Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. Daniela Galdino-Jolly

    Daniela Galdino-Jolly31 хвилина тому

    This is real this is happening Black Mirror is REAL Just like the Matrix

  2. Katherin Matos

    Katherin MatosГодину тому

    Quiero Diarios De Vampiros En Netflix Es Una Increíble Serie Pónganla De Nuevo Por Favor.

  3. Felipe Vieira

    Felipe Vieira2 години тому

    k this series just try too hard to be edgy

  4. Gregster98

    Gregster984 години тому

    this season was absolute shit fuck you guys for tampering with this, all 3 were predictable messes with no intensity and lackluster acting goddamn i wait so long for this season and you guys fuck it up, and anyone reading this who likes season 5 can go fuck themselves because you are dumb as shit

  5. Eca Banana

    Eca Banana18 годин тому

    “It’s beacuse you’re always on your phone.”

  6. Matyáš Pinkas

    Matyáš PinkasДень тому

    Whats the song in the trailer? 🤔

  7. cenks goat 2019

    cenks goat 2019День тому

    I got the gay from the first episode

  8. ᛑᛆᚿᛁᛂᛚ ᚡᛁᚵᛑᛆ-ᚱᛁᛂᛍᚴ

    ᛑᛆᚿᛁᛂᛚ ᚡᛁᚵᛑᛆ-ᚱᛁᛂᛍᚴДень тому

    Since the Americans took black mirror, it has become shit.

  9. Sp1kerPistol

    Sp1kerPistolДень тому

    This season is so disappointing... worst season ever.

  10. addiiip pfff

    addiiip pfffДень тому

    jelek sumpah diluar expetasi jangan di tonton.

  11. Cindy Madrigal

    Cindy MadrigalДень тому

    Lastimosamente la peor temporada de BM

  12. Joe Rickard

    Joe Rickard2 дні тому

    I'm really surprised by all the negative reviews, I literally loved every second of Season 5! It was so good, and I've loved it since day 1. The only failure in my eyes was Bandersnatch.

  13. BH O

    BH O2 дні тому

    I binged half the series, turned on Radiohead Ok Computer to listen to as I fall asleep, apparently the TV didn’t turn off & kept auto playing the rest of the series while I slept, when I finally woke up I was in San Junipero.

  14. Brenda Saltijeral

    Brenda Saltijeral2 дні тому

    Worst season. Only episode 2 was good for me, the rest are lack histories and cliche.

  15. Julio Augusto

    Julio Augusto2 дні тому

    They tried to take previous ideas and "go bigger". They Miley Cyrus episode looked absurd even by Black Mirror standarts

  16. Keke Edordu

    Keke Edordu2 дні тому

    All 3 were trash I knew this would happen once America tampered with it

  17. karl jonson

    karl jonson2 дні тому

    Idk what people are talking about. First one had me cringing so hard and the second one almost made me cry.

  18. Charles Pope

    Charles Pope3 дні тому

    Even Blacked has a better script than this GayNiqqers from Outer Space BullShit 💩!!!

  19. Charles Pope

    Charles Pope3 дні тому

    I was signing up to watch Black Mirror not a couple of bruthas going on the Down Low!!!!

  20. JM F

    JM F3 дні тому

    disappointed after watching 3 full episode s

  21. Daniel Lara

    Daniel Lara3 дні тому

    MK Ultra in the last episode? Anyone else???


    SNEHA DUTTA3 дні тому

    I loved every single episodes of black mirror from season 1 to season 4 but i felt personally season 5 was a disappointment, all three episodes were predictable and casual. I liked it when it was the technology taking over people's lives. Season 5 is just blah, one time watch

  23. Fabiano Pires Figueiredo

    Fabiano Pires Figueiredo3 дні тому

    Só tem 3 episódios Aff, grande merda

  24. badtouch _

    badtouch _3 дні тому

    5th season is the worst season ever !!! Didnt like it, i'm very upset..

  25. wanda moroney

    wanda moroney3 дні тому

    The past 3 1/2 years of my life have been one long Black Mirror episode!

  26. Arvin_XD

    Arvin_XD4 дні тому

    what song is this? its beast

  27. DayX127

    DayX1274 дні тому

    0:15 What? I thought handguns were illegal in the UK? How did he get his hands one?!?!?!?!?!? (Yes I'm being sarcastic)

  28. Marit Ehmke

    Marit Ehmke4 дні тому

    Who hijacked this series?

  29. FBI

    FBI5 днів тому

    What is with the new seasons of shows being so disappointing? The last season of Game of Thrones was garbage, The current season of The 100 is pretty garbage and weird, and this season of Black Mirror was very underwhelming to what i was expecting for this series. This was literally a "meh" season. Honestly, i would rather rewatch the episode in season 4 that is in black & white with no dialogue than to re-watch any episode of season 5.

  30. Johan Saldanha

    Johan Saldanha5 днів тому

    what's the song's name?

