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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Lyrics)


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    *Which country y'all listening from?* 💖 ⚡ Instagram:

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  3. Gracie Moore

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    SyrebralVibes Australia

  4. 아미누츠

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    France 🇫🇷😘

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  6. Snoccykun

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  7. Aura Fiora Aruzega

    Aura Fiora Aruzega7 хвилин тому

    Everytime i play this song..its make me cry but thankful for my ex for teaching and experiencing many things. Even tho we live afar but he was my first real love. Now in this ''next'' love i know what to do and make me a better person than before.

  8. Glitch DDLC_YT

    Glitch DDLC_YT8 хвилин тому

    *sHe CoPiEd jAcKsFiLmS!!!*

  9. we make stray kids stay

    we make stray kids stayГодину тому

    Thank u sans

  10. Tania Gacci

    Tania GacciГодину тому


  11. kyra rose espinoza

    kyra rose espinoza2 години тому

    She forgot to put the on Yee it is spelled Yeet.

  12. alexandr vorobey

    alexandr vorobey2 години тому

    It is wanderful:>

  13. Reshma Khurana

    Reshma Khurana2 години тому


  14. win winning

    win winning3 години тому

    Im so addicted with this song-

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    We just release Karaoke Version of this song. Check it out on our playlist. Lets sing along 🎤🎤🎤

  16. satisfying slime

    satisfying slime5 годин тому

    can I get 1 like

  17. sorry not sorry

    sorry not sorry5 годин тому

    We love a #1 hit 😍

  18. Cookie M0nster

    Cookie M0nster6 годин тому

    I love u

  19. Grace

    Grace7 годин тому

    Is Ariana bringing back the fade out in songs? Love it

  20. Queen of shits

    Queen of shits7 годин тому

    im so fukcin grateful for my eggs

  21. Ayu Desintya

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  22. V i o l e t B l o o m s

    V i o l e t B l o o m s8 годин тому


  23. RoyalRaven 254

    RoyalRaven 2548 годин тому

    ❤(love) 💙(patience) 💔(pain)

  24. Ramensquad 432

    Ramensquad 43210 годин тому

    U should do lyric video on genius by LSD: sia, labrinth and diplo.

  25. Ramensquad 432

    Ramensquad 43210 годин тому

    Is she talkingg about herself in third person or what?

  26. Maria Mendoza

    Maria Mendoza10 годин тому

    Who came because you the black panther perdoy

  27. juli Perez-Dejesus

    juli Perez-Dejesus10 годин тому

    Why didnt they put this song on sound cloud I love this song #sadface☹

  28. BaekhyunChanyeolSehunKaiDo ChenLaySuhoXiumin's Aeri

    BaekhyunChanyeolSehunKaiDo ChenLaySuhoXiumin's Aeri10 годин тому

    I miss Mac😭

  29. Bewie Rocks!!

    Bewie Rocks!!11 годин тому

    favorite song!

  30. Naimah And ladira

    Naimah And ladira12 годин тому

    Thought id end up w reggie but he wasnt a match then i moved onto yamil now i look back and laugh even almost caught feelins & for james im so thankful wish i could say thank u to kassan cs he was an angel

  31. Kaniya Jenkins

    Kaniya Jenkins12 годин тому

    Is Ariana Grande Gay???❓❓❓

  32. Danilo Silva

    Danilo Silva12 годин тому

    I loved it . They'll follow me there on Instagram because I'm going to follow everyone back. : danilosilvamontero. Love you

  33. Aussie Ben

    Aussie Ben13 годин тому

    What a positive song !

  34. Leticia Henriques

    Leticia Henriques13 годин тому


  35. ROBLOX Prankstarr

    ROBLOX Prankstarr13 годин тому

    Anyone agrees when it says thank u next it sounds like “”Bacon Eggs”

  36. Uranic_Percy

    Uranic_Percy14 годин тому

    Thank you, jeff

  37. Emma Scaglione

    Emma Scaglione14 годин тому

    Instead of thank you next it sounds like bacon eggs lmao

  38. M. Rifqy Moesaparisi

    M. Rifqy Moesaparisi14 годин тому

    Thank you next🌠

  39. Hashtag LOL

    Hashtag LOL15 годин тому

    the beat reminds me of dead leaves by BTS

  40. Assad Benchiker

    Assad Benchiker15 годин тому

    I love thqt yee

  41. Maddie Rickman

    Maddie Rickman16 годин тому

    play on 1.25 speed it's SICK

  42. Bubu Reyes

    Bubu Reyes16 годин тому

    Bakin eggs

  43. Jimmy Lu

    Jimmy Lu16 годин тому

    Thank you ness is better

  44. chnyeollie Park

    chnyeollie Park16 годин тому

    *found out that crush has a girlfriend* Me: thank you, next.😂😂 Love this song btw😊

  45. Earl Paule

    Earl Paule18 годин тому

    bacon eeeeggs

  46. song zheng

    song zheng18 годин тому

    if wasnt for the lyrics, I would not understand what she is singing like body (but it wasnt) was not match I was like what the hell is this i am thankful especially thankful sounds like beifeng (in chinese means wind...) Please sing clearly I am sure most of people will not understand the lyrics until they see it

  47. dotun sayo tutorials

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  48. Rin Okumura

    Rin Okumura19 годин тому

    It sounds like she saying "Baking eggs" when she says "thank u next"

  49. Tanisha Sanders

    Tanisha Sanders19 годин тому

    My name is arianna guess love you so much go hid girl💕💕👑👑 for me an you

  50. Tomasa Perez

    Tomasa Perez19 годин тому

    Chase's song called

  51. themilitarysurpluscollector

    themilitarysurpluscollector19 годин тому

    Listening to this with beats is AMAZING 🔊------------------ Thank you next!!!!

