Bead "Pixel Art" Challenge - The Worst-Best Fun I've Ever Had!


  1. Spag00t Boi

    Spag00t BoiМісяць тому

    what is this, BEADdsm


    KING_ GAMER3 дні тому

    a great video xDD

  3. 마누엘아 제 니스

    마누엘아 제 니스4 дні тому


  4. Roxainne Yu

    Roxainne Yu5 днів тому

    You can create roblox using pixel art too? the best! ♥

  5. Pjay

    Pjay11 днів тому

    Spag00t Boi OH NO PLEASE GOD NO

  6. Tide Pod

    Tide Pod14 днів тому

    Spag00t Boi Oh jesus XD

  7. Alyxandra Ramsey

    Alyxandra RamseyГодину тому

    Subbed because you made me laugh. Liked because I want your shirt.

  8. Rosie Norton 22

    Rosie Norton 22Годину тому

    I grew up making these things! This was a little walk down memory lane

  9. C & C Miller

    C & C Miller2 години тому

    I absolutely hate these.

  10. C2 s2

    C2 s23 години тому

    4:26 is that a link impersonation

  11. FanErii

    FanErii4 години тому

    It’s plerbeads

  12. Jessica Finley

    Jessica Finley4 години тому

    I love beads Cause you could make anything In about 15 Minutes! I think it took me less long because I’ve done it SO MUCH

  13. Sauli Penttilä

    Sauli Penttilä5 годин тому

    4:24 I thought he was going to say "haduuken" or something like that

  14. ChocCroc Gacha

    ChocCroc Gacha5 годин тому

    I had that when i was like 6 lmao Good memories xD

  15. therealwithHD

    therealwithHD7 годин тому

    >when your painting has rgb

  16. therealwithHD

    therealwithHD7 годин тому


  17. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez7 годин тому

    Where did you get the beads

  18. •CløudLimited•

    •CløudLimited•8 годин тому

    Random: It's impossible to create a landscape with beads! Jazza: *HOLD MY PENS* Also Jazza: No seriously, I don't need them right now.

  19. Lost Scream

    Lost Scream9 годин тому

    I never got any time to do anything with the pixel beads I had. I made a jumbo skull earing though

  20. hugtower

    hugtower9 годин тому

    Now try the mini beads which are about half the size Edit: I’m sorry, I meant a fourth the size.

  21. The leaves are gone, you should be too

    The leaves are gone, you should be too9 годин тому

    Be happy u don't have to dig in a giant bucket of mixed colors for each bead

  22. Kate Bothe

    Kate Bothe10 годин тому

    First of all I love the beads!!!!!!! Secondly have you seen doll repainting? I’d like to see you try repainting some dolls

  23. Helen VanDenbergh-Curry

    Helen VanDenbergh-Curry11 годин тому

    oh fffffffffff-family friendly

  24. Daniel Neupert

    Daniel Neupert12 годин тому

    I would like the videos more without cringy obnoxious laughter

  25. hobi

    hobi16 годин тому

    Camera man:*oOoPs I FoRgOt tO pReSS rEcoRd*

  26. TheTanadu

    TheTanadu16 годин тому

    Please more!

  27. The Egg of Ages

    The Egg of Ages17 годин тому

    bead it

  28. MikeTMP_On

    MikeTMP_On18 годин тому

    Oh I get It! Bit it!

  29. MikeTMP_On

    MikeTMP_On18 годин тому

    The intro looks like i'm skipping at random parts of the video

  30. Remy Builds

    Remy Builds19 годин тому

    imagine playing with these as a kid

  31. Abigail Heuberger

    Abigail Heuberger22 години тому

    I think I liked it just because you yelled Bead It at the camera.

  32. Elijah Mooney

    Elijah Mooney22 години тому

    Angry Australian noises

  33. Crystal Cat

    Crystal Cat23 години тому

    I love those peeler beads!!i almost do it everyday

  34. Athena Dixon

    Athena DixonДень тому

    Reads title* opens video* Video plays* Video: Grunt noises

  35. coco nut

    coco nutДень тому

    'could a depressed person make this?'

  36. Selena Smith

    Selena SmithДень тому

    I saw link and got excited lol i made pixel art all the time and i just about made every character in legend of zelda, OoT, and mario

  37. Jemstone

    JemstoneДень тому

    Prepare to bead is appointed Jk love your vids 👍

  38. Jemstone

    JemstoneДень тому

    Your so angry I can see beads of sweat forming on your head. It’s not that hard really. I spy with my beady little eyes something you can like... this comment xD As I say, it’s really not that hard lol

  39. ComicBricc 1022

    ComicBricc 1022День тому

    Jeez man you never went to primary school ?!

