Bead "Pixel Art" Challenge - The Worst-Best Fun I've Ever Had!


  1. Spag00t Boi

    Spag00t Boi4 місяці тому

    what is this, BEADdsm

  2. Mixxanda Love

    Mixxanda Love7 днів тому

    Best comment 👏🏽

  3. alexia

    alexia22 дні тому


  4. SG AZH3S

    SG AZH3S29 днів тому


  5. Faye LGBT

    Faye LGBTМісяць тому


  6. Faye LGBT

    Faye LGBTМісяць тому

    Spag00t Boi oh shit

  7. Wikterror 2807

    Wikterror 280717 годин тому

    Honestly one of my favorite art pieces of yours

  8. Vee Sea

    Vee Sea23 години тому

    Art suggestions or rather, "challenges": •Paint by Numbers •3d Diamond painting (aka Diamond dot painting) PLEEEEEAAAAAZZZ? Both are fiddly and require loads of patience and time...i.e. right up your hilarious alley 😂

  9. AJ Sparkle

    AJ SparkleДень тому

    Why wasn’t there a jazza character made of beads jazza!?!? 🤨🤨🤨

  10. Ruel Cortes

    Ruel Cortes2 дні тому

    HAMA BEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love those!!!!!!!

  11. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis2 дні тому

    challenge: make a 1x2 meter landscape picture out of beads

  12. AA Nitro

    AA Nitro2 дні тому

    I thought it was cool

  13. Andrea Knight

    Andrea Knight3 дні тому

    Jazza should try those gem board things.

  14. Izsocreazie UpInHere

    Izsocreazie UpInHere3 дні тому

    IN school I did it with my fingers Jazza:NUNI??????????? And only took about 15 minutes to make something cool

  15. Gymnast

    Gymnast3 дні тому

    do you want to bead the very best?

  16. Twitchy Witchy

    Twitchy Witchy3 дні тому

    omg i loveeeee perler beads!!! I used to create and sell a ton of pieces I made, it was always so relaxing to create piece by piece!

  17. Mary Knaeble

    Mary Knaeble4 дні тому

    This was one of my favorite things to do when i was younger :D. I also remember getting really frustrated when I was at least half an hour into one and accidentally bumping it... (and having to practically start over)

  18. Jessie Morales

    Jessie Morales4 дні тому

    Can u make me one

  19. GrizzlyGamingHD

    GrizzlyGamingHD4 дні тому

    If bob Ross made his pictures with beads this is what it would look like.... He would be BEAD ROSS

  20. Willow and Sundew

    Willow and Sundew5 днів тому

    Is it weird that I want to read the nail bitting books even though I don’t have a problem with my nails *nock on wood*

  21. TheAmazingEmily 11

    TheAmazingEmily 116 днів тому

    I want to get my eight year old sister a “I AM A ADULT” shirt since she hates “being treated like a kid”

  22. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki6 днів тому

    Going to tell you this now, they break easily. It’s impossible to put it back together. So basically, you spend 5 hours on something that breaks within a few days. Your hard work goes into the dustbin just like that.

  23. X_draye

    X_draye6 днів тому

    its so easy i did that in 5 minutes

  24. Immortal Socks

    Immortal Socks6 днів тому

    Could you imagine if he dropped it lol 😂

  25. Immortal Socks

    Immortal Socks6 днів тому


  26. Gizmo

    Gizmo7 днів тому

    Hama beadssssss

  27. darkholyPL

    darkholyPL7 днів тому

    It's.. .what is it?

  28. Echo Realtz

    Echo Realtz7 днів тому


  29. Johan Echeverria

    Johan Echeverria7 днів тому

    I need your shirt xD

  30. Hank Frank

    Hank Frank8 днів тому

    BEAD IT!!!

  31. Potato Time

    Potato Time8 днів тому

    Jazza: It’s been THREE days since I started this.... and I’m ready to murder someone. That’s is seriously me when I started high school.. 🤣🤣

  32. Fabulous legs

    Fabulous legs8 днів тому

    Lol i do perler beads as a hobby i feel your pain

  33. That Person's Art

    That Person's Art8 днів тому

    Jazza: Unless y’all *Really* like it. Then I’ll torture myself again. Me: * click * My mind: bob ross of beads, Bob Ross Of Beads, BOB ROSS OF BEADS! *BOB ROSS OF BEADS!*

  34. Beth coughlan

    Beth coughlan9 днів тому

    My mum thought I was watching porn when the intro was playing😂😂

  35. Astrid Hofferson

    Astrid Hofferson9 днів тому

    The mountains are purple

  36. Hannah Rose

    Hannah Rose9 днів тому

    He hasnt seen anything until he's tried to make a piece with the bucket of beads where you spend ten minutes looking for one black bead.

