Ashnikko - Deal With It Feat. Kelis (Official Music Video)


  1. Lolablah Cookiezz

    Lolablah Cookiezz44 хвилини тому

    I Don't Need A Man I Need A ✨Babi✨

  2. Cookie the hamster

    Cookie the hamsterГодину тому

    Who's here from Tik Tok??

  3. Błażej Buczaj

    Błażej Buczaj3 години тому

    Who from tik tok?

  4. sparkly.

    sparkly.3 години тому


  5. Medalyn Usa

    Medalyn Usa3 години тому

    I feel like her songs are just the bisexual girl narrative. "Men are icky, fuck em, replaceable, insignificant, disgusting, get out of here, youre only a mild tool for pleasure" "Women

  6. bakerboys2013 fortnite

    bakerboys2013 fortnite3 години тому

    What do you say yes I'm a boy so I'm just a little kid

  7. bakerboys2013 fortnite

    bakerboys2013 fortnite3 години тому

    Wait a second do you kill boys

  8. mr wen

    mr wen3 години тому

    omg finaly found this song🥺❤️

  9. CeeceeMua

    CeeceeMua3 години тому

    Omg she’s bisexual and I’m here for it 🥰

  10. Jakob Whale

    Jakob Whale4 години тому

    She's got such big things coming for her. Insane new artist with an insane team. This is only the start! Ashnikko LET'S GO

  11. Jakob Whale

    Jakob Whale4 години тому

    The set design, costumes and makeup are insane!! What a team of wonderfully talented people

  12. Natasha Thompson

    Natasha Thompson4 години тому

    😊😊😊😉😉🥰🥰🥰🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲love yazzz

  13. Soh Phih

    Soh Phih8 годин тому

    1:57 Ohhh this danc-

  14. Elizabeth De Lira Lopez

    Elizabeth De Lira Lopez8 годин тому

    Ash: I don't need a man I need a puppy- Me: .... don say it like that If you know YY you'll know

  15. Flora love

    Flora love9 годин тому

    1:59 i love this part so mutch like how she moves her shoulders omgggg

  16. Jodie Foster

    Jodie Foster10 годин тому

    Was here the first day and still come here on daily basis. Probably gave you half of the views but that’s fine I guess

  17. Xander Lee

    Xander Lee11 годин тому

    she is so cute

  18. Lécio Bourbon

    Lécio Bourbon11 годин тому

    Is this a new Miss Fortune skin? love it

  19. Rodrigo Sales

    Rodrigo Sales11 годин тому

    I'm obsessed about the way she says "outrageous"


    MARIA CALCANO12 годин тому

    funny i am back

  21. Captain Demobeard

    Captain Demobeard12 годин тому

    I like the theme o' the film clip lass. But the song be soundin' like yer just insultin' yer viewers.

  22. Ever Ever

    Ever Ever12 годин тому

    Well they wanted Johnny drop off pirates of the Caribbean. We’ve made our bed, now we just have to........................ deal with it

  23. Eliana Reano

    Eliana Reano13 годин тому

    no one: me in mah bed at 3am: PuPpY nah thats not how she said it...... PuPpPaI.. yea i think thats how she did that

  24. Runa Yomozuki

    Runa Yomozuki13 годин тому


  25. Edmond Dantes

    Edmond Dantes13 годин тому

    Damn the music is fire! But who broke your heart g?

  26. jensxcandys

    jensxcandys13 годин тому



    CEZA ALANINDA15 годин тому


  28. xd mcs

    xd mcs16 годин тому

    Jack Sparrow girl version And bruhh

  29. Nimbacinus

    Nimbacinus17 годин тому

    my jaw dropped at all the bad dragon toys omfg rdjfbgjkgbgbfd

  30. •yari_ gacha•

    •yari_ gacha•20 годин тому

    Soy la unica que habla español?y que tambien se traumo casi al final de la musica?? D:

  31. Goldenmaknae

    Goldenmaknae20 годин тому

    2:18 really be repping bad dragon huh

  32. Goldenmaknae

    Goldenmaknae20 годин тому

    How did I not know until the 3rd time I watched this that she was talking about the sex toy when she said “i need a rabbit”

  33. Goldenmaknae

    Goldenmaknae20 годин тому

    Bisexual pirates anyone?

