Assange Arrested and Charged with Conspiracy | The Daily Show


  1. Real Afro

    Real AfroДень тому

    tREVOR: You've had many distasteful jokes twisting the truth to fit your Democratic/Clintons/Obama criminal emperium, but by far this is the most disgusting! To joke with a man that risked his life and other things to bring to fore the criminal activities of rogue regimes around the world is the lowest of low since your misguided support of bloodthirsty witch like Clintons! Every right thinking person should be asking for the real criminals he exposed to be punished and not to arrest the messenger of truth! Kill Julian Assange today, which other real journalist will be next tomorrow?

  2. A J

    A JДень тому

    The Stupidity of Trevor Noah is beyond anything we have seen in the western Mainstream Media that is the JOKE OF THE WORLD.

  3. 43relkin

    43relkin2 дні тому

    Way to shit all over the fourth estate

  4. gavin james

    gavin james4 дні тому

    yes he has a beard you moron hes been stuck there for seven years ..all lies let assange go

  5. Jill Tyrrell

    Jill Tyrrell4 дні тому

    So happy that everybody on here has such a deep grasp of geopolitics.

  6. Awesta Ahadi

    Awesta Ahadi6 днів тому



    WAN AHMAD ATIQI7 днів тому

    What's wrong for telling the truth?

  8. Just a random guy wanting to study filmmaking

    Just a random guy wanting to study filmmaking8 днів тому

    6:06 Actually he was on another continent. The guy is called Lenín Moreno, president of Ecuador, and accepted a lot of money from the US to retire Assange's asylum status. How dumb and ignorant you must be for not knowing such a simple thing

  9. Mark Stanley

    Mark Stanley9 днів тому

    CNN Breaking News. Everything can't be Breaking News! Everyday! Please stop that nonsense,it will lose its effect.

  10. henry garcia

    henry garcia9 днів тому

    Fuck Trevor.

  11. jamshaid ali

    jamshaid ali10 днів тому

    shameful state of society and media.not surprised trevor noah also a hack. So assange reveals the war crimes of us government and he is being punished for it not the people who committed them. And the media is concentrating on whether he was skating and not cleaning up the embassy :/

  12. Rez Malick

    Rez Malick11 днів тому

    Travor Assange was under house arrest for seven years . Humans do become weired when they being isolated

  13. Rez Malick

    Rez Malick11 днів тому

    Free Assange free journalism free our speech

  14. supermassvanity

    supermassvanity12 днів тому

    I never watched this before because I thought this guy was only getting paid to say what he's been told to say to people who need to be told what to think. First and last time I'll watch this sack of shit.

  15. Phoenix Stone

    Phoenix Stone12 днів тому

    Yeah your job is safe because you don't tell news, it's entertainment. How do we know this, because you just poke fun and have a laugh track. So anyone looking for facts, go elsewhere because this guy only gives his bosses opinion on anything.

  16. Phoenix Stone

    Phoenix Stone12 днів тому

    Shut the fuck up julian was not skateboarding in the embassy and really, why on earth would he need to steal wifi when the embassy gave him access to it soooooo idk, he could continue running wiki leaks... your arguments are falling apart already... maybe try talking about the truth instead of bullshit

  17. Astley Padayachee

    Astley Padayachee12 днів тому

    This reminds me of prison break.. When an innocent man is in custody for a a made up crime and everything else is a government cover up. Trevor is a disgrace!

  18. n sane

    n sane13 днів тому

    Love how you make news funny. Was laughing all through but the cat ending was like....LMAO!!!

  19. mac villian

    mac villian13 днів тому

    it is a comedy show,great work TN

  20. Alex

    Alex13 днів тому

    Calm down Comment Section, it isn't that deep. Thanks.

  21. JoeJames215

    JoeJames21510 днів тому

    Alex fuck you. It is.

  22. shire. s.

    shire. s.14 днів тому

    Press freedom is nothing to make fun of.

  23. Authentic Voice

    Authentic Voice14 днів тому

    This dumb anchor, calls WikiLeaks a rogue organization. ThIS DUMBWIT, CONEHEAD! Whats his name?

  24. Haris Haringa

    Haris Haringa14 днів тому

    Not funny 🔯🔚

  25. carren ward

    carren ward15 днів тому

    skipping bail is a complete fabrication - Sweden allowed him to leave BUT then re-opened the case after he left - excellent reporting at the time by Aust ABC, 4 Corners, segment "Sex, Lies and Julian Assange" paints awful picture of the Swedes, Brits & the Yanks, including DNC and ole Hillary - check the laugh track fool as current Ecuadoran former minister who knew Assange 6yrs who said current Ecuador Govt is slamming & putting out false info - and how did that joke of yours about Australian Aboriginal women go down? What a fool this comedian hack is

  26. TopRaptor

    TopRaptor16 днів тому

    Lol remember that journalist that got chopped up in the saudi embassy? that was funny too.