  37. TheSimpleGamer

    TheSimpleGamer10 днів тому

    Cool beaditon! Whats the song called?

  38. •Rooster •

    •Rooster •10 днів тому

    Make Thanos :D

  39. Kiwi Also known as Sean

    Kiwi Also known as Sean10 днів тому

    good save 4:33

  40. Hysteria Winters

    Hysteria Winters10 днів тому

    Can you please remake your least favorite challenge but a bit more epic than before?💕

  41. Mashed Potatos

    Mashed Potatos11 днів тому

    You know for a 15 year old girl I also have pretty fat fingers wich is why i use *tweezers* makes life a whole lot easier (also that thing with fitting characters between the frame is really cool and creative :3)

  42. Aimz 89

    Aimz 8911 днів тому

    Wouldn't tweezers make so much more sense?!

  43. FALpwn

    FALpwn11 днів тому

    Use the beads to make scenes for a stop motion animation.

  44. Mr Brown

    Mr Brown12 днів тому

    I love using these

  45. Lara's Animations

    Lara's Animations12 днів тому

    Your hilarious

  46. burningphoenix36

    burningphoenix3613 днів тому

    I made a pokeball one of these when I was a kid.

  47. Cosmos Lotus

    Cosmos Lotus13 днів тому

    Why other people look forward to being 18: freedom, living on your own, no more high school Why I look forward to being 18: legally being allowed to wear the I’m an adult shirt

  48. Olly Brock

    Olly Brock13 днів тому

    I have some of these lying around and now I want to get them back out Edit: I also think that jazza may be just a bit crazy when it comes to youtube😂

  49. Ninto 1

    Ninto 113 днів тому

    🎶🎶Drop the Bead 🎶🎶

  50. Kaliyah Reynolds

    Kaliyah Reynolds13 днів тому

    Omg I just understood the bead it beat it joke after like four months

  51. Groot The Dog

    Groot The Dog13 днів тому

    Jazza’s videos are like try not to laugh challenges that I fail at every single time

  52. cherylynn page

    cherylynn page14 днів тому

    my brother painted the link 8-bit picture

  53. Noah Gushee

    Noah Gushee14 днів тому

    I LOVED this

  54. Sadie Thibeault

    Sadie Thibeault15 днів тому

    I would never be able to do that you have so so so much patience

  55. LunarCraft360

    LunarCraft36015 днів тому

    You should've made a bee pixel art and said Bee Dramatic

  56. Yasmin Khayril

    Yasmin Khayril16 днів тому

    I did gudetama! UwU

  57. LunaBianca1805

    LunaBianca180516 днів тому

    Ironing those was the BANE of my - I don't know 10 year old? - ass's mom's spare time 😅. It was so easy to iron the pins, too, and then still have pearls that haven't melted together AT ALL 😂

  58. floofybunnyz

    floofybunnyz16 днів тому

    Why didn't you use tweezers/forceps?

  59. Anna Larman

    Anna Larman17 днів тому

    We call them perler beads where I live and I can confirm that they can be the most calming yet annoying thing EVER !!! 😂😂😂

  60. Rune Elle

    Rune Elle17 днів тому

    Wow dident know that was possible to do with thouse... Good job looks realy cool

  61. Fncreeker

    Fncreeker17 днів тому


  62. Kienchen K

    Kienchen K18 днів тому

    Ok, seriously cool! Now I know what I'll do with myself when the kids want to make beats pictures again, thanks!

  63. x.kimchi_

    x.kimchi_18 днів тому

    Ya know when you're super proud of yourself for making a damn heart and then you see this fucking MASTERPIECE

  64. ChangoEstrambotico

    ChangoEstrambotico19 днів тому

    Bead it

  65. Great White Gamer

    Great White Gamer19 днів тому

    Jazza scream complation