Ariana Grande Premieres a New Song from Sweetener in a Game of Song Association | ELLE


  1. ELLE

    ELLE10 місяців тому

    What was your favorite moment from Ariana's Song Association? Who should we get to play next? Let us know! xx

  2. Lo k

    Lo k9 днів тому

    Ariana Grande-god is a woman♡

  3. Lexi Bee

    Lexi Bee13 днів тому

    Her snorkel @ 2:03 😍

  4. Just keep breathin

    Just keep breathin25 днів тому

    ELLE lol

  5. Samantha Mulder

    Samantha MulderМісяць тому

    Sabrina carpenter

  6. Dunja S

    Dunja S38 хвилин тому

    Ariana 2019: world: hair; You like my hair Gee thanks just...

  7. Mariah Miller

    Mariah Miller2 години тому

    Billie Eilish

  8. Heaven Universe

    Heaven Universe6 годин тому

    *LorenGrayhasleftthechat* 2:27

  9. Omar Omar

    Omar Omar7 годин тому

    She looks sick

  10. Jelani Dew

    Jelani Dew8 годин тому

    2:32 sister Nicki?

  11. Mitko army borisov

    Mitko army borisov11 годин тому

    Those words sound like lady gaga song like the word hair pop dream

  12. Batool Rashid DIY'S

    Batool Rashid DIY'S12 годин тому

    I be singing all of One Direction in my head❤❤

  13. Morgane _09

    Morgane _0916 годин тому

    I love her hair omg

  14. Bbgrl Caliente

    Bbgrl Caliente21 годину тому

    i dont know if its the wig or the lack of black face, but she looks haggard n kinda ugly here

  15. PeaceLove&Wisdom

    PeaceLove&Wisdom22 години тому

    Her vocals are just wow!

  16. ashleynn selena

    ashleynn selenaДень тому

    daaaammnnn ariana look more cuter with this natural makeup look omgggg

  17. Priinncesss’s world Sealy

    Priinncesss’s world SealyДень тому

    Lmaooo she said stop Ariana enough 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Latoya T Miss Diva Supplies

    Latoya T Miss Diva SuppliesДень тому

    Wow I feel like even now this is the best episode. Best vocals

  19. ItsJaden

    ItsJadenДень тому

    Yall need to get TORI KELLY on here plzzz😭❤

  20. Marshmello Marsh

    Marshmello MarshДень тому

    Stop Ariana she told us to stop her

  21. יעל קפלן

    יעל קפלןДень тому

    0:43 dance ~ dance dance by fall out boy I don’t care if she doesn’t know the words! She knows the song and for me that is enough to be happy

  22. Keliese Altenor

    Keliese AltenorДень тому

    Girl, you don't need autotune

  23. Christine Liu

    Christine LiuДень тому

    Her setting is way more echo-e than the other singer's hence it sounds more airy.

  24. Rebecca Milosavljević

    Rebecca MilosavljevićДень тому

    Is it just me or she looks and sounds so stupid...

  25. yael Davidovics

    yael DavidovicsДень тому

    10M wievs ???

  26. low key kk

    low key kk2 дні тому

    auto tune left the chat

  27. Jakyla Morrow

    Jakyla Morrow2 дні тому

    When she sang I am not my hair 😍😭😩

  28. Hanna Ehrman

    Hanna Ehrman2 дні тому

    she looks so much like frankie in this video

  29. Valentina Deleon

    Valentina Deleon2 дні тому

    2:14 2:22 She didn't sing it that much I think because she didn't want to afend Selena or sum..

  30. Keiandra Green

    Keiandra Green2 дні тому

    Lol she could of made all of dem if she wasn’t talking and not thinking of words u gotta luv her tho right???Her voice is freaking AMAZING!!!!!

  31. Marshmello Marsh

    Marshmello Marsh2 дні тому

    7 rings he likes my hair gee thanks just bot it

  32. Anae O'Neal

    Anae O'Neal2 дні тому

    Wow . Was not expecting her to know India Arie 👏🏽

  33. abigail bailey

    abigail bailey2 дні тому

    I always knew she could sing, but this right here proved to me that she can really really SING? Was not a big fan before, but now I STAN

  34. betty telahun

    betty telahun2 дні тому

    Is it just me or does she sound like Christina Aguilera?

