AGUST D - 'WHAT DO YOU THINK?' Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]


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    Please delete this one and upload the new one.

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    Mi camioneta faborita


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    @Jussara Lima de Mendonça make it new

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    Zaty Farhani do you know the ALL producers of this song?

  6. Awen Hussain

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    Armys please read carefully. The things happening to BTS and us in the past few years have been incredibly increasing every time. The haters, Antis and people who are pretending to Armys have been RUINING everything for us. They've made BTS not use the internet, not connect with their fans which is Literally one of their favorite things to do. The most active members hobi and jimi disappeared, Jin tweets rarely a year, joon only tweets when they're showing complete silence, tae stopped using twitter and has now even stopped using weverse, Jungkook doesn't show up anywhere. Yoongi the only member who was active all this time... Is gonna leave twitter forever. WHY?? it's all because of those haters. They've made BTS to not trust anyone anymore. They do trust us...but it's soon gonna be gone. why? Because when BTS see the fandom they only see 'ARMY' they don't see the fandom being divided by solos/ot6s. They've been blindly giving us their love and trust and we as Armys have BEEN failing to protect them. now is not the time to be thinking of haters or blocklists cuz the haters will be back with new accounts, new groups and what not. Now is the time to be focusing DEVOTEDLY on Fandom unison and fandom peace. Fandom unison by KNOWING that the ones who threw yoongi under the bus and other "fake Armys" are all "ANTIS" This includes those faking to be K-Armys. Fandom peace? Dna 1B Open lock Boy with luv 1BLock 'ON' to 1BLock And if you were really triggered by everyone throwing yoon under the bus there is only ONE solution to this problem and it is not Block lists. It's Charting "WHAT DO YOU THINK" in the top charts. He needs to "SEE" us. He needs to see and know that true Armys are actually there. all through this remember to enjoy festa and ONLY SPREAD POSITIVITY ON WEVERSE

  7. Liya Ramos

    Liya Ramos7 годин тому

    BigHit has released a statement saying that they selected the speech for the "overall atmosphere" of the song, meaning that it was basically used for aesthetics and clearly does not have anything to do with giving a deeper meaning of the song as most defensive ARMYs have been shouting out. It's funny how easy it is for the fandom to call out other groups for mistakes, but immediately shield their idol when they commit the same. You all glorify BTS' songs for being woke and "revolutionary" saying they are not like any other idols, but when they get into some shit you point fingers at someone else saying "oppa didn't do anything wrong, BH's other producers were the ones who inserted that sample" when just a few seconds ago you listed out numerous reasons justifying why Suga put it in the song in the first place. So which is it? If he's the one at fault, it automatically has a hidden message and everyone else is too dumb to see it, but if it was actually someone else creative choice it's fucked up and insensitive? Now fans are rabidly trying to cover this up by condemning everyone who mentions this instead of the BLM movement, WHEN CLEARLY if you look through any previous tweets of those who are saying this DID NOT HAVE ANY INTEREST IN BLM UNTIL IT WAS CONVENIENT FOR THEM. This is like the time ARMYs were trying to cover up Jungkook's accident by constantly flooding the search engine/twitter searches with "Jungkook kind/handsome/golden maknae/smile" (these are actual searches used by ARMYs to "clean" any mention of his accident). We're not calling him out because we want to cancel him, it's because he needs to know that fucked up-and you guys defending him will keep him from realizing that.

  8. I stan 7 crackheads

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    Sigh......... They removed the speech on offical platforms.

  9. Chimkachu -

    Chimkachu -7 годин тому

    Guys, stop calling other people antis or fake army. Criticizing Suga for what he did does not label you as a hater or make you any less of a fan. It’s important to acknowledge idols mistakes. But even after bighit apologizes, people are still trying to come up with excuses or theories just to back him up. He’s in the wrong and it’s okay to admit that.

