Beauty Battle ft. The Ace Family


  1. Mia Elizabeth

    Mia Elizabeth38 хвилин тому

    fave bunch of youtubers

  2. Rican Belleza

    Rican Belleza44 хвилини тому

    Literally love the ace family and sister James mash up ! It couldn’t get anymore iconic than this!❤️

  3. Yuli Galaz

    Yuli Galaz54 хвилини тому

    🤔 this was a hard decision but I’m going to give it to Catherine Austin: sorry but my side is on point Catherine: hahaha are u sure about that? James: sisters I am so nervous to see the final look

  4. Destiny Tellor

    Destiny TellorГодину тому

    Sis needs brushes

  5. amanda Sandoval

    amanda SandovalГодину тому

    i love yuuuu❤️❤️❤️

  6. Tiffany Salatino

    Tiffany SalatinoГодину тому

    your Adidas turtleneck is my life #SistersPromo2018

  7. tamerian hickman

    tamerian hickmanГодину тому

    i love you ❤️❤️

  8. EmojiPanda

    EmojiPandaГодину тому

    love you so much sister

  9. Anna Costa

    Anna CostaГодину тому

    a dude vs a woman doing makeup ahhahahaha

  10. Anna Youell

    Anna Youell2 години тому

    I wanna see James do there kids makeup YESS

  11. Yuli Galaz

    Yuli Galaz53 хвилини тому


  12. alyssabrown._ _

    alyssabrown._ _2 години тому

    A fun sister collab

  13. Renee Arias

    Renee Arias2 години тому

    Catherine side was a light natural look but Austin’s was something else 😬🤭😭💚

  14. Mollee Owens

    Mollee Owens2 години тому


  15. Danielle. Megan

    Danielle. Megan3 години тому

    I think sister Austin won😂

  16. Ruby Mackay

    Ruby Mackay3 години тому

    Love this collab!

  17. Mari Defazio

    Mari Defazio3 години тому

    All you need is love ❤️

  18. Amelia Musto

    Amelia Musto3 години тому

    Love both of these awesome you tubers!!!!! Love you Jame you are AMAZING!!!!!!

  19. Taylor Patterson

    Taylor Patterson3 години тому

    I love that my two fav youtubers came together!

  20. Rashad Mahmood

    Rashad Mahmood3 години тому

    my be Elle do james makeup😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Holito Zhimomi

    Holito Zhimomi4 години тому

    I love this video... Austin tried 😊

  22. Sairah Kilgore

    Sairah Kilgore4 години тому


  23. Tambi AKA Crazy SSBBW with MS and Lymphadema!

    Tambi AKA Crazy SSBBW with MS and Lymphadema!4 години тому

    Omg so in love with your videos!!!

  24. ruth Nderitu

    ruth Nderitu4 години тому

    Hot as always

  25. Mariana Ugarte

    Mariana Ugarte4 години тому

    Ahhhhhh both of my favorite channels in one !! ❤️

  26. elizabeth barney

    elizabeth barney4 години тому

    Lizzylizzbb98 cashapp

  27. Mikaila

    Mikaila4 години тому

    you should get the ACE Families 1st baby Elle to do James makeup

  28. Zara Jacobs

    Zara Jacobs5 годин тому

    "we best friends now so you can relax" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Ana Lisa

    Ana Lisa7 годин тому


  30. Maria G

    Maria G7 годин тому

    James.... try putting makeup on Austin!! 🤣

  31. Charlotte Brown

    Charlotte Brown9 годин тому

    Aww Catherine done so well she's so good at make up x

  32. Sarah Pelham

    Sarah Pelham9 годин тому

    Love this video!!!!

  33. Maddie Griffin

    Maddie Griffin9 годин тому

    I love your videos!!!

  34. Live Love learn

    Live Love learn15 годин тому


  35. Fllanxa Zeneli

    Fllanxa Zeneli16 годин тому

    Austin wins ❤️❤️

  36. tonybajosexto

    tonybajosexto17 годин тому

    BOTH OF THEN !!!!!!!!

  37. Becky Teel

    Becky Teel19 годин тому

    This is the first video I watched of yours and I love it I love the ace family to so now I am subscribed and my post notifications are on. #sofunny

  38. Giada Fusco

    Giada Fusco20 годин тому

    Literally can’t stop looking at Catherine omg she’s just SO GORGEOUS

  39. Mariah Joy

    Mariah Joy20 годин тому



    GREG JEFFERSON20 годин тому


  41. Kelli Dallas

    Kelli Dallas21 годину тому


  42. Addison Pelissero-Grieger

    Addison Pelissero-Grieger22 години тому

    I love you ace family

  43. Andrea lynch

    Andrea lynch22 години тому

    Its ok james I didn't know what the ace family stood for either

  44. Emily Cody

    Emily Cody23 години тому

    Catherine won in my opinion

  45. Simply Jess

    Simply Jess23 години тому

    Hey... how are you sister. I went to the website of but I'm having trouble on purchasing your makeup and brush set please help!

  46. Ashley Martinez

    Ashley Martinez23 години тому

    I love sisters

  47. Joycelyn Evanoff

    Joycelyn Evanoff23 години тому

    Sorry sister Austin but sister Catherine won

  48. Marica Moore

    Marica Moore23 години тому

    catherine won

  49. Hailey Moore

    Hailey MooreДень тому

    My friend is obsessed with the Ace family she has an Ace family phone case and background and she watches them 24 7

  50. Nancy Shi

    Nancy ShiДень тому

    I found the ace family through you and am obsesed with the video

  51. Kamryn Skeel

    Kamryn SkeelДень тому

    Aww it so cute that at 7:17 Catherine and Austin moved their hands at the same time 😂 🥰

  52. Samantha Ortega

    Samantha OrtegaДень тому

    Catherine won , sister sorry Austin

  53. Mayra Lopez

    Mayra LopezДень тому

    😍😍😍😍the ace family

  54. Nana Xoxo

    Nana XoxoДень тому

    Catherine won

  55. lykk1376

    lykk1376День тому

    I think that Catherine paid is best!

