Ankle Breaking 1V1 Against TheFlightMike!


  1. FlightReacts

    FlightReactsМісяць тому

    Make sure you sub to NBA trainer R2 (Ryan) Channel!

  2. Tanner Helgeson

    Tanner Helgeson7 годин тому

    You are trash

  3. bruh

    bruh22 дні тому


  4. Amine Says

    Amine Says22 дні тому

    The person ur facing is ass

  5. Kasahn 9

    Kasahn 9Місяць тому

    It’s June

  6. Potato_aim_guy Yt

    Potato_aim_guy YtМісяць тому

    FlightReacts you on some x game shi

  7. IIj4xX0nII _YT

    IIj4xX0nII _YTДень тому

    He ankle broke that man so it's June Hahahhahaha flight pop off

  8. Jashaun010

    Jashaun010День тому

    One of his best games

  9. Jude Dickinson

    Jude Dickinson2 дні тому

    Ay bro... you got the aim but you gotta add a little more strength into your arc

  10. Christopher Arias

    Christopher Arias2 дні тому

    He can't call it an ankle breaker because he said if you don't Finnish it dont count

  11. TSA99_

    TSA99_2 дні тому

    in 2021 someone comment on this

  12. Inteligibles

    Inteligibles3 дні тому

    7:57 whats the effect called?

  13. Youuhgniil Difhbjvbbj

    Youuhgniil Difhbjvbbj5 днів тому

    Finally he’s playing against someone who is actually below his skill or at his skill. Smart plays.

  14. Kris Joint

    Kris Joint5 днів тому

    You’re TRASH at ball

  15. Kaden Huang

    Kaden Huang5 днів тому




    Is june👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  17. Yvng Dom

    Yvng Dom6 днів тому

    “June is over bum betch” 💀💀

  18. abd playing games

    abd playing games6 днів тому

    Him acting like flight Me like ,.,. Shut up

  19. Jayden Smykal

    Jayden Smykal6 днів тому

    Who else here on the last day of June to re live the greatest month of 2020

  20. Carson Kurata

    Carson Kurata4 дні тому


  21. Grim Clan

    Grim Clan7 днів тому

    Everyone was saying flights gonna evolve in June and it’s kinda facs

  22. Stephen Curry Gaming

    Stephen Curry Gaming20 годин тому

    @AB june as a whole bro

  23. AB

    AB7 днів тому

    Bruh he literally played against someone who can’t make a layup

  24. Benju Meier

    Benju Meier7 днів тому

    Why he didn't say to him " you ain't curry" ?¿

  25. Gaming Montage

    Gaming Montage8 днів тому

    bruh his ankles were across the world

  26. Dylan Rouch

    Dylan Rouch8 днів тому

    U should stick w that jumpershot

  27. vl_ sneEzy

    vl_ sneEzy9 днів тому

    I love his trainer he looked like a proud father during this 1v1😂

  28. _krysten_ carter

    _krysten_ carter9 днів тому

    I wouldn’t get hype for winning against somebody who doesn’t know how to play, but that’s just me🤷🏾‍♀️

  29. victor berrocal

    victor berrocal9 днів тому

    13:45 wow!

  30. Danny Norris Jr

    Danny Norris Jr10 днів тому

    This is painful to watch

  31. Elmer Herrera

    Elmer Herrera11 днів тому

    Oh the cringe!

  32. Chris Phillips

    Chris Phillips11 днів тому

    Its like flight playing himself before june

  33. Curlyfriesjosh

    Curlyfriesjosh12 днів тому

    What’s up with the other dude? Why is he so stiff and like, awkward?

  34. 4czx

    4czx12 днів тому


  35. kym o'loughlin

    kym o'loughlin13 днів тому

    Is that coach Ryan at the start 🤔🤨

  36. FRED G

    FRED G13 днів тому

    This guy he’s facing is so stiff

  37. Hunter James

    Hunter James13 днів тому

    both yall trash

  38. Rando Soome

    Rando Soome13 днів тому

    Anklebreaker, THE ON AND ONLY

  39. Chloe Lawlor

    Chloe Lawlor14 днів тому

    Me that whole video 😐😐😐😴😐😐

  40. Roman Sanchez

    Roman Sanchez14 днів тому

    Blasphemous HD wants to play you in basketball

  41. Andy Laurore

    Andy Laurore14 днів тому

    Thought this said funnymike wrong flighf video 😂

  42. EddieActionLife!

    EddieActionLife!14 днів тому

    I think mike was shooting with the wrong hand lol

  43. louis zodiatis

    louis zodiatis14 днів тому

    The worst 1v1 ever. You just picked this kid so u can win. You both so bad

  44. zoom qq

    zoom qq17 днів тому

    Dude flights coach is so inspirational! He looks so proud of him.

  45. Toxic2X

    Toxic2X17 днів тому

    Funny mike said put up 5,000 and he put’s up 5,000 $ for the Gorge Floyd campaign

  46. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko17 днів тому

    I hit flight’s mom from the back it just wasn’t on camera

  47. Channzyz ͔

    Channzyz ͔18 днів тому

    I forgot what FTC is for

  48. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko17 днів тому

    His opponent got blocked by the rim😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. EATMYSHORTS !!!!