  10. sarah BT

    sarah BT8 годин тому

    I'm a little sad that the Jim Jones sample was taken out of the song. I DO NOT support Jim Jones or his actions but the sample at the start supported the message of the song "What do you think"

  11. Lou Lou

    Lou Lou8 годин тому

    I just think you don't try to see through the lyrics and you don't understand. This is music, there is always a message, sometimes it is hard to understand. For example, do you know the meaning of Ballade n°1 in G minor, Op23 if Chopin? He describes the mourning, when he lose his sister. Sometimes you have to go deep in down in the music to understand every lyrics, part of it. But I know that some people are not educate about music and it's really sad. Please be educate about music before jumping on conclusions

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    Just stream "what do you think " end go to trending this song.. Army support this song no matter what

  13. HappyTofu

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    y’all drop the names who is he was talking about.

  14. Rosie Park

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    Wait can someone explain which part of the song relates to what Jim Jones said?

  15. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook8 годин тому

    Sorry but who is Jim Jones? Sorry I am dumb.. I never heard of him! Please don't attack me I don't know anything about that person.. but I just know he is bad person. I didn't know about that topic, I just read the lyrics. I didn't know about Jim Jones. For reals I didn't know :( but I hope you guys understand.. I didn't know about this topic. I just listened to the song thinking it was something to do with people that are racist and about people being rude to other people. But I didn't know about this. Can someone please explain to me..?

  16. N M

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    Please remove this version

  17. Ms101Bunnies

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    I wanna know what he said under that ********. Quite a long beep we got there.

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    Please delete this Version and Download a new version , just for Yongi 💜

  19. Islam One GOD

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    Pourquoi suga est racist putain il a mut la voix de jim jones dans ça music!!! it's mean than he hate black people ??? Gay suga or Agust d was my bias but now i don't know

  20. Emily Lim

    Emily Lim9 годин тому

    All these hates and misunderstandings may deter the future Agust D from producing and writing more artistic, personal and realistic songs. That is if he's even going to share another mixtape in future. It took him nearly 4 years of hard work to write/produce D-2 and he had gifted it to all of us for free. I doubt any artist had done that. Hope that he's not feeling sad and bad about this whole situation. We love and support Agust D/Suga/Yoongi no matter what💜💜

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    Me encanta ❤️

  22. danna Pasos

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    Ok, Im only going to say this once for the people who lack brain cells. RAPPERS SAMPLE THINGS ALL THE TIME USUALLY TO START THEIR RAP AGAINST THEM. THAT IS YOONGIS WAY OF SAYING FUCK YOU TO JIM JONES. ok I’m done. I’m sick of seeing people twist his rap and words and be ignorant.

  23. Ananya Kotnala

    Ananya Kotnala9 годин тому

    PREACH 👏👏💪💪

  24. Manuela Muñoz

    Manuela Muñoz10 годин тому

    Right! There are many songs talking about jim jones and what a surprise only take time to hate on suga. Like RM said in UGH, YOU HATERS ARE A TEAM

  25. Costy Romero

    Costy Romero10 годин тому

    What is Jim Jones saying in the speech? I can't understand

  26. starry my

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    though you are dead, yet you should live and he that liveth and believeth shall never die.

  27. Valentina R

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    You should delete this, bighit reuploaded it without the beginning part.

  28. akashi420

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    The jim jones part at the beginning has been removed in the spotify version

  29. Manuela Muñoz

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    I'm not okay

  30. Hương Lê

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    "Adults sometimes apologize when they're not at fault, but rather for the big deal." I want to really stress. I empathy, symphathy and love this guy very much, because the big deal, even though he is not wrong, but he must admit it and get a stain in his career. , he's good with this world so he always wants to give hope to it, but why is this world so hard for him, well up until now, because of those stupid people, why are they so indiscriminate. I feel so tired all the time I have written so much, actually when I look at those cruel words that are both angry and disdainful, it felt like want to stand in the middle of that place and blocking everyone's throat. but I understand them, a bunch of hypocrites just want to believe in what they want to believe, each time like that, they will bite and bite without mercy so i don't necessarily have to hurt myself. Just want to say, they listen and read the entire mixtape from Agust D to D2 to see what kind of person he is with? Not much needed just 2 mixtapes, it's really like the autobiography of his life. But they just listen to people misrepresenting a part of a song and they can conclude what that person is like, calling him bad and His whole career is nothing, Well, haha ​​in this world, one's effort can easily be ruined. I love you Yoongi ... "Truth has long been eaten up by lies" "The unsick in the sick world Is rather treated as a freak, isn't that strange The one with eyes open in the world of closed eyes, Now is blinded, isn't that strange" How could he write such things??? "Suga hyung is like going through everything in life", And up to now, I still cannot imagine what Suga went through difficult and troubling. And what I'm concerned about now. After listening to the D-2 mixtape and watching the Break the silence, is Yoongi really okay now? Sorry for my english but i just want to share it to more people know💜