  40. SayokoAkuma

    SayokoAkumaДень тому

    I met up woth two friends of mine one day and we made lots of these pixel arts with beads. We made them as give aways for the stuff of an event we were invited to. ^^ It was cool and they really liked our work. I can't quite remember how many we did that day. I think everyone made about 5.. about the size of your Mario :o

  41. Graciela Siegel

    Graciela SiegelДень тому


  42. Sukhneet Kaur

    Sukhneet KaurДень тому


  43. Keri Sparks

    Keri SparksДень тому

    Stop making those stped sounds u fucker

  44. Aimz360

    Aimz360День тому

    I love all the really cool stuff you can make from Hama beads. Loved Jazza's thinking behind his.

  45. Thinkers Oficial

    Thinkers OficialДень тому

    no one: jazza at the first 20 seconds of the video: AAARRGGH

  46. Hannah Eli Edgin

    Hannah Eli EdginДень тому

    create a work of art with dollar store paint and art supplies. :D

  47. Ratatota Ai

    Ratatota AiДень тому

    Мировая боль в одном видео

  48. Aleksandra Kundakovic Radojicic

    Aleksandra Kundakovic RadojicicДень тому

    Bead it. XD Awesome. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  49. Mr Nerdite

    Mr NerditeДень тому

    There is an easier way to lay the beads, I will tell you the day Muahahaa

  50. Химера Лефор

    Химера ЛефорДень тому

    Кто нибудь сделайте русские субтитры

  51. Wetheuntitled

    WetheuntitledДень тому

    I would have loved to seen the Pokémon trainer like in Pokémon ruby, Safire, or emerald

  52. Isabella Wrigley

    Isabella WrigleyДень тому

    I’m a pleb

  53. TheUnofficialVsauce4

    TheUnofficialVsauce4День тому

    The amount of work to make a crossover meme

  54. Mr.chair

    Mr.chairДень тому

    If you give that pixel frame to a kid the kid would love it i know because i am a kid expert i know im a kid expert because i am a kid i am a kid because i just am i am because of god god is because of the gud dog dog is because its gud gud is gud because “ “ “ “ ....

  55. Mr.chair

    Mr.chairДень тому

    At the same time i had a nose bleed OOF

  56. Angelle Dell

    Angelle DellДень тому

    And now, you should try diamond art! I keep seeing ads for it everywhere but I wanna see someone actually do one😂

  57. cantbeleveitsnotnaru

    cantbeleveitsnotnaruДень тому

    My friend does these a lot with her kids. They have all sorts of fun little things they make, and then she makes some of them into magnets. It's a really fun afternoon craft. Also, tweezers

  58. Frank Asmr

    Frank Asmr2 дні тому

    just got back into these perler beads we call them and it gets really annoying but its so fun to be able to hold your picture and the possibilities are just about endless as long as u have enough boards lol

  59. Noah Duncon

    Noah Duncon2 дні тому

    I used to do this from the range of 4 years old to 11 years old..... With my fingers...... For fun......

  60. Arty

    Arty2 дні тому

    I used to love these! Never made anything decent out of them though ^^"

  61. Cadi Kenefick

    Cadi Kenefick2 дні тому

    That beginning was gold

  62. Sea.Pen

    Sea.Pen2 дні тому


  63. Sea WeeB

    Sea WeeB2 дні тому

    I see pearla beads i click

  64. Isidora Espinoza

    Isidora Espinoza2 дні тому

    It kinda looks like there's a fire in the distance

  65. Saida Cartgjena

    Saida Cartgjena2 дні тому

    Wow im exactly your 165k like!!!

  66. Kari-Anne Brunet

    Kari-Anne Brunet2 дні тому

    One time I did a big squirtle and my brother dropped is ball ⚽️ on it and it got destroyed RIP squirtle...

  67. Griselda Machado

    Griselda Machado2 дні тому

    Nice brah

  68. Redluigi8

    Redluigi82 дні тому

    Build with Jazza

  69. Sick Worm 蚕

    Sick Worm 蚕2 дні тому

    we use our HANDS

  70. LidaTL

    LidaTL2 дні тому

    Not gonna lie, I'm impressed! And that ledge for the characters is innovative AF!