  35. C A

    C A3 дні тому

    I immediately started singing Dancing Queen for the word queen 😂 lol I didn’t think she’d take so long

  36. rxine drps

    rxine drps3 дні тому

    I feel gay

  37. Omar Wesam

    Omar Wesam3 дні тому

    She totally ignord dance to this And baby I and 7 rings when it came to hair and love me harder an angel cries tattoed heart

  38. lui

    lui3 дні тому

    e??? l-o-e ariana u okay??

  39. Deja W

    Deja W4 дні тому

    They gave her more time than anyone else lmaoo

  40. Tasha Monique

    Tasha Monique3 дні тому

    Deja W yup

  41. Maria Clairvoyant

    Maria Clairvoyant4 дні тому

    Alien: Sabrina carpenter this feeling so alien need to know if your just friends

  42. Rebecca Laguerre

    Rebecca Laguerre4 дні тому

    When she started singing “Dangerous Woman” I understood why she said self-indulgent. I really like her

  43. Ava Deuel

    Ava Deuel4 дні тому

    This is my favorite Ariana grande look

  44. cslworldwide

    cslworldwide4 дні тому

    This girl can sing her ass off. Damn, don’t stop her.

  45. Straight Circle

    Straight Circle4 дні тому

    for baby she should have sang Baby I

  46. Ariana Grande #1 Fan

    Ariana Grande #1 Fan4 дні тому

    Omg she is so beautiful

  47. VelMel Le Grande

    VelMel Le Grande4 дні тому

    I love you Ariana

  48. Sweet Tee

    Sweet Tee4 дні тому

    Ok for singing India Arie!!!

  49. Grace Stehling

    Grace Stehling4 дні тому

    3:48 she's soooooo adorable

  50. Sara Andreani

    Sara Andreani4 дні тому

    A song for queen coulda been steal my girl by one direction “ she be my queen since we were 16 I want the same things we dream the same dreams alright”

  51. Maia Mee

    Maia Mee4 дні тому

    Nice vocals ..

  52. Fatiema Abrahams

    Fatiema Abrahams4 дні тому

    The best one yet

  53. Simon David

    Simon David5 днів тому

    Does she alway sound this good or she just having a good voice day (is that even a thing k nvm)

  54. JDSJ SleyDris

    JDSJ SleyDris5 днів тому

    Ariana Grande should of been the one to sing A whole new World with Zayn.. her voice is more animated and has way more feeling then Zavia.. #ijs

  55. Tima Byron

    Tima Byron5 днів тому

    How the fuck that song go??

  56. Bratz

    Bratz5 днів тому

    Omg Ariana makes everyone angelic and amazing. And when she sang baby I hated that song but if she made that song I would’ve been so happy.

  57. Basha Oluwa

    Basha Oluwa5 днів тому

    first of all props for the India Arie knowledge 👏🏾👏🏾💕

  58. Rachael Luv's Food

    Rachael Luv's Food5 днів тому

    Arianna is super Pretty! And she is an amazing singer without an microphone or like an effect..

  59. Motivational Talks

    Motivational Talks5 днів тому

    Love you so much Ariana

  60. Mademoiselle Boily

    Mademoiselle Boily5 днів тому

    For the word « love », she sang the same song then Meghan Trainor

  61. toree monroe

    toree monroe5 днів тому

    When she sung dance dance my emo jumped out and I sung along

  62. _Nix_ xD

    _Nix_ xD5 днів тому

    3:04 Everyone know what she would to sing now

  63. Rico CSuave

    Rico CSuave5 днів тому

    Finally someone can pronounce association right lol love ari!!!!!!!!

  64. Cayden Coco Pan

    Cayden Coco Pan5 днів тому


  65. Cocomo Power

    Cocomo Power5 днів тому


  66. DaZZLER She

    DaZZLER She6 днів тому


  67. Ryanna Jackson

    Ryanna Jackson6 днів тому

    She really just said the f should know these songs

  68. B

    B6 днів тому

    Her makeup looks horrible here my god..

  69. lisa brown

    lisa brown6 днів тому

    She's nauseating

  70. Mariah Young

    Mariah Young6 днів тому

    Now I need her to cover drops of Jupiter 😭😭😍

  71. A Sens

    A Sens6 днів тому

    She actually knows a lot of soulful music. That explains why her music & voice is the way it is.

