‘I sacrificed my talent’ playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward - Terry Rozier | First Take


  1. Miles Williams

    Miles WilliamsГодину тому

    He lowkey had a point they took Lebron to a game 7 and lost to the bucks in 5 with they best players playing

  2. Keon Cuyler

    Keon Cuyler2 години тому

    Bruh not even cold like that smh

  3. HannibalBARCA

    HannibalBARCA2 години тому

    Why is it so hard for some people to leave a bad situation with some maturity? This is not a good look.

  4. Ray MaQ

    Ray MaQ2 години тому

    After this, being sidelined will be the least of your worries 🤣

  5. Thomas Blanks

    Thomas Blanks4 години тому

    What I don't get is y not ball out when you get in the Game...how u let somebody get u out your game lol like if your great that wouldn't matter smh

  6. Ron Lumanlan

    Ron Lumanlan4 години тому

    Savage SAS Q. 😅😂

  7. Etta Wing

    Etta Wing8 годин тому

    Daniel Theis, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier lll and Ojeve. This is the nucleus.

  8. Incredible World

    Incredible World8 годин тому

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  9. hen ko

    hen ko9 годин тому

    not made y’all can count on me to change”.. stop hating on the man for putting the truth out

  10. V Q

    V Q12 годин тому

    A bench player thinking he's the shit. L

  11. I’m Already Tracer

    I’m Already Tracer13 годин тому

    Terry rosier is the goat bro before kyrie he had 1.2 ppg so yeah kyrie just messed up the Celtics

  12. TheHound

    TheHound13 годин тому

    Gordon Hayward has nothing to do with it Kyrie the point guard that took your spot

  13. Reece Overstreet

    Reece Overstreet14 годин тому

    buh bye terry! kyrie and ad are gonna ball out next year!

  14. Crypto Dwayne

    Crypto Dwayne17 годин тому

    So happy the Celtics are suffering and are in some turmoil. Kyrie leaving, Hayward overpaid, Rozier unhappy and throwing people under the Buss. Coach isn't that great, Paul Pierce talking crap with his One Chip Good Times..

  15. sergiomorfo

    sergiomorfo18 годин тому

    Was this Terry's way to say "Goodbye" to the Celtics? LOL

  16. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker18 годин тому

    Not gonna lie to y’all. Had no idea Rozier was still on the Celtics this year 🤣. Deadass lmao

  17. Antany Gabriel

    Antany Gabriel19 годин тому

    Why is this man talking about his self in third person. Lil man your a role player at best. N u just ended your career on one of the most watched n respected shows.. But any who mannnnn that Kyrie Irving is toxic. I'm from Cleveland I know. It seems he gonna bring drama everywhere his diva ass goes. O yea, n btw his shoes are ugly af. Jus wanted to add that in

  18. Jack park

    Jack park20 годин тому

    The Celtics team is the most dysfunctional piece of shit I've ever seen.

  19. Mahdi 5X

    Mahdi 5X20 годин тому

    Stephen A Smith loud mouf ass the wrong one to complain about not complaining to

  20. Walter M

    Walter M20 годин тому

    He talking like he bust kyrie ass in practice. Watch him get blackballed

  21. Walter M

    Walter M20 годин тому

    First off hes good not great. Second,when he had to chance to show up this year he didnt. So we will see who he is in 3 years

  22. Edgard Benjamin Cruz

    Edgard Benjamin Cruz20 годин тому

    Goren hayward? How bro played with cuz all these years and dont know his name LOL

  23. pedroSilesia

    pedroSilesia21 годину тому

    When they give you PR bullshit you complain for artificial and boring responses. Now, he says how it is and you all comlain

  24. Paul Brennan

    Paul Brennan21 годину тому

    What a moron doing this publicly

  25. MaCar Car

    MaCar Car23 години тому

    It explains Danny Ainge’s most recent heart attack.

  26. Nick

    Nick23 години тому

    Nigga said “girren heywird”

  27. Pr0sacK

    Pr0sacKДень тому

    Maybe Rozier should go get some more tattoos on the back of his head. Maybe that will vibrate some of the THC off his receptors so he realizes that he is not an all-star, all-nba type of talent. Lul.