  71. Nice dull

    Nice dull2 дні тому

    *-rapist-** jazza*

  72. Nice dull

    Nice dull2 дні тому

    *oh ah ugh oh ah ugh oh ah ugh*

  73. Cecelia Counts

    Cecelia Counts2 дні тому

    13 robux

  74. sindrs gt

    sindrs gt2 дні тому

    6:45 Welcome to cooking with jazza today we will be making grilled beads

  75. Mercedez Sheppard

    Mercedez Sheppard2 дні тому

    (Yay Ben drowned/link from the legend of Zelda/majoras mask

  76. Summer Surock

    Summer Surock2 дні тому

    Jazza: it's been 3 days Me: you still wearing the same shirt tho Jazza: ......


    MADELEINE CONLON2 дні тому

    Jazza: *goes into toy shop a lot by himself* Also Jazza: *wears I’m an adult shirt* Cashier: why is he always here like what does he need??

  78. Tom Gillespie

    Tom Gillespie2 дні тому

    “I’m never doing this again” ......”unless you like it”

  79. person on the internett

    person on the internett2 дні тому

    It’s so funny to watch him doing it and confused cuz I used to do this in kindergarten XD

  80. Grease

    Grease2 дні тому

    The begining sounds like links noises in smash

  81. Melody Neighbors

    Melody Neighbors2 дні тому

    Your face

  82. Rocket 1823

    Rocket 18232 дні тому

    This shit was fucking amazing. Thanks jazza

  83. David Samples

    David Samples2 дні тому


  84. Zed

    Zed2 дні тому

    poor cameraman

  85. Lan Tran

    Lan Tran2 дні тому

    I can do thet in tre houres

  86. Maira Alesha

    Maira Alesha2 дні тому

    Jazza grunting is the most beautiful thing i heard all day

  87. Meiichan

    Meiichan2 дні тому

    I'm an *ADULT*

  88. Xx_billgates_xX

    Xx_billgates_xX2 дні тому

    Your boy be using the twisters I was using my hands and I still do

  89. Infinity_ Karma

    Infinity_ Karma2 дні тому

    No... no. Every single fucking time I did this in oshc, I would tell the staff too steam it on the back because I have trypofobia (I suck at spelling. Its the one where you fear tiny holes packed together or circles) BUT NO THEY WOULDNT FUCKING LISTEN TOO ME I HATE THEM SO MUCH anyway you're awesome jazza

  90. XNeonX Boss

    XNeonX Boss2 дні тому

    Idk why but the image at 10:50 [the end] reminds me of terraria

  91. Dit Kind

    Dit Kind2 дні тому

    Vexx did this too.

  92. kh2866

    kh28662 дні тому

    This is weird, I didn't suffer that much when I was doing my first bead-art... Maybe because I had small hands back then.

  93. Jojo Caitlin

    Jojo Caitlin2 дні тому

    Come on jazza they aren't that bad, then again I am a very small woman with tiny fingers lol

  94. Nate Horsman

    Nate Horsman2 дні тому

    Make the most detailed finger painting you can?

  95. Edwin Jiao

    Edwin Jiao2 дні тому

    I have one of those as a teenager, I didn’t have struggle like you, guess the shirt says it all

  96. Edwin Jiao

    Edwin Jiao2 дні тому

    I have one of those as a teenager, I didn’t have struggle like you, guess the shirt says it all

  97. Solomon Aragon

    Solomon Aragon2 дні тому

    Little world!!!!!!!

  98. QDCrafts

    QDCrafts2 дні тому

    hahaha "FFF...amily Friendly" I'd love to see you try beading with 2.6mm mini beads and see if you can keep it family friendly :P

  99. Killer gameing

    Killer gameing2 дні тому

    I accidentally skipped 2 times all I see is him sticking out his young and say waaaaa

  100. Killer gameing

    Killer gameing3 дні тому

    0:00 - 0:15 your that inhaling guy

  101. Manolomeo

    Manolomeo3 дні тому

    Min. 0:10 "big chungus"

  102. Caitie Hall

    Caitie Hall3 дні тому

    So I make stuff with these types of beads regularly. The whole time I watched this, I just kept staring at the weird little dental pick this poor man's using to grab beads. I just... Honey...there are tweezers, made just for this purpose. You can buy them online. XD No wonder he was so frustrated!

  103. MrDeltoric

    MrDeltoric3 дні тому

    looks like a minecraft painting

  104. Supah Banana

    Supah Banana3 дні тому


  105. heakpoo leakpoo

    heakpoo leakpoo3 дні тому

    Jazza... ur subscribers watch ur videos...ANYBODY not like us ...weird , humor , artsy ...anybody who hears a bad joke fro u they will click outta the video INSTANTLY xD :P

  106. Faith and Mercy

    Faith and Mercy3 дні тому

    Also can I have your Purler Beads which is the name of the beads he used