  31. Manuela Muñoz

    Manuela Muñoz9 годин тому

    Thanks army :')

  32. BoroNation !!

    BoroNation !!11 годин тому

    I think the words that followed after the sample got the haters more mad than the actual sample. It hurt kpopies so bad that they had to create all this drama. So sensitive kpop fans.

  33. Manuela Muñoz

    Manuela Muñoz9 годин тому

    Right, what a puss***

  34. Andreina Franchi

    Andreina Franchi12 годин тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> This is my favourite part of the song,if you hear it the melody sounds like a children´s song, for me it symbolized the lyrich too, like his haters are simple children´s games for him

  35. That BTS Lifeu

    That BTS Lifeu12 годин тому

    Honestly, I love the song. The meaning behind the lyrics is everything. But yet people just heard the first seconds and started bashing him. Why don't you go bash all them other American artists who have used samples of the speech in their songs? Oh right, cuz their American artists. This is truly unbelievable, and Army, I am highly dissappointed in you. (ofc not all of Army) But those of you who unstanned Suga or whatever, I lost all my respect towards you. He is a human, I repeat a H U M A N! Humans make mistakes, just because he's an idol doesn't mean he doesn't or can't make mistakes. So, if you are bashing Suga for the speech sample at the beginning, then go bash all of the other artist who used speech samples in their music. IDC if they are your faves, go bash them idc idc. Enough is enough, if you had the time to bash him for a small mistake he made then you should've had time to read the lyrics and take into context why he inserted the speech sample and what the song was about. I know it might of insulted some of you in one way or another, but that doesn't mean go and straight up hate on him for it. Take some time to do research, some research doesn't hurt. If you hated him or bashed him because of this, you were never a real Army to begin with. You all know how our Yoongi is, he isn't very open about stuff and now with all of the hate directed towards him, it makes his mental health worse. He loves us Army's with all his heart, he is experiencing what he feared the most, Army turning their backs on him. Army if you are still with him, I am proud of you, you have my respect. I am just mad and dissappointed that some Army's, who considered Suga and the other boys our world and family, are leaving him because of a small mistake he made. I hardly doubt it was him, maybe the producer did it but that doesn't matter. Every little thing they put in their songs has a meaning behind it. He was basically talking trash asbout Jones. I hope those who left Suga's side or left the fandom completly, regret it. I could careless if you hate me for what I said, you can hate me but not Yoongi. Some of you Army's need to grow up. Okay......... I think I rambled enough. If you took the time to read it, thank you for reading it. I've been wanting to say all of that and more for a while now. True Army, (idc if you stan other groups too) but those who stayed with Yoongi, thank you. I purple you! 💜💜💜

  36. Manuela Muñoz

    Manuela Muñoz9 годин тому

    Well said army!!

  37. Cielo_ Caso Carrasco

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  38. Maïa

    Maïa12 годин тому

    They fucking updated the song. They didn't. Yoongi had Agust D to do what he wanted without holding back and you made him apologize for literally nothing.

  39. Sayda Monago Calzada

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    Me gusta más esta versión

  40. Manuela Muñoz

    Manuela Muñoz9 годин тому

    A mi me gustaba el sample, que gente tan estúpida se hacen los sensibles para tirar hate

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    Como assim?

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    yall can cry all ya want i give no fucks, this fire

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    Say it loud

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    i hate them all.