  28. Red Sox United

    Red Sox UnitedДень тому

    Let this man go trash

  29. Kelstooo

    KelstoooДень тому

    How are people mad about him saying something we already know. The man basically told viewers “hey I know y’all are disappointed I’m disappointed too, and if changes are not made y’all can count on me to change”.. stop hating on the man for putting the truth out

  30. Ellius Wishwire

    Ellius WishwireДень тому

    Man people saying he killed his career because this are big dummies. What he did was give the Celtics an Ultimatum. Either Keep Kyrie, who probably wants to leave anyway or give me a bigger role. This was smart from a business stand point and this is a business.

  31. General Pendant

    General PendantДень тому

    This guy going to Detroit with Seth curry watch!

  32. Keith Lott

    Keith LottДень тому

    People get mad at players for doing interviews and punting, then get mad when players speak out. geesh.

  33. Keith Lott

    Keith LottДень тому

    What is everyone talking about, he speaking facts. This team was supposed to be good last year until the big two got hurt. However, the young kids played well, in fact really good, earning a spot in the east finals. They balled out and was expected or expecting to get better this year. The two superstars now healthy, changed the roles and limited growth. Kyrie dribbles until he cant dribble and heyward was a shell of his former self, yet management put the ball in their hiands, as TR and others took smaller roles and watched. have to understand these guys working on that first contract, after a good playoff they needed that juice to propel them forward, setting them up for a great second deal. Now after a year on the sidelines, its like starting over.

  34. Lo 1X

    Lo 1XДень тому

    Terry needs to link with Anthony Davis wherever that might be they will ball out

  35. Alan Leon

    Alan LeonДень тому

    He’s doing this for Brown and Tatum

  36. Infamous King92

    Infamous King92День тому

    Not gonna lie to y’all. Had no idea Rozier was still on the Celtics this year 🤣. Deadass lmao

  37. G Sandhu

    G SandhuДень тому

    Wtf is this dude he is free agents

  38. manny77min

    manny77minДень тому

    Lmaooooo top pg 😂😂😂 can't breathe stop stop it

  39. goodshipzion

    goodshipzionДень тому

    Top guard in the league? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  40. Karthik Bryant

    Karthik BryantДень тому

    Expletive lol 😂

  41. unstopabl0

    unstopabl0День тому

    He gone lol

  42. HOF Gunner

    HOF GunnerДень тому

    I don’t get why the Celtics were fine last year, up until my got hurt before the playoffs. Then this year it all went to shit. Kyrie played both seasons so guess what It was reallygordon hawayard starting the seasons fault. Because the Cs played fine with him last year it isn’t his fault


    LENGHONG KOHДень тому

    This is the reason Celtics sucks lol, not because adjustment being made, because everyone from superstar to bench have such big ego because "WE FORCE LEBRON TO GAME 7 WITHOUT KYRIE AND HAYWARD"

  44. Dylan Spence

    Dylan SpenceДень тому

    What did you sacrifice? You were brought in to be a back up

  45. panggop jio

    panggop jioДень тому

    Lol who’s this douche

  46. Joel Robertson

    Joel RobertsonДень тому

    Trade Lowry for him!

  47. Mandrick Brown

    Mandrick BrownДень тому

    Rozier in Phoenix. 👀

  48. Prahlem Child

    Prahlem ChildДень тому

    I respect what he said and he is telling the truth why pay two layers all that money and have a player on the bench that can make an impact in the game Hayward should have been on the bench more brown in the game more and tozier playing more minutes I can’t say anything about Kyrie he’s still a star just had a bad second round.

  49. 3CMP

    3CMPДень тому

    How do we forget that the Celtics with Kyrie came out the gates on fire last year? He was in the MVP conversation. The ball moved well and the were good defensively. The albatross in the room is Heyward.

  50. darone frierson

    darone friersonДень тому

    I like Terry but saying he a starting Point guard especially over Kyrie he needs to sit down with that bs. This interview was career suicide in my opinion, you can speak the truth but what team is going to sign him that he will become the team's focal point.

