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    What about unbreakable glass with money

  2. Katie Helms

    Katie HelmsГодину тому

    Us now: What this lightsaber is freaking AMAZING Us in the future: Ah, the very beginnings...

  3. The_Rock_Smith

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    dude I just got the notification for this 4 days after it was posted wtf youtube

  4. Dogsharkcat

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    Dude. He’s making better and better lightsabers

  5. avey

    aveyГодину тому

    The fbi: invest button???

  6. Sam

    SamГодину тому

    "Off with her head!" He's gone mad with power!

  7. hexoplayz btd

    hexoplayz btdГодину тому

    yayyy next 100 year later everyone in the world has a toy plasma saber

  8. Mini Stavy

    Mini StavyГодину тому

    Can’t wait for the prototype proton pack!

  9. Kaleb Garcia

    Kaleb GarciaГодину тому

    Is there a way to make it even hotter like the ones in the movies?

  10. Cause why not

    Cause why notГодину тому

    Build a space marine suit that’s wither a blood angel with a bolter or a death Wong terminator with a heavy flamer

  11. Cause why not

    Cause why notГодину тому

    I spelled death wing wrong

  12. Dubem Okenwa

    Dubem OkenwaГодину тому

    If you want to see hacksmith make their very own omitrix, please like to gain their attention

  13. Avro Arrow

    Avro ArrowГодину тому

    It's official. Kitchener, Ontario is now the geek capital of the world! Made in Canada, eh?

  14. Game Bugs

    Game BugsГодину тому

    Can you make a working doctor octopus costume I think it is almost impossible

  15. Charles Ragasa

    Charles RagasaГодину тому

    It's not L I G H T S A B E R Its *FLAMESABER* actually

  16. Tough Nation

    Tough NationГодину тому

    Maybe you and your team can build a ufo? 100 pounds (which would include the weight of your load of helium) you would need 1449 cubic feet of helium. Depending on the weight of the machine once built, use 1 and 1/3 amount of helium 12 blades per fan, 12 fans in a circle around the bottom of the ufo like a clock, and 6 jet propellers in the center of the fans a large fan in the center of the 6 propellers. Ufo built out of, fiber glass, polycarbonate, kevlar, and tungsten

  17. Layla Gabanga

    Layla GabangaГодину тому

    Now you can cook meat

  18. Cheftekar D

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    These guys have a great future robbing bank vaults.

  19. Yunami Gaming

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    wall = foam XD


    DËÅD MĘMĒŠГодину тому

    Can you make it taller

  21. Epic bros The bottle flap

    Epic bros The bottle flapГодину тому

    Thank god I finally got my light saber from the would you rather thing but still do not owned it

  22. 0sn4ke0

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    Just give it to the military... With the adecvate budget I'm pretty sure those guys will get you a nuclear energy source that fits in a pocket😂😂😂

  23. Hurricane Nathan

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    Wow, this is great

  24. RyuSaku

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    do a lightsaber battle

  25. Richard Reid

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    He should of cut the whole car in half

  26. Genki Kaio

    Genki KaioГодину тому

    Technically it's a protosaber.. but still well down

  27. rabia perveen

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    No matter what anyone says, I'm going to his house during the apocalypse.

  28. drinnik

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    08:12 Ornacia! Nooooo!

  29. Vignesh K

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    How cool will it be if this lightsaber fights with the sheet of aerogel composite material used by veritasium against the boring companies flame thrower???

  30. Theon _

    Theon _Годину тому

    its much better than version 1 but it isn't a real lightsaber too. To many flames and more Burning than anything else

  31. Llama Rex

    Llama RexГодину тому

    They need to make a blaster

  32. Hoss Uncles

    Hoss UnclesГодину тому

    Flame thrower, you built a hand flame thrower..

  33. Eobard Thawne

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    How much for the worlds first retractable lightsaber?

  34. Addison Putts

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    I'm eating baby yoda cereal as I am watching this

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    I’d love to see you *attempt* to cut through some tungsten plate.

  36. Yahya Elissami

    Yahya ElissamiГодину тому

    I have 3 sugestions are kratos retractible sheild in god of war 4 and hawkeye/green arrow trick arrows and finally and that a challenge for you a full on iron man armor (the very first iron man movie full metal armour with flame thrower and missils if possible)

  37. brandon lovell

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    Kinda underwhelming how slow they do it

  38. Don’t Stress

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    Yo this is so cool

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    Nice job ! It’s sick

  40. The aluwakbar Man

    The aluwakbar Man2 години тому

    I would cut through a shipping container door And u legends better keep that thing hidden bc if someone steals that they could break into anything with it

  41. MyCharlymon

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  42. Paul Mansfield

    Paul Mansfield2 години тому

    I'm waiting for the $20 version to arrive on Ali Express. It'll be cheap, fun, and extremely dangerous.. who needs eyebrows, hair and a face anyway?

  43. Raymond Warren

    Raymond Warren2 години тому

    It's a hoverboard.

  44. strike2life

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    this is a special flamethrower, not a lightsaber, but still awesome!

  45. Our Fear is Their Power

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    revan theme thanks

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    Forgot to say congrats on the 10mil subs

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    well, we did it boys, depression is no more.