  45. Celeste Woo

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    comment below proofs why they had to make a clear version jfdkjfdk

  46. Ashton Thao

    Ashton Thao13 годин тому

    What is he cursing he's my favorite member I think I'm going to dislike

  47. Icek N

    Icek N13 годин тому

    he actually gave us a pure and crudely reality and they took it away from him. locals were right, kpop fans and sjw are a disgrace to the world lmaooo

  48. G Alhomaidi

    G Alhomaidi13 годин тому

    Ima listen to this version And ONLY

  49. Celeste Woo

    Celeste Woo13 годин тому

    as you should

  50. Celeste Woo

    Celeste Woo13 годин тому

    selectivism and political correction its the worst, why aren't all of you tryna to make western artists change their songs too based in your own judgements?

  51. Manuela Muñoz

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  52. Dmdmcmk Ekxmmx

    Dmdmcmk Ekxmmx13 годин тому

    downloading this if it ever gets taken down lmao

  53. gianna chung

    gianna chung13 годин тому

    Omg im not an american but Yoongi actually made this song for racist people and to think after the song ewas made george floyd was killed so lets use this song against the racist people{One Big oOf}

  54. j m b x t c h

    j m b x t c h13 годин тому

    despite everything happened, this song is STILL a masterpiece.

  55. gianna chung

    gianna chung14 годин тому

    Bts:Smiles while someone disses them 2 seconds later:makes a fCking disstrack

  56. Leah Is a fangirl

    Leah Is a fangirl14 годин тому

    Love the song! Lots of people have left army because of this song but they are making a mistake,,,, LOVE YOU YOONGI 💜 oof

  57. alice amanda

    alice amanda14 годин тому

    acho que os haters precisam latir mais alto pra pelo menos serem vistos

  58. Sami Rae

    Sami Rae14 годин тому

    Came for the controversy. Stayed because Agust D is fire. What's the problem here?

  59. Aditi thakur

    Aditi thakur12 годин тому

    Well , technically the first few seconds the voice used is from a cult leader Jim Jones who murdered 900+ people and after that he went on bragging and dissing his own haters .The speech used have nothing to do with the song and that's the problem.

  60. Fawziyah

    Fawziyah12 годин тому

    There is and was nothing wrong pple just jumped into conclusions and made wrong assumptions about this innocent young artist

  61. Celeste Woo

    Celeste Woo13 годин тому

    ikr 💀

  62. Calidonia Cody

    Calidonia Cody14 годин тому

    *When You And You Kpop Friends Show This To Someone Ells* Friend: *Shows non Kpop-stan this video. Video: *Ends* Me: Eotteohge Saenggaghae

  63. alana hansol

    alana hansol14 годин тому

    To everyone saying that Jones was "anti korean" no he wasn't he favoured the North Koreans. The song is indeed fire when i first heard it i instantly recognised the sermon On the other hand i think they should have checked the history but it's not their fault S.K doesn't teach kids about the history or culture of other countries. Don't come at me because the mass suicide/murder happened in my country

  64. alana hansol

    alana hansol9 годин тому

    @Little birds can remember why are BTS the only one that matters?

  65. Little birds can remember

    Little birds can remember10 годин тому

    It's the intention that counts and every ARMY knows what yoongi's and bts's music stands for,yoongi did nothing wrong,he has nothing to apologise for. Running a smear campaign against yoongi and BTS is absolutely futile,it's fruitless. Bts will stomp over these useless 12 year old koreaboo bitches body and spit on their face by achieving more and more,all these false accusations and hatred towards them will only backfire on these useless kpopies and sjw koreaboos by making the bond between BTS and ARMYs stronger. They have proved everyone wrong in the past and will continue to do so in the future as well,there is simply nothing these haters can do other than miserably bark like a psychotic horny bitch in heat. It's true that bts is not the only kpop group out there,but they are the only one that MATTERS, lol.

