Bar shooting survivors recount horror

  • 8 лис 2018
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  1. Rob the lionheart Trindade

    Rob the lionheart TrindadeМісяць тому

    something IS fishy with this. this was VIOLENCE BY DESIGN!!!!

  2. the final frontier

    the final frontierМісяць тому

    F A F. Sickening to hear of this nonsense a regular basis.

  3. Daniel Ruiz

    Daniel RuizМісяць тому

    A few observations...a country bar with no hicks and guns or just underage college kids not drinking...lotsa guys with no shirts...people in a building with more than a hundred people inside and some know where the exit signs are located...some people talk about their experience by using the language of a military veteran...gosh, the frequency of our mass shooting events seems to have changed the way random strangers talk and act.

  4. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon JacobsМісяць тому

    Country night and I don't see ONE COWBOY HAT! STOP BELIEVING STUPID SHIT!

  5. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon JacobsМісяць тому

    Nice green screen

  6. Donald Goembel

    Donald GoembelМісяць тому

    Crimes against the people, poor acting, paid disinfo agents are guilty of what ever crime may have been committed by the gov.. Their day will come and it won't be phony tears and they won't need to read their lines over and over to get it right.

  7. Double D

    Double DМісяць тому

    Fire and jail all the news people.

  8. Double D

    Double DМісяць тому

    False flag and bullshit

  9. A Job To Get Yourself Killed With

    A Job To Get Yourself Killed WithМісяць тому

    Really shitty actwhores.

  10. critical thinker

    critical thinkerМісяць тому

    Folks u gotta look at this from any angle besides the one that the news is giving. You have to hear both sides. Only one person was killed.!!!! Only one person and he was a cop. Look at the paper that the hospital released the hospital that got all of theese supposed patients

  11. critical thinker

    critical thinkerМісяць тому

    The hospital that took all 11 patients. Gave a public statement or memo. That said of 11 victims brought in, the only one that passes away was the cop that was there. The other ten were released almost immediately. The reason you see no body's is because there are none there were none. Well only one and I think he was a sherrif.

  12. Bill Borrett

    Bill BorrettМісяць тому


  13. RetroFun

    RetroFunМісяць тому

    Fake, staged...

  14. gtbarnes11

    gtbarnes11Місяць тому

    4:15 crying?..."he was just a young man" talking about Sean Adler the bouncer who was the oldest "victim" and had grey hair and beard!!!!!...Give me a break!

  15. Leslie Wyatt

    Leslie WyattМісяць тому

    Mag & Bamily!! Seriously, there was 3 members from the Astin family in these interviews from Thousands Oaks shooting. No kidding. They have been confirmed. Don't write which shooting . Write Astin Family members are witnesses in shooting. 3 come up immed and at the Thousand oaks (without even writing which one) 100% , write this via youtube search. The 3 will show. Wow!! The devil is in the details my friends. ..and yes.. the media showed these 3 more than once . Shame on these ppl. I was going to add... Baaaaam!!!!

  16. real macoy

    real macoyМісяць тому

    Cops (on duty or off duty) are never without a firearm.. In fact...if you're a're NEVER off duty.. And, they shielded a potential victim..? Where are the reports from these victims....of "yeah, the guy started shooting...I threw a bar stool...and these 6-7 other dudes started shooting back at the shooter dude..!!" Where...where are the reports of cops blasting this shooter into next century..?

  17. real macoy

    real macoyМісяць тому

    Somehow.young men always manage to get their shirts off...haha And, whats up with law enforcement standing casually in mass...when kids are allowed to shuffle victims from a scene and attend to them..? So, the news crews are there...the kids get to stay....but a uniformed paramedic/EMT is nowhere in sight..?

  18. real macoy

    real macoyМісяць тому

    tells people to be quiet...and take the time to turn off their cell phones.. but throws a bar stool through a window. Doesn't get pissed at the first guy to throw a stool thru glass...especially after he was able to wrangle panicked young women to turn their phones off..but, decides to add to the the noise in their own direction...Hmm.

  19. real macoy

    real macoyМісяць тому

    Seriously...In this interview a young man says he "dog piled" on girls...(protecting "family") because, "That's what you do.." And, all the other mass shootings...supposed parents couldn't give a shit where their kids "the police said they'll let me know if my kid is dead...after they get a body count.." So, welcome to the world of bar stool weapons and fast sneakers, duck and cover...hide in place to save your life. You don't need a firearm... just break a window and you'll be fine. Interesting that good old "uncle Joe" (Biden) demoralized Americans for wanting firearms with more than a few rounds capacity. "All you need is a single shot, shot gun for home defense..." Well, bout you tell the cops to stop harassing Americans for taking those shot guns to bars, so they may defend themselves against violence..? Oh..wait, did I just strike a nerve..? You admit that a firearm is necessary for defense...but you groom the police state to harass anyone who carries that shotgun..? Contradictory, Mr. Joe.. tisk tisk..

  20. the one who sees the truth 123

    the one who sees the truth 123Місяць тому

    Fake ass shit like this is why I don't watch TV anymore .

