Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW


  1. goofy

    goofy2 хвилини тому

    So feminine

  2. RaistlinMajere2010

    RaistlinMajere201019 хвилин тому

    Stop removing my dislike....

  3. Cesar Delgadillo

    Cesar DelgadilloГодину тому

    It’s sucks that I have to watch this, to find out what happens on crisis on infinite earths

  4. Na ra

    Na ra2 години тому

    Batwoman: I won’t let a man take credit for a woman’s work Batman: Am I a joke to you?

  5. Marcelo Cavalera

    Marcelo Cavalera2 години тому

    DC shots their own foot atleast once per month.

  6. based weeab

    based weeab3 години тому

    Im offended. Why couldn't the main character have been a trans, black, pansexual, disabled, mentally challenged, illegal immigrant. There's no representation in Hollywood.

  7. severejoseph100

    severejoseph1003 години тому

    Wait what was her gender again?? I don't thing they said it

  8. Jess Rolle

    Jess Rolle4 години тому

    Don't get what's with all the hate. This show is joining the legacy of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends. Give it a chance before you state that it is a flop. It's just a trailer. Batwomen is done by the same producers as the rest. If you like the Arrowverse this is definitely gonna be just as good, just give it time.

  9. alejandro casalegno

    alejandro casalegno2 години тому

    "Just give it time"..........i give the 3.05 minutes of the trail..............and sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. suckonthis u2be

    suckonthis u2be3 години тому

    Arrowverse has declined heavily in quality.

  11. Kisuke Urahara

    Kisuke Urahara4 години тому

    Why market a discontinued DC character from the 70s? Feminism, thats why.

  12. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Ichigo Kurosaki4 години тому

    Kisuke Urahara still not sure why cw decided to do a batwoman show of all things, nobody really cared about her, and now most people will despise Batwoman because of this trash show

  13. Tommy Charles

    Tommy Charles4 години тому

    Looks very poorly written, as is usual for woke media. BTW, her punching someone that hard with her bare knuckles would likely leave her with severely bruised knuckles if not broken..But who am I kidding, reality doesn't matter. "Your boss is my cousin.." That doesn't give her the right to break into someone's house. That's called breaking and entering. lol. Total shite writing.

  14. Fardowsa Ali

    Fardowsa Ali5 годин тому

    I respect Ruby Rose, but the CW and the people who made the script, really really screwed the cast over.

  15. Keitron Wallace

    Keitron Wallace5 годин тому

    Never have I seen such unity over one idiotic piece of "dialogue." There is hope for this country yet

  16. NicoZ8

    NicoZ86 годин тому

    Batwoman? more accurately this series should be call SJWoman: The cringe rises. :/ xD

  17. Gustavo Servin

    Gustavo Servin7 годин тому

    I understand that this is ironic taking a popular hero and changing that slate to a woman. but to all how say things horrible to a show which is not even out yet. I think this show, I know this show will be amazing because its ok for a female to be a important charactor. She has so much potential all we need is to give it a shot.

  18. Mic

    Mic7 годин тому

    I agree

  19. YeOldeLancer

    YeOldeLancer7 годин тому

    Wow, just saw this for the first time. What has happened to DC? This is horrible. With an attitude like that, she comes off as more of a villain than a hero. I don't think the people making these shows understand what a hero is anymore. The majority of the DC shows (and all of the CW shows for that matter) are disappointments. Hard pass on this. After seeing the trailer, I'm not even going to try this one out. This show will fail hard and everyone but the creators will know exactly why. Humility, nobility, respect for others, self-sacrifice, the greater good ...... lacking.

  20. G

    G7 годин тому

    When you trying so hard to push feminist and gay representation in one show ,the result is this nonsense.

  21. Nini /

    Nini /9 годин тому

    I would love to see a series about catwoman

  22. pedro henrique acidph

    pedro henrique acidph9 годин тому

    It is much...than it become super funny

  23. Alberto Martin

    Alberto Martin9 годин тому

    I just came back to be sure UAreporter did not remove my dislike. Nop, still there 👎🏻 👌🏻

  24. Woozle 03 Productions

    Woozle 03 Productions9 годин тому

    This looks like it's going to be really good.

  25. Travis Collura

    Travis Collura10 годин тому

    Honestly, I’m hoping Earth-1 Maggie Sawyer is in this.

  26. Dieu Du Bonheur

    Dieu Du Bonheur10 годин тому


  27. Osama Bin laggin

    Osama Bin laggin10 годин тому

    Might as well disable comments because nobody here will say anything good

  28. Ivan Tafolla

    Ivan Tafolla10 годин тому

    You look like the cutest little lesbian boy 👦

  29. Brian Waymire

    Brian Waymire11 годин тому

    Seems pretty awful.