  66. alana hansol

    alana hansol12 годин тому

    @Aditi thakur tbh i don't know There's much more important things to worry about I'm sure yoongi also feels hurt and is sorry for what he did Most of the fans don't know what exactly happened they're just using info from what others said then using that to fuel the fire I don't know if he apologised.. Can someone please tell me if he did If he did then let's leave it as that and move on

  67. Aditi thakur

    Aditi thakur12 годин тому

    I think they kinda knew about it and ignored it ,like you can't find the sermons without seeing his crimes and these two are different sermons that means downloaded them ,mixed them and then used in the song,so them not knowing looks like a big lie to me.

  68. Ana García

    Ana García14 годин тому

    What does the speech says anyways? I can't really listen to it clearly

  69. Jacky M.

    Jacky M.14 годин тому

    #justiceforyoongi He did nothing wrong. Do your research.

  70. Sofyah Bolaños

    Sofyah Bolaños14 годин тому

    Please just stop. So what if he did? What of it? Jim Jones did a bad thing. Yoongi may have done something bad or may not have, and in my definition he hasn't, but that doesn't give you a reason to attack him. What is wrong with you all? Aren't you fans? Shouldn't you support him? Cuz that's OUR job, in case you forgot, to SUPPORT. NOT tell what TO DO. We help BTS because we love them, we shouldn't be the ones to bring them down. Just leave it alone, BigHit apologized. What's done is done and leave it at that.

  71. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha14 годин тому

    The speech has been deleted from the Spotify version of the song

  72. sabitri shrestha

    sabitri shrestha14 годин тому

    I was just checking out this song after a week and found the comment section full of hate comments. *First of all y'all didn't took out the topic when it was released. So, why now?? Also, many American artists used Jim Jones name as well. Still why the hell are people only criticising Suga? Is it because he is s part of BTS? It wasn't meant to offend anyone. He was just using Jim Jones line to talk about people criticising BTS back then. So please trynna understand!* *Also I saw some people saying that armys don't need to talk for BTS. Like literally??? Are they dumb or what? A fan is supposed to talk for their faves cause after all BTS don't have time even to talk to y'all!!*

  73. Aditi thakur

    Aditi thakur8 годин тому

    And maybe they were criticized . People are claiming why were they not criticized but how do they know they were not? And some of the rappers actually criticized Jim Jones in their songs so that makes it ok.But using the sample just for aesthetic purpose is the wrong thing

  74. sabitri shrestha

    sabitri shrestha11 годин тому

    @Aditi thakur Maybe I might be wrong or even Suga might be wrong. But I'm sad at the fact that why are they giving different treatment? American artists had also used this topic before but I hadn't heard any controversies before then why now?

  75. Aditi thakur

    Aditi thakur12 годин тому

    And people should not defend him when he is on the wrong side .

  76. Aditi thakur

    Aditi thakur12 годин тому

    Hey ,army's talked enough for him but they aren't even understanding that he and his company fucked up .They admitted it in the statement that they used it because it sounded cool. And few army's knew about it since 2019 and they found it great ,so that's not someone else's problem that they found it this late ,not everyone focus on bts .

  77. h0pew4rld

    h0pew4rld14 годин тому

    yall really bullied bighit for them to take the speech out of the song but other artists did it without getting backlash

  78. fatemah badarneh

    fatemah badarneh15 годин тому

    My favorite ver😌💜

  79. jeon ._. imene츄시

    jeon ._. imene츄시15 годин тому

    Waaw yongi the best Army Arab ahahh

  80. charin hua

    charin hua15 годин тому

    This is the real version of the song. SJWs literally bullied Yoongi into censoring his art which is NOT okay.

  81. Kara Chung

    Kara Chung15 годин тому

    The only way I can listen to the original version. -_- can’t believe bighit removed it. The altered version is now the one on Spotify. Can’t believe the fake woke people on Twitter got their way. Good going.

