Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. liakla cole

    liakla cole2 дні тому

    The best season by far!

  2. TnZ ShuZZ

    TnZ ShuZZ4 дні тому

    Smithereens best episode don’t @ me

  3. Game Knowing

    Game Knowing4 дні тому

    Season 5 is worst season of black mirror

  4. Виталий Аладдин

    Виталий Аладдин6 днів тому

    X-Files s11e07


    PAKISTANI PATHAN6 днів тому

    Here after Junaid Akram Podcast.

  6. Bored

    Bored8 днів тому

    S6 ???

  7. ime priimek

    ime priimek9 днів тому

    I like the show alot but this season is the worse ever. what a waste... its too normal for black mirror. whoever was writing scripts for previous seasons hire him back. or rename the show. thank you :)

  8. Alejandro Esquivel

    Alejandro Esquivel9 днів тому

    what cell phone is the sound? (cell phone brand) 0:00 0:06

  9. fiore di loto

    fiore di loto9 днів тому

    We want more

  10. robhath

    robhath10 днів тому

    how can they get away with calling 3 episodes a season? ugh

  11. Shuvo Speaking

    Shuvo Speaking11 днів тому

    Spoiler: Falcon and Mantis have sex..... in a way. 😒

  12. Brent Gabz T. V

    Brent Gabz T. V13 днів тому

    Get ready fight yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Vincnet

    Vincnet13 днів тому

    Worst season, only 3 episodes. Really? Especially that last episode was so gay

  14. Venomously ._.

    Venomously ._.14 днів тому

    Falcon is in here


    GAMMING CHANNEL14 днів тому


  16. Pyton1 D

    Pyton1 D14 днів тому

    This season was so fuckin good

  17. Soo Ha

    Soo Ha21 день тому

    Oh not jim moriarty again :(

  18. Николай Герасимов

    Николай Герасимов22 дні тому


  19. Marco polo

    Marco polo24 дні тому

    Great writing, this programme makes your mind work overtime

  20. Timo Crompinen

    Timo Crompinen25 днів тому

    Àll 3 were shit.

  21. InfamousMedia

    InfamousMedia25 днів тому

    I watched two episodes of season 5 and they both sucked. Totally lacked the edge and mind bending writing that stood out in other seasons

  22. ASMR lovelyxoxo

    ASMR lovelyxoxo25 днів тому

    This show is boring

  23. Hydrogen

    Hydrogen26 днів тому

    Game of thrones need to learn from black mirror,his to create emotion and tragedy without killing off your characters.

  24. Wynter Fawver

    Wynter Fawver26 днів тому

    This was a great season, I loved every episode and felt the same sense of reflective emptiness as I always have with BM. I feel like most people are either just sheep following other people's opinions of it being bad or they're disappointed because it wasn't what they expected it to be. The purpose of this show isn't for it to be dark and depressing. It's meant to show stories about the possible affects of the human race mixing with technology. Them being depressing are a common effect of that purpose, not the purpose itself. Even the writer has said it doesn't need to be sad to portray the message intended. Most people are just looking for shock value which is really kinda sad. I hope the writers know some people appreciate the hard work they did and I hope the next season is just like this one 👏

  25. Dina Gamal

    Dina Gamal27 днів тому

    Worst season except andrew scott

  26. Sue Me

    Sue Me29 днів тому

    This season is the worst. When Americans put thier hand on something they screw it up. So sad for this

  27. A Human

    A Human29 днів тому

    Falcon, Moriarty and Hannah Montana!!!!! Love this!!!!

  28. Dean PD

    Dean PD29 днів тому

    More crap from the illuminated ones, starring their Mind Kontrolle Ultra subjects. They don't hide it anymore.

  29. lexica

    lexica29 днів тому

    0:14 spoilers man

  30. Tuperwear

    TuperwearМісяць тому

    Trash season

  31. BigZ Al-Ajmi

    BigZ Al-AjmiМісяць тому

    Loved the trailer but worst season

  32. curiosity saved the cat

    curiosity saved the catМісяць тому

    What an absolute massive disappointment!

  33. Shawn Mendez

    Shawn MendezМісяць тому

    This the dumbest, stupidest , most useless and meaningless series I've ever watched aarrgghh🚮🚮

  34. Caner Özlütıraş

    Caner ÖzlütıraşМісяць тому

    I hope there won't be an Hollywood mistake in 6. Season

  35. Wakita Kanenori

    Wakita KanenoriМісяць тому

    We want a new season with more episodes please

  36. Leroy Cancio

    Leroy CancioМісяць тому

    I understand Y thanos had to snap 1/2 of the population for a Good Reason..The World is Evil

  37. Jeffrey Johnson

    Jeffrey JohnsonМісяць тому

    The writers of this show are pathetic excuses for humans.

  38. Eleanor Seoul

    Eleanor SeoulМісяць тому


  39. none bussiness

    none bussinessМісяць тому

    season 5 suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuxed

  40. The Army Of Defaults

    The Army Of DefaultsМісяць тому

    Great season Just end watched it

  41. EppiBoy

    EppiBoyМісяць тому

    disaster of a season

  42. HTXPhoenix

    HTXPhoenixМісяць тому

    Incredible trailer, but as a whole, poor season. Striking vipers was great and very thought provoking. The other two episodes mediocre at best and lacking that black mirror vibe.

  43. The God Emperor of Mankind

    The God Emperor of MankindМісяць тому

    Damn this season was so bad. Guess they should have ended it sooner. It's the year of disappointing seasons I guess. At least the episodes aren't tied together so S05 can be easily avoided without missing anything, unlike GoT s08

  44. kurwitz

    kurwitzМісяць тому

    They made china into a series thats really convenient

  45. David Divad

    David DivadМісяць тому

    June 5th the day i buried future season, never saw such bad episodes of black mirror.

  46. Nubia Lopez

    Nubia LopezМісяць тому

    This just goes to show that technology is going going human nature and set us all up for failure in the long run

  47. Bill PMMBH

    Bill PMMBHМісяць тому


  48. JokerL1000

    JokerL1000Місяць тому

    When the trailer better than the season.

  49. SeaJay Oceans

    SeaJay OceansМісяць тому

    Best Children's Television show since Mr. Rodgers!

  50. Fianosaurus

    FianosaurusМісяць тому


  51. Shruti Das

    Shruti DasМісяць тому

    Who Knows what BlackMirror means!??? Come on guess.. Its not as unfamiliar as you may think ! Actually you are holding one right now!.... Just switchoff the power button and glance at your reflection falling on it 😈👍..

  52. Özel TTQ-lı

    Özel TTQ-lıМісяць тому

    Moriarty didnt died he is teleporting netflix

  53. sad flute

    sad fluteМісяць тому

    Show still looks dumb

  54. Guillermo Mendez

    Guillermo MendezМісяць тому

    Changing to dislike

  55. Hakkilen Rafael

    Hakkilen RafaelМісяць тому


  56. Hakkilen Rafael

    Hakkilen RafaelМісяць тому


  57. Kartik

    KartikМісяць тому

    Everything's fine but guys..... . . . . . Moriarty Right? Right?

  58. Kritin Sharma

    Kritin SharmaМісяць тому

    Miss me😅

  59. Militian_Suicider

    Militian_Suicider2 місяці тому

    After watching this series i think i am mature now..

  60. Andrea Calpe

    Andrea Calpe2 місяці тому

    I came here because of Claro the Third.Who is from PHILIPPINES???

  61. Noctis

    Noctis2 місяці тому

    Phone bad