  21. TBD

    TBD2 місяці тому

    Where should legal gun owners go to turn in their guns??

  22. TBD

    TBD2 місяці тому

    That’s hard to watch all right! That’s incredible all right! All wrong!

  23. Jeanne K

    Jeanne K2 місяці тому

    another gun grab psyop

  24. Dupers Delite

    Dupers Delite2 місяці тому

    Might as well be a whistleblower.

  25. Adrian Rodrigues

    Adrian Rodrigues2 місяці тому

    Florida there was bullet proof barstools.he was forcing people because they were having a good time on empty floor . can't believe people still believe this crap.i feel sorry for them because they are going first when if something crazy does happen.

  26. Jr Woodson

    Jr Woodson2 місяці тому

    Who the hell you think you are

  27. Paul Wood

    Paul Wood2 місяці тому

    I fear the video of the actual bar at the time of shooting somewhat dispells this ABC. Why do you think most ordinary people will swallow this shit just so you can plough your agenda. Totally despicable people.

  28. Robert T

    Robert T2 місяці тому


  29. Thomas Dellarosa

    Thomas Dellarosa2 місяці тому

    Lying Jews run the news , they own the bus , and the scumbag Freemasons are behind the wheel . All that participate in this deception are guilty of Treason . The penalty for Treason is death , why are these Satanic scumbags still breathing ? Here's why , Men of today are cowards and are more interested in sucking dick than protecting their rights . Fuck the Zionist Jews , Fuck the Freemasons and fuck you too , ignorant son of a bitches .

  30. dididothat

    dididothat2 місяці тому

    The video showed another story and empty bar with one guy sitting threw the whole thing on a bar stool ????

  31. Jr tortellini

    Jr tortellini2 місяці тому

    They proved this was fake. Take it down

  32. Ugh caveman

    Ugh caveman2 місяці тому

    Yaaaaay, let's "control" guns/humans. Okay. You people could help by not staging events in order to take rights from human beings. Also, bad acting.

  33. Ugh caveman

    Ugh caveman2 місяці тому

    It's a game. Hundreds* Actually just an old man drinking a beer at the bar. Psychopathic propaganda, welcome to paid media.

  34. Ant B

    Ant B2 місяці тому


  35. marky fisher

    marky fisher2 місяці тому

    SO FAKE!!!

  36. rob. g

    rob. g2 місяці тому

    From what I understand, he pulled her up in the attic , and he started pile driving her right there .

  37. Danae Carriere

    Danae CarriereМісяць тому

    Only logical thing to do.🤔


    UM NO THANKS2 місяці тому

    Where's the cctv

  39. Mr Blue

    Mr Blue2 місяці тому


  40. hibernia1960

    hibernia19602 місяці тому

    ugh another HORRIFTING psy op.

  41. Cactus Jack

    Cactus Jack2 місяці тому

    all I've seen in one shaky video of an empty building. there should be dozens of videos plus CCTV. and bad crisis actors

  42. Imtherealthing

    Imtherealthing2 місяці тому video from inside the was empty...lying sacks of shit...falseflag

  43. Patrick Morand

    Patrick Morand2 місяці тому

    A big "eat shit" to all the lying actors in this fraud.

  44. 8D Music

    8D Music2 місяці тому

    I was watching a mad funny anime but my parents don't know I watch anime, so when they came into my room I put this over the anime tab. They thought I was laughing at a bar shooting. Help me

  45. Gail S. McFarland

    Gail S. McFarland2 місяці тому

    How many were also at the las Vegas shootings? Anyone seen a list of the unfortunate?

  46. Gail S. McFarland

    Gail S. McFarland2 місяці тому

    Baloney hooey hogwash!! Where are all the 100's of patrons videos? Why would anyone who suffered such a horrific event stay there all night talking to TV cameras.where was the blood on the guys who took off their shirts to help the victims where are the moisture beads aka tears on any of the actors

  47. Jason Crockett

    Jason Crockett2 місяці тому

    Fake as hell another false flag shooting to try to sway public opinion on gun control. Wake up people. Peace

  48. MrDarkoKos

    MrDarkoKos2 місяці тому

    6:40 WTF!!!!!!!! i need answers...?

  49. MrDarkoKos

    MrDarkoKos2 місяці тому

    woaha woah woah wtf at the end she says "SO THIS IS A COUNTRY BAR, SO ALOT OF THEM WERE IN LAS VEGAS AT THE JASON ALDEEN CONCERT" 6:40

  50. MrDarkoKos

    MrDarkoKos2 місяці тому

    "isnt thatbincredible to hear" -reporter on thousand hoax victims 2:57 then this guy claims smoke grenades were used? this guys at a bar with his son and runs out leaving him? bullshit. funny thatbthey show the soy boys with imdb page as heroes. then the guy that said he took a girl to the hospital and came back to the scene to do intrrviews

  51. THQ 07

    THQ 072 місяці тому

    America Fuck yeah!