HOUSE¹ (Lo-Fi House Mix)


  1. maximog1990

    maximog1990Годину тому

    Urlaub, sonnenschein, aufm Balkon sitzen, bisschen Kokain, ein kaltes Bierchen und das set dazu. Hach jaaaaa...... es kann doch so schön sein.

  2. Ree Kid

    Ree Kid12 годин тому


  3. Ree Kid

    Ree Kid13 годин тому

    11:00 Best!!!

  4. As-shiddique Fauzi

    As-shiddique FauziДень тому


  5. Luiz Gaming

    Luiz GamingДень тому

    Yo escuchando el soundtrack de undertale

  6. Syunta Minami

    Syunta MinamiДень тому


  7. Spooky

    SpookyДень тому


  8. Blxcky

    Blxcky2 дні тому

    thats the mix i want to listen for the rest of my life

  9. Joseph Rios

    Joseph Rios2 дні тому

    What is the name of the second song on this PL? It’s right after Yours+

  10. M D

    M D2 дні тому

    13:39 same sample used in Westside Gunn "327", crazy shit

  11. Drew L Brown

    Drew L Brown2 дні тому

    If you're reading this, I urge you to listen to Kllo. The remix featured in this mix is great, but their records have some amazing original dance numbers on them. And they are super nice in person :3

  12. Prado

    Prado2 дні тому

    Eu do Brasil, estou convocando todos para uma festa. Lembrando: vou tocar essas músicas que está rolando, vai ter drogas e mulheres... Vamos bombar!

  13. Ethan Aguirre

    Ethan Aguirre3 дні тому

    This Mix make me wonder how the children will bare the mistakes we choose to make. Leaving countries based on currupt government, or staying and having the children bare the consequence. This lockdown is going to cause a world war, atleast started the flame. I wish you all luck out there, make GOOD decisions! Later

  14. Ethan Aguirre

    Ethan AguirreДень тому

    @EL. C. im going to check you out ; )

  15. EL. C.

    EL. C.День тому

    I make my music if u wanna listen All musics, mix and mastering by me, thanks/

  16. Daniel Smetankin

    Daniel Smetankin2 дні тому

    Lmao world war, u spend to much time behind your computer. Go work out or something refresh your brain. Cheers

  17. Maje

    Maje3 дні тому

    I've heard the Walls To Build remix so many times over the years and loved it but never found out what its called. Hearing it here gave me insane nostalgia like when the same happened for Drop The Game by Flume + Chet Faker a few years ago. Sick mix!

  18. Maje

    MajeДень тому

    @EL. C. @ themajemusic

  19. EL. C.

    EL. C.День тому

    @Maje gimme

  20. Maje

    MajeДень тому

    @EL. C. yea I do

  21. EL. C.

    EL. C.День тому

    @Maje u have fb? We can do a track together

  22. Maje

    MajeДень тому

    @EL. C. well that's funny because I also make my own music! It's all on this channel. Recording, mixing, instrumentation, artworks, all by myself

  23. Gab7839

    Gab78393 дні тому

    Idk how to explain this but this mix really feels perfect for broken people

  24. Foster Joey

    Foster Joey4 дні тому


  25. URBAN keis

    URBAN keis4 дні тому

    muy chingon todo, desde el minuto 10:02 es mi parte fav!! 7u7

  26. Jose Tapia

    Jose Tapia4 дні тому

    and the successful party need marijuana !!!!! 😜😜

  27. Nile Whent

    Nile Whent4 дні тому

    ...That Navi intro tho.

  28. ColdX

    ColdX4 дні тому

    are these musics copyright free?

  29. Kiffen Beats

    Kiffen Beats4 дні тому


  30. Denjo Dope

    Denjo Dope4 дні тому

    10:03 my words!

  31. Morkvodzeb

    Morkvodzeb4 дні тому


  32. M D

    M D5 днів тому

    this shit's crazy

  33. Staghorns

    Staghorns5 днів тому

    I'm in love with this

  34. BA6IC

    BA6IC5 днів тому

    yo how can i send you beats?

