Beauty Battle ft. The Ace Family


  1. Elizabeth Olvera

    Elizabeth Olvera53 хвилини тому


  2. Ella Roberts

    Ella Roberts2 години тому

    Whose here after there scandal.

  3. Halee Rodriguez

    Halee Rodriguez2 години тому

    Catherine won !!!!!!!!!💞💞💞😱😱😱🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆👏

  4. Bailey Fortuin

    Bailey Fortuin5 годин тому

    Well I was today years old when I realized the meaning behind ace in 'The ACE Family' hehehe

  5. Nomkhitha N Tshabalala

    Nomkhitha N Tshabalala5 годин тому

    Austin goes "if we have a boy it will be hard to find a name " Chris , Eric, Alex, Arron,

  6. bandana budhathoki

    bandana budhathoki9 годин тому

    i love james and the ace family do more video with them thank you

  7. Aya Mesloub

    Aya Mesloub9 годин тому

    If agree

  8. Aya Mesloub

    Aya Mesloub9 годин тому

    Catherine won

  9. Toy Village

    Toy Village10 годин тому

    Austins face at 8:38 is my when it comes to makeup 💄

  10. Valeri Pittmon

    Valeri Pittmon11 годин тому

    Elle should do James makeup

  11. musa fazal

    musa fazal12 годин тому

    Elle should do James make up like if u agree

  12. Lisa Row

    Lisa Row16 годин тому

    James, I think Elle should do ur makeup more often but austin I’m so sorry but Elle won your not that bad tho u think if you had tried a little bit harder then you probably would have wone

  13. Stupid Gacha

    Stupid Gacha17 годин тому

    Sorry Austin but I’m gonna pick cathrine! 👌🏼❤️

  14. LIV

    LIV23 години тому

    I think James won

  15. Mazariyah Brown

    Mazariyah BrownДень тому

    let elle it will be so funny

  16. Corrine Diaz

    Corrine DiazДень тому

    i HATE sushi as well and i have the limited edition sisters hoodie

  17. Jennyfer Ramirez

    Jennyfer RamirezДень тому

    I I’m a fan of james Charles and ace family

  18. לי טל

    לי טלДень тому


  19. Sahaar Dijk, van

    Sahaar Dijk, vanДень тому

    You should do a battle with the Dolan twins

  20. Raya crew

    Raya crewДень тому


  21. Raya crew

    Raya crewДень тому

    Sister Catherine I'm going to have to give it to you gir

  22. faustina khim

    faustina khimДень тому

    I never seen Austin very focus and try to be artistic.

  23. Sadé Alicia

    Sadé AliciaДень тому

    Catherine and Austin sounded emotionally drained.

  24. Katarina Taaru

    Katarina TaaruДень тому

    Catherine sister won

  25. Leah Erin

    Leah Erin2 дні тому

    Catherine’s makeup is gorg

  26. Kiki Kannibal

    Kiki Kannibal2 дні тому

    Is just me, or is Catherine's face structure really weird.

  27. Joyce Affel

    Joyce Affel2 дні тому

    ace family if you had a boy you could call him cody

  28. Victoria Karmels

    Victoria Karmels2 дні тому

    Sister James was about to hit 10mil november 12th 2018. it is now February 20th 2019 and at 14mil i’m so proud

  29. Aude Marie Ahou K Kouame

    Aude Marie Ahou K Kouame2 дні тому

    15:23 mirada sings or james Charles

  30. fionafries1 live life

    fionafries1 live life2 дні тому

    You should do a callob with your fans

  31. Ella Tomazincic

    Ella Tomazincic2 дні тому

    I want to know what it’s like to wear full GLAM💋👑

  32. Eva Menendez

    Eva Menendez2 дні тому

    Wait,no one is ganna talk about that Austin had VINE

  33. CoolBoii Reacts

    CoolBoii Reacts3 дні тому


  34. Just Paige

    Just Paige3 дні тому

    I like Catherine’s sid better not to be rude to Austin

  35. Grace K

    Grace K3 дні тому


  36. Zoe Mok

    Zoe Mok3 дні тому

    austin won. i love his story

  37. leeanna marie

    leeanna marie4 дні тому

    am i tripping or in his intro is there no l in his signature

  38. Janilson Dasilva

    Janilson Dasilva4 дні тому

    I think Ella should do James mackup and catcherine ❤️❤️

  39. Heidi Lienemann

    Heidi Lienemann4 дні тому

    Cathren definetly won

  40. Debbie Killen

    Debbie Killen4 дні тому

    I have a cat and his name is charles

  41. Tyra Ray

    Tyra Ray4 дні тому

    James Charles I like your makeup and nails 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Tyra Ray

    Tyra Ray4 дні тому

    I like you makeup and nails 😂

  43. Tyra Ray

    Tyra Ray4 дні тому

    Catherine won sorry Austin

  44. Trash Can Sarah

    Trash Can Sarah5 днів тому

    2019 anyone!??

