Battle between Wild Dogs, Hyenas, Hippos & 2 Impalas


  1. BISHD

    BISHDДень тому

    Impala: Hippo: yeet

  2. Lffuwefg Seghhfd

    Lffuwefg SeghhfdДень тому

    Unfeeling mother nature ? Unfeeling filming ? gory and Savage. 😭.fan

  3. Carnagekiller 215

    Carnagekiller 2152 дні тому

    I’m sorry sir but nobody wants to listen to you

  4. Vd

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  5. Harpreet sahi

    Harpreet sahi5 днів тому

    One thing I learned after watching these kinda video that if it’s your time. Better to die in hands of lions instead of these smiling hyenas and even worse wild dogs. They just smile to lure you in and eat you before even killing you. Worse death for any prey :(

  6. Sachin Aravinda

    Sachin Aravinda5 днів тому

    00:03:39 Hippo - "Bravo six, going dark"

  7. A wild Hyena

    A wild Hyena9 днів тому

    Hyena’s are cat animals And if any animals what to stay alive run for ur life I mean I will catch up to you

  8. hhl316delta

    hhl316delta9 днів тому

    @ 1:17 hippo guards his own shit

  9. SilentKiller1197

    SilentKiller119711 днів тому

    Welcome to the all out great battle royal of nature

  10. SilverFoxForests

    SilverFoxForests11 днів тому

    You werere way to close. not on

  11. Sammy

    Sammy12 днів тому

    Wrestling, Brock lesnar F5 Heath Slater while other wrestlers watch on.

  12. Benji B-Side

    Benji B-Side13 днів тому

    I click on this video with caution, thinking it looks like a click bait title. It was not thankfully and delivered what was said on the tin!!

  13. dave petrey

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  14. Hüseyin Həmidov

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  15. Rock Rani

    Rock Rani14 днів тому

    I'm going to get one.

  16. Ali Hanafiah Ritonga

    Ali Hanafiah Ritonga15 днів тому

  17. Fredo Giron

    Fredo Giron15 днів тому

    What a waste..poor dogs, they were so close to getting the impala

  18. Onventwithurmom P

    Onventwithurmom P15 днів тому

    Dis maik me cry.

  19. Домашний бизнес

    Домашний бизнес15 днів тому

    Не понял кто кого съел

  20. Tin Tức Tổng Hợp

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  21. Tin Tức Tổng Hợp

    Tin Tức Tổng Hợp16 днів тому

    Cá xấu

  22. Tin Tức Tổng Hợp

    Tin Tức Tổng Hợp16 днів тому


  23. Udi Assaf

    Udi Assaf16 днів тому

    Hippo is Walter White / Heisenberg: "Get out of my territory"!

  24. great resident

    great resident16 днів тому

    Please stop adding your own voices and stalking me. Tell the criminal over here to stop abusing me as well. Your deep state hack into everything to abuse us. You are criminals and very cruel abusive thugs. I want a restraining order enforced on your brat faction of criminals. You arent the lawful government. You arent good people. You are frauds abusing technology you should not have same as your alien accomplices.

  25. Kondra Naresh

    Kondra Naresh16 днів тому

    stupid hipoo

  26. No Signal Tech.

    No Signal Tech.16 днів тому

    When I thought the video would end boring. Suddenly the impala flies

  27. No Commentary Gaming

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  28. Maxim

    Maxim16 днів тому

    did the hippo yeet a dead dog? or was that the corpse of the impala

  29. Seth Watford

    Seth Watford16 днів тому

    Who else didn’t like the guy who kept saying to be quiet

  30. Achilles

    Achilles15 днів тому

    he said the right thing

  31. Александр Александр

    Александр Александр16 днів тому


  32. __

    __17 днів тому

    Peaceful protestors.

  33. xotrex

    xotrex17 днів тому

    Crazy, the fight for survival

  34. السلاح الابيض

    السلاح الابيض17 днів тому

    Whats happened to antelope.

  35. Christopher O'Neil

    Christopher O'Neil17 днів тому

    Sometimes Hippos will actually defend animals crossing a river from Crocs. It would almost seem like this Hippo knew the Impala was going to die suffering by either drowning or being eaten alive by Wild Dogs and thus put it out of it's misery.

  36. Alberto BQ

    Alberto BQ2 дні тому

    Naa, it is just that those psycho fat bastards are extremely territorial, and they will attack almost any creature in its way.

  37. Brockoala

    Brockoala10 днів тому

    I think more like it was trying to prevent the crocs from getting a meal, to weaken them. Animals don't go around defending others if they don't get benefits from that. It doesn't care if the impala is suffering either, it just doesn't want the wild dogs to be fed. In the wild, you gotta weaken your enemies by any mean in order to be the strongest, to stay on top of the food chain, to survive.

  38. Nevalith

    Nevalith17 днів тому

    1:17 Ohhh so this is how it would look like if I went to Japan. Me jus standing around being large and black. Japanese just hovering around..probably takin pictures to afraid to approach my large loudness. Good times...good times

  39. me

    me17 днів тому

    Did the hippo kill the impala or had it already drowned ?

  40. Haroon Khan

    Haroon Khan17 днів тому

    Herbivores always gettin fucked up. God or evolution defo picked a favourite n that was carnivores

  41. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith18 днів тому

    I heard wolf packs will eat the weakest member of the pack. Cannibals. Reminds me of the way some people act. Mafia

  42. perparim korcari

    perparim korcari18 днів тому

    Kjo video fallco ja ben shpresa e deshmorve qe rrezikojn jeten kameramant

  43. R C

    R C18 днів тому

    I have seen many times Hippos helping other weaker animals in distress, trying to save them from the hostile crocodiles, here it was a different story though.