    EATMYSHORTS !!!!18 днів тому

    You can’t be me

  50. louis zodiatis

    louis zodiatis18 днів тому

    4:55, what am I watching?? My 8 year old brother vs my 9 year old cousin would be more intense. And the shooting percentage would be much higher than them

  51. Hoodie Life

    Hoodie Life18 днів тому

    Other dude is literal garbage

  52. cozy boy1017

    cozy boy101719 днів тому

    You can tell that guy was trash just by the way he dressed lmao head band, compression tights, wrists band, curry jersey

  53. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov18 днів тому

    Huh flights twin

  54. Cheezit Box

    Cheezit Box19 днів тому

    This got everyone so excited for june

  55. kade bonath

    kade bonath19 днів тому

    There were more airballs than makes in this ☠

  56. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola19 днів тому

    Huh flights twin

  57. kade bonath

    kade bonath19 днів тому

    Is this their first time playing ball?

  58. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov18 днів тому

    Bruh my mans is wearing 1s to a 1v1

  59. Elias Noi

    Elias Noi19 днів тому


  60. Mason Kinne

    Mason Kinne19 днів тому

    This is easily the worst game of basketball I’ve ever watched and I have coached a U8 team😂

  61. KamGotNext

    KamGotNext21 день тому

  62. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi20 днів тому


  63. Suhail Asmal

    Suhail Asmal21 день тому

    Flight ur overthinking

  64. Gio Manzano

    Gio Manzano21 день тому

    nice ankle breaker lol hahahahahahahha lol im dying

  65. Xxfrosty _Vortex

    Xxfrosty _Vortex21 день тому

    This man finally broke some ankles

  66. RageFrozt Psyco

    RageFrozt Psyco21 день тому

    What the f that dude like never play basketball

  67. Daniyal Batrkhanov

    Daniyal Batrkhanov21 день тому

    The odds of flight hitting a three is literally 5%

  68. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko21 день тому


  69. Swag_21

    Swag_2121 день тому

    His opponent got blocked by the rim😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko21 день тому

    How The Hell You Get Crossed By Flight?😭 You Gotta Be The Most Trashiest Player Ever To Get Crossed By Him💀💀

  71. bilias hour

    bilias hour22 дні тому

    His opponent literally can’t even play the sport. LMFAO he’s on the wrong buckets, he’s on the KFC bucket.

  72. bilias hour

    bilias hour22 дні тому

    Imagine if Stephen curry watches flight in June, he gonna be sayin look at flight man

  73. Rielyn Watkins

    Rielyn Watkins22 дні тому

    Good job👏 lol you are getting better 👍

  74. Jose Espinal

    Jose Espinal22 дні тому

    Look at flight man 😂😂

  75. Jye Thompson

    Jye Thompson23 дні тому

    Flight after u broke him u should have faked shot the drove

  76. PJ Boys

    PJ Boys23 дні тому

    Bruh my mans is wearing 1s to a 1v1

  77. PJ Boys

    PJ Boys23 дні тому

    Huh flights twin

  78. 6roken

    6roken23 дні тому

    Hold your followthrough and you dangerous dawg.

  79. Evan Holstein

    Evan Holstein23 дні тому

    To be honest this is an L🤣 The guy hes playing has no clue what sport hes playing nor less can dribble🇱🇷

  80. 23kc

    23kc24 дні тому

    June flight gets all rolls!

  81. ToxicFemale

    ToxicFemale24 дні тому


  82. Bindu Upadhyay

    Bindu Upadhyay24 дні тому

    I beat flight it was just like I didn’t have the cameras on.

  83. LogicYT

    LogicYT24 дні тому

    Someone bought curry off fiver?

  84. eaglesnation

    eaglesnation24 дні тому

    😂bra was shitty

  85. ZR Gaming23

    ZR Gaming2324 дні тому

    June 😂

  86. Text Me

    Text Me24 дні тому

    How The Hell You Get Crossed By Flight?😭 You Gotta Be The Most Trashiest Player Ever To Get Crossed By Him💀💀

  87. Slaughter King

    Slaughter King24 дні тому


  88. Ms.ballerz 18

    Ms.ballerz 1824 дні тому

    Yooo this flight mike guy is 💩 i can beet him

  89. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini24 дні тому

    Imagine if Stephen curry watches flight in June, he gonna be sayin look at flight man

  90. Lil_ego Man

    Lil_ego Man24 дні тому

    They are bad at shooting 😂😂

  91. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini24 дні тому

    "Just didn't have the cameras on" 😭💀

  92. Gatty Gatt

    Gatty Gatt24 дні тому

    Look at your computer you have to face to actually do anything remotely athletic

  93. Jay Sibindi

    Jay Sibindi25 днів тому

    The flightmike guy looks like he has never played basketball 8n his life

  94. Jerald Native Warrior Lee

    Jerald Native Warrior Lee25 днів тому

    Every time he takes his shirt off, he goes into his JUNE form #IrishSpringGreenGreen🏀🍀

  95. Mark The Shark 2

    Mark The Shark 225 днів тому

    One of the worst players I’ve ever seen

  96. Hz SuS

    Hz SuS25 днів тому

    How did you struggle that much flight 😂

  97. Zero Chance

    Zero Chance25 днів тому

    I can't watch this so cringey. I beat flights ass in some ball.