‘I sacrificed my talent’ playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward - Terry Rozier | First Take


  1. Carson Coleman

    Carson Coleman10 днів тому

    Man getting payed over 40 mill ...for him to get out played by graham

  2. Bon Giorno

    Bon GiornoМісяць тому

    Anyone here after finding out kyries a bad leader/teammate

  3. jaden dabdoub

    jaden dabdoubМісяць тому

    He wanted his own team but aint even the best player on the Hornets

  4. sergi trabal

    sergi trabalМісяць тому

    Talent? You left and no one has felt anything missing. No one remembers you in Boston

  5. Joey mp4

    Joey mp42 місяці тому

    This sounds like hes talking to his school principals about a fight he was involved in XD

  6. sld1776

    sld17762 місяці тому

    Turns out, Terry didn't have talent to sacrifice at all.

  7. nathanccole

    nathanccole2 місяці тому

    Terry rozier is like a stupid SoundCloud rapper who never graduated high school. He just might be the dumbest NBA player of all time. He isn’t good at basketball and he is a big whiner. Your talent? What talent? He was appreciated when he was scary terry and he actually played with his head on straight. Now he’s just stupid and bad at basketball. Hornets are soooo bad and it hurts to think he’s their best guy. Also why did his agent let him do this interview? They baited him the whole time!!

  8. Yarby Cerrato

    Yarby Cerrato2 місяці тому

    Kyrie should of came off the bench. Celtics would have won the whole thing.

  9. Ridge Moore

    Ridge Moore2 місяці тому

    This was the start point for kyrie being a bad teammate in the media for sure. Hated by your own teammates 🎯

  10. Patrick Coffey

    Patrick Coffey2 місяці тому

    🔥🔥🔥 *like if u also like basketball* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> 💜🎥💘 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💝

  11. 2chainz

    2chainz2 місяці тому

    And now he averaging 18pts 4 & 4 having just dropped a 40 bomb on ATL

  12. Adrian Jacob Francisco

    Adrian Jacob Francisco2 місяці тому

    Got his own team but still a trash HAHAHAHA

  13. Andy Noel

    Andy Noel2 місяці тому

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *nice action* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> ❣🔥💚 👇 👇🧡

  14. Drake Preston

    Drake Preston3 місяці тому

    🔥🔥🔥 *play and whatch all the time* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> 🧡❣ 👇👇👇👇👇

  15. Capone Giovanni

    Capone Giovanni3 місяці тому

    The reason the ball was in Kyrie hands and not yours is because he a better player

  16. Justin

    Justin4 місяці тому

    Lol what talent?

  17. Andreas Dengler

    Andreas Dengler4 місяці тому

    I sacrificed my stats and potential for more money in next contract, that is what he means. Winning is not a priority.

  18. Justin Frost

    Justin Frost4 місяці тому

    All these comments about his attitude but now he's averaging 18, 4 and 4 on charlotte

  19. Tiffany Russell

    Tiffany Russell5 місяців тому

    why ppl mad cause he telling how HE feels

  20. the4thRøb •

    the4thRøb •6 місяців тому

    Has his own team now and hasn’t proven Anything yet

  21. Garrison Armand

    Garrison ArmandМісяць тому

    Zubeir Leonard yeah he shooting 37 percent from the field yeah he’s that good bro is a inefficient scorer I hope he gets that percentage up but really he’s not better than rozier stop it

  22. Zubeir

    Zubeir6 місяців тому

    Devonte Graham is just too good

  23. samir secickic

    samir secickic6 місяців тому

    Rozier is fail, overrated trash, disgusting loser, embarrassing

  24. Nehei Roberts

    Nehei Roberts6 місяців тому

    Aint nobody checkin for rozier

  25. Alex DeTreville

    Alex DeTreville6 місяців тому

    Terry rozier has had a terrible fucking year LOL

  26. L Gardner

    L Gardner6 місяців тому

    Terry rozier look like blac youngsta

  27. sirt3z

    sirt3z6 місяців тому

    Wow this is a long time ago but Celtics are 11 and 2 right now without Kyrie without Al Horford 11-2

  28. SmokeSmitty

    SmokeSmitty6 місяців тому


  29. Anthony B

    Anthony B6 місяців тому

    doesnt he make enough in the NBA to not have teeth like that?

  30. trha2222

    trha22226 місяців тому

    What a jackass. He is lucky he played with those guys who made him look a lot better than he is.

  31. iONLY

    iONLY6 місяців тому

    He is FAR FROM a top PG🤣🤣🤣🤣 third or 4th tier PG

  32. Risky Business

    Risky Business6 місяців тому

    How did he do against his old team?

  33. milky ways

    milky ways6 місяців тому

    What talent

  34. i get it

    i get it6 місяців тому

    Kyrie is circling the Charlotte game...