  27. Free Spirit

    Free Spirit17 днів тому

    Noah, you're an idiot !

  28. Emil Ram

    Emil Ram17 днів тому

    pay for 7years rent.

  29. Marena Jose

    Marena Jose17 днів тому

    This is not funny. Trevor you're disguting

  30. Becaz

    Becaz18 днів тому

    Tell us Trevor this case was given to you to show... and this videos here in the channel have fake likes ... Yes Trevor you are a good guy but we all have been brainwash...

  31. JoeJames215

    JoeJames21517 днів тому

    Becaz fuck You jackass. Trevor’s not brain washed, he’s paid off.

  32. Chris Walsh

    Chris Walsh18 днів тому

    Dead eyed trever

  33. Dwr Allegory

    Dwr Allegory19 днів тому

    i understand that it is a U.S culture to MAKE A LIVING out of mocking other people who are actually the last few who doing good and fighting for the dying human rights while you just sell everybody elses for a living. enjoy the "coins", humans. 12 years left.

  34. Dwr Allegory

    Dwr Allegory19 днів тому

    i understand that it is a U.S culture to MAKE A LIVING out of mocking other people who are actually the last few who doing good ad fighting for the dying human rights. enjoy the "coins". 12 years left.

  35. Ar Suhaib

    Ar Suhaib19 днів тому

    Those are evidence and not secrets.

  36. Alchemic Overdrive

    Alchemic Overdrive19 днів тому


  37. jack jay

    jack jay20 днів тому

    That cat was cute in its many ties!! plus fuck you tevor your low level show host.

  38. Ben Tahar

    Ben Tahar20 днів тому

    Damn... I used to look up to Trevor, Now look at him, prostituting himself and his speech, Man, how embarassing even to watch this, Cheap!

  39. Allvismarketing

    Allvismarketing20 днів тому

    Fuck off, fucking sell out

  40. Praba Hearty

    Praba Hearty20 днів тому

    The person who is reading the news is look like donkey and dog I never see like this stupit journalist worst way of news reading

  41. Larigiano

    Larigiano21 день тому

    This video explains the difference between a journalist and a simple TV clown mr.Noah. We really overestimated you and your tiny brain all these years

  42. juan deluca

    juan deluca21 день тому

    Tremendos mogolicos estos Yankees, se ríen del hecho más trágico contra la libertad y la verdad, dando lugar a los que dicen que la justicia internacional no existe....lo cual claramente es verdad...

  43. Khalid Amin

    Khalid Amin21 день тому

    I used to respect you Noah Trevor, and I still do respect you... but please introspect upon this issue... Julian Assange is a hero and champion of Human rights.

  44. wiremu koko

    wiremu koko21 день тому

    Comedy is dead

  45. Ova Wolf

    Ova Wolf21 день тому

    Laugh it up now Trevor it will only be a matter of time before they arrest other journalists and i am sure they start with comedy journalists.

  46. Bobby Ward

    Bobby Ward22 дні тому

    Hopefully this helps wake people up to the purpose of these late night shows...

  47. Richard Jones

    Richard Jones22 дні тому

    Trevor, I used to like you.

  48. No-Genocide D0tC0m

    No-Genocide D0tC0m22 дні тому

    And *NOT ONE* _“freedom loving”_ Patriotic American, *British, or Australian* military member defended Julian Assange. Ya’ll claim to value honor and *honesty?* Julian Assange *honestly* informed the public of heinous abuse of power and the murder of innocent people by LYING corrupt government officials. Yet, ALL you Active military (and veterans), who took an honorable oath, did NOTHING to physically protect Assange from being kidnapped and put in chains LIKE A *SLAVE.*

  49. FMR

    FMR23 дні тому

    The real story... not this BS (and what happened with the upvotes? all of a sudden over 15k in a night?? BS again)

  50. Daniel Childs

    Daniel Childs23 дні тому

    Rude unfunny dick

  51. wang qi

    wang qi23 дні тому

    Since the arrest of Assange, the US media has not had any media protests. Instead, they cheered. Look! The news of American liberal democracy is controlled by the government and the ruling class. Going to fucking freedom and democracy and justice is false.

  52. JoeJames215

    JoeJames21523 дні тому

    Trevor is a sellout


    GABRIEL RODRIGUEZ24 дні тому

    Disappointed in Trevor. Why aren’t tv personalities and journalists screaming from roof tops!!!!

