AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Video)


  1. Antonio Roberto de Freitas

    Antonio Roberto de Freitas54 секунди тому

    S E N S A C I O N A L ! ! !

  2. Wrestling Stand

    Wrestling Stand12 хвилин тому

    Survivor Series 🤔

  3. Federico Barletta

    Federico Barletta22 хвилини тому


  4. Jose Jaramillo

    Jose Jaramillo23 хвилини тому

    WTF! the screenshot in a small device look like Trump with a guitar!!!!


    YT_SENSEI34 хвилини тому

    2020’s biggest ⬆️ let’s go AC/DC can’t wait to learn this song on the drums

  6. Evandro Bordignon

    Evandro Bordignon49 хвилин тому

    Crazy!!! So good!!! And the voice os Brian is still very good!

  7. Олександр Глухов

    Олександр ГлуховГодину тому


  8. CuzImWolf_

    CuzImWolf_Годину тому

    I'm 18 and I love AC/DC thanks my dad❤️

  9. Aux

    AuxГодину тому

    Brian Johnson is my hero

  10. Du Ha

    Du HaГодину тому

    AWESOME !!! bless you take care !!!!

  11. moine michelle

    moine michelleГодину тому

    l'album est excellent j'adore merci acdc

  12. Michael Asher

    Michael AsherГодину тому



    SAM PLAYZГодину тому

    We want rock back!!!

  14. Harianto Harianto

    Harianto Harianto2 години тому

    Rock is old, but rock in angus never old baby..

  15. Leon Maliniak

    Leon Maliniak2 години тому

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  16. DarkOmenX

    DarkOmenX2 години тому

    Legends !! AC/DC pure !!!!! Love it! have the RED Vinyl :)

  17. iamwittisexual okay

    iamwittisexual okay2 години тому

    we watched this in class and the day we did that, i was going through something but my teacher was so supporting and she made my day by making us listen to this, because you can clearly see how much i love acdc:)

  18. Lee Kosinski

    Lee Kosinski3 години тому

    Still being true to themselves. Rock on!

  19. Johannes Park

    Johannes Park3 години тому

    it's ok to cry a little while listening to ACDC

  20. Rock girl

    Rock girl3 години тому

    Angus seems older, he's only got the energy of a 30 year old now.

  21. Monkey Revolution

    Monkey Revolution4 години тому

    Macaco nas Ruas de Londres , qual é o problema ?,,

  22. Marco's Adventures

    Marco's Adventures5 годин тому

    Brian Johnson's voice here is 🔥🔥 His voice potential is getting better. I think his voice is beautiful in singing in normal ways not acdc's way

  23. Marco's Adventures

    Marco's AdventuresГодину тому

    @Rock girl woah really. Im shocked

  24. Rock girl

    Rock girl3 години тому

    A new Stevie Ray Vaughan in Brownwood Texas he used to play a CDC

  25. Mischke Tillmann

    Mischke Tillmann6 годин тому

    Das beste Album der 20er Jahre

  26. FakeArcher1

    FakeArcher16 годин тому

    Angus its my god

  27. Anna Lisa

    Anna Lisa7 годин тому

    Back in Black again considering Malcolm but hey rock on.

  28. Dave Gee

    Dave Gee7 годин тому

    Always have..Always will be..

  29. con Marco

    con Marco8 годин тому


  30. mario noe

    mario noe8 годин тому

    AC-/DC love you guys, and thanks for sharing cos I've always admired, love the band and special now in this situation of viruses and pandemics and whatever!! Thanks AC✓DC forever

  31. Willy Duran213

    Willy Duran2138 годин тому

    Man I just Love 80s Rock wish other bands will come back to make at least one more album 💿👌🏽👌🏽💯💙 AC/DC just did that ❤️💯💯💪🏽 and I’m 22 and love my Rock music

  32. djjazzyjeff123

    djjazzyjeff1239 годин тому

    Malcolm would be proud to put his name on this. That's the highest compliment I can think of.




  34. Michael Shane

    Michael Shane10 годин тому

    4.8K dislikes?!.. Must be Bernie Sanders fans.. They probably got offended because the group is all straight white males..

