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  1. OSSA

    OSSA3 місяці тому

    Who is your favorite couple on the list? Here's a complete list of all the upcoming Marvel movies: uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-2dHGgOrX6ks.html

  2. Usana Mindanao

    Usana Mindanao26 днів тому

    My favorite is chris evans


    THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN2 місяці тому

    Me and my gurl

  4. Hello Sunshine

    Hello Sunshine2 місяці тому


  5. Alpha Maverick

    Alpha Maverick2 місяці тому

    Me and Scarlette Johansson

  6. shelly Singhl

    shelly Singhl2 місяці тому

    OSSA scarlet and his patner

  7. Jennifer Rotvold

    Jennifer Rotvold21 годину тому

    Favorite couple is my man Tony and mea

  8. AlphaJumbo

    AlphaJumbo3 дні тому

    I'm just saying, I just came here for evansson because of the thumbnail but my hopes went soo low!

  9. Jenson Setiadi

    Jenson Setiadi5 днів тому

    I like PE

  10. Ben Borja

    Ben Borja5 днів тому

    and Tom Holland?....yer just gonna ignore Tom Holland!?

  11. Jane Gilmore

    Jane Gilmore6 днів тому

    New sub. Enjoyed. They are all hot, but Chris Hemsworth is the hottest and a really good family man... One of those families having a barbie, swimming, booze and all fun. Matt Damon is trying to buy a house near Chris and families as they get on really well and stays with The Hemsworth often. Oh and his wife was his high school gf so they have been together for ages.

  12. Ismat Kazmi

    Ismat Kazmi7 днів тому

    Chris and scarlett are a ship for life❤❤❤

  13. Beera Beera

    Beera Beera7 днів тому

    Thor and wife Elsa patsky

  14. Sypher Oliver

    Sypher Oliver8 днів тому

    WTF why didn’t scarlet stay with Ryan ...... Ryan is the most handsome man on earth

  15. Atif Aslam

    Atif Aslam10 днів тому

    Chris Hemsworth


    OOF'S GAMING10 днів тому

    I came here for tony stark

  17. RemiKitty

    RemiKitty10 днів тому

    Did Chris Evans name his dog Dodger because it was close to his role name Steve Roger's?

  18. Faaris KHAN

    Faaris KHAN11 днів тому

    I actually saw Chris Hemsworth once in real life at a Aus Open match and completely freaked out and I wasn't the only one

  19. Simsfp Cc

    Simsfp Cc11 днів тому

    What about Anthony mackie and Sebastian Stan ? I really wanna hear about Sebs, like does he even have one?

  20. Ana Carolina Lage

    Ana Carolina Lage12 днів тому

    Chris Evans and me!

  21. Debasish Barman

    Debasish Barman12 днів тому

    Chris and scarlett💕💕💕💕

  22. Gamerkittylove 2008

    Gamerkittylove 200813 днів тому

    Jeremy Renner and Scarlet Jonasson

  23. Aavash Hothead

    Aavash Hothead13 днів тому

    Of course Chris hemsworth's couple is best.

  24. lulu butcher

    lulu butcher14 днів тому

    Are you saskia odessa

  25. Arini Novianti

    Arini Novianti16 днів тому

    Chris Hemsworth totally a Great Man

  26. Bijan Tastanov

    Bijan Tastanov16 днів тому

    so good voice

  27. Emma Parker

    Emma Parker16 днів тому

    RDG and Susan Downey 😊

  28. Debanhi rodriguez

    Debanhi rodriguez16 днів тому

    I ship scarlett and chris they have known each other for long and get along great

  29. AlphaJumbo

    AlphaJumbo17 днів тому

    When I still ship scarlett and chris so badly.

  30. AlphaJumbo

    AlphaJumbo17 днів тому

    You know I thought that scarlett and chris is dating cause of the thumbnail..

  31. Francis Turner

    Francis Turner18 днів тому


  32. Natalia Munoz

    Natalia Munoz19 днів тому

    She dated the joker (Jared Leto) let’s all hope Harley don’t find out

  33. Natalia Munoz

    Natalia Munoz19 днів тому

    I knew Chris is single before I clicked on this video liar liar pants on fire I hate you

  34. Chloe Blake

    Chloe Blake19 днів тому

    Where tf is Tom Hiddleston, ik this is Endgame, but.. bruh srsly🤧

  35. dota leavers

    dota leavers19 днів тому

    i think capt. america is gay.

  36. Christinee 916

    Christinee 91619 днів тому

    I clicked because of Chris and Scarlett 😩❤️

  37. Kipu Bbe

    Kipu Bbe20 днів тому

    08:38 Is that Freddie Mercury on the back??

  38. omar muhsen

    omar muhsen20 днів тому

    They're not happy as long as they they don't believe in marriage in first time,sex outside marriage is adultery

  39. N.N. Castro

    N.N. Castro20 днів тому

    I read somewhere that Chris is gay. Does not bother me, but I can see how marvel would try to keep it quiet. True or not he comes across as a intelligent, compassionate human being.

  40. Steve Shaw

    Steve Shaw20 днів тому


  41. Matt Stewart

    Matt Stewart20 днів тому

    What's wrong with johannas face in endgame it looks fake like its plastered on or something and the short hair on girls needs a news flash you are beautiful femanistic spirits quit trying to be boys because you'll never be a man. Oh and it will never look good short makes your bodies look wierd as well as your self

  42. Jaime Ramirez

    Jaime Ramirez21 день тому

    Robert Downey jr ofcours

  43. Mikah Paylad

    Mikah Paylad22 дні тому

    I still ship Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans

  44. iin anggreni

    iin anggreni22 дні тому

    Capt. and Black Widow

  45. Da Crammers

    Da Crammers22 дні тому


  46. Khansa Adan

    Khansa Adan23 дні тому

    I love the action of Chris Hemsworth in thor

  47. vianey anaya

    vianey anaya23 дні тому

    Is it just me or does Scarlett Johansson kinda look like Billie Eilish

  48. Primal Lee

    Primal Lee26 днів тому

    Hawkeye likes widow

  49. Usana Mindanao

    Usana Mindanao26 днів тому

    Scarlet and evans

  50. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader26 днів тому

    I came here for the Scarlett Johansson thumbnail 🔥❤🔥❤🔥

  51. CHAOS_ Droid

    CHAOS_ Droid28 днів тому

    3 mins of the vid was about cevans

  52. Endless World

    Endless World28 днів тому

    Chris and Scarlett fit so much for a great couple, their persona is very much the same and I think Scarlett would be one of the few people to be able to be with Evans

  53. Shaikh mohhmad rehan

    Shaikh mohhmad rehan28 днів тому

    when aquaman come in avengers

  54. ThePokeCrafter

    ThePokeCrafter28 днів тому

    Chris Evans

  55. Depresso Frappuccino

    Depresso Frappuccino29 днів тому

    I just almost had a heart attack because I thought the voiceover was actually Chris