Apple Pro Display XDR: A Grand Stand?!


  1. ijono

    ijono44 хвилини тому

    you pay for every single pixel lmao

  2. Tino gaming

    Tino gaming7 годин тому

    can u make a Dell: 8k monitor for $4,000 in 2018 VS Apple: 6k monitor for $5,000 in 2019 (Stand Sold Separately) like if agree

  3. André

    AndréДень тому

    My tripophobia does not like the back design. Oof.

  4. Aleksandar Reljin

    Aleksandar ReljinДень тому

    60Hz Jesus

  5. Randomergy

    RandomergyДень тому

    Is tech stuff like this more for future planning/proofing? I don't think many people right now are able to view content that will be created on something like this, in resolutions anywhere close to what they'll be producing. Give it 5 or 10 years and 4K will probably be the bare minimum resolution for most media and devices. But right now, 6K, 8K, and HDR just seem so niche.


    I_D_O_L \WARSHIP2 дні тому

    $1000 for a piece of aluminum that costs less than a $100 to make. Ridiculous Apple.

  7. Ken England

    Ken England2 дні тому

    In Australia: Monitor ( Nano textured glass) $9,999 AUD....Bland stand $1,699 AUD. Both overpriced, bland, ugly as fuck "tech". Apple sure does know how to sucker the fan boys. By the way, did you notice how quick Apple was in skipping the stand price in the presentation? Not quick enough though. Plenty of laughing from the audience.

  8. Zachary Hill

    Zachary Hill2 дні тому

    Apple actually built the $1000 stand with a new compound called gulliblite...pretty heavy stuff

  9. Tuga

    Tuga3 дні тому

    Stand cost $600 and packing box cost $400 = $1000 🤣

  10. KeBugCheck

    KeBugCheck3 дні тому


  11. R Task

    R Task3 дні тому

    Why do you need a monitor above 2k what are you doing on it that needs that

  12. succ

    succ3 дні тому


  13. Abdifatah Gabeyre

    Abdifatah Gabeyre3 дні тому

    marquess got Lasik just to see in 6K. It aint happening bro! No one can see 6K even at 2020. You'll need alien eyes for that.

  14. BlackDUST

    BlackDUST3 дні тому

    The Apple Pro XDR Monitor ...... "IS UNBELIEVABLY SMALL". I was expecting the Monitor to be 50" and higher in height ratio also. What a let down. !

  15. ŇƗҜĦƗŁ S

    ŇƗҜĦƗŁ S4 дні тому

    Why do you need a 100bucks stand tho

  16. Thirumal

    Thirumal4 дні тому

    It's not even 360° Rotatable😔

  17. Neil Parfitt

    Neil Parfitt4 дні тому

    your dialogue sync at 4:17 is waaaaay off.

  18. Andy Ruefenacht

    Andy Ruefenacht5 днів тому

    What about cleaning and smudging the nanotexture display? Does it really need a special cloth or is this a non issue?

  19. KAY-09 Gaming

    KAY-09 Gaming5 днів тому

    $1000 for stand? $1000 for non reflective layer? Feeling sad for these apple slaves 😂

  20. Bendy Snowball

    Bendy Snowball5 днів тому

    I guess most of the money spent on the stand goes to producing the box you only use once.

  21. James Poteat

    James Poteat5 днів тому

    Is that thing made in the USA?



    4:16 This is the Chinese version of Marques

  23. Mr.AJWorks

    Mr.AJWorks8 днів тому


  24. wow epic

    wow epic8 днів тому


  25. Andreas Aroditis

    Andreas Aroditis8 днів тому

    Congrats on geting Lasik done man. Glad it went well. 🙏

  26. Rahul Shah

    Rahul Shah8 днів тому

    Apple in 1976: We will change the world by 2020 2020: $999 Monitor stand

  27. Tomm Ed

    Tomm Ed8 днів тому

    "I'm impressed so far" Yeah you gotta be, all of that cost a collage tuition

  28. Matt Jacques

    Matt Jacques8 днів тому

    Apple low key making even 'rich' folks feel poor.

  29. Mitch Z

    Mitch Z9 днів тому

    Great vid!

  30. Ming Wu

    Ming Wu9 днів тому

    This better be a 6k monitor for 6k

  31. Ata Seddigh Mohammadi

    Ata Seddigh Mohammadi9 днів тому

    How about a comparison between Macbook Pro 16`s display vs Pro Display XDR? Can Macbook Pro 16 play HDR as well?

  32. RD!!O

    RD!!O9 днів тому

    what desk is that!