  82. June Han

    June Han15 годин тому

    "*we will join the military service on our o n when the time comes*" HA BANG IN UR FACE

  83. Nyla Jacks

    Nyla Jacks16 годин тому


  84. Ur Madre

    Ur Madre16 годин тому

    The song is about him telling/asking the haters look here I'm successful I worked hard what do you think now. The audio of Jim Jones is not related to the song people use your brains and read if your over kindergarten level fools 🙄

  85. Aditi thakur

    Aditi thakur12 годин тому

    @Ur Madre honey ,he used it when it have nothing to do with the song is the real problem . Why use a mass murderers voice so casually?

  86. Ur Madre

    Ur Madre14 годин тому

    @Army Girl same but I did it anyways cause apparently people can't read lyrics but they can read bullshit that other people start then spread 🙄

  87. Army Girl

    Army Girl15 годин тому

    I don't waste my time to explain this masterpiece to brainless peoples.

  88. i miss mina

    i miss mina16 годин тому

    u know what .. this is armys fault from the begining .. i wish we didn't say we want August D2

  89. ot7 Army

    ot7 Army15 годин тому

    Agree ! A bunch of brainless shits , just jumped to conclusions without knowing anything and put a massive pressure on yoongi !! So sad

  90. Miriam B

    Miriam B16 годин тому

    Stop trying to come to his defense saying “he was dissing him”. He said himself that he and his producer didn’t know it was jim Jones. He should’ve have looked into what the person was saying and where the speech came from. As army’s we need to hold our faves accountable when they do something wrong instead of trying to make an excuse. Especially with the political climate we are in. He was in the wrong for using that speech. He should apologize. It’s disrespectful. I am a fan but I still recognize when they do something wrong. Stop with the sheep mentality. Stop acting like they can never do wrong because they definitely can. No hate it’s just the truth.

  91. Miriam B

    Miriam B9 годин тому

    Little birds can remember when you’re a celebrity with the kind of platform he has you definitely need to apologize if you’ve offended your audience. Even if he didn’t mean to offend someone he should still take accountability , realize why the people are offended, and learn from this mistake. I’m not trying to hate but I do think he needs to speak out. I’m a yoongi fan but I’m not going to blindly follow him and defend him even when he’s in the wrong.

  92. Little birds can remember

    Little birds can remember10 годин тому

    Yoongi obviously did nothing wrong and he has nothing to apologise for. It's the intention that counts and every army knows what his and bts's music stands for.

  93. Aditi thakur

    Aditi thakur12 годин тому

    @moma bang look ,I keep seeing everwhere that others used it too ,but did they used his voice or just talked about him ? Because I have read they just talked and criticised him and yoongi just used it because it sounded cool , so it is wrong .moreover others doing it can never justify his mistake

  94. moma bang

    moma bang12 годин тому

    @Hodo Mohamed this speech has been used by western artists before, speeches like this are normally used in hip-hop culture and not a a single one of its uses did it to glorify the speech, Jim Jones was also a racist manipulate man with the ability to make people suicide themselves by brain-washing, that's the "cult" behavior himself criticized before

  95. Miriam B

    Miriam B12 годин тому

    Hodo Mohamed Jim Jones is a cult leader who killed almost a thousand people by poisoning them. He did a lot more than that but that’s what he’s mainly known for. I’m not sure what the speech is saying but it’s probably him “preaching”

  96. chrysabangtan7

    chrysabangtan716 годин тому

    I don’t understand the thing with the Jim Jones talking in the beginning. Everyone criticizing Yoongi for this. He didn’t put it because he is praising him, he put it because he is dissing him and people like him throughout the song. I don’t get why this became such a big deal and giving Yoongi a hard time with this whole thing. JUST PLEASE GROW UP!!! Yoongi needs to know that we are here for him 💜💜

  97. Wiktoria

    Wiktoria16 годин тому

    Hey, so after Big Hit released an official statement and decided to reupload the new version of the song... maybe it's a good idea to change the version in lyrics videos too ?

  98. No No Changbin No

    No No Changbin No16 годин тому

    please don't take down this video, this is yoongi's original version and it's the one he wanted us to listen to.

