Ariana Grande Premieres a New Song from Sweetener in a Game of Song Association | ELLE


  1. ELLE

    ELLE5 місяців тому

    What was your favorite moment from Ariana's Song Association? Who should we get to play next? Let us know! xx

  2. Draupadee Alahakoon

    Draupadee AlahakoonМісяць тому

    Shawn Mendes plz

  3. Bre Jolivette

    Bre JolivetteМісяць тому

    Ella mai

  4. Sage the Prestigious

    Sage the PrestigiousМісяць тому


  5. Josue Esparza

    Josue Esparza2 місяці тому

    Jessie J

  6. kymyia richardson

    kymyia richardson2 місяці тому

    Alecia keys , Beyonce

  7. Rüzgar Babat

    Rüzgar BabatГодину тому


  8. Harmonix94

    Harmonix942 години тому

    Her drops of Jupiter part😍😍

  9. Emily True

    Emily True13 годин тому


  10. Emily True

    Emily True13 годин тому

    when she mentioned parent trap AHHHHHHH thats my favorite movie 💝🤧

  11. mad dawg

    mad dawg13 годин тому

    She looks different but ive never really seen her

  12. Fernanda Vallejos

    Fernanda Vallejos14 годин тому

    An Angel♥️

  13. Luna On the block

    Luna On the block15 годин тому

    That don’t look like ari

  14. Jammer062y0 AnimalJam

    Jammer062y0 AnimalJam15 годин тому

    she even has a song called baby i

  15. It’s Aysha

    It’s Aysha15 годин тому

    Queen by Shawn mendes

  16. Rubi Lutze

    Rubi Lutze16 годин тому

    I wish I could sing like you !!! And u have a beautiful voice 😘😘😘

  17. Sophia Lundheim

    Sophia Lundheim17 годин тому

    Ariana: Baby? Oh! (Starts singing baby by Justin Bieber Me: oh baby oh baby (baby) I baby I by Ariana Grande

  18. Cara DiFiore

    Cara DiFiore18 годин тому

    get Taylor Swift next

  19. Singing Is Fun

    Singing Is Fun18 годин тому

    Im the QUEEN of rap yo Ariana run POP

  20. Claive U

    Claive U19 годин тому

    Billie eilish next

  21. Azra Serifler

    Azra Serifler21 годину тому

    The overlined lips tho

  22. Gaylörd :{D

    Gaylörd :{D21 годину тому

    not to be negative but who did her makeup for this

  23. Samantha Moriarty

    Samantha Moriarty22 години тому

    she literally doesn’t need auto tune in her songs omg

  24. Nicole J.

    Nicole J.23 години тому

    I love ariana grande

  25. yoitspetra ;

    yoitspetra ;День тому

    she looks so annoyed lmao

  26. Bonnie Sacks

    Bonnie SacksДень тому

    Hi cat fromVictorious and from cat and Sam

  27. lolii lolaa

    lolii lolaaДень тому

    Love u Ari. 🍬

  28. kissmy arse

    kissmy arseДень тому

    This hair color and style looked so good on her ughhhh my heart!!

  29. Ciara Shields-Esparon

    Ciara Shields-EsparonДень тому

    Hey Ariana u should know this I made that song moonlight and U STOLE it

  30. Christine Eullaran

    Christine EullaranДень тому


  31. Raksha Kyutie

    Raksha KyutieДень тому

    Please do it with CAMILA CABELLO ........ Please

  32. Shazia Mohtashim

    Shazia MohtashimДень тому

    Omg she is so beautiful and cute!😘😍

  33. Kristin Sandoval

    Kristin SandovalДень тому

    I like how she said “ok next “ 😂

  34. Emma Smith

    Emma SmithДень тому

    She doesn’t really seem happy in this video :(

  35. Eclair Lumiere

    Eclair LumiereДень тому

    I have a new respect for her for knowing one of India Arie's songs

  36. m.mxc77

    m.mxc77День тому

    I feel like she actually needs a break... some time off... She seems so sad and like she's completely in a hurry and doesn't want to do this yk what I mean?

