100 Players, But Lava Rises Every Minute!


  1. Day Dream

    Day Dream4 години тому

    “I’m playing some sky block” - Chandler

  2. Ewan Lindsey

    Ewan Lindsey4 години тому

    10:00 Karl’s face

  3. Juan Pedro Soto

    Juan Pedro Soto4 години тому

    Cheeken an Chiz

  4. Colby Drvenkar

    Colby Drvenkar5 годин тому

    I’m sad damn I wish I had my pick

  5. Adam Salazar

    Adam Salazar6 годин тому

    I’m going to stop watching you I just realized y’all are mean y’all just bully people

  6. Solegaleo

    Solegaleo7 годин тому

    im so sad

  7. A Lion

    A Lion7 годин тому

    1000 players but everywhere is either nether portals or end portals

  8. EnDoZe

    EnDoZe8 годин тому

    1:42 it says where a simp can be a simp 😐

  9. Deje

    Deje9 годин тому

    Im sad:(

  10. Liquid Cool

    Liquid Cool9 годин тому

    9:55 'thats a lot of chicken'

  11. Nick gaming gonzalez

    Nick gaming gonzalez10 годин тому

    Mr beast make or buy a intro

  12. Nikhil Kotamraju

    Nikhil Kotamraju11 годин тому

    Chris’s name isn’t Chris the meme god it’s Chris theme me

  13. Blaze Gaming

    Blaze Gaming11 годин тому

    The funny thing is that I was eating subway While watching

  14. Kian Dax Miller

    Kian Dax Miller12 годин тому

    Crises lama dyeing is karma for killing Karl

  15. Dimple Mukhija

    Dimple Mukhija12 годин тому

    Mr Beast Becomes evil when there's a minecraft challenge

  16. Lolo Anderson

    Lolo Anderson13 годин тому

    The illustrious recess suggestively ignore because time morphologically complain following a glossy monkey. extra-large extra-small exuberant, nebulous tuna

  17. Mr Moose

    Mr Moose13 годин тому

    Nice alpaca Chris

  18. Mr Moose

    Mr Moose13 годин тому

    Jimmy why did you kill the wolf!!!

  19. Wings of warriors

    Wings of warriors14 годин тому

    God,i love subway so i wish i was in this :(

  20. Edan yakobi

    Edan yakobi15 годин тому

    i am so sad

  21. 耶特 coffee

    耶特 coffee14 годин тому


  22. marshmallow gang

    marshmallow gang18 годин тому

    8:12 battle on mustafar

  23. mexican dream

    mexican dream18 годин тому

    I love how one guy said "i suck i haven't play mc in like 6 months"

  24. Maci Frank

    Maci Frank20 годин тому

    The unique brush phylogenitically head because element immediately preach circa a tasty manager. busy, fancy replace

  25. MyNameIsAyeshaIThink

    MyNameIsAyeshaIThink21 годину тому

    Chris: *”HE HIT MY ALPACCA”*

  26. ajit pawar

    ajit pawar21 годину тому


  27. Kaliq al rasheed

    Kaliq al rasheed21 годину тому

    why is chandler fired

  28. Skruzdžius

    Skruzdžius21 годину тому

    Im the guy and im mad

  29. Tanja Iren Engelsen

    Tanja Iren Engelsen21 годину тому


  30. elenna_

    elenna_23 години тому

    Do this every vid /ban @a

  31. kristy villanueva

    kristy villanuevaДень тому

    Im sad becuase i didt rocode nice the dimond sword and a dimond pickase

  32. tenzin losel

    tenzin loselДень тому

    im sad. im the person when chris and jimmy gave me stuff but i didnt know 🥺

  33. SGG_Tedbear_Christian

    SGG_Tedbear_ChristianДень тому





  35. Slushie JR

    Slushie JRДень тому


  36. Owen Bitar

    Owen BitarДень тому

    I’m sad

  37. my homies are here

    my homies are hereДень тому

    If mrbeast comments everyone will get giant asian stiker Like for lots of cookies 🍪🍪🍪🍪

  38. Martin Vlahov

    Martin VlahovДень тому

    I’m really sad about that

  39. Michael Gregersen

    Michael GregersenДень тому


  40. Stever S

    Stever SДень тому

    I’m sad

  41. Lego Head561

    Lego Head561День тому

    Karl’s face at the very end

  42. DavNav

    DavNavДень тому

    Chris is a bad person




  44. Jedi_Master 999

    Jedi_Master 999День тому

    Y Jimmy

  45. Octavius Mcdonald

    Octavius McdonaldДень тому

    why he always screaming at server :(

  46. Iniyan Elampiraii

    Iniyan ElampiraiiДень тому

    I am the kid I am so sad I could have won

  47. NikolaBS

    NikolaBSДень тому

    I Hate Chris

  48. Kai Howard

    Kai HowardДень тому

    "why æré my fíñgérß ßwéætíñg"

  49. IKH

    IKHДень тому


  50. Aniq Snow

    Aniq SnowДень тому

    Subscribe to o

  51. Pu Men Stow

    Pu Men StowДень тому

    If only the discord was bigger

  52. gamerager

    gameragerДень тому

    Uhhh im sorry SIMPcraft what

  53. Amari Louise Medina

    Amari Louise MedinaДень тому

    How many Jimmy said 2 top last too die😂

  54. Max Cryztal

    Max CryztalДень тому

    The last person to survive:Am i a joke to you?