  51. iMixMaSteR1

    iMixMaSteR1День тому

    His attitude will be his downfall. Sounds like Reggie Jackson 2.0.

  52. Ryon Hyde

    Ryon HydeДень тому

    You should have declined this interview my brother, you are not media trained enough for this type of interview. They baited you the entire time. You should have just moved on gracefully from the Celtics

  53. Ted Zepplin

    Ted ZepplinДень тому

    Rozier to the Pistons make it happen

  54. Ka$hMoney (Foodie)

    Ka$hMoney (Foodie)День тому

    This dude sucks to begin with ...get the f out of here

  55. Paul Dupey

    Paul DupeyДень тому

    Top pg in a peewee league. Just stfu u suck

  56. jerry case

    jerry caseДень тому

    i respect terry but he this something you talk about on no chill or knuckleheads pod cast not on first take where they using you to get inside info

  57. Sam Sam

    Sam SamДень тому

    Welp, there goes his contract down the drain. Me me me 🙄

  58. J B

    J BДень тому

    nigga stop complaining, thinking like you some all-star caliber player

  59. Erik Pacic

    Erik PacicДень тому

    Please get traded to the Raptors for Kyle Lowry

  60. KWASi Brame

    KWASi BrameДень тому

    He's an overrated system player just like Tatum. They're not that good.

  61. Monsif Laazouzi

    Monsif LaazouziДень тому

    OMG someone is speaking the truth 😱 the end is near 🤦 it's super simple, Celtics team's been a force as a whole team together, new teammates are supposed to adjust to that and bring their extra to the table period. not the other way around. Otherwise, we're just drying out a well oiled machine. 💯

  62. Lorenzo Herrera

    Lorenzo HerreraДень тому

    This guy’s career, is over ...

  63. AngryTechGuy

    AngryTechGuyДень тому

    Why is he speaking of himself in the third person?

  64. China Expat

    China ExpatДень тому

    sign and trade his selfish arse! He maybe a bit right but he's a sprouting headcase (not to my knicks)

  65. Ethan Damiano

    Ethan DamianoДень тому

    Lol who’s this douche

  66. Justin Waltower

    Justin WaltowerДень тому

    Ppl act like the Celtics played the same Bucks as last year....they added Lopez, Mirotic, Hill and Pat C...they got better stat wise... defense, made way more threes and ooh wait they have the Greek Freak still...come on y'all

  67. Dark Chakraz

    Dark ChakrazДень тому

    hayward not even good and doesnt know gametime situations and that got on kyries nerves..young guys mad at coach for favoring kyrie whos had off year..coach doesnt KNOW his players...and media talks about them too much🤷🏾‍♂️

  68. The Only Separation

    The Only SeparationДень тому

    Gordon Hayward is GARBAGE 🗑. Stealing $ like no other in the league.

  69. SD Fishin

    SD FishinДень тому

    Lmao of course you would play behind kyrie, he's better than you

  70. JuaronTheMan

    JuaronTheManДень тому

    He speak in 3rd person a lot

  71. michael preller

    michael prellerДень тому

    This dude a low key snitch. Wouldn't want him on my squad.

  72. reedrich4

    reedrich4День тому

    I don't know about being a "top" point guard bruh. Point guard is deep bruh.

  73. Adriig

    AdriigДень тому

    This is locker room info terry i lost alot of respect for him here

  74. Rayvon Dixon

    Rayvon DixonДень тому

    Come on now first take set this man up got him to blame kyrie and Hayward and up against brad Stephenson were was his agent some thing or better left unsaid its a set up you probably just risk millions and millions of dollars going on this shit to tell on his team first take should be a shame for asking those blasphemous questions

  75. RonnyChem

    RonnyChemДень тому

    He's not wrong, but it really didn't need to be said. He's just putting unnecessary heat on himself.

