An Afternoon with Prince Harry & James Corden


  1. Zachary Daniel

    Zachary Daniel2 години тому

    How can a Prince be so simple like him? 💛💛💛

  2. alyna mee

    alyna mee2 години тому

    So cool!! this is the first time I'm watching the show!

  3. Aaron Willis

    Aaron Willis2 години тому

    The amount of insults Harry and Meghan throw out here. 'I've never been allowed on an open top bus,' 'I've always wanted to go sightseeing,' 'I think we've done enough moving.' For someone who wanted privacy, we sure discovered a lot about his personal life here and about other members which should be private. Harry saying his life is always going to be about public service, no, you've chosen to leave the Royal Family. You've signed private, commercial deals with Netflix (with many endorsements in this video) and Spotify worth hundreds of millions off of the back of your titles. Meghan has not signed up to his interpretation of a life of duty and service, she never wanted it. She wanted wanted to stay in the UK. She wanted the man, accepted all of the privileges it came with, but didn't want to be told what to do. I'm a monarchist, by the way.

  4. Marie Domente

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  5. Angela Chen

    Angela Chen2 години тому

    Very much a member of the BTS ARMY💜

  6. Melody B

    Melody B2 години тому

    I wanna see this two in a movie😅😅

  7. pakouofficial

    pakouofficial2 години тому

    Even though I'm sad that there is an obvious rift between Harry and the royal family, you can't but simply be happy for the life he has chosen for himself.

  8. Lets Talk Em;

    Lets Talk Em;2 години тому

    I’m a fan 👏🏼♥️

  9. Not Sus or anything but

    Not Sus or anything but2 години тому

    Nice too see he actually has a life... Being a Royal must be debilitating with the lack of freedom.

  10. Anfernee Earl Pelones

    Anfernee Earl Pelones2 години тому

    I love how casual his attire is.

  11. Habiba Fofana

    Habiba Fofana2 години тому

    do you have some ARMY experience ? james: huuu... yeah very much a member of the BTS ARMY . I nearly spit my lungs out

  12. Divy Patel

    Divy Patel2 години тому

    Dude he just said a member of a BTS army How cool is this?

  13. Eliza Incipido

    Eliza Incipido2 години тому

    He is so lucky and cool ⭐⭐💫💫✨✨🌸🌸

  14. Irene Wilson

    Irene Wilson2 години тому

    I love these two Laughed when Harry spat out the tea He is just like an ordinary guy Well done on the rope climbing he is experienced

  15. Matt Gingery

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  16. Steve Michalek

    Steve Michalek2 години тому

    Just an incredible segment. Loved it! Humanizes a Royal!

  17. David Winehouse

    David Winehouse2 години тому

    He's not a prince. He gave that up. Fuck the rich and elite

  18. Jillian Kaplan

    Jillian Kaplan2 години тому

    ok but can we take a moment to appreciate how GORGEOUS Meghan looked

  19. Yusi Jinalangu

    Yusi Jinalangu2 години тому

    Love to see the two brothers do this..! Harry and William

  20. shaurya chakarvarty

    shaurya chakarvarty2 години тому

    Lol 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣

  21. Big Bad Punisher

    Big Bad Punisher2 години тому

    He‘s no part of the royal family. There is no point in calling him prince Harry anymore. It‘s just regular Harry.

  22. Barbara Moore

    Barbara Moore2 години тому

    Best show ever, Harry is an amazing person, definitely his mother’s son, beautiful soul He most certainly had to get his wife and child out of that toxic environment, absolutely disgraceful what Media printed about this beautiful girl, day and daily, what man in this day and age would let his family go through this shit!!!!!!

  23. samantha williams

    samantha williams2 години тому

    What absolute fun this was to watch. These 2 are awesome.

  24. Айко Никогосян

    Айко Никогосян2 години тому

  25. momma

    momma2 години тому

    this literally made my day. so happy they’re in the US now 😍

  26. Jay

    Jay2 години тому

    The BTS army 😂

  27. Armin Solomon

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  28. Nathan mead

    Nathan mead2 години тому

    u can tell harry is quite competitive, but doesn’t want to show it lol

  29. Merry Clark

    Merry Clark2 години тому

    4:49 look how much he looks like Charles here omg


    MR PETTIFORD2 години тому

    Harry sounds like Gordon Ramsey

  31. Bampirita RL

    Bampirita RL2 години тому

    11:20 straight out for his father. Who didn't care, neither had the balls to do the samething for Lady D and his kids. Well done Harry! Real family first. Good interview!