  48. 7E_27_Saint

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    A real life lightsaber: exist Every single make it real youtubers: “HACKS”

  49. W9e0e2e3e4pizza

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    Still not a lightsaber. You have to be able to swing it not just point the tip at everything. 6/10

  50. Ludwig Vendelsjö

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  51. Der Gob

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    Imagine robbing a bank with this xd

  52. The_Pepino999

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    7:04 *Anakin start smiling*

  53. ArchitThe Hitman

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    the light saber wont only cut through captain america's shield :: it will even cut his arm off

  54. 林小宁

    林小宁2 години тому

    Try to use acetylene and oxygen, make the smaller flame mouth, this will make saber more sharper.

  55. Nightmare Games YT

    Nightmare Games YT2 години тому

    Whow I'm about to do my own one, thanks!!!

  56. Charley Zimmer

    Charley Zimmer2 години тому

    Impressive, but can you properly duel with it?

  57. GlitchDragon 433

    GlitchDragon 4332 години тому

    I'd really like to see you guys try to make the thundergun from call of duty zombies

  58. DsylXeyPanda OW

    DsylXeyPanda OW2 години тому

    I love how they are so suprized that the light is still on in the lightsaber, but in reality the light is in the Handle and the tube lights up when u use a powerful led light ^^

  59. MCnoG4mer LP

    MCnoG4mer LP2 години тому

    They made it realer than real

  60. Pokémon Noob

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    Is this legal? 😳

  61. jokamutta

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    Now if someone could make one that does not need huge tanks in ur back then it would be perfect :D

  62. Floris Cnossen

    Floris Cnossen2 години тому

    The future is now

  63. SlowMiki

    SlowMiki2 години тому

    Its basically a concentrated plasma ejecter, so its basically just a *"destroy-everything"* lightsaber. Anyway, cool invention!

  64. SVT CoYoTe

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    When can we pre order? Need one for Christmas.

  65. Sam Chak

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    Wow! Can you LIGHTSABER 'deflect' projectiles such as arrows and bullets?

  66. Rafa Chari

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    I want it!

  67. TheBlackHylian

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    Me: Damn, this lightsaber is awesome. Also me hearing that you may very well be local (I'm in Toronto): WAIT, THEY'RE LOCAL?!

  68. Ezequiel Gonzalez-Caines

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    Why not just build a regular drywall

  69. Vetrox

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    I wonder what it would do to a human but no psycho tho😂😂


    INIEILILY2 години тому

    If you’re gonna do adverts... do them all at the start

  71. nicholas felix

    nicholas felix2 години тому

    Hm why didnt he use protective gears

  72. John M Jones

    John M Jones2 години тому

    That would dangerous in the wrong hands

  73. Amal Irfan KC

    Amal Irfan KC2 години тому

    pls dont mis-represent your invention, even though lightsaber sounds cool, remember your saber shoots fire not light, but humans discovered / invented fire before lasers soo... I wish you will not be on the bad guys side :)

  74. Kartik Sharma

    Kartik Sharma2 години тому

    I am sorry but thats not a light saber :/

  75. Oliver Walker

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  76. nicholas felix

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    Is that the real sound?

  77. ShadTHBoe

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    Wow this is my first time watching this channel ur amazing

  78. Priscilla Chen

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    Remake the kingsman umbrella

  79. Julien RAILLON

    Julien RAILLON3 години тому

    And this is how the SW lore start.

  80. afutla qian

    afutla qian2 години тому

    Where Lightsaber? I see flamethrower and sound effects...

  81. Captain Deadeye

    Captain Deadeye3 години тому

    My biggest question is where he gets the money for all of this?

  82. afutla qian

    afutla qian2 години тому

    But, can you cook with your light saber?

  83. Debarghya Banerjee

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    I still remember whan this channel had 1 million sabs and now 10 million 🙂

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    Sean Penn x Chris Evans 😅

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    May the force be with you

  86. george neacsu

    george neacsu3 години тому

    cool blow torche, make it hoter and it might actualy work , you need 5000 celsius

  87. NTG48

    NTG48Годину тому

    That’s almost the temperature off the sun...

  88. Volkov Pierre

    Volkov Pierre3 години тому

    6:56 his face is priceless

  89. 2770 5

    2770 53 години тому

    Do the viewers realise It’s just fire and not plasma, he just made a portable bunsen burner.

  90. ade sulaeman

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    dude, lets rob a bank

  91. Efe Karabel

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    less over powered light saber

  92. its _dvait

    its _dvait3 години тому

    link for mace windu light saber

  93. sandrewin

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    When he has the goggles on he looks like the bad guy from men in black 3

  94. Finn shepherd Head

    Finn shepherd Head3 години тому

    50 years later Chinese government are using these in war, hacksmith sentenced for life. But I reckon these sabers are going to be compacted in the future like actual ones don’t stop here!!!

  95. Fantom MC2

    Fantom MC23 години тому

    That's a lot a damage! Can if cut through Flex Tape?

  96. Geiber piwen

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    But, can you cook with your light saber?

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    Where Lightsaber? I see flamethrower and sound effects...

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    a pyromaniac's dream

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    I Came to see what the hype was about big Star Wars fan just wow

  100. SyrebralBeats

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    I will go to my nearest bank with this at night

  101. Dave Dinosaurin

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    Are you planing on creating a reallife mandalorian armour (with flame thrower,etc?

  102. Dave Dinosaurin

    Dave Dinosaurin3 години тому

    This light saber is awesome!

  103. Dave Dinosaurin

    Dave Dinosaurin3 години тому

    Are you going to create the world's first cloned mesozoic dinosaur too?

  104. Tristar

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    I don't know if you do stuff from this game, but I love the look of the savage lynel weapons in the legend of Zelda breath of the Wild, and I would love to see them in Real