  35. aortcg

    aortcg5 днів тому

    fuck%ng pauses

  36. Alexander Castañeda Lopez

    Alexander Castañeda Lopez5 днів тому

    Weed + this playliste = perfection

  37. Bruno Hepburn

    Bruno Hepburn5 днів тому

    Nada mejor que mirarse al espejo sentirse lo más bello del mundo y bailando estas maravillas

  38. Jackson White

    Jackson White5 днів тому

    Bart is jamming 🎧🎹🎹🎼🎧🎹

  39. Konrad Snarski

    Konrad Snarski5 днів тому

    Great track selection

  40. Nich Singh

    Nich Singh6 днів тому

    We're gonna bounce back from this pandemic 🔥❤ Be safe all.

  41. Christina Suarez

    Christina Suarez6 днів тому

    I feel like I'm shopping at Hollister 😭

  42. Ohm nipresente

    Ohm nipresente6 днів тому

    love this set!!!

  43. Green eggs And lamb

    Green eggs And lamb6 днів тому

    Man just a few 🍺's, doing study and listening to this mix is just ahh.... Can't describe really ✨

  44. Brandon Cotton

    Brandon Cotton7 днів тому

    That first track hits u like a fucking truck 💯🤙🏻much love from uk

  45. Ian Dressel

    Ian Dressel7 днів тому

    The best for almost every day 🍁💎🔊

  46. Erik Sestak

    Erik Sestak7 днів тому

    he puts his head back and forth approximately 2400 times in this vid

  47. Javier Carnelutti

    Javier Carnelutti7 днів тому

    Give some water to Bart, he earned it!

  48. rafael ferrales

    rafael ferrales7 днів тому

    la paso escuchando todos los días, respeto máximo

  49. Kzarpin

    Kzarpin8 днів тому

    caca ,

  50. Jay

    Jay8 днів тому

    weirdly I workout to this music, its relaxing and drowns out the sound of my thoughts and breathing.

  51. 01 Sheridan!

    01 Sheridan!8 днів тому

    Deejay Astral. The Greatest

  52. Sipho Kwesi

    Sipho Kwesi8 днів тому

    This saved my life, thank you!

  53. 93tilWhenever

    93tilWhenever9 днів тому

    Killed it! Thanks for the vibes! Walls to build did it for me, that my wife and mine engagement song. Keep on!

  54. Navi Marquez

    Navi Marquez9 днів тому

    I cant stop replaying this 😳🤔😄😃😝🔥

  55. Marcelo Lima

    Marcelo Lima9 днів тому

    muito muito bom!!!

  56. Junior Abelardo Quispe

    Junior Abelardo Quispe9 днів тому

    music relax and beautiful

  57. Ayrton Huide

    Ayrton Huide9 днів тому


  58. Snekalicious

    Snekalicious9 днів тому

    Sending much love right from Bavaria, great tunes, makes for a nice 9h playlist with the other videos

  59. Miguel Araujo

    Miguel Araujo10 днів тому

    Name the 7:04

  60. Josphe V.

    Josphe V.10 днів тому

    Yoooo these beats are everything right now

  61. Жустас Жустинов

    Жустас Жустинов10 днів тому


  62. Nomad GER

    Nomad GER10 днів тому

    i used to put this on for sexy time with a girl. best soundtrack really

  63. Kiffen Beats

    Kiffen Beats10 днів тому

    It's good for that too 🔥

  64. Dani Dose

    Dani Dose10 днів тому

    Its a very nice music

  65. Bautista Parabue

    Bautista Parabue10 днів тому

    esto si que sirve para jugar minecraft idoo el video :)

  66. Raul Flores

    Raul Flores10 днів тому

    Deejay Astral - Let You Go perfect

  67. f s

    f s11 днів тому


  68. Paris Rembare

    Paris Rembare11 днів тому

    Still gettin IT with this

  69. lil ICE

    lil ICE11 днів тому

    If this doesn’t have the “on more time remix” imma have to down vote

  70. Lloyd Mackay

    Lloyd Mackay10 годин тому

    Shivkar2n whooooosh

  71. lil ICE

    lil ICEДень тому

    Shivkar2n idk I’ve never seen it

  72. Shivkar2n

    Shivkar2n2 дні тому

    @lil ICE it's an anime?

  73. lil ICE

    lil ICE2 дні тому

    Shivkar2n or something idk I’ve never seen the anime

  74. Shivkar2n

    Shivkar2n2 дні тому

    You mean one more time?

  75. tsumD

    tsumD11 днів тому

    Best lofi mix on YT