  45. Makayla Artis

    Makayla Artis5 днів тому

    Catherine won

  46. V Diaz

    V Diaz5 днів тому

    No offense austin but Catherine's gonna win because u dont know how to do makeup

  47. Sarah Black

    Sarah Black5 днів тому

    Catherine was a teensie bit better

  48. Imani Hernandez

    Imani Hernandez5 днів тому

    You should date jefry star

  49. Kimmy2777

    Kimmy27775 днів тому

    Austin won. A for effort

  50. Gustavo Flores

    Gustavo Flores5 днів тому

    Catherine won

  51. Hailey Johnson

    Hailey Johnson5 днів тому

    OMLLLL what was Austin doing with his hands when he was putting on settings spray OML

  52. Daniela Garcia

    Daniela Garcia5 днів тому

    If they have a boy they can name the boy Abraham or Camilo to not change the name

  53. DiAnna Boston

    DiAnna Boston5 днів тому


  54. Catherine Sanchez

    Catherine Sanchez5 днів тому

    Catherine one the challenge or I should say the battle but Austin did great so I would see you later sisters bye

  55. Crystal Russell

    Crystal Russell5 днів тому

    Soooooooooooooo sorry if you're not

  56. Subanki sabesan

    Subanki sabesan5 днів тому

    Austin is acc really good omg and I love Catherine’s side, it’s so pretty

  57. Rush_ Cryptic

    Rush_ Cryptic6 днів тому

    Catherine won

  58. Ary Troche

    Ary Troche6 днів тому

    Austin won❤️❤️‼️‼️😂😂

  59. Sasha Vasquez

    Sasha Vasquez6 днів тому

    Austin won but I still like Catherine

  60. Abigail Beland

    Abigail Beland6 днів тому

    The winner is definitely Catherine Austin umm good job 😂

  61. Bonnie Bae

    Bonnie Bae6 днів тому

    Do all around audrey and just Jordan 33

  62. Rocio Alvarez

    Rocio Alvarez6 днів тому

    Hola hermana

  63. sadsunflower

    sadsunflower6 днів тому

    Austin won u can’t change my mind

  64. Sarah Medrano

    Sarah Medrano6 днів тому

    Can I please have a shoutout

  65. Sarah Medrano

    Sarah Medrano6 днів тому

    They both are really good

  66. Cat Berry

    Cat Berry6 днів тому


  67. Cat Berry

    Cat Berry6 днів тому

    Do more collabs like this

  68. Izzy Bell

    Izzy Bell7 днів тому

    Austin’s is bomb!! But I have to say Cathrine!! By the way I love you guys ace family and James. I have an idea Elle should do your makeup James!!! 💖#sisters

  69. Mylon Johnson

    Mylon Johnson7 днів тому

    catherine win

  70. Rhy Kor

    Rhy Kor7 днів тому


  71. Rhy Kor

    Rhy Kor7 днів тому


  72. bayden lit

    bayden lit7 днів тому

    I love how Austin is made out of Gucci

  73. Amina Khadisova

    Amina Khadisova7 днів тому

    James you keep looking at Austin catrihne is not happy😂😂

  74. sad sister

    sad sister8 днів тому

    Elle should do James make up!! 🥰🥰

  75. Anna Wetzel

    Anna Wetzel8 днів тому

    Some of my fav UAreporterrs! Y'all sister smashed it!

  76. #natalyandkim #nk

    #natalyandkim #nk8 днів тому

    Catherine won because she did it good 💜❤🧡💛💙💜💜😘😘😍😗😗😙😚☺😆😚💜

  77. Dina The taco queen

    Dina The taco queen8 днів тому

    Cathren won SRRY Austin at least you can do makeup better then me

  78. Mckenzie Nichols

    Mckenzie Nichols8 днів тому

    Catherine won!!!

  79. Sneha Purswani

    Sneha Purswani8 днів тому

    We want elle vs james beauty battle

  80. Kayla Michelle

    Kayla Michelle9 днів тому

    they can name the boy like connor or eligah

  81. Chava C

    Chava C9 днів тому

    do elle does sister James make up

  82. Safa Ahmed

    Safa Ahmed9 днів тому

    Elle should do James Makeup then when Alaia is Elle's age then she can do James' makeup 😁😊

  83. girly fun

    girly fun9 днів тому

    I did not know that Ace family stands for the names I just it just hit me so weird things have something in common

  84. Crystal Velazquez

    Crystal Velazquez9 днів тому

    Hi ace family😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  85. Cookies n Tea

    Cookies n Tea10 днів тому

    3:50 “says who?”

  86. Mercedes Rivas

    Mercedes Rivas10 днів тому

    Austins hand movements were weird when he was spraying the spray

  87. Mercedes Rivas

    Mercedes Rivas10 днів тому

    i laughed when Austin made that face when Catherine said "if the next baby is a boy i'm done".

  88. Taige Chappell

    Taige Chappell10 днів тому

    I love you All

  89. Beyonka Meadows

    Beyonka Meadows10 днів тому

    5:08 Austin’s face😂

  90. peånut

    peånut10 днів тому

    omg elle should definitely do James's makeup

  91. Joanna Owen

    Joanna Owen10 днів тому

    Catherine did amazing 😍

  92. Sarah M.

    Sarah M.10 днів тому

    I love Sister Catherine's make up 😂😊👍

  93. Sarah M.

    Sarah M.10 днів тому

    What is James' foundation called? It is really good 😂

  94. Kylie Karns

    Kylie Karns10 днів тому

    Catherine won

  95. Conor Hudson

    Conor Hudson10 днів тому

    , is lucas your brother

  96. Target Tech

    Target Tech11 днів тому

    Famous people collaboration

  97. Viridiana Lopez

    Viridiana Lopez11 днів тому

    I don't think I even have a favorite because I love both of their styles.

  98. Delilah Tabares

    Delilah Tabares11 днів тому

    Catherine won

  99. QUENN Indy

    QUENN Indy11 днів тому


  100. Lily De la cruz

    Lily De la cruz11 днів тому

    I was cracking at Austin