  54. AJ Alferez

    AJ Alferez24 дні тому

    Meowser Soze?

  55. MiRae Lee

    MiRae Lee24 дні тому

    Amazing how sensitive everyone is to these jokes. You’d think you knew Assange personally. Let’s not pretend we know all of his motivations or that he has never committed any crimes to find out “the truth”. It could be possible that everything people think he is, he is. A victimized journalist, a thief, a panderer, a sleaze bag, an altruistic hero, a nut, a hacker, a Trump supporter, etc. No one has clean hands and no government is pure. People, nations and diplomacy are all complicated things and taking one side over the other leads to more decisiveness without any real change. Just be happy you can entertain yourself and have the freedom and time to express yourself openly on this platform. Get over yourselves. It is possible to be human and do good and bad things.

  56. JoeJames215

    JoeJames21523 дні тому

    MiRae Lee fuck you jack ass. This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

  57. MrKillaruna04

    MrKillaruna0424 дні тому

    I'm starting to like your show and shit, but now, not anymore. I think you are stupid. UAreporter please stop recommending this guy's video!

  58. sdmfbastard

    sdmfbastard24 дні тому

    Fuck you douche

  59. Sebz world

    Sebz world24 дні тому

    You mr Trevor are so bad ...sad you had to do this. Just low man.

  60. Jake Universe

    Jake Universe24 дні тому

    my question is what audience are you preaching to besides the studio? its very clear that most people left or right oppose the arrest of julian, yet something has driven you to go on with this segment anyway? I thought you were supposed to produce content that people agree with? unless you're being told to...hmm

  61. Jake Universe

    Jake Universe24 дні тому

    in years to come when all this has blown over, trevor noah has placed himself on the side of the puppets.

  62. Mimi lovehealth

    Mimi lovehealth24 дні тому

    o trevor, how low you have gone.

  63. Amanda C

    Amanda C25 днів тому

    Julian Assange was arrested because he HELPED steel what he published. Not for publishing.

  64. Amanda C

    Amanda C25 днів тому

    Others will not be at risk unless they also Help steel what is publish.

  65. JoeJames215

    JoeJames21525 днів тому

    Fuck him.


    MAHBOOBEH REZAEI25 днів тому

    Are you fucking talking about cats?!! are you serious?!


    MAHBOOBEH REZAEI25 днів тому

    terrible piece! shame on you... very cheap comedy!

  68. Moha Amip

    Moha Amip25 днів тому

    19K likes vs 7.7K dislikes I guess that says something. We missed Jon Stewart. Trying to mock JA will never sound funny but you are too dumb to understand. The guy got the guts to challenge Governments for their evil acts what about you? I guess Ronny Cheingh is the only funny guy at Dailyshow since Hassan Minaj left. I am done with dailyshow. Old version of Dailyshow

  69. Michael Woldu

    Michael Woldu25 днів тому

    This is one of the only times i think you should read the comment section, Daily Show. That was brutal to watch.

  70. Cool Mist

    Cool Mist25 днів тому

    Julian Assange is our HERO... his light shall not die. To imprison Assange is to shoot the messenger. Arrest the criminals he exposed instead, he didn't commit those heinous crimes but told of them. AND you find that funny?

  71. De La Mer -

    De La Mer -25 днів тому

    Hard to look in mirror post this trash, but you do it or you lose it. For a puppet has a hand up his arse or strings controlling. Hoping it is the least comfortable

  72. RUSH GSP

    RUSH GSP25 днів тому


  73. RUSH GSP

    RUSH GSP25 днів тому

    let me tell you one thing TREVOR NOAH, HE IS FUCKING CLEVER THAN SHIT BRAIN LIKE YOU !!@#@$@$#Q*!!!!!!

  74. RUSH GSP

    RUSH GSP25 днів тому

    I think this is the video that change my perception on him forever.

  75. Loki

    Loki25 днів тому

    YOU ARE BEING LIED TO ABOUT JULIAN ASSANGE! See here the real motivations:

  76. Loki

    Loki25 днів тому

    Dude, you gone and fucked up now! Trevor Noah crashes and burns in 6 mins. Watch this RT clip on Assange to get a clear perspective on this situation:

  77. kelley Rogers

    kelley Rogers25 днів тому

    You make fun of a look like a USED Q TIP

  78. kelley Rogers

    kelley Rogers25 днів тому

    99 % of people commented how they hate your rant. Asshat

  79. kelley Rogers

    kelley Rogers25 днів тому

    Hillerys lil bitch u are

  80. A Swaney

    A Swaney25 днів тому

    Funny, the people in the comments calling Assange a journalist are the same ones who say The Daily Show does journalism, lol. Shows what they know.