  34. J C

    J C20 годин тому

    It's kind of weird. She's talking about him having low emotional intelligence..but then she says she was stringing him along..whats even stranger is that she seems mad even though she was screwing him over.

  35. Lily Ann

    Lily Ann22 години тому

    Me talking to my homework

  36. officially zeynep

    officially zeynep23 години тому

    Melanie martinez and ashnikko needs a colab

  37. Ldog50000 gamer vlogs

    Ldog50000 gamer vlogsДень тому

    This is a great song but I feel like if she added a bark after puppy it would be even better ya know I feel like it's missing

  38. Encanta Música

    Encanta MúsicaДень тому

    *An actual queen, she’s releasing bops after bops.*

  39. ignacio oyanedel

    ignacio oyanedelДень тому

    Crito rey

  40. Nateo Raymond

    Nateo RaymondДень тому

    If ash likes this comment I will freak out no joke ((and I'll freak more if you reply;>

  41. Elexus Brown

    Elexus BrownДень тому

    read a lot of comments on here and i agree with every single one that is positive!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!

  42. Chelsea Kirk

    Chelsea KirkДень тому

    I hate her music but I love the way she does her makeup lol


    MONK PUNCHДень тому

    does her hat say "fart" on the side of it?

  44. pusher moon

    pusher moonДень тому

    como no amar a esta reina😔👌🏻💖

  45. Sian Beeston

    Sian BeestonДень тому

    Literal girl crush!

  46. Karolina

    KarolinaДень тому

    Who from tic toca?

  47. Richard Vaughn

    Richard VaughnДень тому

    OMG the cringe 😬

  48. Filion

    FilionДень тому

    this song is the best!

  49. min suga

    min sugaДень тому

    Listening to this while going through a breakup is pretty liberating

  50. Cauã Fortes Vital

    Cauã Fortes VitalДень тому

    i know lol

  51. Marceli Klimczyk

    Marceli KlimczykДень тому

    Kto z tiktoka lol

  52. Maria Abdul

    Maria AbdulДень тому

    Amazing 💕

  53. Snuggy Bug

    Snuggy BugДень тому

    Me in Sea of Thieves coming back to sink the ship that took all our shit like:

  54. Joey Kittel

    Joey KittelДень тому

    Tiktok ballert.

  55. jadagaming

    jadagamingДень тому

    I love it 😈😈🌊🔥🔥🔥🔥💣😎

  56. Emmanuelle Kirlin

    Emmanuelle KirlinДень тому

    put this in 0.75 in playback, trust the process

  57. Katie Bridges

    Katie BridgesДень тому

    I love this song! She's a bad bitch❤❤❤

  58. Your Sunshine

    Your SunshineДень тому



    MARIA CALCANOДень тому

    bye kwmd

  60. Zachery Sanchez

    Zachery SanchezДень тому

    Pirates of Caribbean who


    MARIA CALCANOДень тому

    hi mony

  62. Padib Singh

    Padib SinghДень тому

    "i don't a need man i need a puppy allergic to you everytime you touch me" Me: am i a allergic?

  63. Kristal SS

    Kristal SSДень тому

    me when it came out: i don't have time to wtch it me the first time seeing it:rEgReTs

  64. Kosar 123

    Kosar 123День тому

    Hot song and ma mood right now and forever 🔥👊🏻

  65. Karter Luca

    Karter LucaДень тому

    Reminds me of Sean Kingston song dirty love

  66. magda

    magdaДень тому


  67. Haziq Irfan

    Haziq IrfanДень тому

    Who comes from tik tok ads?

  68. jimin xox

    jimin xoxДень тому

    If Ashnikko, Billie eilish, melanie martinez made a song together ʘ‿ʘ I would literally have a stroke

  69. Allier.

    Allier.16 годин тому

    @AlexyzNizty nah

  70. AlexyzNizty

    AlexyzNizty17 годин тому

    @Allier. then care?🤨

  71. Allier.

    Allier.17 годин тому

    @AlexyzNizty sure, like i care

  72. AlexyzNizty

    AlexyzNizty23 години тому

    @Allier. Better than what you listen too

  73. Allier.

    Allier.День тому

    @jimin xox yeah, still cringe

  74. jimin xox

    jimin xoxДень тому

    ashnikko is the cure for covid-19

  75. jimin xox

    jimin xoxДень тому

    I hate you so much right now (> ਊ

  76. López Hernández Manuel

    López Hernández ManuelДень тому

    Is beautiful💗

  77. Ester Muller

    Ester MullerДень тому

    Ashnikko is like Regina George, she could hit me and I would be grateful

  78. firey 2.0

    firey 2.0День тому

    Bun Bun Girls ruined it.. sigh..