  37. NerdyNeptune

    NerdyNeptuneДень тому

    Replying to Elle: Do Selena Gomez, Maddie Ziegler, Dan Reynolds, and/or Millie Bobby Brown

  38. Patd islife06

    Patd islife06День тому


  39. okur hehe

    okur heheДень тому

    The overline is killing me

  40. Savannah Rose

    Savannah RoseДень тому

    I don’t know if there is a Song association with Billie Eilish but if there isn’t please make one!!!!

  41. Emily Reeve

    Emily ReeveДень тому

    She's amazballs

  42. natalia rodrigues

    natalia rodriguesДень тому

    When they say angel ..i think angel with a shot gun

  43. Dr DjDebUsa International

    Dr DjDebUsa InternationalДень тому

    So, sexy & talented too

  44. Dr DjDebUsa International

    Dr DjDebUsa InternationalДень тому



    baBANANANANAДень тому

    She's so beautiful with white hair and that makeup PLEASE THIS LOOK FOREVER

  46. Stop That

    Stop That2 дні тому

    There u go haters that’s how she sounds without auto tune

  47. Zerkaburg

    Zerkaburg2 дні тому

    Baby Me: baby I oh baby my baby baby I

  48. Anannaqkq

    Anannaqkq2 дні тому

    I love you ariana grande

  49. millie rose

    millie rose2 дні тому

    she should have sang baby i

  50. Ariana Barra

    Ariana Barra2 дні тому

    Jajajja lol

  51. ΛDΛM

    ΛDΛM2 дні тому

    First time I've seen her without her hair up. She looks so much more free

  52. Liliana Gonzalaz

    Liliana Gonzalaz2 дні тому

    She's such a show off..... And she's *really* good at it 💛

  53. Linnea Carey

    Linnea Carey2 дні тому

    Dang, we need ari to sing the next beauty and the beast song.

  54. Amy Mia

    Amy Mia2 дні тому

    Omg for the “dangerous” one she sounds just like the girl in the actual song!!

  55. MarshSky

    MarshSky2 дні тому

    For "Angel" first song lyrics that popped in my head was "Hey, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Angel love your imperfections every angle". 😊 By Camilla and Bastille.

  56. Sasha Fierce

    Sasha Fierce2 дні тому

    Her voice is beautiful

  57. Bouthaina Bazerbachi

    Bouthaina Bazerbachi2 дні тому

    she can even make the song baby sound amazing

  58. AlexWolfie 1010

    AlexWolfie 10103 дні тому

    She so cute

  59. Alexa

    Alexa3 дні тому

    Tell me, did u sail across the sun? Did u make it to the milky way to see the uh uh oh yeah...

  60. Evgenia Koultzi

    Evgenia Koultzi3 дні тому

    4:42 "I don't know, next." Did you mean *thank you, next* ?

  61. Growing in the Key of Ember!!

    Growing in the Key of Ember!!3 дні тому

    oh my god please do a cover of beauty and the beast

  62. Qareenah Que Porle

    Qareenah Que Porle3 дні тому

    At 1:00 her dimples make me dead😩💛

  63. Sidney Smith

    Sidney Smith3 дні тому

    Fir moonlight she could also say "Moonlight" by Xxxtentacion

  64. Angela Beutel

    Angela Beutel3 дні тому

    Can Ari do a full cover of Baby please. Omg

  65. Ismail Wan

    Ismail Wan3 дні тому

    Omg she just ventriloquized the "Yuh" part!

