Apple Pro Display XDR: A Grand Stand?!


  1. Sugar.v

    Sugar.vДень тому

    A dollar for a pixel

  2. Not From Concentrate

    Not From Concentrate2 дні тому

    Now that you have had this for a while, would you still recommend the Nano version? I'm really worried about getting it dirty. I have clients touch my screen all the time when I am showing them concepts and I'm concerned about keeping it clean. Thanks!

  3. Feplay Builds

    Feplay Builds3 дні тому

    Why do I always get a OPPO Reno 4 Pro add whenever I watch MQBHD ?????????

  4. Stay inside outside with bibs

    Stay inside outside with bibs4 дні тому

    0:52 like how did he khow

  5. SuperTylerMan

    SuperTylerMan5 днів тому

    2:33 You said iPodPro there Not iPad Pro.

  6. Miami Watts

    Miami Watts5 днів тому

    Apple is true scum of the earth! $5,000 for the monitor... Oh yeah guys, the stand is gonna be another $1,000. How stupid are the people that buys this shit? Dont forget to get the anti glare version for only a $1,000 more!

  7. Roark Irving

    Roark Irving7 днів тому

    imma place this $5000 monitor wrapped in slippery paper on top of these cables at the edge of the table

  8. david amofa

    david amofa7 днів тому

    Pls could you hook the pro xdr display to a ps4 pro and game on it for us to see? Thanks

  9. Aria Ahmadidanesh

    Aria Ahmadidanesh9 днів тому

    Apple is insulting people by considering them idiots, andjusting the monitor with one finger? Wtf?! It is just a simple physics equation. Who are you using as apple engineers? Some normal high school students? Shame on you Tim Cook

  10. The Derp Pickles

    The Derp Pickles9 днів тому

    Yeah that’s cool, but the real flex is a triple pro display XDR setup

  11. The Dislike Button

    The Dislike Button10 днів тому

    2:31 "iPod Pros"?

  12. James Toovey

    James Toovey10 днів тому

    Hopefully someone can answer this: Can a 2020 MacBook Pro run the XDR Display at the full 6K resolution?

  13. Thathsara Amarasinghe

    Thathsara Amarasinghe9 днів тому

    I personally haven't used Apple devices that much, especially Macs, but I think yes it will work because Thunderbolt 3 will probably support 6K because that's how you connect it to the MacPro anyway. So, theoretically, you could use a MacBook Pro instead of the MacPro to the Pro Dsiplay XDR. I'm just saying my thoughts, I'm not 100% because I personally can't afford any Apple device.

  14. Noel3d Pende

    Noel3d Pende10 днів тому

    Microfiber Cloth with Apple Logo $200

  15. Addison Huy

    Addison Huy10 днів тому

    That monitor looks amazing. I would like to at least have one of those monitors for my main display, but I believe that it would be best with a MacPro. Once again the design of this monitor just blows me away. The stand does seem quite expensive, but then since it is easy to place the monitor on the stand and also easy to adjust the monitor itself and hold it in place for some people I definitely see it as being worth getting. It is the best stand that you could get for the Pro Display.

  16. Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza - Question and Answers

    Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza - Question and Answers11 днів тому

    kia faida ... ink khud k graphics userinterface to 100 saal purana ha what is the benefit of 6k :) their user interface looks like 100 years old and there is no grace at all, they still living in stone age

  17. IOCKED

    IOCKED11 днів тому

    looked like he was about to burn someone while unboxing that really sassy

  18. VA

    VA11 днів тому

    I thought why the hell is the monitor so dirty when he just peeled off the skin...then I realized it was my screen.

  19. Z Watkins

    Z Watkins11 днів тому

    Marquese, Sir, I'm fixing to give in and buy a new MacBook when CV-19 is over.


    NOVA NOVA11 днів тому

    I'm so confused, if you are spending 5,000$ on a monitor then you can spend another 1,000$ easily, and if you cant then you shouldn't get the monitor.

  21. Vid.

    Vid.12 днів тому

    I know they're definitely strong enough to hold it but man I'd never feel comfortable knowing my 5000 dollar monitor is being held by a magnet

  22. Mohamad Zakaria

    Mohamad Zakaria14 днів тому

    can you use it for pc?


