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    Việt Nam đâu

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    0:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. pu bg721

    pu bg7212 години тому

    Δεν το πιστεύω ότι υπάρχουν τόσοι ηλιθιοι που βλέπουν αυτές τις μλκιες

  5. Оксана Суханова

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    Кто русский

  6. pu bg721

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    Current news

  7. Nisha Rajput

    Nisha Rajput3 години тому

    Beach p sui dhaga leke kon jata h bhai

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    Vcssis san a padrulha sauvadora Parabens

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  10. Kavitha Mri

    Kavitha Mri5 годин тому

    Oh my my!!! I am watching summer hacks in winter 😂 😆 😁

  11. Sayeri Roy

    Sayeri Roy5 годин тому

    Wow heavy Figer mayetar akdom sexy

  12. Rakshit Agarwal

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    The ice made from aloe vera is for headache ?

  13. EyoILoveyomomma Ehehehe

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  14. The Independent Voice

    The Independent Voice6 годин тому

    What’s the music

  15. IIToxII

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    3:34 *Me when i see my homework*


    VAIBHAV JOSHI7 годин тому

    I love it

  17. Kenneth William

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    I do not like 3:31!

  18. Devender Rao

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    these hacks are wonder ful

  19. Sarah Hyper

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    Not BAd We Must to Try this Tips!!!))))

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    I dont think you know how drowning works

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    Its key birthday today I prepa re pretty

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  23. Siti Sukiyah

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    i love you

  24. Sandy Callicoat

    Sandy Callicoat9 годин тому

    One of the girls looks like she is the girl from hit or miss

  25. Dante Ordóñez

    Dante Ordóñez10 годин тому

    Porque ablando en inglés

  26. Alvin Huang

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    Love this!!!

  27. sdmclaughlin3

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    1:15 Uses water to not get wet

  28. ஐOpalshine Starlightஐ

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  29. AcidTripWire

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    Ŵhy is toothpaste used for everything

  30. Elena Dimovska

    Elena Dimovska11 годин тому

    Toothpaste is the god illegal item. It fixes everything

  31. gabriel orono

    gabriel orono11 годин тому

    very good

  32. IamLindsey Hearmeroar

    IamLindsey Hearmeroar11 годин тому

    I can tell y'all ain't from the south. We use the tin can to BBQ in the summer and burn in the winter.

  33. Sarah Barnard

    Sarah Barnard11 годин тому

    When she puts the cap on at 1:11 to keep the water from not getting to your hair won’t putting water in the cap and putting it on your head defeat the purpose of keeping the water of your hair

  34. Bams Haryono

    Bams Haryono11 годин тому

    I like it

  35. Croclerious S

    Croclerious S12 годин тому

    First she does jumping jacks and is panicking then find pant is calm and collected then ties them and throws them at a drowning girl and then she beats the water while making weird faces and then does not drown. I am confused


    TIM LYNCH14 годин тому

    How did you get that one chip to light when you said there was no lighter fluid?you guys lie

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  39. Mów Mi Mroczny

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    Tak mówię do Cb daj subka napisz ze jest a ja dam Tobie to nie nie kosztuje a fajnie by było dostać taki prezent na święta

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  41. LIL-BIT Music

    LIL-BIT Music15 годин тому

    Did she hold her nose in the googles?

  42. Муслик Обожаемовна

    Муслик Обожаемовна15 годин тому

    Крутяк!! Самые здоровские идеи!!!🎊🎉🎇🎁🎆

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  45. Melissa Roman

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    5:25 *casually drinks from a ziplock bag*

  47. Tierra H

    Tierra H16 годин тому

    Roses are red Violets are blue You didn't get clickbaited Now did you?

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    Your vids are so good to watch

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    Hey have you ever heard of this thing called the store

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    Tus vídeos no disen que es las cosas

  53. ice diva animations

    ice diva animations17 годин тому

    Wow... I totally need these hacks to go swimming in the FRICKING. MIDDLE. OF. WINTER

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    Re buenas las ideas🤗🤗

  57. Janie Lopez avalos

    Janie Lopez avalos18 годин тому

    Did u guys know that when it was the bag and iPhone they changed the iPhone into a cheap one

  58. Nanna Narciso

    Nanna Narciso18 годин тому

    they copied blossom!!!!!

  59. Viviana Gil

    Viviana Gil18 годин тому

    Hola soy la unica que habla español deja like si hablas español

  60. Галина Кустреева

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    Кто тут русский ставь лайк

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    Çok güzel

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    Why is this recommended to me in December

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    Эсть проблема 1 людина не носить 4 сумки

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    its december....

  65. Sheryl Dent

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    I like how you did that in 5 minutes crafts I was awesome💖😁😚 that is incredible I cannot do that how you get that pink thing if I put water in it is that was cool😙💜💟💖💖

  66. Sheryl Dent

    Sheryl Dent20 годин тому

    You put your phone in there baby licey keep your phone say so nobody can steal it at the beach that is so cool💓❣💕💖

  67. Sheryl Dent

    Sheryl Dent20 годин тому

    How did you do that tattoo like that that was so amazing💖💕💟😙😍

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    Esta muy chido

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    I'm a boy, i don't know why im here

  70. Alexander Schwartz

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    Almost every life hack they showed are just useless

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    концовочка просто супер

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    Good video

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    I was wondering if there is anyone that I can see you

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    Don't know

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    My swimming instructor does that with my cap

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    Can any tell me the song name from 3:01

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    6:40 who else is from New Zealand and thought of the bread bag clip instead of the can thingy 😂😂😂

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    Same here

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    I don't think they know how to talk.🤐🤐🤐🤐

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