Anthony Davis can't be convinced to stay with the Pelicans, play with Zion - Stephen A. | Get Up!


  1. Geert Matthys

    Geert MatthysРік тому

    Mickey Mouse running Stephen A like a slaveowner

  2. Shin Yokoyama

    Shin YokoyamaРік тому

    All I got to say is if KD leaves AD you come and play for GS and join a dynasty and be the new NBA great player. and get yourself some championships so everyone can hate on you but will validate you as being in the running for the goat.

  3. Kandi Durand

    Kandi DurandРік тому

    We don't care if he's want to play or don't. Pelicans will win one. We don't need him. He wants to play with the warriors. Let him go.. Louisiana Strong!!! We get it out of the mud that's why its The BOOT. Rams against the Saints. LSU vs Texas a&m. LSU coach & student schandal. We will over come it all . Just watch! We the fans say to AD you all in or you all out!



    Kick rocks AD... Trade his ass now....

  5. hen ko

    hen koРік тому

    develop chemistry as they try to rush a championship overnight.

  6. Cassie

    CassieРік тому

    develop chemistry as they try to rush a championship overnight.

  7. Black Order

    Black OrderРік тому

    Zion didnt want to come to the Pelicans all fake news!!!!!!!!!!! Stop listen to media!!! Thats the only reason people post trades like this, is because of media. Yall want to talk about the Pelicans are a bad franchise an Zion should go to the LAkers or back to Duke or to the knicks???? Really ??? The LAkers had 4 top 5 picks in the NBA draft in the last 5 years!!!! In addition, they pick up Lebron James an still missed the playoffs every year 5 years straight!!!! The Pelicans only had 1 pick in top 5 and made the playoffs twice despite the injuries!!! The Pelicans are bad???!!! Yall out yall rabbit a$% mind!!! Facts are Pelicans: Have Zion Have AD, Jrue, Julius They also have David Griffin Alvin Gentry as coach & They have new training staff a PResident .. spent 4.6 million on a new training facility THey making positive progress!!! Zion will have fun and develop well in New Orleans, weather AD is traded or not!! MEdia need to stop hating!!!

  8. Maximus Prime

    Maximus PrimeРік тому

    Easy... trade LeBron for Zion!!! Zion don't want to play with AD. Pels want to keep AD. LeBron and AD want to play with each other. Griffin wants and needs to win now and keep AD. Lakers fans want to return to their youth movement. Palinka would be a God!!! Win/win situation!!!

  9. Smooth Operator

    Smooth OperatorРік тому

    What if the Knicks end up doing a 3 man trade and picking up free agents and they end up getting KD,AD, IRVING, AND KAWHI for just one year because all of that would be too expensive.

  10. 313 Joker

    313 JokerРік тому

    Man I haven't seen Damon Jones in a minute. That man look like he ate Damon Jones.

  11. George Brother

    George BrotherРік тому

    Only way AD come back is the pels sign rondo back and get another free agent shooter

  12. TheOnlyHeem

    TheOnlyHeemРік тому

    Bro AD COME TO HOUSTON PLEASE‼️ we jus gotta get rid of everybody else🤣 3 Man rotation

  13. Left Hook 2 Da Body

    Left Hook 2 Da BodyРік тому

    He started off by saying to Stephen A. Smith....there’s million places I wanna take you 🤦🏼‍♂️ (PAUSE)

  14. BlockTalkNews

    BlockTalkNewsРік тому

    Bye bitch

  15. Got Game

    Got GameРік тому

    the knicks arent signing anyone.

  16. Poeaux Gunnah

    Poeaux GunnahРік тому

    Sooo... AD lookn like a mid 90's Disney Villian, and SA lookn like BabyDaddy Smurf In the thumbnail 🤔

  17. June B

    June BРік тому

    I would trade ben simmons for zion... I think ben is leaving to LA anyway.... if i was the in the 76ers Organization i would definitely entertain that idea!!!!!!

  18. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed AhmedРік тому


  19. Anthony Drake

    Anthony DrakeРік тому

    You got till june 10 before you can say Zion era...Zion could do a Sophomore year at Duke...and if there's no star on the Pels, why not?

  20. NamisIll

    NamisIllРік тому

    I hope the Knicks don't overpay for AD in any trade proposal ,They did that once for Carmelo. If the Knicks sign Durant and Irving and draft Barrett along with all that young talent they have I'd be very happy.

  21. Epiph Da 1

    Epiph Da 1Рік тому

    Man let's be real Damian Jones, David G... ex GM for the CAVS you cant make this shi up...Zion goes to New Orleans lol...translation AD is going to LA because they want LeBron James to win again!!! Then they go to KD who they've been trying to push out from day one! Look I hope KD stays in GS & I hope LeBron James gets no one doesn't he make everyone better around him!