  31. Sasisa Play

    Sasisa Play4 дні тому

    Lonely feeling

  32. Kevin Löffler

    Kevin Löffler5 днів тому

    THIS SEASON WAS BY FAR(!) the worst..believe me all 3 episodes are very bad and the sad thing: the one with miley was still the best out of these 3 netflix let us all down !

  33. Charles Pope

    Charles Pope3 дні тому

    Kevin Löffler And I thought Bandersnatch was bad

  34. milk teaミルクティー

    milk teaミルクティー5 днів тому

    1:31 seesaw?

  35. Unnatural09

    Unnatural095 днів тому

    I have to say this is the worst season yet, I am supposed to feel bad about the future. Yet I'm positive after this failed so hard. This is what happens when you make a primarily British show to Americans, they give it a happy ending. Worst season yet, say no to Americans

  36. Cory Smith

    Cory Smith5 днів тому

    1st episode is FUCKING WEIRD,...... literally

  37. Taylor Renee'

    Taylor Renee'5 днів тому

    They couldn’t have picked a better song to represent this season. Every main character goes to the internet b/c of a lonely feeling

  38. Snow Bird

    Snow Bird5 днів тому

    Our future.

  39. Mehdi Naqvi

    Mehdi Naqvi6 днів тому


  40. Technical Calculator

    Technical Calculator6 днів тому

    This wasn't a good season... It was literally "ok"

  41. Gregster98

    Gregster984 години тому

    it wasnt ok it was garbage

  42. Troll Footage

    Troll Footage6 днів тому

    this was the worst season of black mirror so far. Well done.

  43. Xxelo Hamilton

    Xxelo Hamilton6 днів тому

    I see a lot of you complaining that there is no need to put Miley in this ,but she was Ashley O when she did Hantana Montana

  44. Ugly Becca

    Ugly Becca6 днів тому

    New season was shit by comparison. They can do so much better.

  45. Shipdacheese

    Shipdacheese6 днів тому

    Very weak season 5! Keep shoving that LGBT trash in our faces please!

  46. Auto Math

    Auto Math6 днів тому

    this season was shit!

  47. Rahul Purohit

    Rahul Purohit6 днів тому

    Just watched the smithereens episode n that was just fucking.. Awesome it was like so damn intense.

  48. Samona _

    Samona _6 днів тому

    I liked this season

  49. CoryBrothers

    CoryBrothers6 днів тому

    If you're a legit fan of the first 3 seasons, absolutely 100% do not watch this garbage. Especially the steaming turd with Miley Cyrus. My God what the fuck happened to this show?

  50. Ernest Milos

    Ernest Milos7 днів тому

    Imo the worst season

  51. Scotty277942

    Scotty2779427 днів тому

    Anybody help! Do you have to watch all seasons before this one ? Or doesn’t it carry on

  52. CoryBrothers

    CoryBrothers6 днів тому

    Do yourself a favorand don't watch this season at all. Watch the first 3 seasons and pretend there's nothing after that

  53. RickySlayz

    RickySlayz7 днів тому

    It doesn’t carry on! Every episode is different 🤗

  54. kunal pahuja

    kunal pahuja7 днів тому

    Miss me Sherlock?

  55. Annie G

    Annie G7 днів тому

    Anyone else kinda dissapointed by this season? The episodes where ok but it wasn't on the same level as the other seasons... It didn't really feel like black mirror to me

  56. Usman JJ

    Usman JJ7 днів тому

    id skip

  57. KazCade

    KazCade7 днів тому

    Give me the depression I needed!

  58. Gregory Scott

    Gregory Scott7 днів тому

    Smithereens FTW.

  59. The LegendaryGamer

    The LegendaryGamer7 днів тому

    Guy on the thumbnail looks like the bad guy from farcry 5

  60. Jeff S

    Jeff S8 днів тому

    I was so upset with only 3 episodes! Every season gained an episode so this should've had 7. The three were decent, but definitely not the caliber of previous seasons. They set so much of a president that these three were more like season 1 trying to make something of themselves. If this were the first season, I'd be all in for the future of this show. However, being season 5, it fell way short.

  61. Charlie Micronesia

    Charlie Micronesia8 днів тому

    Anyone know what the music is?

  62. blagelman

    blagelman8 днів тому

    silly moryarty

  63. Herb Sewell

    Herb Sewell8 днів тому

    Absolutely worst season of Black Mirror yet.

  64. atmbm

    atmbm5 днів тому

    The first episode of the first season, man.. It was sooo good

  65. Carlos Riera

    Carlos Riera8 днів тому

    Ninguno de éstos episodios me dejó con la crisis existencial, que me han dejado capítulos anteriores.

  66. Priest Pepe

    Priest Pepe8 днів тому

    Worst season of Black Mirror. Total trash.

  67. Erwin Firmansyah

    Erwin Firmansyah8 днів тому

    Froyonion bring me here

  68. Kell Brigan

    Kell Brigan8 днів тому

    It's official. Black Mirror has jumped the shark. What a load of cynical, boring crap.