  30. Team Hydre

    Team Hydre11 годин тому

    i don’t like that the concept is that batman left them, which would never happen

  31. Canadian Falcon

    Canadian Falcon11 годин тому

    This is the real reamake of "Lego Batman"

  32. BucketHead Ayala

    BucketHead Ayala12 годин тому

    When you could be spending more time in flash season 6 or improving legends of tomorrow but make this.

  33. Inês Neto

    Inês Neto12 годин тому

    Okay yeah I get that it is kinda stupid to make a femle hero out of a male's hero brand, but can we just appreciate Ruby Rose. Either way, she's also why I'm watching this show and why I don't want it to get cancelled so soon, and why I'm giving this a like.

  34. klimmr3021

    klimmr302112 годин тому

    Wow, the horrible CGI Sonic the Hedgehog looks better than Batwoman. He was at least creatively awful in how he looked. This just looks like Batman decided to become a drag queen.

  35. Pain hurts Sometimes

    Pain hurts Sometimes13 годин тому

    Thank you cw. You ruined flash, arrow and.. wait actually you ruin everything you touch

  36. Emma Zhou

    Emma Zhou13 годин тому

    Let's beat youtube rewind with the dislikes


    BRIDGEBURNERS TV14 годин тому


  38. Milton Hunter

    Milton Hunter14 годин тому

    the numbers speak for themselves. ROFL

  39. Just a Player

    Just a Player14 годин тому

    I searched for batgirl why they're calling batwoman

  40. Vr Lux

    Vr Lux15 годин тому

    Already died in the womb. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  41. Shadowdefiler

    Shadowdefiler16 годин тому

    There's a problem. Bruce Wayne probably knows his cousine, as Batman he fight for peace and against the hate. Why batman didn't neutralise his cousine then ?

  42. Natth J

    Natth J17 годин тому

    What I want to see is a female that fights a male in real life and see who is better. Normal female vs normal and a trained fighter female vs a trained fighter male, so that it is fair.

  43. Buddy Guy

    Buddy Guy13 годин тому

    The man would destroy. Everytime. Hell, in most cases a normal man could win against a trained female fighter.

  44. skyflysky1919

    skyflysky191917 годин тому

    uhh, is it just me or Camren Bicondova, who plays catwoman in Gotham, looks like a younger version of Ruby Rose? I think Ruby looks more like a CATwoman than Batwoman lol

  45. Christian Rysi

    Christian Rysi17 годин тому

    This gonna be my new favourite tv show 😍

  46. Osama Bin laggin

    Osama Bin laggin18 годин тому

  47. Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith18 годин тому

    How can DC cancel T. V. Shows like Swamp Thing, which is 'literal perfection'. But still keep monstrosities like this still runing. It's doesn't make sense and is seriously pissing me off

  48. Mark

    Mark15 годин тому

    Ashley Smith because The CW has nothing to do with Swamp Thing, Titans, Doom Patrol and the taxes for the places where those shows are filmed. They’re two different DC Tv Show producing companies.

  49. RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

    RightReverend BubbaBullfrog18 годин тому

    because guys and women without narcissistic emotional-baggage enjoy shows like Swamp Thing. and pleasing ppl without disorders listed in the DSM V is no longer acceptable.

  50. Chase Reynolds

    Chase Reynolds19 годин тому

    Batwoman? Pfff more like Trashwoman. Get woke, go broke.

  51. I

    I19 годин тому

    Cool cool

  52. Grant Meadows

    Grant Meadows22 години тому

    But in the comics she had red hair.

  53. MWP Gaming

    MWP Gaming22 години тому

    Just know I love every single one of y'all who dislikes this video y'all are OP

  54. klimmr3021

    klimmr302122 години тому

    Batwoman v Supergirl: Dawn of Just What Were They Thinking?

  55. Andrew Coke

    Andrew Coke22 години тому

    I'm assuming the first day this TV show comes out the ratings will be bad on the first episode😅

  56. Random citizen

    Random citizen23 години тому

    Batwoman is such a great character and these guys ruined her.

  57. FocusFanatic

    FocusFanaticДень тому

    Never let a feminist take over a male created franchise.

  58. White Screen

    White ScreenДень тому

    Oh, CW, can't you go five seconds without embarrassing yourself?