  55. Dayton Carter

    Dayton Carter2 дні тому

    you just gotta get an iron door than go to bedrock and place it and stay there the whole game

  56. Sicong Wang

    Sicong Wang2 дні тому

    The ultra crab hepatosplenomegaly fold because kitten unintentionally deliver a a mundane club. impolite, tested ruth

  57. BH Gizmo

    BH Gizmo2 дні тому




    Me: just builds a nether portal

  59. Steven Chrononpoulos

    Steven Chrononpoulos2 дні тому

    Hello Mrbeast, I’m a late subscriber one of the boys shown me your page and thanks for all videos and love it how random and how Genuine Person that wants to help people and enjoy life .Now is my time I need to finish the rest of your videos ...Once again legend for posting these videos

  60. Bunyan Cocar

    Bunyan Cocar2 дні тому

    Chris stop killing Karl!

  61. lyss lyss

    lyss lyss2 дні тому

    i feel bad for the first person

  62. Bernarda Regil

    Bernarda Regil2 дні тому

    So sad you call me mr beast

  63. MJStudios

    MJStudios2 дні тому

    Chandler looks so smart when wearing glasses. :/

  64. Fishy boi brian

    Fishy boi brian2 дні тому

    My 10 grand.....

  65. Werner Riedel

    Werner Riedel2 дні тому

    Well I have not played minecraft in a year

  66. D.O.A

    D.O.A2 дні тому


  67. Mr Wight Minecraft

    Mr Wight Minecraft2 дні тому

    Lama not Alpaca

  68. Martin Ibanez

    Martin Ibanez2 дні тому

    Chris is my favorite

  69. MP5black Ice

    MP5black Ice2 дні тому

    The thumbnail was i have the highround

  70. itsnoobly

    itsnoobly2 дні тому

    Pov: you are searching for the guy who commented

  71. popokey77

    popokey772 дні тому

    Can we just give the editor some credit for making that fart noise when that guy had 1 piece of dirt

  72. Jameslilboi

    Jameslilboi2 дні тому

    100 kids but you are stuck in bedrock

  73. George Phillips

    George Phillips2 дні тому

    My UAreporter channel is

  74. Zo No

    Zo No2 дні тому

    I am sad for the guys Who got killed by mrbeast or Chris

  75. polo g i

    polo g i2 дні тому


  76. Glinta elz thomas

    Glinta elz thomas2 дні тому

    how does this toxic man (mrbeast) has this many subs and likes

  77. Glinta elz thomas

    Glinta elz thomas2 дні тому

    mrbeast is so toxic

  78. N.T King of games

    N.T King of games2 дні тому

    this video is perfectly 10 min long

  79. sophie wiggett

    sophie wiggett2 дні тому

    the person mining : la do la do la why r they staring at me (sees the diamond gear) chris picks it up ( him crying for not looking)

  80. Roberta May

    Roberta May2 дні тому

    imaging how sad the first person to win would be

  81. Vinico

    Vinico2 дні тому

    I feel bad for the last guy

  82. kingorami

    kingorami2 дні тому

    Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OHHHHH Edit: Awww Chris’s Alpaca died 😵😢 👇🏻 pls like 👇🏻 pls comment

  83. Anna Rose

    Anna Rose2 дні тому

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    BLUE CRIME2 дні тому

    3:43 64 Player remain-NOPE 1 stack people remain- YESS

  85. saufi dann

    saufi dann2 дні тому


  86. Tyler Tangwan

    Tyler Tangwan2 дні тому

    i want to play with u but i do not have an minecraft account

  87. Ralicx Gaming

    Ralicx Gaming2 дні тому

    :( I was the guy that didn’t get the pick and sword

  88. SEllis0711

    SEllis07113 дні тому

    yeah no maybe lol

  89. Tine Moreno

    Tine Moreno3 дні тому

    I feel bad for Chris her pack up died from lava

  90. Ken Vladimir Loza

    Ken Vladimir Loza3 дні тому

    i love chris about the lamma

  91. Gabe yahurd

    Gabe yahurd3 дні тому

    4:15 did chandler just say the n word😬

  92. ok zoomer

    ok zoomer2 дні тому

    No? He said “I’m just paying skyblock man”

  93. iman yousef

    iman yousef3 дні тому

    Mr beast: Wait what I didn’t know that when you die you get Banned Chris:what bro you didn’t know lol

  94. shadow_ Roseberry

    shadow_ Roseberry3 дні тому

    Me: laughing like I’m dying 😵 My mom: wtf is wrong with you Chris: my alpaca 🦙!!!! 5:18

  95. Lilyana Luce

    Lilyana Luce3 дні тому

    You should do .ike a battle to the death where you trap people in a cage and give them stuff

  96. Mason Kokot

    Mason Kokot3 дні тому

    MrBeast said nothing about the fact how karl was wearing faze rug merchandise instead of his 😆

  97. Andrew Chwalik

    Andrew Chwalik3 дні тому

    The first shall be last.

  98. Jadens Pops

    Jadens Pops3 дні тому

    Do a 100 person Hunger Games (only chests at mid not around map) + Minecraft Battle Royale (not based on the trash video games the Japanese inspired book/movie!)

  99. Glicher M

    Glicher M3 дні тому

    Let Karl win Chris team karl

  100. Doggy Gamergirll

    Doggy Gamergirll3 дні тому

    That’s a lot of chickens -mrbeast2021

  101. Jonathon Vince

    Jonathon Vince3 дні тому

    They don't have 5 dollar foot longs anymore. They are like 9 bucks

  102. jada detorres

    jada detorres3 дні тому

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