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    Wow thank you for wasting my time.

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    Does anyone else notice that on the first hack one of the arms that said for you is facing the opposite of the other?

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    We all just got clickbaited !

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    Just wasted 10 minutes and 15 seconds of my life.

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    What is the name of that strip?? In 0:06 i dnt knw what is this

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    I am enjoying this video

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    The ideas are good, but a proper permanent fabric glue is probably a WAY better idea than hot glue The hot glue will fall apart and even melt in the wash and dryer Use a proper permanent fabric glue or if you can, sew Again, these are cute ideas for making basic t-shirts way cuter, but hot glue isn't the best idea lol

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    Bakwaas issa acha naye kapde khareed lenge

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    glue gun is not a better idea

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    The right side of the “for you” ribbon is the wrong way around. 🤔

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    Where is the thumbnail?? I am looking for the black one :(

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    Renate Channel its click bate, and it sucks

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    2nd one looks wierd before she ties it

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    Just wasted 10 minutes of my life

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    Abiha Islam yes

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    thopita pissu ykuu.reddak adapllako piliwlkata

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    Click bate

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    Dream Squad *bait


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    I touhgt this was legit! Litterly this is the opisite of the thumbnail

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    Bhot ba kar ha ya vedio

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    First shirt had too much going on

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    I love it so much better than the last one 😍😍😘👯🐼🐼🐼🐰🐰🐰🦃

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    @amit kumar u should not speak like this

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    I did not like it are you mentel

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    I wish you didn't clickbait me with the thumbnail ;-;

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    beautiful tatoo✌

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    I got clickbaited :(

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    using a glue gun is not good idea. Immediately after first washing the glue is gone (warm wather)

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    yes u r right

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    @Joimillyn Maradelosangeles or permanent fabric glue works well too

  38. Joimillyn Maradelosangeles

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    right. ..better if its sewed. ..

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    Did anyone else click on the vide just cuz the thumbnail?

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    She really used a damn hot glue gun

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    She probably doesn't use sewing supplies

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    i liked this video no.400 in the comments say what no.u liked

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    Your last diy is good

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    Nt batter

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    This is good

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    I dont know I never really do them

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    What is the black strap? Where can i buy?