  32. Bevey Dillon

    Bevey Dillon2 години тому

    LoL this is so much fun

  33. Lex L

    Lex L2 години тому

    LA is one of the last places someone famous ought to escape to From toxic British press to toxic LA paparazzi. Hope it'll get better for him

  34. Songs of song

    Songs of song3 години тому

    Ha ha ha,,,,,,,, King of Spartans... Prince Harry YES!!! you nailed the show ha ha... That's fun..

  35. Holly Klass

    Holly Klass3 години тому

    I am smiling all the time harry wants freedom England is lock down who vex loose live your life bro

  36. Chester Floyd Equipado

    Chester Floyd Equipado3 години тому

    My respect to the prince! From a Philippine Marine

  37. we have different clothes

    we have different clothes3 години тому

    I too am a member of the bts army

  38. Sound Club FX

    Sound Club FX3 години тому

    People watching this like: - in bed - not in a full screen - reading comments - if i am right, you owe me a sub bro ! ✅

  39. Naturalbeauty_abena

    Naturalbeauty_abena3 години тому

    Prince Harry is royalty by blood, they can't erase that. Now Meghan is royalty through marriage and has a son that bond can't just be erased. So those haters can cry a river and an ocean it won't change. God bless them.

  40. Cedric Bloch

    Cedric Bloch3 години тому

    they recreated @BrigitsBakery original Afternoon Tea London Bus!! Wonderful!!

  41. Erin Smith

    Erin Smith3 години тому

    That was really great to watch.

  42. Annabelle Masingani

    Annabelle Masingani3 години тому


  43. mettana1

    mettana13 години тому

    Sooooo good this!

  44. جيهوب أملي امجي

    جيهوب أملي امجي3 години тому

    بابا موتشي من جييش الارمي

  45. Belieber Forever

    Belieber Forever3 години тому

    This was absolutely brilliant and hilarious. What a great idea to travel on an open-top bus during these horribly dangerous times. Loved it!

  46. Derick Lewis

    Derick Lewis3 години тому

    Prince Harry, the world’s favorite royal by far! My guy is is just down to earth man.

  47. Whisky Tray

    Whisky Tray3 години тому

    It's time for a remake of the Laurel & Hardy classic: The Hollywood Party (1934)!

  48. Дмитрий Zero

    Дмитрий Zero3 години тому

    Cын кoнюхa и принцeccы.🤣

  49. Broken Engish

    Broken Engish3 години тому

    I'm from Jupiter. Who is prince harry??

  50. James Lake

    James Lake3 години тому

    Im surprised he does all things himself with his family so honestly fair play But The taxes are clearly not high enough. And What about prince Andrew? They should do one with him 😎😂

  51. Kris Sinai

    Kris Sinai3 години тому

    OMG! Laughed the entire time! An actual prince in the fresh prince of bel air home, James being a BTS army and above all he wants to portray the role of Prince william! ROFLOL!🤣

  52. Jeorgia Green

    Jeorgia Green3 години тому

    Prince Harry in jogging bottoms climbing a rope with just his hands is something I didn't know i needed to see but I'm so happy I have.

  53. Mas Mas

    Mas Mas3 години тому

    Manipulative Meghan wants to be very careful indeed as she is playing with fire. Oprah will obtain what she wants out of the interview - Meghan's wishes will be very much second place. Oprah is probably one of the most experienced interviewers in the world and most certainly she does not need Meghan but Meghan needs her! There will most probably be 'tough' questions but these will be wrapped in a sugar coating and Meghan (certainly Harry) too ignorant or stupid to comprehend what's happing. Then of course should Meghan say anything 'nasty' or 'toxic' again about HM The Queen ALL titles could be removed! The titles and honours were simply not given to them to commercially exploit for their personal greed. If they exploit the Sussex title that too can and will be removed. The British taxpayer should also not have to support these parasites for their £20 million annual security costs or any travel or accommodation

  54. Genevieve

    Genevieve2 години тому

    Lol. You need a hobby.

  55. Eva Brezová

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  56. ryan pake

    ryan pake3 години тому

    They are similar in very different ways.

  57. whatevs77

    whatevs773 години тому

    This was very cute 🥰😘

  58. Daniel James

    Daniel James3 години тому

    The Duke of Haz-ard having his privacy invaded again..