  44. Zidon Qadrea

    Zidon Qadrea19 днів тому

    Eaten alive is worst experience u can get

  45. Mr. Nope

    Mr. Nope19 днів тому

    And we think our lives are tough...

  46. David Filipović

    David Filipović19 днів тому

    Hippos either defend other herbivores or kill them i dont understand

  47. Ra Akhanaten

    Ra Akhanaten19 днів тому

    So you want to be free huh? There's always rules.

  48. Mike Crawford

    Mike Crawford19 днів тому

    where is crocodile when you need one

  49. Canadian Man

    Canadian Man19 днів тому

    This not a battle , it’s a massacre.

  50. Hagmire84

    Hagmire8419 днів тому

    Just think this type of thing is happening all day every day in the wild

  51. Savvas Panagiotopoulos

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  52. espejo

    espejo20 днів тому

    Mediocres q disfrutáis con estos y vais de Buenos cobardes

  53. Kunal Mazumdar

    Kunal Mazumdar20 днів тому

    Wellcome to the "Jumanji: the dangerous African jungle".

  54. Ивайло Аврамски

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  55. Luke Violini

    Luke Violini20 днів тому

    Wild dog: "I don't fear you" Hippo: "then you will die braver than most"

  56. Kiteva Nasokarik

    Kiteva Nasokarik20 днів тому


  57. Catfish Cave

    Catfish Cave20 днів тому

    Wild dog #1: ok boys, let’s get that hippo. GO! Entire pack: **silence** Hippo: That’s what I thought.

  58. Janaka sooriyaarachchi

    Janaka sooriyaarachchi20 днів тому

    Credit for hippo not fucking camera man .

  59. Jose Lico Matozo

    Jose Lico Matozo20 днів тому

    Joselico gracias 👍🏻

  60. Mi Mao 大王 Miao Ge Lu

    Mi Mao 大王 Miao Ge Lu20 днів тому

    put trump in the water and those Hyenas will kiss his ass

  61. Claudia Sangwais

    Claudia Sangwais20 днів тому

    Painters always know where the action is? Fast and lethal

  62. T OB

    T OB20 днів тому

    What is interesting is that hyenas appear to be kind of dog like but in actuality they are a member of the feline community....

  63. Angela Hamlett

    Angela Hamlett20 днів тому

    Kings and Queens walk alone, hyenas walks in packs. Why must woman talk so much. At least whisper next time if you must talk at all.

  64. S P Q R

    S P Q R19 днів тому


  65. Naser hamdan Alhamdan

    Naser hamdan Alhamdan20 днів тому


  66. Lubna Turk

    Lubna Turk20 днів тому

    Were is the hunters to hunt these dogs there is no balance !!!!

  67. Lubna Turk

    Lubna Turk20 днів тому

    ئwere is the hunter

  68. Edvaldo Arcanjo

    Edvaldo Arcanjo20 днів тому

    Incrível esses cachorros selvagem mata muitos animais.

  69. Ruben Anibal Artigas Nilo

    Ruben Anibal Artigas Nilo20 днів тому

    Digo: se nota que estos gringos viven a costa de America Latina para filmar estas morbosidades.

  70. Jasper Nemesio

    Jasper Nemesio20 днів тому

    Wild dogs and hyenas need to go extinct already. They torture they're victims too much.

  71. No Ni

    No Ni20 днів тому

    run bamby! oh it's dead.

  72. Jameson Reese

    Jameson Reese20 днів тому

    It's interesting seeing the hyenas and painted dogs just more or less coexisting. Cool!

  73. Peace

    Peace17 днів тому

    The same way Crocs and Hippos coexist pacefully.

  74. Ultra Gamer

    Ultra Gamer19 днів тому

    Yea. In previous videos I always noted they didn't really care about each other.

  75. arsyila moetz

    arsyila moetz20 днів тому

    Indonesia lookit

  76. The Awakening ́Ω`

    The Awakening ́Ω`21 день тому

    That hippo could have slaughtered that whole pack without breaking a sweat

  77. Reuben Caldwell

    Reuben Caldwell20 днів тому

    If it could catch them.

  78. Bladen Sun

    Bladen Sun21 день тому

    4.18 ma man hippo just YEETED the poor thing rip

  79. I H

    I H21 день тому

    3:56 The moment that hippo burped or farted directly under the Impala....and the dog was lie "Oh Shit!"

  80. 똥개의 반란 - 최붕박(CBP)

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  81. MS Tabrez

    MS Tabrez21 день тому

    What a nice #ahlesunnatahleimaan

  82. T. N.

    T. N.21 день тому

    Impala had it rough, stuck between savage dogs and a raging hippo. Arent we glad we're humans.

  83. Jackson Emory

    Jackson Emory19 днів тому

    Serious? Is this more humane? Are you human?

  84. Blue Swan Breeze

    Blue Swan Breeze21 день тому

    That hippo is a boss. The dogs were bothering it when it was out of the water, so he went back in the water and drown the impala so the dogs couldn’t get it. Dogs aren’t gonna mess with a hippo in the water to fetch it.

  85. Joe's Donuts

    Joe's Donuts21 день тому

    That deer had a really bad day

  86. sammy jackson

    sammy jackson21 день тому

    This thing is two animals away from jumanji

  87. Человек Со Звезды

    Человек Со Звезды21 день тому

    Что за планета такая? Всё жрут друг друга. 🤔

  88. Владислав Грачёв

    Владислав Грачёв21 день тому

    Естественный отбор эволюции 🤷‍♂️

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