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  1. Pramod Mishra

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  2. asghkg

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  3. Bay Whedon

    Bay Whedon11 днів тому

    Is that vin diesel

  4. Bay Whedon

    Bay Whedon11 днів тому

    That guy is like Dom toreto

  5. Bay Whedon

    Bay Whedon11 днів тому

    This version is no match to the original 2005 version

  6. Alex

    Alex11 днів тому

    Everyone who sees this comment please dislike all videos of new Ben 10 so they realize their mistake and revert to Ultimate Alien. The non-canon Omniverse and the reboot are horrendous they need to be wiped out of existence.

  7. احمد الشريف غاسان

    احمد الشريف غاسان11 днів тому


  8. Zay Mccloude

    Zay Mccloude11 днів тому


  9. _gacha_stinger_

    _gacha_stinger_11 днів тому

    Dog why did that one big dude look like Vin Diesel

  10. TheTrueVolt

    TheTrueVolt8 днів тому

    Why do u think

  11. Jayson Barnes

    Jayson Barnes12 днів тому

    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Return of Ulmatrix

  12. Vortex Lord

    Vortex Lord13 днів тому

    Vin diesel.

  13. Omni The Leader

    Omni The Leader15 днів тому

    Vin Diesel is yay

  14. Infinity

    Infinity15 днів тому

    Just no! I'm very disappointed

  15. RK wasti

    RK wasti15 днів тому

    Episode full nahi ha Q

  16. romina fuentes

    romina fuentes16 днів тому

    Well en español hoy

  17. romina fuentes

    romina fuentes20 днів тому

    Póngalo en español

  18. Ratt Ros

    Ratt Ros22 дні тому

    👋👋😍🥰😘🥳🤩🤪I love 💗 I’m not a single person you have


    MICHAEL VALDEZ23 дні тому

    I miss omniverse

  20. Porra feia

    Porra feia24 дні тому

    Só acho que já deu a hora de aparecer o Keven11 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  21. Porra feia

    Porra feia17 днів тому

    +Angie Luzeth Mendez Sarmiento quando comentei não sabia que já tinha aparecido HEHE

  22. Angie Luzeth Mendez Sarmiento

    Angie Luzeth Mendez Sarmiento17 днів тому


  23. moonmah1

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  24. Lu Cheng

    Lu Cheng25 днів тому

    Hi China my family was born here

  25. jhonnatan campos

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  26. Naima El

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  27. Navdeep Kaur

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  28. sprack status

    sprack status25 днів тому

    Please start the ben 10 ultimate series in India

  29. Sunil kumar riders

    Sunil kumar riders25 днів тому

    Make Ben 10 series

  30. Cyril BLed AnimationNation

    Cyril BLed AnimationNation25 днів тому

    I think Vin is a reference to the real Vin Deisel

  31. Rifat Hasan

    Rifat Hasan25 днів тому

    Plz start ben10 ultimate series

  32. Walid Shaikh

    Walid Shaikh10 днів тому


  33. Rightfuljack

    Rightfuljack26 днів тому

    Why won't ben age

  34. Mariam Salem

    Mariam Salem26 днів тому

    Ben 10 is amazing

  35. Mariam Salem

    Mariam Salem26 днів тому

    Ben 10 stoopid

  36. Mariam Salem

    Mariam Salem26 днів тому

    Ben 10 is awesome

  37. Free Fire Lover

    Free Fire Lover26 днів тому

    Please Back In Ben 10 ultimate Back In

  38. Ahmed Alam

    Ahmed Alam16 днів тому

    Just tdyjsix!osjzu

  39. kenny william

    kenny william18 днів тому

    You are looking to good

  40. adrian maulana

    adrian maulana26 днів тому

    You spik my, ok. Emm kontol besar

  41. Pramod Joshi

    Pramod Joshi26 днів тому

    Hamein Ben 10 ki sidhi papa chahie

  42. Anime zone

    Anime zone26 днів тому

    We want Ben 10 original back

  43. Serealz Gaming

    Serealz Gaming26 днів тому

    99% of comments-"bring back ben 10 ultimate alien" even if some never even watched it 1% of the comments-at least something related to the video

  44. Junaki Begum

    Junaki Begum26 днів тому

    Serealz Gaming the 99% of comments is annoying Ben10 UAF finished to bad if you guys want it to continue it ended with Omniverse sadly

  45. Rehan Rehan lala

    Rehan Rehan lala26 днів тому

    ban 10 ultimate alian return plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  46. Abhirup Ray.

    Abhirup Ray.26 днів тому

    Please start ben 10 ultimate alien. It was very good. And the ben of ultimate alien had many more cool aliens. So I am requesting you to start those series. And bye the way love from INDIA🇮🇳


    animation.com27 днів тому

    I miss ben10 old cartoon these rebot is useles😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  48. harmesh pratap singh

    harmesh pratap singh27 днів тому

    Please start Ben 10 Ultimate Alien series again because it is very best series of Ben 10

  49. Alex

    Alex11 днів тому

    You are a great person for making this comment. If there are enough people than we may get our show back.

