Avengers Endgame: Real-life Partners Revealed! | ⭐OSSA


  1. OSSA

    OSSAМісяць тому

    Who is your favorite couple on the list?



    Me and my gurl

  3. Hello Sunshine

    Hello Sunshine8 днів тому


  4. Alpha Maverick

    Alpha Maverick10 днів тому

    Me and Scarlette Johansson

  5. shelly Singhl

    shelly Singhl12 днів тому

    OSSA scarlet and his patner

  6. No One's business

    No One's business13 днів тому

    Scarlett and Chris

  7. nunchukdaddy champion

    nunchukdaddy champion41 хвилина тому

    Well Scarlett is engaged now

  8. Gabby Dark moon

    Gabby Dark moon4 години тому

    Awwwwww poor Jeremy I believe him

  9. Layla Danielle

    Layla DanielleДень тому

    I am still shipping her with Chris evens



    Captain America and black Widow are perfect

  11. Vanzari luv

    Vanzari luvДень тому


  12. Victoria Hatzson

    Victoria Hatzson2 дні тому

    I think the only woman I would ever be truly happy for Chris to be with is Scarlet Johansson... how can such a gorgeous man not be married yet??

  13. Merline Agustin

    Merline Agustin2 дні тому

    5:54 I still ship Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson

  14. Jean_Greyz06

    Jean_Greyz062 дні тому

    Chris & Scarlett 😍😍😍 I’m so inlove with their love team before they becme avengers in “The Nanny Diaries”

  15. Swati Shah

    Swati Shah2 дні тому

    So is no one gonna talk about Chris Hemsworth??? Man he is a playboy❤️❤️❤️

  16. Douglas Bimpak

    Douglas Bimpak3 дні тому


  17. Ashley Pantoja

    Ashley Pantoja3 дні тому

    But wait I didn't know 2 of my favorite Marvel characters married whaaaaaaa Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds wtf...

  18. TreeGan Gacha

    TreeGan Gacha3 дні тому

    I used to pronounce aka ahk-a

  19. Brie Yela

    Brie Yela4 дні тому

    hoping to see Evansson like..

  20. mariamaou Digital Paintings

    mariamaou Digital Paintings4 дні тому

    i liked the video but i clicked dislike because if the thumbnail. stop deceiving people

  21. Aqib Hero

    Aqib Hero4 дні тому

    Most handsome captain America

  22. Pewfetti

    Pewfetti4 дні тому

    People say stop shipping black widow and captain America... But not us.

  23. Stevi Elinel

    Stevi Elinel4 дні тому

    5:52 Nope! I ship her with Jeremy Renner...

  24. Renter Complaint

    Renter Complaint5 днів тому

    That blue outfit is ridiculous on Brie

  25. Ajay Arkawar

    Ajay Arkawar5 днів тому

    The iroman couple is inspiring

  26. Binky Diaper Cakes

    Binky Diaper Cakes5 днів тому

    I still ship widow with cap😍

  27. Neo Sia

    Neo Sia5 днів тому


  28. WeShould SaveOurselves

    WeShould SaveOurselves6 днів тому

    scarchris. i dont ship often but scarlet witch and captain are so cuteee.

  29. Tea in Korea

    Tea in Korea6 днів тому

    iron man and aunt May dated omg 😂

  30. My Bias Is South Korea’s Best Booty

    My Bias Is South Korea’s Best Booty6 днів тому

    ...I’d like to date Scarlett, please.

  31. NOOB_milky _123

    NOOB_milky _1236 днів тому

    Reynolds is whawha

  32. Silver Surfer Returns

    Silver Surfer Returns7 днів тому

    Chris Evans🇺🇸Captain America easily could of had a Hawaiian Tropic model,Playboy centerfold Bunny,Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader or Victoria's Secret Angel model,but I see he does not care about a woman's looks.He is definitely Not a shallow Man.👍 👍Genuinely he seems to be a Good Man.👍

  33. Silver Surfer Returns

    Silver Surfer Returns7 днів тому

    🇺🇸yes✅our Captain America🇺🇸 is sooo Lost without Black Widow and I believe she is Lost without her Captain.Chris❤Scarlett should consider making little Avengers together💪💪⭐. Poor Jeremy Renner! 😞😢He was married to a 😈🐍Demon Snake woman.

  34. Jojo Gansch

    Jojo Gansch7 днів тому

    I dont like Scarlett Johannson's husband...I always thought she was going to mary me

  35. EDMC Queen

    EDMC Queen7 днів тому

    Spoiler Alert: But they didn't end up each other in Avengers End Game

  36. em otr

    em otr8 днів тому

    ahhhh i ship Scarlett and Chris so bad just like in the movies and i'll never stop. They are fucking meant to be

  37. Stelliah Howard

    Stelliah Howard8 днів тому

    I still ship her with Chris Evans



    Chris Evans and Scarlett are the best couple! #TEAMCAPT

  39. somebuddyX

    somebuddyX8 днів тому

    I thought it was Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans in the thumbnail and was like "Finally!"