  72. Anabelle Mailloux

    Anabelle Mailloux6 днів тому

    Word ‘’hair’’ Me: You like, my hair gee thanks just bought it 💁🏼‍♀️ May 2019😬

  73. Hey it's Draya

    Hey it's Draya6 днів тому

    Y'all low key cheated

  74. Desiree Jennings

    Desiree Jennings7 днів тому

    I REALLY NEED Ariana to cover the Beauty and the beast song!!! That quick snippet gave me Celine DIon 90’s vibes 😍😍😍

  75. Lauren Gonzales

    Lauren Gonzales7 днів тому

    Ariana always makes me smile 💗

  76. Shan Taylor

    Shan Taylor7 днів тому

    Why the corpse make up

  77. Jennie Smythe

    Jennie Smythe7 днів тому

    Fire the makeup artist.

  78. Derrick Patterson

    Derrick Patterson7 днів тому

    Please get Tiffany Evans next to do this ☺

  79. Janah Briscoe

    Janah Briscoe7 днів тому

    yasssss Ariana!!!!!

  80. Maya 5

    Maya 57 днів тому

    4:28 “When raindrops fell down from the skyyy The day youuuu left meee, an ANGEL cried” - raindrops🌧

  81. Lori Palma

    Lori Palma7 днів тому

    Dancing Queen

  82. LeftiSinger 66

    LeftiSinger 667 днів тому

    PARENT TRAP! YES! I LOVE YOU. And nsync and the wizard of oz. she’s the best ☺️

  83. LeftiSinger 66

    LeftiSinger 667 днів тому

    I’m digging he platinum blond.. looks beautiful.

  84. Saousane Sab

    Saousane Sab7 днів тому

    The foundation And her body hhh wtf ?

  85. Allie Davids

    Allie Davids7 днів тому


  86. Julia Sibanda

    Julia Sibanda7 днів тому


  87. Freeyful

    Freeyful7 днів тому

    Pleased to hear Ariana choosing this Irie Arie song, considering the important message is has for a lot of people. Not a lot of people has heard it. She could've easily chosen to sing about something more superficial to go with the word "hair"...

  88. OOF itsme

    OOF itsme7 днів тому

    Ariana looks so good.....OOF

  89. Elizabeth Schuen

    Elizabeth Schuen8 днів тому

    I love how her but I think it's unfair because did y'all notice that as soon as she started singing the timer stopped... even though on everyone else it doesn't stop until they say the actual word...

  90. Galih Saputra

    Galih Saputra8 днів тому

    She so smart

  91. chefgraciegrace channel

    chefgraciegrace channel8 днів тому

    Ari ❤️ for the word baby u could of used your song baby I ❤️

  92. meee meee

    meee meee8 днів тому

    Queen: Carribean Queen-Billy Ocean

  93. Isabela Nunya

    Isabela Nunya8 днів тому

    Bro she doesn’t even need autone I love her so god dam much❤️🐢💍💍💍💍

  94. shreya bist

    shreya bist8 днів тому

    She looks so pretty in this!!! Wish she kept her hair down more❤

  95. anaise jean

    anaise jean8 днів тому

    Why does ariana look weird now ?

  96. Diamond from Africa

    Diamond from Africa8 днів тому

    She has got a good voice 🥰🥰

  97. burak

    burak8 днів тому

    why she just wanted to sing moonlight so fast?

  98. lou jarme

    lou jarme8 днів тому

    She loves saying "um"

  99. Menime Em

    Menime Em8 днів тому

    *who thinks she looks so pretty in blonde hair* , ? ?

  100. u k n o w b t s ?

    u k n o w b t s ?2 дні тому

    ArianaFann actually it’s neither, it’s platinum blond hair

  101. ArianaFann

    ArianaFann3 дні тому

    It's white hair

  102. Robert Luck

    Robert Luck9 днів тому


  103. Foodiebootana

    Foodiebootana9 днів тому

    Beauty and the beast was so beautiful had to listen to it again 💕

  104. Jada Allen

    Jada Allen9 днів тому


  105. Ileithia Box

    Ileithia Box9 днів тому

    Bro she has a great voice 😩❤

  106. Eliel Oliveira

    Eliel Oliveira9 днів тому

    I Love you ariana, because your voice is very beautiful , oh my God

  107. Tanya

    Tanya9 днів тому

    What happened to the mic 😫