12 Great Animated Stories, That Will Make Your Day



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    India :P

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    South Dakota

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    500 comment C;

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    Pedo alert. I'm not saying where I'm from

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    My teacher name us Mrs roberts to but she amazing But i had teacher like that but her name is mrs rice

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    What is HIV +

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    @Talia Keren how old are you? It’s something you will learn later


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    Six Cruel Hours Of Our Life's SCHOOL .....get it?

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    love this chanel

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    What's HIV?

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    my friend got bullied by the teacher too my friend doesn't know something teacher says get out of my face

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    I have responsibility which is harder than jobs its life and im still a kid and its because i have a cat which i should treat without help

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    Why did you repeat the haunted house story.

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    South Africa 🇿🇦

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    He just wanted a hive five dude ONE HIGH FIVE

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    eLLo GIRLs sounds like a pedophile--

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    i love the lobster its so cuuute

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    More like 9

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    northern ireland

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    Why did they repeat at the end?

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    Who watching now?

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    i am saras sis

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    wow so sad!!!!!!

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    I’m 100’00000000000

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED asked "Where are you from?" I'm from NEW ZEALAND!!

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    so sad

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    Im From Bulgaria

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    Donny could've just sold the party bus

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    The mrs Hopkins story I was in a haunted house when I was 7

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    I watched all of these before i watched this

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    You said confinsated

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    i am from new zealand sorry that is not a cool one but i am the a popular girl thank you everyone

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    In the 3rd animation Simon was stammering a little bit while he was narration

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    34:08 one hand is larger than the other hand

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    Didn’t make my day somehow

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    it is a loop of things

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    In the first one the haunted house I think the old people where playing tricks on them lol

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    germany and engiland france and then kentucky

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    whats up

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    Nottingham,England Amazing Right!?

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    Is it me or for the stammering story I think stammering sounds cute

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    My house was once haunted too

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    India Kerala

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    Malaysia. *COME ON AND SLAM, WE KNOW YOU CAN JAM* I have no idea what the lyrics are.

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    My math teacher

  71. cassie playz

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    Same I hate my teacher

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    Why does lu anne have such a long neck lol

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    Before my brother and I were born, it was just my sister, my Mom and my Dad. When we first moved into a small town from a big city, we tried to find a decently small house. We found one that was pretty small, but it worked out since my sister was an only child at the time. My sister and my parents told me that in that house, it felt like you could feel the wind go through the house even when all of the doors and windows are closed, even when it wasn't windy, which made them a little skeptical. Then, one night, my sister woke up and went into my parents room to see if she could lay with them, and she saw a black figure with eyes standing in the doorway. My parents said to me that they saw the figure, too. When they turned on the light though, the figure was gone. My parents told me that they moved out of that house as soon as possible. We have had like 4 houses since then and finally got a house that we bought and didnt rent. The scariest part? Well, it's that my sister was like 3 and still remembered the whole thing.

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    16:42 *I SHIP IT*

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    Dude the first one is my nightmare all the time

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    Um sorry man hahahahaha

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    Man that's s*

  80. kimeng kimeng

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    Wow that is F* sad

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    i love potatoes

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    22:50 I swear I heard his voice before

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    God the teacher bullied me one is crazy that teacher is trash

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    "HELLO EVERYONE! WHERE ARE YOU FROM?" I was creeped out.

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    I’m sad today. My dog got stung evrey where from yellow jacket and he’s allergic and I’m scared this sorta made my day

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    Hi my house is also haunted but by my nana Edit: I WANT A PET LOBSTER

  87. Melbourne Transport Channel

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    You know what sucks? I have already watched all of these (Also thanks for clicking)

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    i was scared of ms hopkins and her worm pie ;-;

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    I'm born in Germany,Longstool thanks to my military parents

  92. hoody blood

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    The lobster is NOT crying but PEEING!!!!!!!!

  93. Nina Nina

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    My parents are like that but I don’t have much peace I try to make my mom happy and my dad happy to but I can’t sometimes I need so much help😭😢

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    Lol my last name is Hopkins Omg

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    i from Vietnam

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  97. The improv masters

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    What I thought of for the prank Dad: here’s dinner! (Serves potato) Girlfriend: potatoes? Dad: potatoes? We’ve always called the gooblygooks!!

  98. The improv masters

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    My 2nd grade teacher bullied me

  99. Muhammed Almaci

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    You are gay

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    U can see GHOSTS!?!?!??!!

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    Hi how do you join the live chat

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    the second one the coach just sell it...

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    ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

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    I don't really know where I'm from :(

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    I’m from earth

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    I liked maths tho