  22. Big B

    Big BРік тому

    FINALLY an interview with Stephen A where he doesn't go ultrasonic and off the rails lol. I think he should lose his voice more often. Lots of smart things to say, just hate it when it's more about him yelling than what he's yelling about 😉

  23. Metro Pcs

    Metro PcsРік тому

    Nah KD selfish bro😂😂

  24. Pelicans Will Rise

    Pelicans Will RiseРік тому

    if the Bucks win, it will change it back to a collection of role players winning with one star drafted by the organization and developed. Giannis came in the league in 2013 and averaged 7 points his first year and 12 points his 2nd. In today's NBA instant gratification, Giannis would have been traded his 1st of 2nd year for low production. But the Bucks built the right way. Now 6 years later, if the Bucks win with just Giannis and a collection of role players (some of which can become stars from winning), they will put the league on notice to stop star chasing and build teams from the bottom up (draft and player development), not the top down (star stacking). The Warriors with Steph/Klay/Draymond were bottom up. The added Kevin but the core of their team was already there to establish chemistry over time. Teams with the best chemistry win whereby teams stacking may never develop chemistry as they try to rush a championship overnight.

  25. cntipede

    cntipedeРік тому

    Stephen A Smith is such a little B

  26. Zu

    ZuРік тому

    Your not going to get a good return on a star in NBA. They’ll get unproven draft picks & NBA bums period

  27. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus AureliusРік тому

    I hope they send him to Carolina

  28. FerGamesYT

    FerGamesYTРік тому

    Stay of the weeeed

  29. Matt Perry

    Matt PerryРік тому

    Davis wants out and trust me we do NOT want him here anymore. Let that unprofessional cry baby go!

  30. E-Man5805

    E-Man5805Рік тому

    I hate how he says New Orleans.

  31. Smvf13

    Smvf13Рік тому


  32. Richard Collins

    Richard CollinsРік тому

    AD is going to LA

  33. Angie M

    Angie MРік тому

    I know we need someone at point, but AD needs to come home to the Chi to get some rings.

  34. Kenneth Stewart Jr

    Kenneth Stewart JrРік тому

    Man if ad was to come to Houston that wld be a 2 to 3 yr championship team easy

  35. sonnyjason2

    sonnyjason2Рік тому

    Marley Stewart how the hell houston will get Davis tho???

  36. chance goode

    chance goodeРік тому

    U think this whole system is rigged. How do the Pelicans get the number one pick but the Lakers continue to get all their trade deals blocked with big stars from CP3 to AD. Then you have teams much worse than than the Pelicans but they don’t get the chance to improve with a top pick? That just doesn’t seem alike the way to keep your league competitive

  37. Sharrieff Vincent

    Sharrieff VincentРік тому

    AD will look really nice in purple and gold.

  38. ceazz Mo

    ceazz MoРік тому

    AD to the clippers

  39. Sarbjit Singh

    Sarbjit SinghРік тому

    Yeah just like he can’t be convinced to fix his unibrow

  40. Billy Her

    Billy HerРік тому

    Better give Stephen A Smith a max contract before he wants a trade.

  41. robert holmes

    robert holmesРік тому

    Why wouldn't they want to trade him to the Lakers ??two young Stars plus the fourth pick in the draft? 1st &4th pick duh P.S. wasn't It a few years ago with the same New Orleans team with a guard by the name of Chris Paul that couldn't go to the Lakers?

  42. itszoe easy

    itszoe easyРік тому

    He going to The Warriors if KD leaves 👍

  43. Shawn C

    Shawn CРік тому

    Stephen A needs some vacation time

  44. Shawn C

    Shawn CРік тому

    And know that I’ve read the comments after my post, a lot of us we’re thinking the same thing. This man needs to rest

  45. Damien Gonzalez

    Damien GonzalezРік тому

    Stephen A needs to relax a bit. Needs some weEeEeDdd

  46. vambo13257

    vambo13257Рік тому

    A.D. is a bum, tremendous talent but weak minded and always hurt. Not a leader!

  47. Daud Jama

    Daud JamaРік тому

    Our Somali Brother, Stephen A. Smith, has gone over the rails.

  48. Clayton C.

    Clayton C.Рік тому

    Damon Jones is loving life and eating for three.

  49. Lee Rogers

    Lee RogersРік тому

    Would be nice

  50. Melinda Kelley

    Melinda KelleyРік тому

    Trade with cz and get brown Tatum bol bol and taco

  51. Cake Mix

    Cake MixРік тому

    That dude on the right in the thumbnail looks like the Grinch

  52. Benedicite Sol

    Benedicite SolРік тому

    AD looking at SAS like an Evil Genie who bout to grant a wish in the thumbnail

  53. michael parker

    michael parkerРік тому

    What the HELL is up with that DAMN AD pic? What are ya'll trying to say?

  54. The Tick

    The TickРік тому

    If I was NO. I would try and trade Zion pick and AD for Russell westbrook and somethin

  55. Keith Esteen

    Keith EsteenРік тому

    You stupid

  56. The Tick

    The TickРік тому

    Haha damn that sucks for Zion.