    MOHAMMED HABIB15 днів тому

    0:52 Marques: You gotta little lint on your shirt right now Me watching this shirtless-

  24. wakefield production88

    wakefield production8816 днів тому

    0:52 like how he assumes im wearing a t shirt

  25. Gary Teng

    Gary Teng17 днів тому

    mkbhd when it comes to: every other brand: that's straight up robbery apple: the package so nice, the box design so nice, the magnets so nice, everythings perfect

  26. Al96

    Al9615 днів тому

    ikr apple is feasting because of courage and reputation

  27. Param Sachdeva

    Param Sachdeva17 днів тому

    3:45 thank me now

  28. Krishav Shah

    Krishav Shah17 днів тому

    Me: wow a 6k display wait what us in the back

  29. Krishav Shah

    Krishav Shah17 днів тому

    Me: How do you know a Rich tech UAreporterr Everyone:how. Me: when his webcam resolution is better than your monitors resolution and He ownes 2 Apple xdr displays

  30. Frokostblanding

    Frokostblanding18 днів тому

    i didn't see that you had a red eye before you mentioned it

  31. YEET shawtyy

    YEET shawtyy19 днів тому

    wtf i acctually had a little bit of lindt on my shirt 😂😂

  32. Zachariah Carrera

    Zachariah Carrera20 днів тому

    MK has 8k vision

  33. Keydson Barcelos

    Keydson Barcelos20 днів тому

    Wide Gamut HDR REC2020 x Sistema Academy Cor Encoding ACES or DCI P3. I think there were some things missing. Color space ACES, P3 and SDI input

  34. TBNRarnuaa

    TBNRarnuaa20 днів тому

    I looked at my T-shirt when he did that through camera joke 😂 00.50

  35. Christian K.

    Christian K.21 день тому

    Did anybody understand anything he was saying... 7:23

  36. Farrvis

    Farrvis21 день тому

    Ya boi dummy need glasses, puts glasses on

  37. MellowStephho

    MellowStephho21 день тому

    0:52 not wearing one bro 🤣

  38. Dawood Parvizi

    Dawood Parvizi22 дні тому

    Not worth the money, but if you can buy then buy it.

  39. George Martinez

    George Martinez15 днів тому

    even if you can afford it and buy it, gotta make a smart purchase . only if you like this monitor and want it as your new toy 😎

  40. Bishnupada Misra

    Bishnupada Misra22 дні тому

    MKBHD can you make whole studio shoot episode ???

  41. Sinitie

    Sinitie23 дні тому

    First Like on the Video, then Watch it. *Outstanding*

  42. Slightly Sarcastic

    Slightly Sarcastic23 дні тому

    I will buy those stickers

  43. Aviv de Picciotto

    Aviv de Picciotto23 дні тому

    ipod pro

  44. Rimma Veletova

    Rimma Veletova23 дні тому

    Perfectly balanced as all monitors should be - Thanos Brownlee

  45. Herr Knuffelmaus

    Herr Knuffelmaus23 дні тому

    they spent more time in there packaging than in there products..that means its not worth it.

  46. Jason Chow

    Jason Chow24 дні тому

    apple pro stand overpriced? lol i thought every apple product is overpriced? for once apple kids can't afford a stand lmao

  47. Chad

    Chad25 днів тому

    Once I found out about the XDR, I knew exactly where I needed to go to find out about it haha

  48. iTzEchoZ

    iTzEchoZ25 днів тому

    i actually had lint on my shirt and i never usually do

  49. Brandon Jurich

    Brandon Jurich26 днів тому

    MKB after getting lasic: Can finally see in 8k raw

  50. Rosary Nelson

    Rosary Nelson28 днів тому

    Can we use the pro xdr display without a mac pro

  51. carl bot

    carl bot28 днів тому

    Wait. 5000 bucks

  52. Jose Rovirosa

    Jose Rovirosa29 днів тому

    you got pink eye

  53. Morgan Pollard

    Morgan Pollard29 днів тому

    100% would expect the cables to plug into the stand for $1000. the cable management is awful.

  54. Abdullah Naeem

    Abdullah Naeem29 днів тому

    When a computer stands costs more then your entire setup

  55. Kriz Yamz

    Kriz Yamz29 днів тому

    Same size as my TV

  56. Mitch Headline

    Mitch HeadlineМісяць тому

    That Dual screen monitor stand that you pulled up on Amazon sucks when you have larger monitors on there its top heavy and is prone to tip

  57. Dam Kd

    Dam KdМісяць тому

    To be honest, i have the same anti-glare on my Lenovo laptop. I see NOO FUCKING glares whatsoever but my laptop costs 10 times less. I actually bought it for around $500.

  58. Erwin

    ErwinМісяць тому

    Can you let us know how much $ in devices in your warehouse ? 👀

  59. Nils

    NilsМісяць тому

    Can we just take a step back and think why the fuck anyone would pay 1k FOR A MONITOR STAND?!

  60. Daniel Mueller

    Daniel MuellerМісяць тому

    This display is more expensive than my car.

  61. Furn

    FurnМісяць тому

    Marques will love the stand

  62. Furn

    FurnМісяць тому

    4:40 Smooth

  63. Blood Moon

    Blood MoonМісяць тому

    I can't justify paying 5000 dollars which doesn't even include the stand have to pay an extra 1000 it's nuts just for a monitor.