  52. yeri Ceja

    yeri Ceja19 годин тому


  53. ThatCookieDana

    ThatCookieDana19 годин тому

    "Thank you, ex" (Yes i did remove the N and the T on purpose btw)

  54. Arti Priyadarshi

    Arti Priyadarshi20 годин тому


  55. Haley Andaverde

    Haley Andaverde20 годин тому

    I love this song

  56. CringeCentral

    CringeCentral21 годину тому

    3:08 “YEE”

  57. susan guidroz

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  58. Clorox Bottle

    Clorox Bottle21 годину тому

    1 RIP for mac and cheese and XXXTentacles

  59. rawan Ziadeh

    rawan Ziadeh21 годину тому

    Ariana Grande - thank u, next @ ●━━━━━━─────── @ ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

  60. xoBellaxo

    xoBellaxo22 години тому

    Bacon and eggs.. 🥓 🍳

  61. Femmi Jane

    Femmi Jane22 години тому

    I thought that she was coming out as bisexual, I looked it up, then realized she was talking about herself. I hate life.

  62. Gandalf McDumbledore

    Gandalf McDumbledore22 години тому

    Bitch didn't even give Jacksfilms credit

  63. •ItzKreamii•

    •ItzKreamii•22 години тому

    She Sings Great!

  64. Werner Verschueren

    Werner Verschueren22 години тому

    I tought she said “Thank you, thanks next”

  65. Werner Verschueren

    Werner Verschueren22 години тому

    And i look out of Belguim

  66. Diyanah A.

    Diyanah A.23 години тому

    Everytime I hear the Malcolm part, I feel like crying ksjdjd

  67. Yohanes Maengasi

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  68. Martha Asumave

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  69. It’s me Kimberly Frease

    It’s me Kimberly FreaseДень тому

    Bacon egg

  70. Maddie Tipton

    Maddie TiptonДень тому

    Ariana slayssss

  71. Chants Alcants

    Chants AlcantsДень тому

    Ain't no need for searching. ✨❤️

  72. Matthijs Ulderink

    Matthijs UlderinkДень тому

    Kut hoer

  73. Azad Amin

    Azad AminДень тому

    When she says Thank you next are you bacon eggs and baking eggs Break your neck

  74. AdhwaWawa

    AdhwaWawaДень тому

    should feat troye sivan

  75. Sofia Georgieva

    Sofia GeorgievaДень тому

    Thank you next (next) Thank you next (next) Thank you next (next) Im so fuckin’ grateful for my ex

  76. Cknbcbc Bjihdc

    Cknbcbc BjihdcДень тому

    l Love music

  77. The_Exotic_Gamer

    The_Exotic_GamerДень тому

    Why did she make a parody of jacks films thank you ,ness

  78. PAK Petz

    PAK PetzДень тому


  79. Hoovy 2.0

    Hoovy 2.0День тому

    LMAO😂😂 Ariana made a Parody of jacksfilms' thank you,Ness Sad

  80. Akosua Omari-D

    Akosua Omari-DДень тому

    I wish this song was longerrr

  81. Sampakita Ranu

    Sampakita RanuДень тому


  82. Yuval Gino

    Yuval GinoДень тому

    I heard the jacksfilms parody before I heard this

  83. Jeanyl Reña

    Jeanyl ReñaДень тому


  84. Angel Selma

    Angel SelmaДень тому

    Philippines 🇵🇭

  85. Doodlelyloo

    DoodlelylooДень тому

    I love u

  86. Yvette Hii

    Yvette HiiДень тому

    This song is actually quite positive

  87. ALADDA!

    ALADDA!День тому

    Roses are red You are my ex You want me back? Thank you, NEXT

  88. Anyra Rahman

    Anyra RahmanДень тому

    Oh so this is where the memes came from

  89. 방탄소년단_V _IsMyBIAS

    방탄소년단_V _IsMyBIASДень тому

    I teased my crush (not in a weird way) His name is rick but the school nicknames him Ricky Anyways I said to him.. “Why did u break up with Ariana?”

  90. Winstonio

    WinstonioДень тому

    Bacon eggs! Anyone else?!

  91. Victoria Justice

    Victoria JusticeДень тому

    I think we ALL listen and laugh.

  92. karen domingo

    karen domingoДень тому

    Bts parin hahahah

  93. Sandra Ochoa

    Sandra OchoaДень тому

  94. Sandra Ochoa

    Sandra OchoaДень тому

    that's is perfect wonderful 🎂🎁🎉👑

  95. Happy Bud

    Happy BudДень тому

    I dont even listen to arianna grande but jesus.this song is actually great in multiple ways

  96. Ellie *

    Ellie *День тому

    I kept hearing bacon eggs instead of thank u next

  97. Hyundai Vroom

    Hyundai VroomДень тому

    Syrebralvibes has 2.3 million subs and the video has 23 million views 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  98. Elizabeth Roso

    Elizabeth RosoДень тому

    Love ❤️ omg thank you 😊 next 👏🏽👏🏽

  99. Josie.E. Santin

    Josie.E. SantinДень тому


  100. Imani Benjamin

    Imani BenjaminДень тому

    I love it🥰🥰

  101. Meowlegend Lee

    Meowlegend LeeДень тому

    the yee! is so cute!

  102. AreAmWhy

    AreAmWhyДень тому

    thank u, ness.

  103. Alyson Santana

    Alyson SantanaДень тому

    who else watches this when the video is out

  104. Stephany Familia

    Stephany FamiliaДень тому

    So.look what I got Look What you taught me and forma that. I say😂💃

  105. Ashraf Yusoff

    Ashraf YusoffДень тому

    So Malcolm is the guy who gets friendzoned ?

  106. Liana's toy world

    Liana's toy worldДень тому

    This song is so pretty