  50. മലയാളി അടുക്കള

    മലയാളി അടുക്കള27 днів тому

    Guy's please support my channel please....

  51. Fantasma zone

    Fantasma zone27 днів тому

    Ben:Gotta call the rust buggy Me:Not XLR8? Srsly ben, using XLR8 is the least damadging way to speed up

  52. ReprocycateIn

    ReprocycateIn26 днів тому

    the watch was timed.

  53. Sourabh sharma

    Sourabh sharma27 днів тому

    Please back Ben 10 ultimate alien searis cartoon network TV show indean

  54. Noemi Daroszeswski

    Noemi Daroszeswski27 днів тому


  55. Lucifer's Hell

    Lucifer's Hell27 днів тому

    Plz start ben 10 ultimate series again.

  56. Josem Gabutero

    Josem Gabutero26 днів тому


  57. Prince Garg

    Prince Garg27 днів тому

    We need ben 10 ultimate series please la do

  58. Rupam Debnath

    Rupam Debnath27 днів тому

    #Ben10OriginalBack . We want BEN 10 ULTIMATE ALIEN back

  59. C C M Style

    C C M Style27 днів тому

    We want to get back to the old Ben Ten cartoon as Ben10 Classic or Ben10 Ultimate Alien Cartoon Animation should be very good. Please request it to me and request it to everyone. Cut this Ben10 Ultimate Alien Cartoon If you do not have the Ben10 Te Classic 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please

  60. Ahmed Alam

    Ahmed Alam16 днів тому

    Kwjs James emsfjsjs

  61. Moubarki Samir

    Moubarki Samir20 днів тому


  62. Nagur Hani

    Nagur Hani23 дні тому

    ABDULAjiZ XM consumables HSBC was ZX CV VN in HF to I'm FD

  63. Enestina Tello

    Enestina Tello24 дні тому


  64. devendra dangi

    devendra dangi27 днів тому

    No yaisa wost

  65. devendra dangi

    devendra dangi27 днів тому

    We need ben ten omniverse

  66. Ashutosh Patel

    Ashutosh Patel27 днів тому

    We want ben 10 ultimate series backkkkkkkk please

  67. Hagol YouTuber Akash

    Hagol YouTuber Akash27 днів тому

    We want ben 10 ultimate alien series back

  68. Ranju Kumari

    Ranju Kumari27 днів тому

    We want ben 10 back

  69. mega blast

    mega blast27 днів тому

    yo vin is such a cool dude

  70. Rajitha Kalva

    Rajitha Kalva28 днів тому

    I need ben 10 ultimate aliens on cartoon network

  71. Thanos

    Thanos28 днів тому

    we want ben 10 ultimate alien series back

  72. Dragon ball Worlds

    Dragon ball Worlds28 днів тому

    Hi when u finish come and watch my vid bond mini movie trailer:)

  73. Salvador Ramirez

    Salvador Ramirez28 днів тому

    Vin deisel? Vin ethinal???😂

  74. Merazul sohan

    Merazul sohan28 днів тому

    please,start ben 10 ultimate series on tv

  75. Voltic

    Voltic28 днів тому

    Bruh i legit was in a ben 10 ad

  76. ECO TECH

    ECO TECH28 днів тому

    We want Ben 10 ultimate series back as it was before same to same new episodes, From India 🇮🇳

  77. Alex

    Alex11 днів тому

    Thank you for this comment. I'm glad to see that there are others who still enjoy the canon versions of Ben 10.

  78. Patti Tatti

    Patti Tatti28 днів тому

    Can’t we have the original back the 2005 ben 10 was the best

  79. Camila Rodrigues Lima

    Camila Rodrigues Lima28 днів тому

    Is ben control master

  80. Gamming and Technical

    Gamming and Technical28 днів тому

    please again start ben ten ultimate series many fans like ultimate series please


    PUBG MOBILE GAMER28 днів тому

    Ben 10 ultimate alien back

  82. Sajana Powar

    Sajana Powar28 днів тому

    We want Ben 10 ultimate alien back new episodes we hope you will make Ben 10 again a superhit show on cartoon network because Ben 10 is banned I hope you will make new episodes thanks

  83. Technical System

    Technical System28 днів тому

    Please start new episode of Ben 10 ultimate alien series

  84. Tiger Shroff followers

    Tiger Shroff followers28 днів тому

    We want ben 10 ultimate alien new episodes please

  85. sangeeta mishra

    sangeeta mishra28 днів тому

    We need Ben 10 any cartoon cannot take place of Ben 10 50% of cartoon viewers used to watch Ben 10

