1. Ron Gamer

    Ron GamerГодину тому

    Number 1 on Trending

  2. Mr Bob

    Mr BobГодину тому

    Dude I thought u was gonna leave us again like that

  3. Bianca Salazar

    Bianca SalazarГодину тому

    I hate it

  4. trinity u.

    trinity u.Годину тому

    i became more confident in myself during this year ‼️‼️

  5. mimi chan

    mimi chanГодину тому

    Thank you so much for saying that honestly naughty dog made a lot of mistakes in tlou2 please don’t make that video if you don’t enjoy playing it Corey 💜

  6. Marisol Garza

    Marisol GarzaГодину тому

    Good vibe check -I got a dog -my dad got a job -I finally got to be in a pool

  7. what?

    what?Годину тому

    nah you dont have to play the rest of tlou2

  8. Yvngin

    YvnginГодину тому

    Number one on trending once again

  9. Trey Waljrr

    Trey WaljrrГодину тому

    bro tell me why i knew he was gonna be 1# on trending

  10. Ninja Kid

    Ninja KidГодину тому

    More Last of Us please

  11. Maya Avant

    Maya AvantГодину тому

    Good vibe check -CoryxKenshin is back -I get to go out more -I get to hang out with my mom more and do fun things with her

  12. Aid Willia

    Aid WilliaГодину тому

    I just realized Cory had to buy that sonic costume

  13. David Bird

    David BirdГодину тому

    Please play trails of cold steel next 😁

  14. gabmar 25

    gabmar 25Годину тому

    Good vibe check: - I survived covid 19 and kicked it's butt - I started working out so I'm not so fat - my family is super poor but because of Corona we are actually getting more money -

  15. Flix Arginse

    Flix ArginseГодину тому

    so hows ya'lls day goin :]

  16. Gem

    GemГодину тому

    Good vibe check: - Multiple family members graduating from school or uni - hung out with family for first time in a while - cory’s back (and releasing merch) - got a switch (somehow)

  17. Blackskinnedbaby

    BlackskinnedbabyГодину тому

    Good vibe check: I beat depression!!!! On the road to putting my life back together :)

  18. Ninjakid

    NinjakidГодину тому

    Got to see my younger cousins

  19. jad chahine

    jad chahineГодину тому

    Good vibe check : - I got my braces - Started working out 💪 - My school allows as to either do H/W at home or at school

  20. Nisu

    NisuГодину тому

    Good Vibe Check: -Started playing PS4 -I am getting voice auditions -I get to watch a SHOGUN video this year instead of waiting 9 months

  21. Timothy Morgan

    Timothy MorganГодину тому

    Good vibe check I beat skyrim AGAIN Beat fallout fallout 3 new Vegas and 4 3 of my cousins had a birthday Also that moment you realise Cory bought a sonic costume just to say take off your pants

  22. mrssdl

    mrssdlГодину тому


  23. Add it

    Add itГодину тому

    Good vibe check: God. God is good.


    LOST USERГодину тому

    good vibe check - im still living -eating pocky -drinking water

  25. best gamer lll BG3

    best gamer lll BG3Годину тому

    Bro my birthday was 6 days ago what u been doing brother

  26. ManLikeDev

    ManLikeDevГодину тому

    Good vibe check: i met the friends i always needed in my life, my family away from family really. Good vibes to everyone who needs it

  27. David Collier

    David CollierГодину тому

    I learned how to not beat people i disagree with


    GAMING GAMINGГодину тому

    8:12 Me and my friends playing tag in coustumes

  29. MAB Playz

    MAB PlayzГодину тому

    Good Vibe Check: I learnt a backflip

  30. Austin Heun

    Austin HeunГодину тому

    good vibe check

  31. Odilia Delgadillo

    Odilia DelgadilloГодину тому

    Good vibe check: -My family's problems are getting resolved! -Met some good friends! -Cory is back!

  32. Ciara Brown

    Ciara BrownГодину тому

    Happy bday 2 me

  33. Isaac Judy

    Isaac JudyГодину тому

    " I M H E R E F O R T H E C H E E K S "

  34. hobis cummies

    hobis cummiesГодину тому

    good vibe check: -I became more mature -I started accepting my sexuality and came out as bi -I started on a new anime -i have made many people happy -I started my spiritual awakening journey

  35. XxDmarcusxX Wilson

    XxDmarcusxX WilsonГодину тому

    Bologna sandwich

  36. trinity u.

    trinity u.Годину тому

    ima need momo on a bucket hat bruvvvv

  37. BabyDoll

    BabyDollГодину тому

    Good vibe check: - I got my own room finally - My mom Learns to to drive, so We're not gonna rely on anyone again. - I'm studying English.

  38. Naghta

    NaghtaГодину тому

    Cory, if you’re reading this comment right now I really hope you are ok and your not going through problems. SAMURAIS ALWAYS RECOVER

  39. Wolfie Luver

    Wolfie LuverГодину тому

    Good Vibe Check Got a new puppy Went swimming in a SAFE environment Be chilling at house :p

  40. SQURLES In Squares.

    SQURLES In Squares.Годину тому

    Good vibe check: Play video game w/ dad

  41. Tom Lolly

    Tom LollyГодину тому


  42. Eilish.h

    Eilish.hГодину тому

    I love u Cory u make my quarantine better 🙈

  43. Gabby Girl

    Gabby GirlГодину тому


  44. Cyrowyd

    CyrowydГодину тому

    Good vibe check: - I got a fresh taper today - I am going to the mall with some friends for the first time in months - I was re- introduced to cory’s channel because of UAreporter recommendations

  45. Jacob Garcia

    Jacob GarciaГодину тому

    This is why I like you Christian funny best youtuber of all time 🥰

  46. SadBoy Lucifer

    SadBoy LuciferГодину тому

    Good vibe check: I love my life.. That's all the vibe I need😌❤️❤️

  47. Tan Kung

    Tan KungГодину тому

    Can we get a PC building tutorial?