  57. Dbzxtreme

    DbzxtremeРік тому

    Pelicans should trade for the no. 3 pick, and sell zion and barret as the next mike and scotty.

  58. MsCamicam

    MsCamicamРік тому

    The Lakers shouldn’t try to get Anthony Davis move on from him and target free agents and get a good pick! At this point the Pelicans and Anthony Davis are both a pain in the ass🤢🤣😂!! Just trade him somewhere and STFU about it!!

  59. Jontrell Miles

    Jontrell MilesРік тому

    Id rather see zion lead his own team for a couple years anyway. History proves its good for development in young extremely talented players.

  60. Ryan Daniel

    Ryan DanielРік тому

    ESPN please fire SAS

  61. Mick Bones

    Mick BonesРік тому

    I don't normally browse through UAreporter. But when I do, eyebrows.

  62. john

    johnРік тому

    Ad look like a gargoyle crossed with joker in this thumbnail

  63. Jan Hasenfuss

    Jan HasenfussРік тому

  64. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine TerranceРік тому

    Hello, Humans. Lex: (to Clark): There's nothing wrong with a good fight. Just remember, the man of tomorrow is forged by his battles today. ~Smallville TV Show TERRANCE OUT

  65. King Ezper Comics

    King Ezper ComicsРік тому

    Hmm I think the Pelicans should Trade AD to the Knicks. Get back RJ Barret, Knox, Deandre Jordan, Dennis Smith JR and draft picks. Then Trade off Knox, Holiday, Randle, Okafor and maybe even D.Smith jr. to get an athletic backcourt and depth to surround the play of your Explosive front court with Zion, Barret and D. Jordan. Then you can at least get a SG and have D.Smith Jr. at PG. The lakers assets don't look good. Blood clot Ingram, injury prone Ball and his father drama, the only thing you are getting with the lakers is the 4th pick and Kuzma and some depth. The Celtics have the potential at a nice package if they manage to resign Kyrie. Otherwise, Celtics need to build around Tatum and not gamble on a 1yr contract.

  66. Shaun

    ShaunРік тому

    Stephen A Smith, I don’t want your opinion on any pelicans news. Your salty as fuck 🧂

  67. It’s me Juntao

    It’s me JuntaoРік тому

    Stephen A works 23 hours a day 6.5 days a week

  68. It’s me Juntao

    It’s me JuntaoРік тому

    Steven A has no home life

  69. It’s me Juntao

    It’s me JuntaoРік тому

    Anthony Davis to warriors .

  70. ABearOnLSU

    ABearOnLSUРік тому

    ESPN will have a meltdown if AD decideds to stay

  71. sonnyjason2

    sonnyjason2Рік тому

    ABearsNerdCave why the fuck would he stay tho

  72. Sean Miles

    Sean MilesРік тому

    Why are so many people concerned with Steven A workload? Y'all more concerned with his hours and workload, probably more than he is. No one is commenting about AD or the related topics, only about Steven A hours.

  73. Erwin Johnson

    Erwin JohnsonРік тому

    You can't make someone stay where they are not happy ,he doesn't wanna be in New Orleans for no amount of money ,let this man be happy life is short !!

  74. Rich Mack

    Rich MackРік тому

  75. Rich Mack

    Rich MackРік тому

    Bruh bruh it’s 2019 20th Century CUT THAT DAME unibrow please it gotta go bruh that shit nasty 💯🤦🏾‍♂️💪🏿🤢🤮🤑

  76. BIG Unk

    BIG UnkРік тому

    SAS is the new SS... Sean Salsbury

  77. Nova Clark

    Nova ClarkРік тому

    You can actually see this man SAS losing hair. ESPN squeezing him for everything his got damn

  78. curteyethecat700

    curteyethecat700Рік тому

    Nova Clark Why would anyone feel bad for SAS these days! Getting paid 10 million a year after all the ESPN layoffs!

  79. don brassco

    don brasscoРік тому

    N.Oo not trading him

  80. DuoX

    DuoXРік тому

    Angry black man rants about how entitled black man thinks hes above the city of New Orleans and why thats fine.


    HUB GOBLINРік тому

    Him and kyrie should go to the knicks

  82. getsugosharingan

    getsugosharinganРік тому

    The knicks will trade the third pick, Kevin Knox and de Andre Jordan for ad

  83. tymd130

    tymd130Рік тому

    the craziest thing is that if LA got the third pick, NOLA could have Zion and RJ and you just can't buy that kind of chemistry. Imagine the two best Duke players and replacing everyone else with NBA caliber players, like that's a legit team. Jrue, Randle, Okafor, and the MANY talents from the Davis trade?? That's a SQUAD.

  84. dablkman 2020

    dablkman 2020Рік тому

    Just because you scream and holla doesn't make you right.,. and Duke players are overrated

  85. Cro Magnon

    Cro MagnonРік тому

    Hi we are the pussies I mean pelicans we play basketball and eat fish whole, come and see us play and you will say "get a real mascot"