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Ariana Grande - breathin


  1. Gwenie Jone

    Gwenie JoneГодину тому

    I know that Ari’s hair is ivonic when it is in an HIGH ponytail but GURLLL THAT LOW PONYTAIL❤️💍☺️💜💋

  2. Gwenie Jone

    Gwenie JoneГодину тому

    The slo-mo and fast parts made me think of spring day from BTS...


    NITU PANWARГодину тому

    0:19 that look i just stopped breathin

  4. Cassie H

    Cassie HГодину тому

    Wow... Kudos to the director. This is one of the better music videos I've seen for a pop song in recent years

  5. Ampeire Albert

    Ampeire AlbertГодину тому

    I love Ariana

  6. Yudi Mulya Pratama

    Yudi Mulya PratamaГодину тому

    simple... and ariana isn't sexy in this vid

  7. Supreme Robloxlover

    Supreme RobloxloverГодину тому

    I love uuuuuu

  8. CAYLIE BOY Player

    CAYLIE BOY PlayerГодину томувідео-X1oLwTGkDeE.html snake scare 🐍🐍🐍

  9. Light Yagami

    Light YagamiГодину томувідео-ONIspkdDJZQ.html

  10. layla imani

    layla imaniГодину тому

    change speed to 1.5 thank you me later

  11. lola brini

    lola briniГодину тому

    this girl never ENUNCIATES like wtf, who understands her lyrics. It's all vowels🙄🙄😳😳🤣🤣🤣

  12. Paloma Cortes

    Paloma CortesГодину тому

    for me this is the visual 2, the visual 1 is the little pig

  13. Blomster Broser

    Blomster BroserГодину тому


  14. Blomster Broser

    Blomster BroserГодину тому

    Meget flot


    AMAAN OFFICIAГодину тому

    Love Ariana , Love from India

  16. Ian Crawford

    Ian CrawfordГодину тому

    Words on the schedule were probably for the new album song titles jsyk

  17. Milan Diviš

    Milan DivišГодину тому

    too much lip fillers - sorry

  18. Anonymous Songwriter

    Anonymous SongwriterГодину тому

    I'M a Songwriter I have CHANGED THE LYRICS of the song How to save a life by The Fray Video -відео-AmAityKCles.html Please support me in my struggle and give your feedback it will mean a lot to me

  19. Lukáš Kovalčík

    Lukáš KovalčíkГодину тому

    1:50 Wears long heels still be the smallest in the room

  20. mem mom

    mem momГодину тому

    You will be my best idol for ever! !

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  22. Sechssarius

    SechssariusГодину тому

    I love her songs but its going down with her songs !

  23. Love Life

    Love LifeГодину тому

    whenever i see her videos i am like....... is that her real hair or extensions??........but then i am like......... who cares, the song is amazing ;D

  24. Jp U

    Jp UГодину тому

    Arianators why the views of this video is slowing?

  25. Fathurrahman Prasetiyo

    Fathurrahman PrasetiyoГодину тому

    This Is Gonna Be The Best History Of All Times👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖

  26. Ashiru Centauri

    Ashiru CentauriГодину тому

    Perfection: Ariana Grande

  27. 100.000 sub challenge without a single video

    100.000 sub challenge without a single videoГодину тому

    Hey I’m doing the 100.000 sub challenge without a video

  28. Jay Verma Jay Verma

    Jay Verma Jay VermaГодину тому

    nice song

  29. Jay Verma Jay Verma

    Jay Verma Jay VermaГодину тому

    I love Ariana Grande

  30. marcio francisco

    marcio franciscoГодину тому

    SiMplesmente Ariana Gande !! S2

  31. S vh

    S vhГодину тому

    My love ariana grande❤️

  32. W Almohanadi

    W Almohanadi2 години тому

    the video is amzing

  33. มล หาญเบิกบี

    มล หาญเบิกบี2 години тому


  34. andres atencio

    andres atencio2 години тому

    That means I Gotta Keep on Breathing weed so I get High and forget the Complicated things and start asking me if what I'm watchin is a Fabricated Shit.

  35. Ellie Springall

    Ellie Springall2 години тому

    do a different one

  36. Anne

    Anne2 години тому


  37. أن س

    أن س2 години тому

    A young bitch

  38. greg ik

    greg ik2 години тому

    I hope one day Ariana will cooperate with my favourite singer Eleni Foureira! 😍❤відео--q2CZtfjJgc.html

  39. Katja Filipović

    Katja Filipović2 години тому

    Just LOVE this song

  40. paulina barrios

    paulina barrios2 години тому

    alguien hablan español ?