  81. donkey_punched DatThot

    donkey_punched DatThot26 днів тому

    He’s a fucking hero!

  82. Clash Clan

    Clash Clan26 днів тому

    Unsubscribed you fcuking sellout Trevor! Didn't know you were such an a-hole

  83. Fifth Ape

    Fifth Ape26 днів тому

    From a corrupt politician's perspective: *The worst crime is exposing a corrupt politician.* -----> This is what Julian Assange did. From the people's perspective: *The worst crime is SELLING OUT.* ----> This is what Trevor Noah did.

  84. Arthur Silver

    Arthur Silver27 днів тому

    Oh Trevor; you're afraid they will come for you too if you support that illegal arrest.

  85. sabri rihab

    sabri rihab27 днів тому

    i know that you are a comedian and this is this kind of satire but shameful noah really there is nothing funny about julien's arrest this man did so much to wake people up .

  86. Error: Name has been coded.

    Error: Name has been coded.27 днів тому

    I used to enjoy you Trevor and now you’ve done this shit it wasn’t even quality comedy your just a sellout

  87. iMaple

    iMaple27 днів тому

    It's moments like these where I miss Stewart. He was able to succinctly explain the gravity of the situation and then make you laugh about the absurdity of the political system that led to it. Noah fails miserably at both.

  88. Mark Barcelo

    Mark Barcelo27 днів тому


  89. Johan

    Johan27 днів тому

    I've been a fan for a while, but man, that's your worst video. Not because it's not funny but because your team did not do the research right.

  90. XpnLef

    XpnLef27 днів тому

    Tbh this piece is highlighting the new daily show turn for the worst. It’s more a comedic show than a journalist one. I beileive it was worth mentioning that the new president of Ecuador was against the protection of Assange and the fact that he supported Catalonia bid for independence and thus creating strain between Spain and Ecuador. Buzzfeed level man

  91. George Wanjohi

    George Wanjohi27 днів тому

    First, Thank you Asange for exposing the rot in the Kenyan Government. Last, Shame for depicting Asange as a mere mortal who is afraid of the establishment as you probably do. To be precise. I do not hate Julian. I celebrate the man.

  92. Tres Cunningham

    Tres Cunningham27 днів тому

    You really lost all your shine with this piece, Trevor. I really liked you until you made a joke out of the travesty that has happened to one of this world’s heros of freedom. You’re the shitty teenager.

  93. Simon Amler

    Simon Amler27 днів тому

    Fuck you trevor

  94. ghanima1

    ghanima127 днів тому

    "What happened to Assange?"???? Try to spend 7 years in a room without going out and to have all the intelligence of your shitty country trying to put you in jail....then let's see what happens to you! worst piece of (false) comedy ever. I'm so disappointed.

  95. Latka banta

    Latka banta27 днів тому

    Character assasination of Assange as paid for by the government, brought to you by comedy central

  96. Hus 9

    Hus 928 днів тому

    the press was to serve the governed not the governors

  97. Naval Unicorn

    Naval Unicorn28 днів тому

    Shame on you Trevor, that guy exposed himself to danger so others can read the cruality gouvernments are doing to their ppl, and you are making fun of that.... !!

  98. Arian Goleh

    Arian Goleh28 днів тому

    Two words man, " FUCK YOU "

  99. 199gSauerkraut

    199gSauerkraut28 днів тому

    "When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals” Edward Snowden

  100. Yohannes T

    Yohannes T28 днів тому

    You entitled to your opinion but this is way too embarrassing from you Trevor. SELLOUT.

  101. Purity Karen Courtois

    Purity Karen Courtois28 днів тому

    OK this is not funny...

  102. Brianne Hadley

    Brianne Hadley28 днів тому

    Liked the daily show until now. Can’t believe this bullshit. Fuck Trevor.

  103. Shobhana Nagarkatti

    Shobhana Nagarkatti28 днів тому

    Very clever Trevor. This peice of satire should get more people talking about assange. More outrage, picketing, larger groups of people demanding clearer exposure, cleaner movements. Pleasr do some on this topic.

  104. Inceptions661

    Inceptions66128 днів тому

    Just a mediocre joke? No critical content at all? Pfff... Are you completely compromised like Obama? Just a public figure to distract with forced laughs? Stupid and empty approach to something serious. When you share limited light jokes about Trump just to create massive distractions while Trump, Israel and Mike Pence do whatever the fuck they want, maybe you are part of the problem. A paid accomplice. Maybe you really are Trump’s friend. After your jokes, NOTHING really happens at all. Absolutely nothing