it

  57. Shalu sha

    Shalu sha2 дні тому


  58. samuel Alipmo

    samuel Alipmo2 дні тому

    I dont understand what he is saying

  59. Sushant Bhatia

    Sushant Bhatia2 дні тому

    Python and snake were on honeymoon this guy disturbed them a lot

  60. Sheila Roy

    Sheila Roy2 дні тому

    Either they make some irritating ooh sound or equally irritating chatter ,with their obnoxious behavior towards animals.They have caused the Corona virus by their weird diet.i could not bear to see,till the end of the video.There should be strict laws ,why should we suffer because of them.

  61. Star production

    Star production2 дні тому

    You dig the hole and put the snake and Lizard

  62. Gautam Bro

    Gautam Bro2 дні тому

    They may die also

  63. Alfonso Lopez

    Alfonso Lopez2 дні тому


  64. Thuan Nguyễn van

    Thuan Nguyễn van2 дні тому


  65. nahuel anima su vida

    nahuel anima su vida2 дні тому

    I think this is considered animal abuse and puts yourself and the animal at risk.


    THUNDERSTORM Playz2 дні тому

    Stop destroying animals home


    THUNDERSTORM Playz2 дні тому

    Wtf is wrong with u guy

  68. Morphina Kharkongor

    Morphina Kharkongor2 дні тому

    That is not a komodo dragon it is a monitor lizard

  69. Cristian zun Men

    Cristian zun Men2 дні тому

    Eso eso es maltrato animal no lo vuelvas a hacer eso es maltrato animal

  70. milly martins

    milly martins2 дні тому


  71. milly martins

    milly martins2 дні тому

    o largato não fesnaba

  72. milly martins

    milly martins2 дні тому


  73. milly martins

    milly martins2 дні тому


  74. rahzinha jdi

    rahzinha jdi2 дні тому

    very sad to see that youtube allows it, it's an environmental crime, you shoud be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!! what a dick!!!!!!!!!!! poor animals :(

  75. Roger Ricardo

    Roger Ricardo2 дні тому

    Alguém sabe onde esse cara mora?

  76. Alan Patrick

    Alan Patrick2 дні тому

    Em São Paulo

  77. Aidden Sepsey

    Aidden Sepsey2 дні тому

    I dont think I'm subscribing

  78. Rozih Mohd amin

    Rozih Mohd amin2 дні тому

    He hurt the animal , because he wants subcribe

  79. Aurora Lara

    Aurora Lara2 дні тому

    Me indigna que este tipo de canal, no se porque permite, crueldad animal !!!! uno más de tantos , creo que ya tenemos la mente muy enferma para ver más de todo esto y el lado humano cada día se pierde .... Basura de canal, basura de persona ... Saludos des Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  80. L Prakash

    L Prakash2 дні тому


  81. Paulo D'sousa

    Paulo D'sousa2 дні тому

    Que desgraça é essa

  82. End of days Sean

    End of days Sean3 дні тому

    Imagine chillin in your house and some starts throwing mentos through the window and starts flooding it with coke😕

  83. Munasinghe Sandun Kumara

    Munasinghe Sandun Kumara10 годин тому

    @bluegazer 6

  84. bluegazer

    bluegazerДень тому

    @Matei Reymann not really

  85. Matei Reymann

    Matei ReymannДень тому

    I would like that

  86. bluegazer

    bluegazerДень тому

    Well actually door


    YADOM YADOMДень тому

    I feel so bad at the both animals. They just wanna live in peace🤧

  88. pp17pm

    pp17pm3 дні тому


  89. watch Me

    watch Me3 дні тому

    Kok bisa biawak ama uler hidup satu lobang asu😂



    Itu biawakkan?