  41. RishanGamingZ

    RishanGamingZ2 години тому

    Keep On Masturbating, Masturbating, Masturbating

  42. Mohd Arif

    Mohd Arif2 години тому

    honestly who wouldn't when you see ariana's sexy body

  43. Simar’s Tunes

    Simar’s Tunes2 години тому

    Lemme know your thoughts on my cover of this beautiful song:)

  44. Michelle Sousa

    Michelle Sousa2 години тому

    Cadê os brasileiros?? Curti aqui 🤩🤩👇

  45. Marcelo Oliveira dos Santos

    Marcelo Oliveira dos Santos2 години тому

    Muy Bueno está musica

  46. Andrea Lazzerini

    Andrea Lazzerini2 години тому

    The Voice is Divine Ari😍✌❤💎🐶🌷🎗🏅🏆🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  47. Marcelo Oliveira dos Santos

    Marcelo Oliveira dos Santos2 години тому

    Faz una música do que tu aches del mundo

  48. Le sister

    Le sister2 години тому

    Qualche italiano?"alla coop e da eurospin" chi è italiano capirà😂😂

  49. Fra Light

    Fra LightГодину тому

    WTF?! Io capivo solo Eurospin😂😂😂. Pensavo di essere l'unico che capiva Eurospin 😂😂😂😂. Canzone preferita?

  50. roiner villegas

    roiner villegas2 години тому

    I like

  51. Rubén Gohans

    Rubén Gohans2 години тому

    I love hi in the from Mexico :v

  52. CeCe

    CeCe2 години тому

    Love this song! Hope you can watch my dance coverвідео-2imF6iQ8XlI.html 💜

  53. サッカー野球

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    GIVE ME A LIKE👍👍👍👍😍

  54. Riris aisy

    Riris aisy2 години тому

    ari's lips thoo hmm

  55. サッカー野球

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    I would like to know how many people are genius. So genius person give me a LIKE!

  56. Justine Ferrer

    Justine Ferrer2 години тому

    RIP REPLAY BUTTON 😭 "and ohh I gotta keep, keep on breathin" 😁😅 #WeLoVeYoU #ArianaGrande

  57. Kmn Gurl

    Kmn Gurl2 години тому

    My Girrllll❤💗soo cute i Love you💗❤😞

  58. Regis Toledo

    Regis Toledo2 години тому

    Amo você

  59. Furkan Dündar

    Furkan Dündar2 години тому

    00:47 im done!

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  63. MAAD DEX

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    MAAD DEX3 години тому

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  65. Guadalupe Hernandez

    Guadalupe Hernandez3 години тому

    que le paso en la boca a ariana parese una cosa rara pero la cancion es ta buena

  66. Debabrata Sethi

    Debabrata Sethi3 години тому

    I need some hydrogen to breathe and drink some HCl

  67. ItsBerry

    ItsBerry3 години тому

    Any smalls youtubers wanna support eachother? let me know ^^

  68. murat sevgili

    murat sevgili3 години тому

    ariana love you TR

  69. Kathleen Lovez

    Kathleen Lovez3 години тому

    this song reminds me to breathe...

  70. Monhjin Tsolmon

    Monhjin Tsolmon3 години тому

    i love you

  71. Monhjin Tsolmon

    Monhjin Tsolmon3 години тому

    i love you ariana

  72. xviki goranova

    xviki goranova3 години тому


  73. Tara & Alicja

    Tara & Alicja3 години тому

    Ik ben echt fan van Ariana grande

  74. Samuel Kim Sha Sha

    Samuel Kim Sha Sha3 години тому


  75. rodas yosef

    rodas yosef3 години тому

    luv ya

  76. Cypa Kmiot

    Cypa Kmiot3 години тому

    Ariana 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  77. Taylor Hunter

    Taylor Hunter3 години тому

    Here from emerys video

  78. Lydius B

    Lydius B3 години тому


  79. JOM MEX

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  80. Rosie

    Rosie3 години тому

    Here b4 25M

  81. Marcelle

    Marcelle3 години тому

    Je mouille pour Ari suis foutu😂😂😂

  82. xx헤이즈

    xx헤이즈3 години тому

    ily ❤

  83. MAAD DEX

    MAAD DEX3 години тому

    By not cutting trees

  84. MAAD DEX

    MAAD DEX3 години тому

    Bitch lasagna


    YARA ALSHMRANY3 години тому

    هل العرب موجودون؟؟⁦:-)⁩

  86. Pedro Sales

    Pedro Sales3 години тому

    This video is so meh

  87. Fight Club

    Fight Club3 години тому

    Great work.

  88. Liyona Gomez

    Liyona Gomez3 години тому

    Ariana is legend in my eyes now. And legend like this never die

  89. Sleek Tech

    Sleek Tech3 години тому

    Tesla model 3 full Training Free #sleektechnical

  90. Radha Chopra

    Radha Chopra3 години тому

    My favourite singer

  91. Enclee S

    Enclee S3 години тому

    Well done🙆💜

  92. Khairul Shazwan

    Khairul Shazwan3 години тому


  93. Roney قق

    Roney قق4 години тому

    عربي لايك 👍🏻

  94. wish andrea

    wish andrea4 години тому


  95. Oli

    Oli4 години тому


  96. Jay Tee

    Jay Tee4 години тому

    awwww my baby so fiiiineeee


    GOBIC ROY4 години тому

    Ariana Grande goes ***SICKO MODE***

  98. avakin life

    avakin life4 години тому


  99. Messurgame

    Messurgame4 години тому

    I love the show Sam and cat

  100. claudya yasmin

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  101. Jasmine Miller

    Jasmine Miller4 години тому

    Victoria: I think we ALL breath