  35. Barstool Blues

    Barstool Blues7 місяців тому

    Terry Rozier is a fucking egotistical joke.

  36. Un Known

    Un Known7 місяців тому

    Smfh man ungrateful mfs ..see what rozier dont realize that first year before kyrie went down how MUCH he elevated every last one of yall guys game thats the reason why yall went so far in those playoffs same w lebron kyrie elevated his game big time n elevates everyone around him game whether they realize it or not

  37. Real Conspiracy Wow!

    Real Conspiracy Wow!7 місяців тому

    Terry is trash

  38. a1day13

    a1day137 місяців тому

    No matter the reason he did it he just cost himself millions on every deal he’s ever gonna get they gonna duct him for doing this now he’s a liability


    ALLEN IVERSON8 місяців тому

    Scary Terry will avrg 20ppg 6rpg 8apg

  40. Collen Martinez

    Collen Martinez9 місяців тому

    This guy trash glad he left Boston

  41. Atty. Jojo Taloma

    Atty. Jojo Taloma9 місяців тому

    Gordon Hayward? He plays a different position and he is the perfect team player who makes his teammates look good.

  42. Alex Alvarado

    Alex Alvarado9 місяців тому

    He fell off big time since the injury , he's ass

  43. ArrowGCR

    ArrowGCR9 місяців тому

    why is he referring to himself in the third person.

  44. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach9 місяців тому

    He think he good yet he a 3rd

  45. Prefer Not To Say

    Prefer Not To Say9 місяців тому

    He’s got a lot to prove, he should definitely start in the NBA, but my cap wouldn’t exceed 13 million. 12.5 million is what I would cut Rozier. And I would keep him and get a beasty Power Forward to play with him and make history! 😉

  46. Mark Cunningham

    Mark Cunningham9 місяців тому


  47. The Emperor

    The Emperor9 місяців тому

    after that playoff run , be embarassed bro ,you were block and humililated by lebron in the fuckin playoffs

  48. Scatman Caffey

    Scatman Caffey9 місяців тому

    I don’t Blame him...

  49. anthony cruz

    anthony cruz9 місяців тому

    This entire interview was shit. I was just looking at Molly the entire time

  50. Dyanne Rocco Ilaria

    Dyanne Rocco Ilaria9 місяців тому

    So funny. bc now he on the Hornets, where there wont be any talent around him, and now Kemba is on a team with talent. I predict the Hornets win less than 25 games next season.

  51. Masked Masters

    Masked Masters10 місяців тому

    The Celtics fo to the East Conf with their young talent because their BIG MONEY PLAYERS ARE HURT. The BIG MONEY PLAYERS comeback the next season healthy (ex. Hayward not the same after Utah) do not make it to the East conf finals. Wtf is wrong

  52. Val Munnings

    Val Munnings10 місяців тому

    You didn't sacrifice shit, you couldn't hit a fuqin shot when the playoffs came, you, Gordon, Tatum, none of u showed up in the playoffs and you want to blame Kyrie for your poor play. GTFOH

  53. Mr. Locke

    Mr. Locke10 місяців тому

    Terry Rozier is a bum

  54. p!erre

    p!erre10 місяців тому

    This is like that one bad kid in class being interviewed by all the teachers & principals for something he damn well know he did 😂😭

  55. وยςςเקคקєгקɭคՇє

    وยςςเקคקєгקɭคՇє10 місяців тому

    If he is a “top point guard in the league” I’m 7’9

  56. Yimmy T

    Yimmy T10 місяців тому

    This video tells me exactly why it didn't work out

  57. John McClure

    John McClure10 місяців тому

    I would hate to have a teammate like this guy

  58. Peter Marquez

    Peter Marquez10 місяців тому

    I miss u terry

  59. Yanic Yoda

    Yanic Yoda10 місяців тому

    I'm glad he spoke up .Now he is gonna be a starter .As a Celtics fan I wish him all the luck!

  60. Yanic Yoda

    Yanic Yoda10 місяців тому

    @Jahod Davis offcourse not .but still, he will be the man at the position

  61. Mark Cianfarani

    Mark Cianfarani10 місяців тому

    Terry has it in his gead.hes a great starting point guard. It's good to have confidence. But Terry is a streak shooter. Hes selfish. You will see this in Charlotte. Hes goin to put up points..but at what cost. To come on national t.v. N run your mouth..is inexcusable. He thinks hes an elite point guard..n hes idnt. Good luck in Charlotte rozier. Lol you got your wish.

  62. Evets Zerimar

    Evets Zerimar10 місяців тому

    Terry cmon, did you not think this thru? They press him for answers and he's all "um", "uh". He gave no real insight. Waste of time. Just talking about feelings

  63. Logan X

    Logan X10 місяців тому

    Max trying for validation so hard

  64. Ten Thirty

    Ten Thirty10 місяців тому

    Don’t knock a man because he is willing to bet on himself and not settle. He believes he can be more. Good for him!