  56. Mona Nasser

    Mona NasserДень тому

    Catherine won!!! ¡!!!!!!!! 666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Chanay Hammond

    Chanay HammondДень тому

    Love this ❤️

  58. Karla Cygan

    Karla CyganДень тому

    Catherine face at 4:55

  59. Aislinn Masterson

    Aislinn MastersonДень тому

    Love this collab!! 💗💗

  60. Markayla Soto

    Markayla SotoДень тому

    CATHERINE FOR SUER!!!!! sorry Austin not be mean

  61. Elianna's Slime and Gymnastics Channel

    Elianna's Slime and Gymnastics ChannelДень тому

    I think that Catherine won by a mill miles

  62. Rebekka Grønstøl

    Rebekka GrønstølДень тому

    Catrin von

  63. purple pineapple0303

    purple pineapple0303День тому

    It feels like austin is prankin james😂

  64. Issilin beauty

    Issilin beautyДень тому


  65. Kim K

    Kim KДень тому

    James and Austin kind of look alike in a way right???


    MATT CARRIKERДень тому

    Austin is just as girly as both and gayish

  67. Jasmine Guzman

    Jasmine GuzmanДень тому


  68. aaliyah Valenzuela

    aaliyah ValenzuelaДень тому


  69. Roberto Cazares

    Roberto CazaresДень тому

    Who else came from James doing Catherine’s makeup

  70. Rebecca Villalobos

    Rebecca VillalobosДень тому

    I would like to help people buy Christmas presents for those people that can’t afford presents for there own kids username is $becca0653

  71. Geminibaby24 Ahsika

    Geminibaby24 AhsikaДень тому


  72. Natalie Harnish

    Natalie HarnishДень тому

    I vote cathrine

  73. caiyty bug

    caiyty bugДень тому


  74. Sultan Bardhai

    Sultan BardhaiДень тому

    Trigged 😂😂😂😂👊

  75. Unique Zanders

    Unique ZandersДень тому

    Get Elle to do the makeup

  76. Emily Hill

    Emily HillДень тому

    Adavion should the little boy name

  77. carissa

    carissaДень тому

    “a little sister chapstick” “can i say that ??” james: *“nOOOOO”*

  78. carissa

    carissaДень тому

    “i’m ready to be blessed” lmaooo i’m-

  79. Juliana Wray

    Juliana WrayДень тому

    oml I just realised ace was Austin Cathrine and Elle ahah....

  80. Ginea Lockley

    Ginea LockleyДень тому

    Hey ace fam layyy

  81. moongiggle meow

    moongiggle meowДень тому

    uh I don't wanna be mean But James are you trans I'm sorry Don't hate me I just wanna know

  82. Tekai Tekai

    Tekai TekaiДень тому

    Austin keeps looking at her like “Yessssss bebeeeee 😍”

  83. Las locuras de cata y Mari Holi

    Las locuras de cata y Mari HoliДень тому

    Awwww i love ya’ll ❤️

  84. Kylie Dubach

    Kylie DubachДень тому


  85. aniah mims

    aniah mimsДень тому


  86. Alexis Irizarry

    Alexis IrizarryДень тому

    They should name their son Cash😂 bc why not it’s a cute name

  87. Pietra De Carvalho

    Pietra De CarvalhoДень тому

    Austin I love you, but Catherine aced it! I am being honest! Your side was beautiful! I loved both looks! Also I love you, James! :D #SisterCatherine

  88. Pradipti Khanal

    Pradipti KhanalДень тому

    My two favorites. 😘😘🔥 Watching this for the 30th time.. lmao..

  89. issaa._. angiiee

    issaa._. angiieeДень тому

    Lol twinsies 😂🤗💞4:59

  90. Miranda Segoviano

    Miranda SegovianoДень тому

    I actually just realized the ace is for Austin Catherine Elle

  91. Anissa Enriquez

    Anissa EnriquezДень тому

    When Austin used the setting spray 😂😂

  92. Jennifer Dao

    Jennifer DaoДень тому

    You love makeup

  93. Stephanie Thomas

    Stephanie ThomasДень тому

    Did anyone notice that James Cathrine and Austin are all wear a white shirt? Just me ok :)

  94. ßrøkénJåmmïë

    ßrøkénJåmmïë2 дні тому

    3:50 Austin face when BISH WHET👁👄👁

  95. Aracely Uc Aguilar

    Aracely Uc Aguilar2 дні тому


  96. Aracely Uc Aguilar

    Aracely Uc Aguilar2 дні тому


  97. Isabella Barbosa

    Isabella Barbosa2 дні тому

    If you get a boy name him Ethan so it goes with a E

  98. Izzy B

    Izzy B2 дні тому

    Catherine won

  99. Judy Beauty

    Judy Beauty2 дні тому

    Omgg James literally got 1.2M subs in 3 weeks like whaaaat 😂 This video was uploaded 3 weeks ago and he was close to 10M subs (he was 9.8) And now after 3 weeks got hit 11M That’s cool I like that😂

  100. Duhitsbunnygirl

    Duhitsbunnygirl2 дні тому

    The into says James Chares

  101. Bree Anderson

    Bree Anderson2 дні тому

    Sister Catherine hehe 😊👌