    DEATH HUNTERДень тому



    DEATH HUNTER14 годин тому

    @ʕ•̫͡•ʔ Feline Bard I know , I was just showing that how much I hate this show

  61. RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

    RightReverend BubbaBullfrog18 годин тому

    @ʕ•̫͡•ʔ Feline Bard just as logic, professional-storytelling and actors with more than two facial expressions are useless inside of this 'Batwoman' series.

  62. ʕ•̫͡•ʔ Feline Bard

    ʕ•̫͡•ʔ Feline Bard22 години тому

    Infinity Stones are useless outside of the marvel universe.

  63. Marionette Studios

    Marionette StudiosДень тому

    I'm loving these numbers. Almost 400k dislikes to not even 100k likes lol

  64. RaistlinMajere2010

    RaistlinMajere201016 хвилин тому

    and most of the dislikes have been removed. I keep coming back each day, just to dislike it again because they remove it.

  65. Vincent Rider

    Vincent RiderДень тому

    I gotta say, props to CW for keeping the comment section up and apparently not altering the worst up/ down ratio I've ever seen! Still looks terrible, but there's time for last minute edits and tweaks (?). If they drop the SJW crap, this might find an audience. Big IF though. BTW show runners; I was down with this trailer until "when it fits a woman". Lost me with the "not about to let a MAN take credit..." quote. She's his f-ckin cousin and stepping up/in for him while he's apparently in distress... why disparage the legacy instead of honoring it???

  66. Мудрый Олень

    Мудрый ОленьДень тому

    this movie should've been named feminist city instead of batwoman

  67. The Meanite

    The MeaniteДень тому

    I’m getting some nice UAreporter Rewind 2019 nostalgia right here

  68. KJ_DiamondMiner

    KJ_DiamondMinerДень тому

    Wow it's sooooooo important that she's a woman. Who cares that shes a superhero, shes a flipping woman

  69. TheStarkiller96

    TheStarkiller96День тому

    why all the dislikes?

  70. suckonthis u2be

    suckonthis u2be22 години тому

    People hate cringe.

  71. FocusFanatic

    FocusFanaticДень тому

    Because we can.

  72. suckonthis u2be

    suckonthis u2beДень тому

    There might be some clues in the comments.

  73. The Meanite

    The MeaniteДень тому

    TheStarkiller96 you have got to be shitting me




  75. Rann Xerox

    Rann XeroxДень тому

    My only regret is that I can click "dislike" on this only once.

  76. RaistlinMajere2010

    RaistlinMajere201014 хвилин тому

    Some of us have disliked it multiple times. They keep removing my dislike.

  77. BoximusPrime 10

    BoximusPrime 10День тому

    Y dislikes

  78. BoximusPrime 10

    BoximusPrime 1011 годин тому

    @RightReverend BubbaBullfrog but it's just a trailer... Can't judge alll of that by a single trailer, especial character depth

  79. RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

    RightReverend BubbaBullfrog17 годин тому

    @BoximusPrime 10 pure laziness in scripting, cinematography and character depth, none of which has anything to do with gender. you have your answer.

  80. BoximusPrime 10

    BoximusPrime 10День тому

    @FocusFanatic what the reason though

  81. FocusFanatic

    FocusFanaticДень тому


  82. Shoe Lace

    Shoe LaceДень тому

    I don't usually dislike UAreporter videos

  83. FocusFanatic

    FocusFanaticДень тому

    ...(Insert But when I do meme)....

  84. Vik Table

    Vik TableДень тому

    oh my god another of SJW hot garbage

  85. Nafiad Tefera

    Nafiad TeferaДень тому

    Anyone else search up Cringe Woman Trailer? It's the top result now.

  86. Xavier Matos

    Xavier MatosДень тому

    By trailers like this we need Thanos to erase the population 😂😂😂😂

  87. Dredogmor1

    Dredogmor1День тому

    Why....... this crap.. CW needs new Writers and Producers, there green light this but the Supernatural: Wayward Sisters was a no go.

  88. The Fake FaZe Member 15

    The Fake FaZe Member 15День тому

    Batwoman: I’m not gonna allow a man to take credit for a womens work Batman: THE F*** YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SH**!!!!!!!

  89. Tony Carcamo

    Tony CarcamoДень тому

    definitely the wrong actress for batwoman...terrible

  90. Joel Murdoch

    Joel MurdochДень тому

    She actually has the look of a capable action hero. But the writing and delivery... Yikes. Take a lesson from Wonder Woman, Buffy, Ripley, Sarah Connor, Black Widow and Lara Croft to name but a few great female action heroes. Like the men, they just got the job done. They didn't beat you over the head with the fact they were women. That is equality. Not this. This is bordering on parody. It takes a worthy idea, that women can be and are as heroic as men, and delivers it with the subtlety of a sledgehammer between the eyes.

