Asher Angel - "One Thought Away" ft. Wiz Khalifa (Official Video)


  1. Asher Angel

    Asher AngelМісяць тому

    How we feeling?

  2. Ayriana Brumbley

    Ayriana Brumbley7 днів тому

    Ur a god

  3. Hailey Borchardt

    Hailey Borchardt7 днів тому

    First time hearing you sing! Honestly loved it, can't wait for more music! Maybe a duet w/Annie?;)

  4. Miriam. Ochoa

    Miriam. Ochoa7 днів тому


  5. Skylar Penley

    Skylar Penley19 днів тому

    I'm in love with it

  6. Nitta Tuber

    Nitta TuberМісяць тому

    i'm just kinda dying of cuteness rn but i'm okay haha 😩💗

  7. mickelia land

    mickelia landГодину тому


  8. Raul Cortez

    Raul CortezГодину тому

    This is how many people thought they were gonna kiss

  9. Hailey Storms

    Hailey Storms5 годин тому

    annie is growing up

  10. Luna Roberta López Enzastiga

    Luna Roberta López Enzastiga5 годин тому

    Your song is so good

  11. spacevibez ;-;

    spacevibez ;-;6 годин тому

    THIS IS 🔥💜

  12. Zarianne Gummer

    Zarianne Gummer7 годин тому

    Who else heard the alarm tone thing on an iPhone? Or was just me?? I heard it TWICE!

  13. Briyith sastoque

    Briyith sastoque8 годин тому

    I love you asher

  14. 黃衞斯理

    黃衞斯理8 годин тому

    Nice song but I somehow hoped that he is a little older to deliver this tune.

  15. Victoria Greenside

    Victoria Greenside9 годин тому

    Your amazing! 😍

  16. Jessica x

    Jessica x9 годин тому

    Damnnnn how’d he get wiz Khalifa

  17. Nushrat Ahmed

    Nushrat Ahmed9 годин тому

    I'm addicted to this song!!🖤🖤 Congrats on being the best performer on shazam!!!♥️♥️ ♥️🔥🖤

  18. Dana GonSal

    Dana GonSal10 годин тому

    La mejor canción del mundo, ame el vídeo les quedo muy cool y me divertio verte bailar jejeje xd (no se lo tomen a mal) PD: ERES HERMOSO 😻❤✌

  19. Jolicia Snyder

    Jolicia Snyder12 годин тому

    I think you are cut I love you on Andi Mack two I only what that show because your on it

  20. Cynthia Cardozo

    Cynthia Cardozo17 годин тому

    Wiz Kalifahhh what is you doing 🤦🏻‍♀️

  21. Reyna Vidal lopez

    Reyna Vidal lopez7 годин тому

    Cynthia Cardozo what do you mean what is he doing he’s singing

  22. MForde11

    MForde1118 годин тому

    Love this song ❤️

  23. Lui Borto

    Lui Borto18 годин тому


  24. Matthew Lunn

    Matthew Lunn21 годину тому


  25. Isabel's Vlogs

    Isabel's Vlogs21 годину тому

    I don't like Asher and Annie being together I prefer hannie hayden and annie🖤😏

  26. Isabel's Vlogs

    Isabel's Vlogs20 годин тому

    @Hazel Sksksk so hayden was a nice guy but it's fine idc what they think my ima go to bed so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😏

  27. Hazel Sksksk

    Hazel Sksksk20 годин тому

    Isabel's Vlogs nahh hayden didn’t treat annie right and asher does and he actually cares for annie I like Hayden. But like that’s ur opinion so bye :)

  28. rebeccag10761

    rebeccag1076121 годину тому

    Ashannie shows so much in this🥰🥰

  29. Adrianna Wynn

    Adrianna Wynn22 години тому

    I'm so addicted

  30. Adrianna Wynn

    Adrianna Wynn22 години тому

    Omg this the best song ever ilysm asher

  31. Tatum

    Tatum23 години тому

    This generation is so talented, good job Asher ❤️👏🏻👏🏻

  32. Michell Nicolas Hernandez

    Michell Nicolas HernandezДень тому

    Lo siento por no hablar inglés pero eres lo máximo adoro tu actuación en la película Shazam. # cantas hermoso 😘😍❤

  33. Brooklyn Youdontneedtoknow

    Brooklyn YoudontneedtoknowДень тому

    I love you and everything but this made me jump in all directions😂😂😂

  34. Cora Kavanagh

    Cora KavanaghДень тому


  35. Ana Isabella Merino Chima

    Ana Isabella Merino ChimaДень тому

    How old are you??

  36. Daughter Of God

    Daughter Of GodДень тому

    Wauuu!Me encantó! 😀Asher cantas increíble.Saludos y éxito desde Chile😊😘

  37. Lyka Colarina

    Lyka ColarinaДень тому

    I just love this song. Everything is beautiful. Beautiful people, beautiful song, beautiful music video and yeah. I've been playing this everyday and stuck on it....... I can't get out. 💙💙💙

  38. I Like Ducks

    I Like DucksДень тому

    I heard this song on the radio like, THIS MY HOMIE ASHER!!! And I just can't stop listening to it! I always thought his voice sounds like Ed Sheeran's a little bit. And that's FANTASTIC!




  40. Sarahi Ramirez

    Sarahi RamirezДень тому

    Cantas hermoso

  41. Clare J.

    Clare J.День тому

    catchy song :) you are very cute

  42. Attraction Spot

    Attraction SpotДень тому

    I'm not hating all but why does this not sound like Asher Angel? I think there is too many vocal effects on his voice and should be more his raw voice as he is a nice singer.

  43. Stella Celedon

    Stella CeledonДень тому

    Why couldn't Andi Mack be in the video this sucks

  44. Napoleon Candia

    Napoleon CandiaДень тому

    Asher should do a song with Annie

  45. Marayah Waller

    Marayah WallerДень тому

    Like: Jonny and Mackenzie Comment : Asher and Annie

  46. Breonna Gorham

    Breonna Gorham2 години тому

    Marayah Waller Ashannie

  47. Summer Mcnamee

    Summer McnameeДень тому

    I love him and Annie so much. Doubt he will see but illy!!

  48. Miss BubblesRoblox

    Miss BubblesRobloxДень тому

    Oh my gosh I keep on thinking of fast the years are gonna go then they will be 20;-;

  49. Alisan Hossiny

    Alisan HossinyДень тому


  50. xxAb irxx

    xxAb irxxДень тому

    I still watching this everyday,🤤

  51. Soureyatou Bouba

    Soureyatou BoubaДень тому

    J'aime l'image mais la chanson n'a aucun sens 🤦‍♀️🙄

  52. Queenie Pachigar

    Queenie PachigarДень тому

    Asher and Annie are soo cute😍❤️ Favorite Couple❤️

  53. Nyia Summer Perez

    Nyia Summer PerezДень тому

    Best music 🎶 video of 2019 CoupleGoals

  54. Yesenia López

    Yesenia LópezДень тому

    I love you ,you are very talented 😍❤💖💞💫💌

  55. Pam Justice

    Pam JusticeДень тому

    Omg Asher I love you so much you inspire me si much keep doing what your doing I have whatching Andi mack for about 2 years I love you voice it's so beautiful

  56. Mallory Grosskreuz

    Mallory GrosskreuzДень тому

    I love this song. If Asher replies or hearts this, I'll scream 😂

  57. Samina Khurram

    Samina KhurramДень тому


  58. Kayla Fiorda

    Kayla FiordaДень тому


  59. Érica Boyer

    Érica BoyerДень тому

    asher angel i love you♥️♥️♥️💖💖😘