12 Great Animated Stories, That Will Make Your Day



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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED 500th reply btw I’m from Arizona

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    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and Thailand 🇹🇭

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    It sounds like he’s still stuttering...

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    hi i wus too

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    Why should I tell you

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    Agoraphobia is afraid to of the outdoors not indoors. Anyone catch that.

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    *Mrs.Hopkins entered the chat*

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    evil boy

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    This thing actually happened. *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

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    I'm from Hammond LA

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    hi my name is dan and I have a story I'm a 14 y/o guy and I went out with a transgender boy who wanted to be a girl we went out 9 times each time was weird she/he definatly had some demons she said she had several personality's and she doesn't know a lot of stuff about it so she was freaked out so I gave her some space she called it a "break" and I was fine with it I did what she wanted but she broke up with me this happened each time as far as I know there are 10 personality's and iv went out with 9 of them so iv got one more now I think but I'm scared got any advice?

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    I feel bad for miss Hopkins

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    Well in the first story at least you got pie

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    I searched Ibiza on wheels and saw the guy in the story

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    I’m scared now

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    49::30 gave me goosebumps 😭💞

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    I love potato’s

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    “Thank God” **inserts picture of Jesus**

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    “A po-ta-to”

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    Mark: hi I'm mark Me: ohh hi mark Do you get if you don't think about Logan Paul or watch his videos.

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    i think not watching this vid would have made my day

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    so good

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    wow wow that sonds creepy

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    Me: looks around for any people Me: walks up to stranger Me: ImmA pOtAtO! Stranger:IMMA tOmAtOOOO!! Me:Runs up with a potato gun potatoes roll!!!!!!!

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    Who is bullying someone ya better stop

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    24:22 you was so funny

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    I would never live in a haunted house

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    The Ogs

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    I stammer too I just say ‘and’ in front of a W word

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    I thought hiv was a std

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    is this live or not

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    It’s fun to visit haunted houses but live is a totes NO NO

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    6.6.6 9.9.9

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    That is not funny

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    You live in a hanted home that is scary

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    You live in a hanted home that is scary 😱😨

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    Where do I go if I want to tell my story

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    how do you talk on the live chat

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    6:33 *n o t s u i t a b l e f o r k i d s*

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    *Mom: Just one more video.*

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    23:54 me when my mum gives me something healthy to eat.

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    It’s an hour

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    I live in 1 but there is selvrel of the I wold wack up and a shadow on my bed with me and I was Riley scared I hid in my blanket till morning

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    I am from romenia

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    22:48 *ANDY*

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    It really made my day! :D Its butiful.

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    Here are some time stamps 🙂 Haunted house 00:00- 6:15 My phone spent 70k and I didn’t notice 6:16- 11:47 I stammer 11:48- 17:36 My teacher bullied me 17:37- 22:48 I broke up with my gf because of potatoes 22:49- 27:02 The best senior anti prank 27:03- 32:02 My parents divorced and made me choose 32:03- 38:33 I adopted a baby and it was the biggest screw up of my life 38:35- 41:42 I was afraid to come out of my home 41:42- 46:20 I’m socially awkward 46:21- 49:51 Don’t judge a book by its cover 49:53- 52:50 My life with HIV 52:53- 57:33 *dont lose this is the comments*

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    How is a creepy video supposed to make me feel happy! It makes me feel paranoid!

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    I am from trinidad

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    They had Shia labouf yell lmao

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    How about a month at dad a month at mom

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    Ghosts are scientifically impossible.

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    On a la même chaîne en France 🇫🇷 en

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    Ah bah alors c’est ÇA, la vraie chaîne xD

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    I olso du that

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    I'm from Ireland

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    Fisherman: I got this is beautiful one of kind lobster want it. Me: Yeah sure Me: (releases the lobster after it died then came back to life)

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    She kind of sounds like louise from Bob's burgers. Just me???

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    The first story

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    Steps of bank accounts 1.Murder your bank account 2.Set bank account on fire 3.Create a go-fund-me 4.Become rich 5set bank account on fire again but now with lots of money

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    I brushed my teeth today ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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    A sad story about an adopted child then “this is a story about how my pet lobster changed my life” 😂

  90. How to fold a paper

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    You still stammer just a little

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    The stammer boy almost made me cry ass *AWW

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    I some times studder

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    This is all soooo nice great and awsom

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    I understand your story

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    i'm from australia

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    You ro Be naekd

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    18:48 is when you realise this is an hour and 20 minuets long

  100. LazySunday !

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    Simon’s face is so round

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    Question are you:)the dragon hat??

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    Why did it repeat the fist three vids at the end...

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    im from america

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    I live in a house were i brung ghosts with me its sooo scary

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    1:09:23 - 1:09:26 YESH VERY FlaWlEsS

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    Mrs Roberts left the chat