  40. tony chen

    tony chen8 днів тому

    it is all bullcrap.

  41. Madison A

    Madison A8 днів тому

    Soooo, what personality or hygiene issue does Chris Evens have that precludes him from getting a mate? Something is off.... I feel sorry for him.

  42. Super Tuber

    Super Tuber9 днів тому

    Evan's and Johansson, Yaaaas

  43. nct slut

    nct slut9 днів тому

    I've been shipping scarlett and christ since i watched the winter soldier..

  44. T o a s t y A l l y

    T o a s t y A l l y9 днів тому

    I ship iron man and captain america (:

  45. Sing with Shaziya

    Sing with Shaziya9 днів тому

    I love Chris Evans... I wish I could date him 😢😢😢😢

  46. Aulow h2h3

    Aulow h2h39 днів тому

    Chris Evans no no not that mugle

  47. Alexandru Babliuc

    Alexandru Babliuc9 днів тому

    Who else skipped Brie Larson?

  48. Alice The gymnast

    Alice The gymnast9 днів тому

    I ship thor and captain Marvel And Captain America and black widow Who else?

  49. 1st Avenue Covers

    1st Avenue Covers9 днів тому

    Scarlett Johansson, i am your biggest fan yet, i love how beautiful, successful, talented, hard working and smart/witty you are... My role model. I hope you would be with chris

  50. Noemik1986 Espinoza

    Noemik1986 Espinoza9 днів тому

    My was mark


    AMITABH DAS9 днів тому

    I like chris Evans couple Because I am great fan of captain america 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌💐💐💐💝💝💝💝💝💚💖💖💖💖💖

  52. Ashwini Nimbalkar

    Ashwini Nimbalkar10 днів тому

    Please make such a video on Tom Holland...

  53. Celestial_wolfx

    Celestial_wolfx10 днів тому

    I’m over here thinking that no one ships Chris and Scarlett except for me but then I looked in the comments and I’m the happiest rn lmao

  54. d k

    d k10 днів тому

    Well Cap needs his Peggy in real life.

  55. yoboi -

    yoboi -10 днів тому

    Lol I'm waiting for tom

  56. Richard Walker

    Richard Walker10 днів тому

    I think Thor wife is hot as hell real sexy on the film tylnaders and I think they will go far because you gotta work at married it’s never plane sailing even in reltionship I’ve been with my bf five years and there’s been time I was ready to give up but I love him and wanted to make it work and it has and I love him loads and am so happy

  57. Crow Zero

    Crow Zero10 днів тому

    Only of Chris Evan wasn't such a dick in real life. He would have any woman he wants. He's too childish with woman.

  58. Universe Trash

    Universe Trash11 днів тому

    This was published on my brithdayyyyy lololololol I'm irrelevant

  59. tanya dhyani

    tanya dhyani11 днів тому

    I love you Chris Hemsworth 😭😭💓💓❤️❤️❣️❣️💖💖💟💟😍😍🤩🤩

  60. Sophia grace

    Sophia grace11 днів тому

    who wouldn’t wanna go with chris

  61. Amearah Padda

    Amearah Padda11 днів тому

    I fav couple is Chris and Elsa all the way😍

  62. The Best of 'America’s Ass'

    The Best of 'America’s Ass'11 днів тому

    Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are perfect for eachother😂😂

  63. Panda 20

    Panda 2011 днів тому

    I ship chrislett or what do you prefer?


    THE_ COVER_ PAGE11 днів тому

    Hoping EVANSSON can happen soon!! 😍

  65. All That J

    All That J11 днів тому

    Canadians marrying an actor to secure the Green Card???

  66. Bernadette Okoli

    Bernadette Okoli11 днів тому

    Alex Greenwald and Bree Larson look absolutely the same age. Sure he is 10 years older than her? He looks so fresh!

  67. Bernadette Okoli

    Bernadette Okoli11 днів тому

    Some people like Cap.A. are only single so that people like me can still dream

  68. Antonette Sandhya

    Antonette Sandhya11 днів тому

    Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson

  69. Precious Heather

    Precious Heather11 днів тому

    Here after watching Avengers: Endgame 💕💕

  70. Kiman Travel

    Kiman Travel11 днів тому

    Everyone filled up the comment section saying they ship Chris and Scarlett but, guess what? b u t i s h i p r o b e r t a n d c h r i s O o p s

  71. OptimisticBitch

    OptimisticBitch11 днів тому

    Clicked bcs of the thumbnail. Dissapointed af wish Evansson will come true.