  66. Grace Paolillo

    Grace Paolillo3 дні тому

    literally my favorite video

  67. Paulin Mosbakk

    Paulin Mosbakk3 дні тому

    The word Heart I was waiting for her to sing put your hearts up

  68. Monica Galvao

    Monica Galvao3 дні тому


  69. sister nunjoon

    sister nunjoon3 дні тому

    She soooo pretty!!!!! 💞💞

  70. I am a Pickle!!!

    I am a Pickle!!!3 дні тому

    2:16 she literally knows how to make 1 of the most annoying songs in the world sound good ❤️❤️💗💗💗😂😂

  71. Isabella Brosnahan

    Isabella Brosnahan3 дні тому

    4:35 I know one for angel "Wish I could say thank you to malcom, cuz he was an angel" -Ariana Grande Thank you, next

  72. Gill Durf

    Gill Durf3 дні тому

    I’m literally dying when it was Pop I started singing Pop! Goes my heart from music and lyrics and then for Heart she sang it WOAH

  73. Keira Graham

    Keira Graham3 дні тому

    The day u put this out is my bday

  74. LittleMix _101

    LittleMix _1013 дні тому

    Hair I,was like LITTLE MIX LITTLE MIX

  75. sailor peachyy

    sailor peachyy3 дні тому


  76. lolxD Lll

    lolxD Lll3 дні тому

    Shes so Beautiful with blond hair!

  77. Bruna Maria

    Bruna Maria3 дні тому

    her beauty is stunning here omg i love her

  78. Lisa Simpsonn

    Lisa Simpsonn3 дні тому

    I am not my hair is beautiful! I need a full version

  79. Emine Muhlise Nur SERBES

    Emine Muhlise Nur SERBES3 дні тому

    Oooh Im an alien, Im a legal alien. Im an English man in New York. 😂 Alien😂

  80. Elizabeth Macko

    Elizabeth Macko3 дні тому

    1:37 the rasp in her voice tho omg😍

  81. jade cbl

    jade cbl3 дні тому


  82. Pharmacognosy

    Pharmacognosy4 дні тому

    2:02 awu wat

  83. Alara Çetin

    Alara Çetin4 дні тому

    1:35 OMG SHE IS SO TALENTED🤩🤩🤩🤩😱😱😍😍

  84. Sandra Studzinska

    Sandra Studzinska4 дні тому

    2:02 PIG? XDD

  85. Dunkin' Pinkie

    Dunkin' Pinkie4 дні тому

    Bring Camila Cabello next!

  86. M&J MAIME

    M&J MAIME4 дні тому

    I’m surprised she didn’t sing baby I

  87. Megan Pritchard

    Megan Pritchard4 дні тому

    Who else wishes for heart she sand put your heart up

  88. Ananya Das

    Ananya Das4 дні тому

    the first thing in my mind for heart would be Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton...

  89. Neon Eclipse

    Neon Eclipse4 дні тому


  90. Maria Justice

    Maria Justice4 дні тому

    Her skin have real color there

  91. Ximena de León

    Ximena de León4 дні тому


  92. Brynn Wiegand

    Brynn Wiegand4 дні тому


  93. little mixer

    little mixer4 дні тому

    I thought she was gonna sing hair by little mix but that's ok

  94. Dan

    Dan4 дні тому

    when they said ween i was really hoping for killer queen but this works

  95. lailatul qadarina

    lailatul qadarina4 дні тому

    2:43 really remain me she as cat in victorious 😭😁

  96. Liza Soberano

    Liza Soberano5 днів тому

    Her future kids will be so lucky to have her 😆

  97. Aubree Aidyn

    Aubree Aidyn5 днів тому

    She is so cute and awkward lol 😂❤

  98. smritti sridhar

    smritti sridhar5 днів тому

    Speechless ari. U rock

  99. Jonathan Padilla

    Jonathan Padilla5 днів тому

    Was that a snort at 2:03

  100. Marie W

    Marie W5 днів тому

    Do this with Mackenzie Ziegler

  101. Kenny Omage

    Kenny Omage5 днів тому

    ariana is so pretty.even prettier than selena

  102. Naidelyn Trujillo

    Naidelyn Trujillo5 днів тому

    On queen i thought she was gonna say the Shawn Mendes song😂😭😭

  103. Naidelyn Trujillo

    Naidelyn Trujillo5 днів тому

    Her vocals😍😍😭😭

  104. Ahmed Ibrahim

    Ahmed Ibrahim5 днів тому


  105. ●•Syphlex~Nightcore•●

    ●•Syphlex~Nightcore•●5 днів тому

    Love by nat king cole my whole class is singing that for our winter concert! Lol