Android VS iPhone


  1. Cheetoh Studios

    Cheetoh StudiosРік тому

    ATTENTION This cartoon isn't meant to bash either iPhone or Android, or anyone that uses either phone. As a matter of fact this cartoon was originally made just to roast my friend who always bragged about his Android. I actually really like both, but I have an iPhone because it was a gift from my parents lol

  2. Bradley Groot

    Bradley Groot5 днів тому

    Now i am sad i hate apple

  3. ヅـمدAHMEDأحـ

    ヅـمدAHMEDأحـ8 днів тому

    Well choice of your parents🌚

  4. Sytk Tryhard

    Sytk Tryhard21 день тому

    Forest Man android’s are for poor people.

  5. Dark_Kat_Playz Tube

    Dark_Kat_Playz Tube29 днів тому

    Is this flip a clip

  6. Eldar Memmedov

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  7. Michał Dudek

    Michał Dudek16 годин тому

    EJJJJ! iPhone is good

  8. Buttersvevo

    Buttersvevo18 годин тому

    It is opposite for me I get the know it all talk from my iPhone friends and they say I am poor for having an android

  9. SmoqueHouse Records

    SmoqueHouse Records19 годин тому

    A must Android user made this and Android is so slow

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  11. ۵ Backette

    ۵ BacketteДень тому

    honestly does it even matter wether you use an Android or an Apple phone?

  12. Fredrik Tvete

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  13. Skjoldpadden on twitter

    Skjoldpadden on twitterДень тому

    All dislikes are from IPhone users lol

  14. Jaaziel P

    Jaaziel PДень тому

    Samsung A80

  15. UniCat Pops

    UniCat PopsДень тому

    Is samsung a android?

  16. ۵ Backette

    ۵ BacketteДень тому

    yeah samsung uses Android

  17. D 1

    D 1День тому

    Android is winning in 2020 Imagine getting an iPhone in 2020

  18. Diamond Wolf Qween555

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  19. asia Ch

    asia ChДень тому


  20. Error :0

    Error :0День тому

    I got a IPad just to mess around with siri

  21. xVFlyNno

    xVFlyNnoДень тому

    I used to have.a android and it had a little little crack in it and half screen dosent work...🤦‍♀️

  22. xVFlyNno

    xVFlyNnoДень тому

    Wait wait wait this is not true apple is is is way way way better then android

  23. Ronny

    Ronny2 дні тому

    It sucks

  24. BRO ツMr.Death

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  25. •SW33T BUNZ•

    •SW33T BUNZ•2 дні тому

    I prefer iPhone but android tablets are better than iPads. When I had a Samsung tablet, it took 4-5 years for it to stop working but when I got an iPad, it took just a bit less than 2 years for it to stop working and it was so expensive. I have an IPhone but for my birthday, I should be getting a Samsung tab A

  26. Stupid Mario

    Stupid MarioДень тому

    •SW33T BUNZ• my iPad has been alive long

  27. Kieryn Beloncik

    Kieryn Beloncik2 дні тому

    Plot twist: this person has a flip phone

  28. YouTube Mario

    YouTube Mario3 дні тому

    Like for iPhone Shit on android

  29. Undertale gamer

    Undertale gamer3 дні тому

    Guy: androids are a lot more durable Me: no there not I had a android before no the fuck they aren’t more durable than iPhones

  30. IRazfernus 96

    IRazfernus 963 дні тому

    Apple will hate you after that video😂😂

  31. EM DITI

    EM DITI3 дні тому

    Guys who knows how to transfer everything from iPhone to samsung, just im changing my phone

  32. Thebluemammot

    Thebluemammot3 дні тому

    To whom it may concern andriod is owned by google it is also an operating system. To those who still don't understand let me get of my high horse and put in simple terms. Calling phones that run on android is like calling every iphone an ios or every computer a windows. Now Ima go explain this to people my age and see if they understand as well as my kids

  33. Krish

    Krish3 дні тому

    I'm using my iPhone 6 from past 5 years without any issues.... any androooooo..........???????

  34. Dillon Snowder

    Dillon Snowder3 дні тому

    “Well ok you queer” 😂😂

  35. Charlie Jay

    Charlie Jay3 дні тому

    Fuck these comments

  36. koit tamme

    koit tamme4 дні тому

    Video likes=team Android My comment likes=team iphone Iphone never gonna win :D

  37. 3ND-_-G4ME

    3ND-_-G4ME4 дні тому

    iPhone has a better photo quality than Samsung

  38. Bennet YT

    Bennet YT4 дні тому

    It’s the opisite

  39. Đạt Công

    Đạt Công4 дні тому

    Just unsub this guy

  40. BluSkye

    BluSkye4 дні тому

    iPhone and android fighting Huawei: eating popcorn

  41. Marian Gaming

    Marian Gaming4 дні тому

    I like Android mooore. 💕🥰

  42. Pet Palace

    Pet Palace4 дні тому

    Legend has it he still needs a charger...

  43. Kidthatmakes animations00

    Kidthatmakes animations005 днів тому

    I use Samsung because I'm neutral.

  44. TeeVee

    TeeVee5 днів тому

    I have Android and echt 30 seconds my battery goes down 1% pure trash

  45. Hanko Franko

    Hanko Franko5 днів тому

    These days it’s the other way around

  46. Saif_64 Alzarooni

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  47. Springlocked

    Springlocked5 днів тому

    Im so sad now everyone ruins İos


    DJF VLOGS5 днів тому


  49. El PrettyBoY

    El PrettyBoY5 днів тому

    Cheap Android's are literally shit if you ask me lol I went from iPhone to Android and OMG I miss my iPhone.

  50. Bách Lâm

    Bách Lâm5 днів тому

    you did NOT write Iphone on the thumbnail, did you oh come on, you were doing it right with the video title lmao

  51. Isaac Merida

    Isaac Merida5 днів тому

    I saw this in my iPhone 8 :( but then i saw this again but in my Android:)

  52. ACE

    ACE5 днів тому

    So true tho

  53. See Reax

    See Reax5 днів тому

    0:31 cap

  54. Phaser

    Phaser5 днів тому

    Android isint Samsung

  55. lil sleepyest

    lil sleepyest5 днів тому

    This video was made by android gang

  56. Ant Ope

    Ant Ope6 днів тому

    0:28 i love pokemon emerald emulator

  57. JeromiaTownHouse

    JeromiaTownHouse6 днів тому

    Android camera quality is so bad

  58. GamingPlusMusic

    GamingPlusMusic6 днів тому

    iPhone look and are better

  59. Romeo Kukita

    Romeo Kukita6 днів тому

    Like:Iphone Comment:Iphone

  60. Ahmed Al khamees

    Ahmed Al khamees6 днів тому

    Who ever made this is a android user I think both phones do the same🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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    If you don't know what to buy buy them two

  62. Francisco Montero Lázaro

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    No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Android users: buy a xiaomi lmao the best quality-price

  63. pro player

    pro player7 днів тому

    According to this video Android phone is best 😍😍

  64. Fuggetdanugget yewtewbe

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    Dad: alright son, here's your phone *gives me a iphone 11 pro* Me: -_- Dad: do u like it? Me:sure (Dad u r so dead)

  65. ヅـمدAHMEDأحـ

    ヅـمدAHMEDأحـ8 днів тому

    I phone is better

  66. winter blxssom

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    IPhone gang