  59. Eco A

    Eco A3 години тому

    Wonder what happened to corden’s body next day

  60. جيهوب أملي امجي

    جيهوب أملي امجي3 години тому

    بابا موتشي كيوت 💜

  61. Destiny Ojeh

    Destiny Ojeh3 години тому

    I love it. Meghan looks so good. I’m happy she was smiling. Prince Harry is sooooooo funny. This is the best video.

  62. Simone Dreams

    Simone Dreams3 години тому

    Instead of spending an afternoon with James Corden, he should be by his ailing 99 year old Grandfather's bedside. Shame on you, Dirty Harry.

  63. Barbara Lee

    Barbara Lee3 години тому

    Yeah, he should travel on a plane and risk Covid 19 exposure and pass on the virus to his ailing 99 year old Grandfather. That makes so much sense.

  64. Mr Criterion

    Mr Criterion3 години тому

    Harry's a Legend the Original G

  65. Lucy D

    Lucy D3 години тому

    MEMBER OF THE BTS ARMY YES OMG OMG OMG. I love it when there are BTS references when you least expect it. YES JAMES

  66. Jatine Modi

    Jatine Modi3 години тому

    Wow !! Diana would be please to see how the People’s Prince has grown !

  67. Dennis Makuwa

    Dennis Makuwa3 години тому

    Thanks for asking the question about The Crown series James.

  68. d ville benny

    d ville benny3 години тому

    It's nice to see him so relaxed after so much stress. Best of luck Harry and Megan!

  69. Alisa Radici

    Alisa Radici3 години тому

    Just lads doing laddy lad things 😂

  70. Sunshine Maye

    Sunshine Maye3 години тому

    Harry is a great guy that I would absolutely love if he was my sibling. Let's not speak negative of him or his choices. Let's trust him to do the best for his generation. The queen will never give up on you Harry, you are an awesome gift to the world.

  71. Lori Sharpe

    Lori Sharpe3 години тому

    That was great!!

  72. anais january

    anais january3 години тому

    This is a grotesque caricature. Disappoing, empty "show biz" kid of circus. The level is soooooooo low. Showing a real Prince that has done much for his country especially for war veterans, a man who had a posture now presenting him casually asking to go for a pee in one of the LA houses...... I am so disappointed now the Holywood scene treats ala mocks Harry. And he is so innocent and totally not ready to deal with these fake, empty, showbiz sharks. Harry feels trapped and tries to do his best to be entertaining. So sad for Harry.

  73. Vigdis Goldin

    Vigdis Goldin3 години тому

    One more episode with Prince Harry please, loved it 🥰

  74. Prachi Shah

    Prachi Shah3 години тому

    I'm so proud of Harry and Meghan!

  75. Malak Abed

    Malak Abed3 години тому

    My favorite for sure🔥♥️

  76. Hall.p

    Hall.p3 години тому

    I’m sure it’s just Harry these days???

  77. Jen Smith

    Jen Smith3 години тому

    Omg I just adore Prince Harry. He is so funny and genuine. 💜

  78. Helena Sedoh

    Helena Sedoh3 години тому


  79. M Tv

    M Tv3 години тому

    The pitch of Harry's voice and the way that he speaks is from the Spencer, his mother's side of the family. He sounds just like his uncle the Earl Spencer.

  80. Bianca Camara- Roberts

    Bianca Camara- Roberts3 години тому

    Harry wasn’t happy with James FaceTiming his wife and calling her love lol

  81. marge royal

    marge royal3 години тому

    I got a British accent just watching this video

  82. James Lake

    James Lake3 години тому

    There’s no royalty here. Living in LA at the expense of us lot!!! Us royals should pay their way instead of taking it all off us 😎

  83. Bhavya Sharma

    Bhavya Sharma3 години тому

    There should be a really strong reason for him leaving so much behind... But it's good he's happy

  84. Tiffany Nicholls

    Tiffany Nicholls3 години тому

    Absolutely warms my heart to see Harry so happy 🥰

  85. Luna ier

    Luna ier3 години тому

    Very nice just watching a Christmas movie makes me happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. Tracey Taylor

    Tracey Taylor3 години тому

    It so good to see a bit of the old Harry is still there, such a great shame for the UK we have lost what could of been two great ambassadors 😕

  87. Freya S

    Freya S3 години тому

    we’ve pretty much lost the only good royals

  88. Regal Purple Orchid

    Regal Purple Orchid3 години тому

    James to Sam: That is a joke. You’re a joke! 14:40. Jin BTS to James: You’re a joke(r) guy! Dedicated to BTS Army, 12:31.