  99. Ella Russell

    Ella Russell16 годин тому


  100. Leyla

    Leyla16 годин тому

    I'm an ARMY but there's no excuse for this. How can you not properly research the origin of a quote before including it in your song? If it was any other artist we'd have no problem calling them out. I love Yoongi but this is problematic and needs to be addressed as such. A lot of us blindly support BTS and that's not healthy. If our fav makes a mistake, we need to call them out so they can do better. Yoongi is a grown ass man, we can't baby him and make excuses. I don't think he was praising or supporting Jim Jones, but this is ignorant.

  101. Manuela Muñoz

    Manuela Muñoz9 годин тому

    Big hit washed their hands with that apology. Yoongi didn't do nothing wrong, he was misunderstood.

  102. starry my

    starry my10 годин тому

    he doesn't need to apologize at all. You are blindly follow what general public said and blamed on yoongi blindly. I am sorry but yoongi is totally wronged because you add the excuse that he didn't do that. You can just go away. I hate someone who didn't trust yoongi at all

  103. hαnα

    hαnα16 годин тому

    How can people notice the jim jones speech but not read the lyrics

  104. starry my

    starry my10 годин тому

    @Aditi thakur sorry do you even know what the speech is saying ?“though you are dead, yet you should live and he that liveth and believeth shall never die.” Yoongi is talking about his liveth and believeth in his song according to the speech. he just misunderstood that he is the God not the human yet. How dare you say it is no connection with the song? You even don't know the speech at all!!!!!!!!!

  105. Aditi thakur

    Aditi thakur12 годин тому

    People read the lyrics and that have nothing to do with the song, his company said that too in the statement.They didn't even knew who he was so why use something which doesn't even connect with the song!

  106. Deja Blue

    Deja Blue17 годин тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a>

  107. joonieverse

    joonieverse17 годин тому

    What’s tht music tht playing at the end?

  108. Mary Mertens

    Mary Mertens17 годин тому

    I am not used to the cussin. August D is mouthy!😉💜

  109. Jenny Nim

    Jenny Nim17 годин тому

    Masterpiece! Deserve a standing ovation. This album is raw, honest and brave.

  110. Bhumika Patel

    Bhumika Patel17 годин тому

    Leave a like if you still listen to the song with the speech sample in it because it's a damn good song that deserves to be heard the way it was made

  111. materidouska286

    materidouska28617 годин тому

    Fighting for AgustD, fighting for Suga, fighting for Min Yoongi.... streaming, supporting, respecting, loving, believing.

  112. Jungoo Kookie

    Jungoo Kookie17 годин тому

    Even his first sentence is what do you think?? He’s up for discussion, don’t fall for his trap

  113. Manuela Muñoz

    Manuela Muñoz9 годин тому

    Its time to the fake fans to leave

  114. Dmdmcmk Ekxmmx

    Dmdmcmk Ekxmmx17 годин тому

    ik im kinda late at writing this but this really breaks my heart. the fact that he had to apologize for something he did no wrong. from what i see if those armys didn't turn back on him, things wouldn't have went this way. even in his vlive he said that this song and daechwita are traps for the antis. he didn't expect that armys would fall for it too. just like what was written in the apology "The artist himself is also feeling flustered by a problem arising from an unexpected area, and is feeling a deep sense of responsibility regarding it". he's referring to us. he trusted us, he even said in a live before this that having armys on his back makes him feel reassured. another thing somethin that people don't realise is that everyone can and is entitled to feel offended about literally ANYTHING, but that doesn't always make these things make sense. and yoongi's case is one of them, it really isn't his fault that people are upset. so if you were offended by this, go ahead you are entitled to feel this way, absolutely, but you should've stfu about it as the way you feel is not rational, which again is okay. if you've been vocal about this by throwing yoongi under the bus please never show up again, stop claiming that you're army. you don't and will never deserve them. y'all watch the boys ever be active again. even the members that posted a lot. jimin stopped updating us, taehyung stopped using weverse now watch yoongi, that has been super present on social medias, go inactive too. i won't complain as that can enable him staying away from the toxicity. btw the 2 cases that happened lately, im talking about jk and yoongi, were actually both started by bots. this is because bighit wants to be listed on KOSPI after going public, which is korea’s biggest stock market and entertainment companies don't get in. here's an article talking about this this is why kmedias are trying do stirr up as many problems as possible to attack BTS, which is bighit's foundation. they are sending these bots on twitter to start problems and pay people to defame them. so please to all armys out there, before listening to anyone check their profile and be careful. they are trying to divide the fandom too. for example right now there are antis pretending to be k-armys and are saying racist stuff and speaking against the blm movement. this is to divide i-armys and korean ones even more. of course though there are definitely racist koreans just like how there are these people in the international fanbase. please just be careful, even though i hope not I'm pretty sure that the problems will keep arising just please stop believing everything you see