  35. Dubstep Fierce

    Dubstep Fierce10 годин тому

    Still surprised how long this band has survived without breaking up

  36. Alfred Egger

    Alfred Egger10 годин тому dire que pendant ce temps on rape et on crée de la musique par ordinateur..triste époque. Pour moi excellent album. Bravo

  37. Void strider

    Void strider11 годин тому

    I will always listen and headbang to AC/DC this is still better than basically any rap song fight me for who ever disagrees with me

  38. David Regian

    David Regian11 годин тому

    Rocky road brothers

  39. David Regian

    David Regian11 годин тому


  40. David Regian

    David Regian11 годин тому

    A new Stevie Ray Vaughan in Brownwood Texas he used to play a CDC

  41. David Regian

    David Regian11 годин тому

    Yup please don’t forget Stevie Ray Vaughan

  42. Calm Meditation

    Calm Meditation11 годин тому

    73 years old and his more bad ass than me..damn not fair

  43. Marcos Paulo

    Marcos Paulo12 годин тому

    Enquanto todos a minha volta ouvem funk e pagode, cá estou eu com Ac Dc

  44. Tom mm.

    Tom mm.12 годин тому

    FARRRRK these Kants are old as now

  45. lucas voth

    lucas voth12 годин тому

    Welcome back ACDC and sry for ur lost of malcolm we miss him

  46. Mike Cowan

    Mike Cowan13 годин тому


  47. Reznor

    Reznor14 годин тому

    Bon would be proud to see you guys still going after everything over the years. Rock and roll truly ain't gonna die.

  48. Ford Driver

    Ford Driver14 годин тому

    Buy the CD. It sounds 100x better.

  49. Ford Driver

    Ford Driver14 годин тому

    Phil Rudd is the most musical hi hat player I have heard in a straight rock format. I really think that''s where the 'swing' is. Listen to the gaps between guitar @0:45 as an example.

  50. uglydog311

    uglydog31114 годин тому

    Mick who ..... ?

  51. moe phucker

    moe phucker15 годин тому

    watching this band as kid and they still rocking...

  52. Zack Clarke

    Zack Clarke15 годин тому

    Amazing.. this is new? Sounds just like their other stuff👌 nice

  53. Kelley Randolph

    Kelley Randolph15 годин тому

    So much better than any new crap out today!!

  54. Erik Kirk

    Erik Kirk16 годин тому

    It is so great to see Stevie playing that guitar.... It is almost like Mal is there with the lads, I am sure he and Bon are there in spirit for sure! Really glad Brian and Phil are back as well. Any AC/DC members are good AC/DC members, but it isn't the same without Brian and Phil.

  55. ivan Espinosa

    ivan Espinosa16 годин тому

    Me imagino en River 2022 AC/DC (Claro si el socialismo se va de ARG)

  56. Jaroslaw Bandurski

    Jaroslaw Bandurski17 годин тому

    ACDC !! For Ever!!!

  57. Angel Antonio Gomez Ramos

    Angel Antonio Gomez Ramos17 годин тому

    Se muere uno de ellos y lloro

  58. Bubba Gump

    Bubba Gump17 годин тому

    They’re in their seventies and still kicking the ass of all those rappers/trappers

  59. Manuel Furber

    Manuel Furber17 годин тому

    Rock n' Roll as none, the best real music made by real musicians

  60. VLADEMIR Luis dos Reis

    VLADEMIR Luis dos Reis17 годин тому

    Ííioķojíííkíokoookóíík6iôoííkkîkk7u4íkíííííoiooíóoiíhíííoiooüojíojooooiopjjjoioijjoojíioo5íooioijiiiiioiikopjiiiiooooooiiiioioo4kik7íjjookkkíijokojojiîíokíioíoípojíkíkíopíokijkpjioíijiiiijiooiiopjkjjpoojíííiíoioíjjjoijôoikjikioojioioíoooiioioiokoiiojkiokíiiijiï44jhkhj3jjjjihiiioijihjuoiuioijioooiiiuiuiiiih56í íóoiíh6i6uoh

  61. Matias Loyola

    Matias Loyola17 годин тому

    Great masterpiece

  62. Jamie Agass

    Jamie Agass18 годин тому

    Power Up is by far the best album of the decade so far!

  63. David Sechrist

    David Sechrist18 годин тому

    Awesome as always, been listening since day one ,ACDC forever

  64. NL8084 Lo

    NL8084 Lo18 годин тому

    Song rocks.

  65. Petra Pan

    Petra Pan18 годин тому

    Still rockin'!

