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benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid - Eastside (official video)


  1. Gamer Hot

    Gamer Hot23 хвилини тому

    who’s come back here after seen Halsey’s performance?

  2. wustachemax

    wustachemax30 хвилин тому

    this song is such a low effort chainsmoker copy/paste sound. cringey af.

  3. Lil Marie

    Lil Marie49 хвилин тому

    0:55 - This is the girl Benny liked 1:01 - Ashley said yes. 1:06 - This is where Benny shit his pants after she said yes. XD I WATCHED THIS ALMOST MY BROTHERS AND MOM AND DAD WOKE UP... xD


    HIMESH VIEWSГодину тому

    February 2019?????

  5. Florian Pingist

    Florian PingistГодину тому

    The 53.000 dislikes are from westside guys

  6. Fenne S

    Fenne S2 години тому


  7. Fenne S

    Fenne S2 години тому


  8. Fenne S

    Fenne S2 години тому

    Wil je met mij vekiring

  9. Ilinca 300

    Ilinca 3002 години тому

    Its just me,or the beat sounds like Lucid Dreams?


    ELIBRO11 GAMING3 години тому

    Good El

  11. Xristina Selman

    Xristina Selman3 години тому

    Ok why can't i have 100 likes on my comment? 😢😭

  12. Brialashay

    Brialashay3 години тому

    my bf went to school with benny. its weird seeing his hometown and school in this video

  13. graape lego

    graape lego4 години тому

    2029 ?

  14. Nyles Billips

    Nyles Billips4 години тому

    In terms of style Halsey's singing in 1:15-1:35 of this song reminds me of Ed Sheeran's singing in 1:40-1:58 of Galway girl.

  15. JAX 2

    JAX 24 години тому

    is that halsey's real story?

  16. YT FORCE

    YT FORCE5 годин тому

    Amazing, sudahku padamkan tombol merahnya ke 182 Jangan lupa kunjungan baliknya ya kak!

  17. F0rtniteGaming FTW!!

    F0rtniteGaming FTW!!6 годин тому


  18. chen junxian

    chen junxian7 годин тому

    halsey or ashley??

  19. Leandra Price

    Leandra Price7 годин тому

    I like this song !!!

  20. Shilo Fechtner

    Shilo Fechtner7 годин тому

    Love this song ❤️💙😍 who else agrees

  21. william

    william8 годин тому

    is benny lil dicky? he kinda reminds me of him :0

  22. Fuwa Fuwa

    Fuwa Fuwa10 годин тому

    At 20 seconds it sounds like the part in sponhebob where they zoom into the krabby patty

  23. Eddie_Candy

    Eddie_Candy10 годин тому

    Click this, it will turn blue 👇

  24. Fuwa Fuwa

    Fuwa Fuwa10 годин тому

    14 seconds in, sounds like he's saying "old ass man" 😂

  25. ItsBlue _YT

    ItsBlue _YT10 годин тому


  26. Yunisha Tamang

    Yunisha Tamang10 годин тому

    One of my fav song just love it...

  27. Ale Video

    Ale Video11 годин тому

    Its like ellie goulding voice

  28. Gunter

    Gunter12 годин тому

    Honestly it’s a good song, but the music video sucks

  29. Jixie Playz

    Jixie Playz12 годин тому

    I... can't.... belive..... that i ..... just heard this this is AMAZINGG

  30. Hassan Jalloh

    Hassan Jalloh12 годин тому

    My favourite song

  31. Mark Aranita

    Mark Aranita12 годин тому

    Just a dad with a ambitious daughter that's 12 years old and sings like nobody is there in the I'm stuck on this song while she whips her hair from left to rite.

  32. Dit is het Nieuws OMB

    Dit is het Nieuws OMB13 годин тому

    Now that I look at it... This is a really CHEAP Music Video...

  33. oh sorry I was just chOking _

    oh sorry I was just chOking _14 годин тому

    Halsey is GAY and I love it

  34. RandomnessWithGrace

    RandomnessWithGrace14 годин тому

    How did ash get in trouble?