  76. Ahmad Abd

    Ahmad AbdДень тому


  77. Kemba StepBack Walker

    Kemba StepBack WalkerДень тому

    He’s dumb keep your mouth shut and make teams think you wanna stay so they offer more money 😂 his agent is dookie

  78. MarioJr210

    MarioJr210День тому

    Dam Kyrie and Rozier leaving , the celtics are in trouble cause tatum ain’t finna save nothing 😂

  79. Zac Choate

    Zac ChoateДень тому

    I'm with Terry. I think he said something we were all thinking, and it needed to be said. Sucks, but I think he is speaking the truth.

  80. sf1776

    sf1776День тому

    Terry is going to regret this....Stephen A and Max grimy AF..they are sitting up there watching his career go up in flames and they don't care cuz they know they about to get them clicks

  81. Soul & Fire SeNK'sET

    Soul & Fire SeNK'sETДень тому

    Say what u will , facts are facts , they are better with scary terry as the starter

  82. Trebled85

    Trebled85День тому

    Cry baby. Definitely not going to look good doing this

  83. Job Estime

    Job EstimeДень тому

    Someone need to school this guy

  84. Job Estime

    Job EstimeДень тому

    Can’t believe he did that wow red flag kid

  85. Master Mac

    Master Mac2 дні тому

    I’m confused why y’all acting like he not speaking truth. That’s the issue, y’all want people to have cotton candy ass mouth. Say your peace like a grown ass man! Respect for Scary Terry

  86. Darrell Bell

    Darrell Bell2 дні тому

    Terry on his Soulja Boy rantin shit ! 😂😂

  87. Lil Chris

    Lil Chris2 дні тому

    Terry what are you doing.🤦🤦🤦

  88. Jimmy B

    Jimmy B2 дні тому

    Mans really acting like he’s a 5 time all star or a respected vet in the league, meanwhile he’s barely a role player averaging 7 points for his career. Had one good series. Humble yourself.

  89. Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel

    Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel2 дні тому

    The Lord Jesus Christ is arriving soon. Jesus loves you, friends. My prayer is that this comment reaches one person that needs to read this. The Lord is for us, not against us. He is not angry at you, He truly loves you. He took our punishment upon Himself on the cross, He died so that we may live! 3 days later He arose again, assuring us of our redemption. Hallelujah! He promises He will never drive anyone away when they come to Him, so don’t let anyone or anything stop you from coming to Jesus today! All you need is faith as a mustard seed and sincere words from your heart. He will forgive you, make you new, deliver you from your sins and from the judgement headed to this earth. For all those that call upon the Name of The Lord shall be saved! (Romans 10:13)

  90. Emily Snow

    Emily Snow2 дні тому

    All these negatives comments are bum ass celtics fan. Glad Bucks spank y'all.

  91. xOneAudience

    xOneAudience2 дні тому

    Cringe worthy goddamn

  92. Philip Rudy

    Philip Rudy2 дні тому

    Everybody saying he wrong for calling out his teammates. Those teammates are costing him $$$. And also the team wins. Sometimes you have to call things out if things aren’t working.

  93. liljmurda1

    liljmurda12 дні тому

    He just said he a top point guard in the league 😂🤣 he tripping you a back up pg it's alot of pgs in the league that can start over him

  94. Mas Sla

    Mas Sla2 дні тому

    Referred to him as “Brad” rather than as “coach.” 🤔

  95. Dilleon

    Dilleon2 дні тому

    Come to the Bulls Rozier

  96. Ingagi

    Ingagi2 дні тому

    After all the shit Kyrie talked, y'all are surprised he says this??

  97. thea dd

    thea dd2 дні тому

    he should have seek an advice from stepehen curry. speaking of sacrificing his talent, a 2 time MVP at that when KD came along.

  98. Charles Lucas

    Charles Lucas2 дні тому

    He should demand a trade, or Kyrie should go to the Lakers

  99. Black Power

    Black Power2 дні тому

    He said he's a top point guard in the league I hope that was a joke because I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  100. StarterKit Duke

    StarterKit Duke2 дні тому

    I fuckz with scary Terry, in this day in age they always outcast the people who keep it 100...Scary Terry is a two way guard and has that dog in him,who knows how good he can be if a team gives him the keys to run the team, As a 76ers fan I’d take him on my team any day, but I think he should go to the suns or magic if Boston doesn’t give him the bag