  66. Anna Maria Tello

    Anna Maria Tello18 годин тому


  67. Anna Maria Tello

    Anna Maria Tello18 годин тому

    Grandes potentes nativos excelente$☆AC DC AMSXING👊🤘🎸🎸🎸🎤😃🥢🥁🥁🥁🥁⭐⭐⭐🎹🎸😃🤘👊

  68. Ali Efe

    Ali Efe19 годин тому

    What kind of voice is this

  69. Jesse Horvath

    Jesse Horvath17 годин тому

    a legendary rock n roll voice!

  70. Thiago Lima

    Thiago Lima19 годин тому

    wow it's amazing >< my daddy love u

  71. Arian Cavero

    Arian Cavero20 годин тому

    Rock is not dead.

  72. John Smith

    John Smith20 годин тому

    This is the buisness!!!! Cool video also!!! Its got the proper AC/DC kick up the arse, that we all need right now cheers AC/DC !!

  73. Guillermo Gonzalez

    Guillermo Gonzalez21 годину тому

    The only shoot in the dark I know is ozzy osbourne's

  74. Chris Choir

    Chris Choir21 годину тому

    Phil Rudd is the soul of this band's groove

  75. Moe Sanchez

    Moe Sanchez17 годин тому


  76. Fahd Raza

    Fahd Raza21 годину тому

    and LEGENDS are back baby...!! keep rocking Boys

  77. earth dust

    earth dust21 годину тому

    тут только остаётся впасть в безумие,вскачить с дивана и в трусах впустится в пляс

  78. TwiztidGemini Paul Tinsley

    TwiztidGemini Paul Tinsley21 годину тому

    Old school rocking harder then most of this new school stuff 🤣

  79. barkinstarfish

    barkinstarfish22 години тому


  80. Mambiel

    Mambiel22 години тому

    For ever best Rockband!

  81. Isma V

    Isma V22 години тому


  82. boohie- fan228

    boohie- fan22822 години тому

    Imma make this song better: do you hear the dun,dun,doo,doo when he says SHOT IN THE DARK!!"

  83. T Awesomeness

    T Awesomeness23 години тому

    Can anyone name any AC/DC songs?

  84. Shadowman4710

    Shadowman471021 годину тому

    At least 100 of them...

  85. uglydog311

    uglydog31123 години тому

    Well done , Steve . Gentlemen - it goes without saying .

  86. Gojira1105

    Gojira110523 години тому

    Legends never die

  87. Aodan O Neachtain

    Aodan O Neachtain23 години тому

    I want to know who are the people that gave this a thumb's down??? It's fantastic! I have been into AC/DC since I was 7 years of age - 41 years. 🤘


    WODOSPADДень тому


  89. stkyud

    stkyudДень тому

  90. stkyud

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  93. stkyud

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  95. stkyud

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  96. stkyud

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  97. stkyud

    stkyudДень тому

  98. stkyud

    stkyudДень тому

  99. BumInTheSun

    BumInTheSunДень тому

    Honestly have not kept up with any music in a while but I heard this one for the first time last Sunday. I heard maybe three seconds of it and knew instantly it was AC/DC and a song I had not heard before. So glad they have a new album out and that Brian is rocking along side Angus. Gotta go get the new album and told my wife if they come within 300 miles of us my ass is there even if tickets are 200 bucks each. Only have gotten to see them once on the Stiff Upper Lip tour in KC. This may be my last chance to see them again and come hell or high water, barring being on my death bed, imma be there someway, somehow!! Long live AC/DC the most rocking band ever in the history of the world, and one of the few that have mostly avoided major troubles with the law and turmoil within the band that caused them to split. True to their roots and as always dead ahead, straight rock and roll!!!! Told my wife that I want Ride On played at my funeral.

  100. Business TV

    Business TVДень тому


  101. MixMac BM

    MixMac BMДень тому

    Hey ! We are delighted to let you know that you have been added to MixMac's "New Rock 2020" Playlist !!

  102. Dimitris Paliogiannis

    Dimitris PaliogiannisДень тому

    After all of these years they still got it !

  103. One Eye

    One EyeДень тому

    I keep listening to it more than 500 times... and honestly it always seems like the first time every time i watch it

  104. Marcos Vinícius

    Marcos ViníciusДень тому

    Não consigo ficar sem ouvir

  105. DemonFigs

    DemonFigsДень тому

    Someone hack the Baby Shark video so that kids get redirected to this and learn what actual music is.