  35. Ferrari Asap

    Ferrari Asap15 годин тому

    Is she look like miley cirus , give me a like

  36. One Two

    One Two15 годин тому


  37. Nikolay YT

    Nikolay YT16 годин тому

    Im litsening in 2019 febuary anyone else?

  38. Kunal Goswami

    Kunal Goswami17 годин тому

    Lyrics are so fcking beautiful .I wish I could go back to my childhood .this song reminds me of those good old days

  39. Tseliso Motsoeneng

    Tseliso Motsoeneng17 годин тому

    omg this song

  40. Fatih Calim

    Fatih Calim18 годин тому

    sözlerini anlamıyorum ama çok iyi parça :)

  41. kaas saus

    kaas saus18 годин тому

    Did this story really happen?

  42. Olga Pluskota

    Olga Pluskota19 годин тому


  43. Sean Caskey

    Sean Caskey19 годин тому

    playing basketball with lil dicky has to be lit

  44. markac20

    markac2019 годин тому

    Iam really wonder WHO is Lily?

  45. Esther JK

    Esther JK19 годин тому

    thought welcome to the black parade was gonna play

  46. Milani Vernez

    Milani Vernez19 годин тому

    He makes music with Selena Gomez and J Balvin. He loves big hit too. Big up to Benny! 🔥🔥🔥 28/2

  47. Der König

    Der König20 годин тому

    Piano sounds a lot like logics 1-800

  48. Bazooka Tooth

    Bazooka Tooth8 годин тому

    Der König Oh yeah my first thought

  49. Enggal W

    Enggal W21 годину тому

    this vc like chasmer cat x mø - shopie

  50. Brooke Doyle

    Brooke Doyle21 годину тому

    I live in virginia 🌞

  51. Bazooka Tooth

    Bazooka Tooth8 годин тому

    All about cali lol jk I’d move to Virginia. Beautiful

  52. David Ta

    David Ta21 годину тому

    heard this song too many times

  53. Leen K

    Leen K21 годину тому


  54. Smarty rexard

    Smarty rexard22 години тому

    Is Ashley a Lesbian?

  55. Smarty rexard

    Smarty rexard8 годин тому

    Umm didn't understand

  56. Sherri Rodes

    Sherri Rodes19 годин тому

    goes both ways

  57. Watch Me Live

    Watch Me Live23 години тому

    Can we found Lily for Ashley? 🥺

  58. Troll MB

    Troll MB23 години тому

    Imagine this song while watching black mirror (San Junipero) episode. JUST PERFECT

  59. savsworld

    savsworldДень тому

    “This is where he smoked weed” lmao

  60. MattyPlaysHD

    MattyPlaysHDДень тому

  61. joos joos :P

    joos joos :PДень тому

    Help I broke the replay button :0

  62. 967031

    967031День тому

    I don’t know why but this song makes me miss her more and more😔😔😔😔😢😢😢

  63. Rose

    RoseДень тому

    0:23 is that Lil Dicky there in the background?

  64. Tru Fitzgerald

    Tru FitzgeraldДень тому

    I love food...….we all love food :}

  65. Sunita Rojhe

    Sunita RojheДень тому

    Hit song

  66. itsmehazel jimenez

    itsmehazel jimenezДень тому


  67. claudia osorio

    claudia osorioДень тому


  68. Jov Espinas

    Jov EspinasДень тому

    I loved this song before it become mainstream.

  69. malay tripathi

    malay tripathiДень тому

    Anyone before ''I can't get enough'' 🥰 ..... Dropping 28feb #Sel😍

  70. taekwondocalvin

    taekwondocalvinДень тому

    Reminds me of ex boyfriend and how I took him for granted 😢

  71. A r c h e r `

    A r c h e r `День тому

    I feel sad when listening to this song. 😭😭

  72. Eryk Dymecki

    Eryk DymeckiДень тому

    Im sorry but Halseys voice turns me on

  73. JJCPROD _

    JJCPROD _День тому

    deserves an oscar for best vfx

  74. Sassgay Coochiha

    Sassgay CoochihaДень тому

    0:26 anybody notice Lil Dicky?