  86. Yo land

    Yo land28 днів тому

    We want Ben 10 back

  87. Chandan Mahato

    Chandan Mahato28 днів тому

    We need new ultimate series plzz

  88. Chandan Mahato

    Chandan Mahato28 днів тому

    We need new ultimate series plzz

  89. gamingwith jekkwolf

    gamingwith jekkwolf28 днів тому

    Family is more important to that muscle guy

  90. Om Hambire

    Om Hambire28 днів тому

    New reply on "We want "Ben 10 ultimate series" back😘😘. We don't like reboot and omniverse series. We are interested in ben 10 ultimate series. I like the ultimate series animation, vfx, story conceptand ultimatrix"

  91. 1fire lion

    1fire lion28 днів тому

    We won't back Ben 10 ultimate seres

  92. Sachin Singh

    Sachin Singh28 днів тому

    We want Ben ten ultimate series

  93. teach world

    teach world28 днів тому

    Please start Ben 10 ultimate series again on tv all ben 10 fans are requested you please please please

  94. Alex

    Alex11 днів тому

    They have ruined my childhood show twice


    JOEL VARGHESE WILSON14 днів тому

    yes just right

  96. Hasmukh Jain

    Hasmukh Jain28 днів тому

    I want new episode of Ben 10 ua in cartoon network channnr

  97. Sahil Hussain

    Sahil Hussain28 днів тому

    Please restart ben 10 ultimate alien series

  98. TheEggWithManyLikes

    TheEggWithManyLikes29 днів тому

    Guy looks like Vin Disal

  99. David Ramnarine

    David Ramnarine11 днів тому

    vin ethanol to be precise

  100. James Buddy Cortese Junior

    James Buddy Cortese Junior29 днів тому


  101. Felipe Amorim

    Felipe Amorim29 днів тому


  102. Dalton Stuart

    Dalton Stuart29 днів тому

    But the creators of Ben 10 what's your name be back like when he's a teenager and a grown up sign Dalton

  103. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer29 днів тому

    Now is VinDiessel

  104. XLR8

    XLR829 днів тому

    Itz like fast and the furious But in Ben 10😐

  105. Lomer Arillas

    Lomer Arillas27 днів тому

    ben furious

  106. Rutendo Tsododo

    Rutendo Tsododo28 днів тому


  107. Charles Perkins

    Charles Perkins29 днів тому

    Y’all really mess up Ben ten it use to be the best shows ever now it terrible

  108. Brianna Lopez

    Brianna Lopez29 днів тому

    Ben. Get. off. THE. Car 🚘. He’s not. My. Child 👶🏽 ok 👌🏽

  109. Rutendo Tsododo

    Rutendo Tsododo28 днів тому


  110. Dragão relâmpago

    Dragão relâmpago29 днів тому

    *why have an omnitrix application*

  111. devil sora 100

    devil sora 10027 днів тому

    To call his ride that's connected to the Omnitrix

  112. Super Boy

    Super Boy29 днів тому

    I like when Ben 🤓😍👀

  113. Antonio Ballesteros

    Antonio BallesterosМісяць тому

    I miss upergrade

  114. Gillian Moore

    Gillian MooreМісяць тому

    I like your video and you are cool

  115. The Hybrid Channel

    The Hybrid ChannelМісяць тому

    Man I can’t believe glitch sorta returned as the rust buggy

  116. The Hybrid Channel

    The Hybrid Channel28 днів тому

    g Idahosa wut

  117. g Idahosa

    g Idahosa28 днів тому


  118. Aaron Ramirez

    Aaron RamirezМісяць тому

    But I miss glitch Ben too

  119. Aaron Ramirez

    Aaron RamirezМісяць тому


  120. Ana Luiza de sousa

    Ana Luiza de sousaМісяць тому

    Eu não intemdi nada

  121. list Yong

    list YongМісяць тому

    I love you ben 10

  122. Kyubeynt

    KyubeyntМісяць тому

    Why is this so kiddish I liked the old one better

  123. Tomeu Tomeu

    Tomeu Tomeu15 днів тому


  124. Tomeu Tomeu

    Tomeu Tomeu15 днів тому


  125. Subhajit Pradhan

    Subhajit Pradhan28 днів тому

    +GTN Entertainment for the people well with that omniverse anime the series was destined to stop... I mean the animes were so bad designed as compare to the previous anime... okay if the toys are getting sold well... but they should bring the adult version back for fans like us... what do you think???

  126. GTN Entertainment for the people

    GTN Entertainment for the people28 днів тому

    Subhajit Pradhan actually check out well the toys are selling 😂 and btw it’s Cartoon Network and they can do whatever they want you wanna know why Ben 10 originally got canceled take a look around the toys stopped selling 😂 so yea Cartoon Network went were the money was and that was to reboot and start selling toys!

  127. Subhajit Pradhan

    Subhajit Pradhan28 днів тому

    I think today's kids don't like it as compared to the past... how about making two versions of it... one for kids and one for adults😂😂

  128. Bijith B

    Bijith BМісяць тому

    Wow 1 day half a million viewers

  129. Gamingmyles 67

    Gamingmyles 67Місяць тому