  91. bœuf fraise

    bœuf fraiseДень тому

    fait ton devoir de citoyen :)

  92. David Smith

    David SmithДень тому

    It's amusing how making feminist or LGBTQ entertainment is now suddenly a ground breaking event in history. These rubbish films and television shows desperately promoting feminism and LGBTQ is social engineering propaganda.

  93. Kaity Horror

    Kaity HorrorДень тому

    *_Oh hey it's andy beirsack and the guy from hemlock grove_*

  94. Kaity Horror

    Kaity HorrorДень тому

    Y'all just making up characters at this point

  95. Dan Lambert

    Dan LambertДень тому

    I hope the show is good but am expecting the worst after the trailer. I actually like the character in the comics but this characterization of her may not work. The worst part looks like the villain. I have no idea WTH she is even supposed to represent. Not sure if DC is not allowing any of the cool female Bat-Villains but this show needs them to succeed.

  96. jcjedired5

    jcjedired5День тому

    the batcave is literal perfection. it will be when its a kitchen.

  97. Thundermaxx

    ThundermaxxДень тому

    As of June 25, 2019, over 397K dislikes *AND STILL COUNTING!!* Hopefully the CW will get the hint.

  98. Another Human

    Another Human7 годин тому

    We are at 398k now sir

  99. STG Pancake

    STG PancakeДень тому

    the whole show is going to be her pointing out that shes a "WAMEN!!!!"

  100. Something Strange

    Something StrangeДень тому

    Woman: Becomes batman Also woman: Im not going to let a man take credit for a woman's work

  101. rowan smith

    rowan smithДень тому


  102. rowan smith

    rowan smithДень тому

    Big poop


    ARKHAM’s DARKCLAWДень тому

    Just came back to take a 💩

  104. lyleooley

    lyleooleyДень тому

    Is Justin Bieber really playing Batman?

  105. itsnot2l84sk8

    itsnot2l84sk8День тому


  106. Jason Garcia

    Jason GarciaДень тому

    wtf is this? :(

  107. YeongEun Kim

    YeongEun KimДень тому

    This is just a tv show Why the comments are full of whiny boys? Lol

  108. The Meanite

    The MeaniteДень тому

    YeongEun Kim my dude have u even seen the whole trailer

  109. ForSan OmegaLUL

    ForSan OmegaLULДень тому

    You are so naive and ignoring deep details, I won’t be surprised if I find out that u not following politics.

  110. Bobbby Hotdog

    Bobbby HotdogДень тому

    show: is about feminism and crap Batwoman: *fights with pan*

  111. Master Prophet

    Master ProphetДень тому

    Had to be some queer mess up in there, didn't it? smh

  112. Jamie Thomson

    Jamie ThomsonДень тому

    She just looks so stupid

  113. Jamie Thomson

    Jamie ThomsonДень тому

    Come on, no one asked for feminism, batman is better

  114. SirGecko

    SirGeckoДень тому

    Yuck! I’d rather see a Marvel’s Forbush Man show.

  115. jumpman120

    jumpman120День тому

    "Doesn't want a man to take credit for a waman's work".. Ok I take this in count => So I guess I will not watch a series with a woman who steals the work of Bruce Wayne !

  116. Matthew Clayton

    Matthew ClaytonДень тому

    Every man in this trailer is depicted as either weak, simple, controlling, homophobic, or sexist.

  117. Domingo en fuego

    Domingo en fuegoДень тому

    This is what happens when you hire tumblr users for script writing

  118. Ian Skrivarnik

    Ian SkrivarnikДень тому

    taking the "Women can do everything men can do" mentality a bit too far. I mean yikes, 80k likes to 397k dislikes is a sign that you should just not release this garbage ?

  119. urban. drooid

    urban. drooidДень тому


  120. Daniel Halden

    Daniel HaldenДень тому

    Its a joke just say it is please

  121. Daniel Halden

    Daniel HaldenДень тому

    Boooo Booooo Booooo

  122. Daniel Halden

    Daniel HaldenДень тому

    This will be the worst series ever

  123. DosWheelsBetter

    DosWheelsBetterДень тому

    Respec WAHMEN

  124. Antoine Vl

    Antoine VlДень тому


  125. Mario Czapa

    Mario CzapaДень тому

    New Batman is Woman fail with this movie. Fcuk you DC