  48. SequenceΨ

    SequenceΨГодину тому

    Dang bro #1 on trending

  49. gabmar 25

    gabmar 25Годину тому

    Holy crap #1 on trending

  50. onlyone Here

    onlyone HereГодину тому

    Hitting legend on 2k

  51. B4L Dusk

    B4L DuskГодину тому

    hmm number one in trending at the moment wow

  52. og_Lord _dank

    og_Lord _dankГодину тому

    Yes show the rest

  53. YuhBoyLogan

    YuhBoyLoganГодину тому

    GOOD VIBE CHECK: New Juice WRLD Album

  54. Shadow Gacha

    Shadow GachaГодину тому

    I mean you are #1 on trending

  55. KayKay Ayanlaja

    KayKay AyanlajaГодину тому

    Good vibe check: - i graduated high school and college ( with an associates degree )

  56. Donte' Price

    Donte' PriceГодину тому

    Good vibe check: Got my first garden harvest My grandma moved so we got all of her old stuff Theres still a chance to see the last of us part 2!

  57. Joaquin cruz

    Joaquin cruzГодину тому

    Man # 1 on the trending tho?!

  58. Junsus Chin

    Junsus ChinГодину тому

    Good vibe check: Early this year I finally found a full-time job with a state agency, and I feel blessed.

  59. Boogie

    BoogieГодину тому


  60. Mr. Italian

    Mr. ItalianГодину тому

    Good Florida for the whole Summer from Ohio!!

  61. Demigod Zoro

    Demigod ZoroГодину тому

    Good Vibe Check: I finally got my new controller so I do t have to eat my mic in order to talk in party chat

  62. M Detrick

    M DetrickГодину тому

    Good vibe check: -this made my day even though it is 11 pm -I am goin to college in the fall

  63. Jacob Garcia

    Jacob GarciaГодину тому

    Good vibe check -nothing -nothing -nothing

  64. REEE KID

    REEE KIDГодину тому

    God vibe check: season 2 of fire force,re zero and new animes is coming out

  65. Jeremy Fair

    Jeremy FairГодину тому

    Good vibe check- I got to hang out with my little bro

  66. Angel Lopez

    Angel LopezГодину тому

    Who thinks Cory should play kindergarten 2!!!

  67. Orlene Casseus

    Orlene CasseusГодину тому

    cory #1 on trending 😭❤️

  68. Kheiyo Bane

    Kheiyo BaneГодину тому

    good vibe check:staying single for the rest of my life~suffering~have love

  69. akibento cosplays

    akibento cosplaysГодину тому

    He ganna do a charity stream right before my birthday!!!!!

  70. Lindsay Rafferty

    Lindsay RaffertyГодину тому

    My mom and my sister were going to take me to see Hamilton on my birthday because it was coming to the city I live in. And this was before the show went on Disney Plus. But because of COVID, that didn't happen. So instead, my mom took my Hamilton book, photocopied pictures from it and made my 21st birthday Hamilton themed. They wanted to do so much, but they did everything they could which made my birthday this year so amazing and so much fun. We also had champagne, ordered some sushi and watched white chicks. It was a great day.

  71. TRAK019

    TRAK019Годину тому

    GOOD VIBE CHECK -getting better on UAreporter -meditation going good -watching you

  72. Nat jv

    Nat jvГодину тому

    Good VIbe Check: -Cory is BACKKKKKK AND #1 on TREDINGGGG -I got a bearded dragon -Im chilling not stressing

  73. 熊哇

    熊哇Годину тому


  74. Warsin

    WarsinГодину тому

    What is this song at 4:00 please I really like it??

  75. Dj Anderson

    Dj AndersonГодину тому

    Good vibe check me and my mom has a better relationship Good vibe check every day we lit

  76. Sweetvixon721

    Sweetvixon721Годину тому

    No need for bad vibes!☺ because..God is good all the time.♥♥ Thanks Cory! Much ❤ to you and your family God Bless

  77. C_MOON Geezy

    C_MOON GeezyГодину тому

    Good vibe check: I started working out I started making music after wanting to for a while

  78. Quincy & Chrissy Tv

    Quincy & Chrissy TvГодину тому

    Good vibe check: -We finally started going back to doing UAreporter after TWO whole years - Finally got a camera to record our videos -Learned how to manage our money -Spend quality time with our friends -Blessed to wake up and be alive to see another day 🙏🏾 Amen. -Happy to see that Cory is back :) we love you from New York ❤️

  79. Vivian Boler

    Vivian BolerГодину тому

    The good thing that happened to me is that I got a parakeet named Leroy and I have been going on walks with my dog!

  80. ItsJustinBTW

    ItsJustinBTWГодину тому

    Good Vibe Check: - Asked my crush out (she said yes) - My family is moving into a bigger house (it’s huge) - I made it to the next day - CoreyXKenshin posted another video and I get to watch a new SSS Goal: Breonna Taylor’s Killers get arrested and go to prison