  65. Adam Swenson

    Adam Swenson10 місяців тому

    Gordon took jazz to Western conference finals, Irving was an over achiever that was given a platform because of labron. Boston will be better without Irving.

  66. Kurt

    Kurt10 місяців тому

    Dude averaged 5 points before Kyrie went there tho. Fuck is he talking about sacrificing his talent??

  67. Mr. Untouchable

    Mr. Untouchable10 місяців тому

    How long has terry been in the league and how long has Hayward and kyrire been in the league🤔 so who had the attitude🤫

  68. Jako Baruh

    Jako Baruh10 місяців тому

    If scary Terry really blossoms in Charlotte that interview might become a dagger

  69. Mr. Untouchable

    Mr. Untouchable10 місяців тому

    Jako Baruh and of terry is trash it will be career suicide.

  70. Gabz_Tee_Vee

    Gabz_Tee_Vee10 місяців тому

    This man dodged more questions than I dodged the border police when I hopped the fence

  71. kefkapalazzo1

    kefkapalazzo110 місяців тому

    this guy is delisional lmao hes a bench guy

  72. Malik Mcfadgon

    Malik Mcfadgon10 місяців тому

    The Gordon Hayward lowlights at the end killed me 💀💀💀😭

  73. Justin Long

    Justin Long10 місяців тому

    As a die hard Celtics fan Terry sabotaged his own career by what happened last season, Kyrie is not innocent neither is Coach Brad but Terry acted like he was supposed to start over Kyrie knowing he was a back up yet him making a name for himself being labeled "Scary Terry" he thrived off that publicity the media gave him he believed he was better than Kyrie yet I remember Game 7 in Boston where he couldnt buy a shot to save his life he went 0-11 from 3 but Kyrie takes too many shots though, he took bad shots, and made bad decisions all last year he only came to play when Kyrie sat out of games like he was to good to play well when Kyrie played as for Gordon Hayward Coach did rush him back to early and threw him in the starting line up wayy too soon which messed up JT and JB to some degree, but for him to say he sacrificed the most is BS I watched damn near every game last season playoffs included he was not having fun, he was not playing team ball ppl defend him cause of his quick playoff run yet that was team success not just a Terry thing everybody stepped up, plus the Celtics were playing with house money once Kyrie and Gordon were out nobody gave us a chance in hell to make it anywhere I take nothing away from Terry he did play very well in those playoffs in 2018 but he should have had that same hunger this past season even as a role player to step up his mindset was on starting and tryna replace Kyrie not doing what's best for the team again Kyrie as a leader this year SUCKED ASS he didnt have a perfect season neither but Terry should've played harder than he did last year that's what the great teams do and role players do if everyone would've bought in to the team last year the Celtics could've won the East and the Title especially if played a Klay and KD less Warriors like Toronto did Boston would've won that chip smh but thankfully we have a better team this season with no egos just team guys but Terry Rozier wasnt all bought in last year he acting as if he was balling and everyone else was slacking smh nah bruh you was at fought to!!

  74. Muhammad Hilmi Rois

    Muhammad Hilmi Rois10 місяців тому

    " i'm the best point guard in this league" come on man somebody tell him what he smoke the day when he say that shit thing. Thats guy cant make a joke about himself. Thats a fucking joke

  75. Kartik Rao

    Kartik Rao10 місяців тому

    U don't have no talent!!!!

  76. Fedor Myachin

    Fedor Myachin10 місяців тому

    Kyrie sucked for reals. Scary Terry did more for the celtics thank ball hogging Kyrie

  77. _ AdamUpp

    _ AdamUpp10 місяців тому

    Y'all forgot how they did IT

  78. swaggteamdons

    swaggteamdons10 місяців тому

    Terry just go to the Lakers bro. I think you'll do better than rondo

  79. Juan ramoncito Macalde

    Juan ramoncito Macalde10 місяців тому

    Kyrie is the reason for the celtics fall

  80. Steven Washington

    Steven Washington10 місяців тому

    He's smart enough to know the Earth isn't flat.

  81. ohioplayer

    ohioplayer10 місяців тому

    everytime he entered the game Boston's lead would vanish..

  82. MattyJMusic

    MattyJMusic10 місяців тому

    In my opinion the lesson here for Stevens that he will never let happen again... Don't be too soft.

  83. Ciggie43

    Ciggie4310 місяців тому

    Talking about yourself in the 3rd person is never a good sign...

  84. Phillip Moller

    Phillip Moller10 місяців тому

    Name names nigga

  85. Chris Davis

    Chris Davis10 місяців тому

    If he was as good as he said he was, it wouldnt matter whose on the team ,he would get the minutes he wanted