  79. idk 6986

    idk 6986День тому


  80. A Wall-Flower

    A Wall-Flower2 дні тому

    I need pubby yes bubbly puppy :^)

  81. TubeHax

    TubeHax2 дні тому

    Why does this song familiar? Liked it anyway.

  82. Red Sonja

    Red Sonja2 дні тому

    That was good

  83. The Wrong Alice

    The Wrong Alice2 дні тому

    "i dont have the time to pretend you're funny" Oh my god that hits

  84. Annabell Abdullah

    Annabell Abdullah2 дні тому


  85. Rai

    Rai2 дні тому

    You stole Uma's look!!!

  86. Matheus Queiroz

    Matheus Queiroz2 дні тому

    Where's Kelis?

  87. Mrkvový koláček

    Mrkvový koláček2 дні тому

    The song:👨❌ The video:🐙🌊

  88. Abstract Kitty

    Abstract Kitty2 дні тому

    Uma in 10 years :

  89. costea ruth

    costea ruth2 дні тому

    I like the song ,but the looks carried away

  90. costea ruth

    costea ruth2 дні тому

    Why she looks so undress ???? I mean ,come on ??

  91. Bakedbananas 374

    Bakedbananas 374День тому

    You've commented like 5 times just insulting the song if you don't like it just say that and move on

  92. idk 6986

    idk 6986День тому

    Because she can look that way? she don't give a fuck lol

  93. Gulnaz Tariq

    Gulnaz Tariq2 дні тому

    Man why is she so underrated, her voice is so satisfying ❤️

  94. procrasti86

    procrasti862 дні тому

    I mean great catchy song, but now that I've listened to a couple of others, it seems like Ashnikko just wanted to outdo Taylor Swift with her break up songs 🍵 Change my mind

  95. idk 6986

    idk 6986День тому

    I hate to say it but its about female empowerment and yeah, Taylor Swift isn't the only person who can do breakup songs. I don't want to listen to her crappy 10 year old country music lol

  96. milk :]

    milk :]День тому

    what?? do songs about breakups belong to taylor now?? other people can make breakup songs.

  97. Jamecia

    Jamecia2 дні тому

    What yall youngins know about Kelis

  98. j p

    j p2 дні тому

    this be a tik tok song

  99. Luv is Normal

    Luv is Normal2 дні тому

    She must really like men the way she makes so many songs about them 🤓

  100. Manuelle Epitácio

    Manuelle Epitácio2 дні тому

    r u serious lol

  101. Trancy Girl

    Trancy Girl2 дні тому

    The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie looks interesting. Looks great.

  102. Caymen Price

    Caymen Price2 дні тому

    She’s so gorgeous how

  103. 《Yumiko_wgf 》

    《Yumiko_wgf 》2 дні тому

    I LOVE U SO MUCH RIGHT NOW (っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨

  104. Jhënifër hyunjin ᴗ̈

    Jhënifër hyunjin ᴗ̈2 дні тому


  105. Ranju XR

    Ranju XR2 дні тому

    Brave enough🙄 Deal with it🔥🔥 ❤️❤️

  106. Erica Baker

    Erica Baker2 дні тому

    I thought it said "Ft Kerli" :(


    MARIA CALCANO2 дні тому

    boom boom

  108. Kaylian Bonilla

    Kaylian Bonilla2 дні тому

    so last week i broke up with my bf then i went in my car while he was on the phone with his mom crying bc we broke up Me*plays Deal with it Ashinikko* Me *DEAL WITH IT B!!!!!!!*

  109. Black Orphan

    Black Orphan2 дні тому

    But I still love her...But she's gonna make a permanent mark on music and visual effects...

  110. Techno Mod gamers

    Techno Mod gamers2 дні тому

    Love from india

  111. Hasmi Ash

    Hasmi Ash2 дні тому


  112. Concupiscence

    Concupiscence2 дні тому

    I love her so much. I swear. Her style is so unique to me. She isnt afraid to just be weird and crazy.