  72. Karin

    Karin11 днів тому

    I'm telling you his superpower is parenting - robert to chris

  73. Cocoa Beans

    Cocoa Beans11 днів тому

    Wait so Brie Larson is dating a Straight White Male? How ironic

  74. WorthlessDeadEnd

    WorthlessDeadEnd11 днів тому

    Chris Evans strikes me as the kind of guy who might be a closet Mormon.

  75. LifeIsShort BeHappy

    LifeIsShort BeHappy12 днів тому

    Captain America and Black Widow. . Hawkeye and Black Widow. . . Ironman and aunt mae.. . . I dunno. Jeremy and me. Hehhehe. . . I crush him.😍

  76. Lila Figueiredo

    Lila Figueiredo12 днів тому

    The worst thing is that I knew it was a clickbait on the cover but I was disappointed anyway

  77. xXStarbucksqueenXx love

    xXStarbucksqueenXx love12 днів тому

    Naah not chris and scarlette clart and scarlette yesss

  78. shelly Singhl

    shelly Singhl12 днів тому

    Scarlet johnson

  79. Silver Sb

    Silver Sb12 днів тому

    Mark is a keeper . 🥰😍

  80. Thanh Huyền nè

    Thanh Huyền nè12 днів тому

    Whenever I see Blake Lively I just call her Serena :))

  81. Jessica Desir

    Jessica Desir9 днів тому

    I know right.

  82. Dharini S k

    Dharini S k12 днів тому

    Fav couple.. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

  83. yanyan mik

    yanyan mik12 днів тому

    Scarlett Johanson and Chris Evans please!!!

  84. a real

    a real12 днів тому

    7:08 loving that scratch

  85. David Janeiro

    David Janeiro12 днів тому

    chris seems like such a good dude. and scarlett seems kinda like a ho. so for his sake i hope they never get together

  86. Valeria Hernandez

    Valeria Hernandez12 днів тому

    Who I ship is Scarlet Johansson and Chris Evans ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  87. Wolfhearted Abby

    Wolfhearted Abby12 днів тому

    What happens when scarlet Johansson's real happiness is Chris Evans????? I will cry cuz I wish they really do. While They're both still single. Do u think so????? I WISH

  88. Kumara Guru

    Kumara Guru13 днів тому

    Worst couple's

  89. sassy fever

    sassy fever13 днів тому

    im shipping chris and scarlett since the nanny diaries. lol

  90. Sorange

    Sorange13 днів тому

    How... did chris’ friend friendzone him? This word is gross and should be dropped, but in this case it doesn’t even make sense ? They both said they were friends, because you know, they are

  91. Mo Klaiber

    Mo Klaiber13 днів тому

    My favorite couple is me and Tom Holland 😂

  92. emeng batong bakal tang ina mo

    emeng batong bakal tang ina mo13 днів тому

    I really ship chris and scarlet

  93. Manoffriendship

    Manoffriendship13 днів тому

    I ship Jeremy Renner and Scarlette johansen

  94. Manoffriendship

    Manoffriendship13 днів тому

    Chris got some fat ugly sisters, damn

  95. Manoffriendship

    Manoffriendship13 днів тому

    Don's wife is fat and ugly.

  96. Janel Zapata

    Janel Zapata13 днів тому

    If only Elisabeth Olsen didn’t have a boyfriend. I ship her and Chris Evans.

  97. GANG 13

    GANG 1313 днів тому

    Thor is always a good family man

  98. Jounkd# 21TM

    Jounkd# 21TM13 днів тому

    "Im telling you hes super power is parenting" 😂😂

  99. btsXblackpink ROBLOX

    btsXblackpink ROBLOX13 днів тому

    Who doesnt like P.E? Its the only other lesson that you can have fun and not study!

  100. under_score 0512

    under_score 051213 днів тому

    I still ship Captain America and Black Widow ❤️❤️❤️


    ARMY ANGEL13 днів тому


  102. Josh Fletcher

    Josh Fletcher13 днів тому

    My creep radar goes off on that chris evans dude

  103. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind13 днів тому

    What’s wrong with America’s women? #givethismanadate

  104. Rihem Hannechi

    Rihem Hannechi13 днів тому

    Ofc I'm still shipping her with Chris Evans 😂😂😂

  105. GamingWith Cloud

    GamingWith Cloud14 днів тому

    It should be Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen, remember their talk show with Ellen in 2016?

  106. QB Chewbie

    QB Chewbie14 днів тому

    Mark ruffalo is a global treasure and as a community we must cherish him