  115. IHaveJimin’sJams

    IHaveJimin’sJams17 годин тому

    the anti who blew this up is just attention thirsty.

  116. IHaveJimin’sJams

    IHaveJimin’sJams17 годин тому

    yoongi deserves none of it.

  117. atoushi

    atoushi17 годин тому


  118. you jnb

    you jnb18 годин тому

    Yoongi doesn't have to apologize for this situation. You will never see him in person talking about this. What general public did was the shameful act

  119. you jnb

    you jnb18 годин тому

    Why should asking for the explanation turn out to be the apologise for general public? You are so hypocritical. Didn't you all email to bighit to ask for “yoongi explanation” only ?

  120. Teresa Yang

    Teresa Yang18 годин тому

    General public are so disgusting. We apologized via statement and you still said it is not sincere? So funny you are. Don't you all ask for the explanation firstly ?

  121. 울꽃은방

    울꽃은방18 годин тому

    He just has to apologize sincerely, that's all.

  122. Teresa Yang

    Teresa Yang18 годин тому

    I hate the general public who forced him to apologize. After the statement is released, you still said it is not good. shut up your mouth. Every kpop entertainments did the same reaction when celebrities had controversy why do you put strict rules on bts?

  123. starry my

    starry my18 годин тому

    What are you talking about ? The apologize statement is already released.

  124. materidouska286

    materidouska28618 годин тому

    One of very few last bastions for this song still standing - THANK YOU!!

  125. starry my

    starry my18 годин тому

    I realized why yoongi sampled the jim jones speech now. What him jones said, “though you should dead, yet you should live and he that liveth and believeth shall never die.” I thought yoongi didn't understand the true meaning...

  126. Kira Scarlett

    Kira Scarlett18 годин тому

    Sampling Jim Jones on a song with lyrics “Billboard No 1, What do you think? Grammy next, what do you think?” Huh what is the correlation?

  127. you jnb

    you jnb10 годин тому

    @Kira Scarlett what is wrong with you? two different songs can share the same concept. the believeth is revealed on this song and the death is revealed on the title song. If you rebute just because you hate him and have your prejudice then don't talk to me anymore

  128. Kira Scarlett

    Kira Scarlett14 годин тому

    @starry my those are two different songs though. And bighit themselves said that they used the sample for aesthetic reasons in their apology. So saying anything else is just reaching

  129. starry my

    starry my18 годин тому

    Jim jones said, “though you are dead, yet you should live and he that liveth and believeth shall never die.” In his title song Daechwita MV, he killed himself in the past. That is the concept. But I thought yoongi misunderstood the meaning

  130. Seher AVCI

    Seher AVCI18 годин тому

    I am addiced !!!💜

  131. Ebony G.O.A.T

    Ebony G.O.A.T18 годин тому

    Can someone explain please someone said like it was a diss to Jim Jones but I didn’t see any lyrics about Jim Jones or how he is going against Jim Jones and his preachings. I love Yoongi and I don’t think he had ill intentions when he made this but I’m very much confused. I’m asking y’all to educate me on the situation. Also, from what I do know BH said it was use for aesthetic reasons. So, how is it a diss? Again, I don’t think he meant anything with the Jim Jones sermon but stop getting mad at the army who are mad because they have the right to be outrage. It’s a very sensitive time for many people so please keep that in mind. 🙏🏾