  75. Creative Z33

    Creative Z33День тому

    What was this sampled off?

  76. SLENwalker

    SLENwalkerДень тому

    This song sounds like a chainsmokers music.

  77. westiegir! unicorncatr

    westiegir! unicorncatrДень тому

    I DONT GET IT!!!! Plz explain

  78. Jack Frost -

    Jack Frost -День тому

    The beat sounds exactly like the beat in “Can I kick it?”

  79. Daphne Barber

    Daphne BarberДень тому

    i wanna see Khalid's story but overall i love this song

  80. elizabeth hodges salmeron

    elizabeth hodges salmeronДень тому

    I love mom heart Katya love you

  81. BabyAcurate

    BabyAcurateДень тому

    listing to the song and watching the video makes me appreciate all the good times I had with my ex's. The relationships might not of been the best. A day doesn't go by where I think what if it didn't end or ended differently. But no matter what happened I'll thank each girl because I can always look back at those memories and appreciate the good times we had. So if any of you read this your ex Aaron says thank you for you compassion and time and wishes you a good day

  82. Doriane Carter

    Doriane CarterДень тому

    I adore❤️

  83. Lilian Mae

    Lilian MaeДень тому


  84. Marina M A

    Marina M AДень тому

    in feb 2019,

  85. Young Yogi

    Young YogiДень тому

    What was written inside of her lower lip?

  86. Ильдар Нигматуллин

    Ильдар НигматуллинДень тому

    Hi to everybody in March 2019))

  87. Sebastian Johns

    Sebastian JohnsДень тому

    lily where are you for real 😅

  88. Sebastian Johns

    Sebastian JohnsДень тому


  89. Penchi GMV

    Penchi GMVДень тому

    I think there's a hidden message at the part when it mentions the bunk bed saying Halsey slept on the BOTTOM and Lily on TOP

  90. Maddox McIntyre

    Maddox McIntyreДень тому

    what is it im stupid

  91. Gacha games 202

    Gacha games 202День тому

    Oh ye this is noice

  92. Umbaka Business

    Umbaka BusinessДень тому

    The beginning reminds me of Sting - Shape Of My Heart.

  93. christopher baxter

    christopher baxterДень тому

    halsey has the voice of an angel!!

  94. Bill Clinton

    Bill ClintonДень тому

    Anyone wanna buy some pint!!!!

  95. Adriana Varani

    Adriana VaraniДень тому

    @ @ . . . . .

  96. Fed Med

    Fed MedДень тому


  97. Ariadni Palomo

    Ariadni PalomoДень тому

    This was published on my bday

  98. Tony A

    Tony AДень тому

    Last time I checked, Corvettes don't have backseats. Maybe the blue ones are special edition? 🤔

  99. Chrisbreezy Funs

    Chrisbreezy FunsДень тому

    whose with me 2019 Feb

  100. Rado- Art

    Rado- ArtДень тому

    Beautiful song ❤️💗 Beautiful story Beautiful people Beautiful lyrics Beautiful... Your turn

  101. Elijah Beauliere

    Elijah BeauliereДень тому

    So Benny is the DJ of the music, beat, and the singers are Khalid and Halsey.

  102. RazorSharkAnime

    RazorSharkAnimeДень тому

    March 2019 ?

  103. Kestia Gloria Assamoua

    Kestia Gloria AssamouaДень тому

    I like the song I like halsey too

  104. Ėňîčë Pėřėîřå

    Ėňîčë PėřėîřåДень тому

  105. Cheeser Power

    Cheeser Power2 дні тому

    What about Khalid

  106. Ethan Svarcbergs

    Ethan Svarcbergs2 дні тому

    Is it me, or is Ash like...pretty like thumbs up for yes

  107. DJ Diego Mix STYLLO DANCE

    DJ Diego Mix STYLLO DANCE2 дні тому

    Essa Gata tem a voz da Ellen Gaulteng 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💃🕺💃🕺💃🌼🌼🌼🌼😍😍😍😍😍