  33. newmagicfilms

    newmagicfilms11 днів тому

    Not too much for your neck ? I have 2 27 inch monitors ... is overkill

  34. André

    André11 днів тому

    what the heck are you talking about marques? I guess people forget you are human??

  35. Raymond Spaddy

    Raymond Spaddy12 днів тому

    Lasik + two 6K displays? Bruh... 😳

  36. Steve Johnson

    Steve Johnson12 днів тому

    How could you not like MKBHD, he comes across as such a wholesome guy without being cheesy. He's the kind of friend you'd love to bring home to mom so she quits worrying about you.

  37. Voicewav

    Voicewav12 днів тому

    That peel off was Gangster

  38. Tru Luis

    Tru Luis12 днів тому

    Why isn't the bottom of the pro stand a wireless charger for iPhones 🤔🤑

  39. Luke

    Luke12 днів тому

    who else actually had lint on there shirt.... mans a wizard...

  40. STRCHLDmusic

    STRCHLDmusic13 днів тому

    get well soon!

  41. hey you

    hey you13 днів тому

    If it isnt 240hz them i dont wanna here it

  42. Ella Campbell

    Ella Campbell13 днів тому

    whoa thats 6k brah thats expensive ps you are the best

  43. Jfjdjfjfnd Jdjdjdnfnf

    Jfjdjfjfnd Jdjdjdnfnf14 днів тому

    "Ipod Pros”

  44. Samuel

    Samuel14 днів тому

    Can you make a desk tour 2020? By the way nice red accent in your eye (just kidding)

  45. Philip Bouri

    Philip Bouri14 днів тому

    First time I am actually disappointed in Marques. He says "it is probably overpriced". He should be saying "it is crazy overpriced, and no amount of effort in design and ease and beauty, makes up for pricing it like a motherfucking asshole at $1000"....oh, and he should also say "Fuck creepy-looking Tim Cook for accepting this price and keeping a straight face on while presenting it at the event"

  46. SUSGOD

    SUSGOD14 днів тому

    At 5:00 if u look in the bottom right of the monitor there’s glare

  47. Alex 1611

    Alex 161115 днів тому

    Not uploading 60 fps videos in December 2019... MKBHD.

  48. Noah

    Noah15 днів тому

    I think if you buy a that expensive monitor (Apple knows ->) you would buy it anyway xD

  49. Strike Taing

    Strike Taing15 днів тому

    That the fugly ass stand I won't buy it

  50. Code Bunny

    Code Bunny15 днів тому

    Really looking forward to getting one myself and a Blackmagic eGPU to run it of my Mac Mini(which is more than enough for photography). It'll be a big win if this can take the place of a reference display as it would save me a lot of money in not having to buy one and in reducing the cost of printing. For reference: A print is about $100 each, so just 10 being saved from reprinting will pay for that stand if I don't want to use the vesa mount.

  51. Chaython Meredith

    Chaython Meredith15 днів тому

    1/6th of the average americans annual income for a small computer monitor

  52. ely elena

    ely elena15 днів тому

    worst review ever.

  53. Loading

    Loading16 днів тому

    The display is actually underpriced for its value....surprisingly by Apple. Alternatives on the same level cost many times more than this display. They should have just included the stand and not sold it separately...still would have been a bargain. -1 marketing team.

  54. Bear Days

    Bear Days16 днів тому

    not wearing a shirt, i win! 😎

  55. Robert Xavier

    Robert Xavier16 днів тому

    @MKB - Is there a way to use OS 10.15.2's Larger UI (for the XDR) on my iMac @ 5K? ie. If I plug in a 4K USB-C monitor into the TB3 port? Will that give me the option? Or is there a keyboard short cut, to access the larger UI menu? I'd like to be able to use my iMac @ 5K with a larger system wide UI. Thanks :)

  56. sean barman

    sean barman16 днів тому

    Thats pure apple design no fans or filters where needed so it will die earlier lol.

  57. Robert Xavier

    Robert Xavier17 днів тому

    @ MKB8K - Can you do an XDR vs OLED in-depth comparison?

  58. Zoidberg

    Zoidberg17 днів тому

    Easy to come off like a fan boy saying this lol you are an apple fan boy just sop marques lmao


    REVENGE OF17 днів тому

    Everyone subscribe to me pretty please just to be nice I will gift to 1 of the subs just gimme your epic name

  60. Tech Travel View by Ratheesh

    Tech Travel View by Ratheesh18 днів тому

    all Apple products the best product