  89. Eun Park

    Eun Park3 години тому

    James the BTS army !!! So funny and cute!!! I love it!!!

  90. Regina Phalange

    Regina Phalange3 години тому


  91. Sherry Jackman

    Sherry Jackman3 години тому

    As an American granny age lady who has admired Princess Diana and her sons et al for years, I really dug this video. Harry is truly adorable and it was great to see him do the obstacle course way better than James, who needs to get in better shape for his health. I also enjoy James' carpool karioke. Way to go Prince Harry. Also liked the potty break at Fresh Prince house and agree with Meghan about staying put. They're better off out of the LA city limits, moving is too hard, and with a second baby coming. Nice, enjoyed the tea spill. What fun.

  92. Carmen Hartzenberg

    Carmen Hartzenberg3 години тому

    I loved watching this

  93. God's Child

    God's Child3 години тому

    Sections of the British Media have been here clicking 'Dislike' - because - FINALLY - their lies are being exposed. Truth will ALWAYS come out!! Well done James for doing a great and honest interview. We have had years of lies. Sections of the Media 'reporting' sensational and hurtful stuff for years about this dear couple and our Royal Family. The tide is turning and will continue to do so. This is just the beginning. God works in a mysterious way! thank you Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth! You can only poke God in the eye for so long! When you act like 'god' He will ALWAYS show up in the least way you expect and remind you that He is God - especially when you pick on the innocent and cause cruelty just to make money! We love you Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan, Archie and your little one and future ones. Her majesty the Queen must be so FNALLY relieved. Who will people believe? - Her beloved Grandson and Prince or some journalist who has NEVER MET the Queen who lies and says 'The Queen feels this way...' or 'The people of Britain feel...'. The worst one - is when they want to sound kosher and say 'In a recent Survey, British people said...' To the Readers reading this - I am a Brit and I have never agreed with their lies and utter tosh. They never spoke for me. Hence I stopped buying those particular Newspapers years ago and when their Headlines have popped up on line on my Devices - I recently started blocking them. Enough was enough! after watching this - I thank God - I did the right thing. Hope many who 'believed' them will follow after this -you may not have the platform and is unable to respond - you can speak with something. Your money and walking away. Otherwise you become a contributor. I believe some of these Journalists actually like Harry and Meghan but if they want their mortgages paid - they feel they need to tow the line. That is what happens when you do not believe in God. You do not have to tow the line and sell your soul. Get another job! when one door closes (especially when you honour God and truth) - guaranteed - another door will open! Trying to destroy lives because you now have a 'seared soul' (1 Timothy 4:2) - because of your hypocrisy and lies - is not worth it. God bless you too. May the Lord continue to protect the Prince and his family, our Royal family and us. God bless you James. Thank you We still have here in Britain - good sections of the Media who report facts and truth. Thank God! God bless them too. Sadly they do not have the clout the other horrible Newspapers have. The ones that lie and shout the loudest in the Press and TV. Yet bless them - they keep reporting facts and truth not edited and doctored Programs and News that feed the lies! May God help us all. What has society come to? When the News reports lies and Drama reports truth?! God forgive me - I actually came to hate the Royal Household - again based on what sections of the Media did - giving the impression that they participated in this evil. Selling lies to sections of our Media for a bob or two. Now it makes you wonder - if that too was a lie - to get us to believe the nonsense being spewed against this dear young man and his family...

  94. S Halonen

    S Halonen3 години тому

    Harry is really cool dude!

  95. Rabea Lone

    Rabea Lone3 години тому

    I didn’t know I needed this until now 😂

  96. Daphne Abrahams

    Daphne Abrahams3 години тому

    This made my day😂😂 Prince Harry is so nice!!

  97. Paige

    Paige3 години тому

    Ugh yes papa mochi

  98. Harriett Bell

    Harriett Bell3 години тому


  99. Kennedy Bintang

    Kennedy Bintang3 години тому

    People only betray their country for three reasons. And what are they? Money, Blackmail and revenge. (Restless, William Boyd

  100. christinaxo

    christinaxo3 години тому

    ” some of us have got other places to be” - Prince Harry (loool so funny)

  101. Danielle Vassell

    Danielle Vassell3 години тому

    James and Prince Harry are friendship goals!

  102. Athena

    Athena3 години тому

    I hear Diana's voice but in a manly way. it makes me teared up.