  69. Sam G

    Sam G8 днів тому

    Even Smithereens? I loved that one haha

  70. Hailey Mew

    Hailey Mew8 днів тому

    The worst season yet

  71. Noor ••

    Noor ••8 днів тому

    I don't know about the rest of you..but season 5 didn't leave me thinking and analysing like the previous ones

  72. James Richard vanKliff

    James Richard vanKliff8 днів тому

    Strong Episodes on their own like Black MIrror always did, now there were not to out there concepts/sci-fi of technology, but even tho more the ones available to us right now and people get dissappointed over the season? come on, it was short, but it was good and facing people with technological fuck ups. The worth we give to smartphones, stars and our own feelings towards sexuality and how we handle them were the mainpoint of this season and I enjoyed it. Not any worse then the other BM Season IMO, got me thinking again.

  73. Adam Yates

    Adam Yates9 днів тому

    The thumbnail for this with Topher Grace is better than the entire series. Smithereens was the best episode, but the twist of it (that people care for such a short amount of time before its forgotten for the next headline) was so fucking weak. So sad that BM seems to be way more lighthearted than past episodes.

  74. Jan Cena

    Jan Cena9 днів тому

    unfortunately extremely underwhelming :( The idea behind the first episode is quite good, but the characters are kind of boring/badly written. Episode two is O.K., but not more than that. Episode three is by far the worst, because it does not feel like BM at all. It's more like an Hannah Montana episode.

  75. cepellina

    cepellina9 днів тому

    This season was so bad, boring, stupid, wringed out. They have no more ideas. Black mirror is dead.

  76. cepellina

    cepellina6 днів тому

    @Alex Hoang yeah, very few by the looks of it.

  77. CoryBrothers

    CoryBrothers6 днів тому

    @Alex Hoang you seriously enjoyed that turd of an episode with Miley Cyrus? I literally can't get over how horrible it was

  78. Alex Hoang

    Alex Hoang9 днів тому

    I disagree. The episodes were good in their own way. You might not enjoy it, but many others do...

  79. Beau Swan

    Beau Swan9 днів тому

    Never seen this show but I had an out of body experience watching this trailer wtf

  80. D Kennedy

    D Kennedy9 днів тому

    clarence parents have a real good marriage

  81. jimboG100

    jimboG1009 днів тому

    This season sucked so bad.

  82. Franz IV

    Franz IV9 днів тому

    Horrible pile of trash. Black Mirror started mediocare, went good and now this shit.

  83. Håvard Nesje

    Håvard Nesje9 днів тому

    I feel like this season is so underrated! I really enjoyed all three of the episodes, especially Smithereens! I'm quite upset people are so negative about it

  84. rapturedpassage

    rapturedpassage9 днів тому

    Cannot look Falcon and Black Manta the same way again.

  85. friendly neighbourhood platypus

    friendly neighbourhood platypus9 днів тому

    what the shit moriarty

  86. yeremia frans

    yeremia frans9 днів тому


  87. Frank James Bonarrigo

    Frank James Bonarrigo9 днів тому

    more brain upload shows?

  88. DonedealD

    DonedealD10 днів тому

    That first episode was terrible

  89. Jan

    Jan10 днів тому

    Striking Vipers and Rachel Jack and Ashley Too weren’t as bad as people make them out to be. At least those two had black mirror elements in them. Smithereens had zero futuristic aspects to it and it felt like an episode out of any crime drama on TV.

  90. Miku Chan

    Miku Chan10 днів тому

    0:40 They brought Miley Cyrus in here? Im curious what that episode's gonna be about

  91. CoryBrothers

    CoryBrothers6 днів тому

    Don't waste any of your life on that episode or any of season 5 for that matter

  92. MrSinn

    MrSinn10 днів тому

    Well done for killing this series, its embarrassingly bad.

  93. YouTube User

    YouTube User10 днів тому

    a lonely free legs?


    JAVOMAN10 днів тому

    Ya era hora hijos de puta.

  95. Bakma Gör

    Bakma Gör10 днів тому

    Türkçe bilen biri yaptığımız Black Mirror analizini ingilizceye çevirebilir mi?

  96. what the fuck

    what the fuck10 днів тому

    This season was hot trash

  97. greg white

    greg white10 днів тому

    Stop posting things in the recently added that are years old y'all even have canceled programs there. Punisher is there it's freaking canceled your pathetic idiots...

  98. Bretonc7

    Bretonc710 днів тому

    3 eps is an insult

  99. Russell Smith

    Russell Smith10 днів тому

    Season 5 is only 3 episodes? WHEN IS SEASON 6 :(

  100. Andrew Comeau

    Andrew Comeau11 днів тому

    The first two episodes were really good and thought-provoking. The third was like a bad Disney movie.

  101. Charles Pope

    Charles Pope3 дні тому

    If Down Low Gay Porn is ur thing then.... Only the second one was halfway decent

  102. atmbm

    atmbm5 днів тому

    "Really good" .. Nah I think they were "good" but not that great like the other seasons

  103. Jigsawlaw

    Jigsawlaw11 днів тому

    This trailer better than all season 5 lol

  104. Raymond Hasse

    Raymond Hasse11 днів тому

    This season was garbage

  105. Ender Shard

    Ender Shard11 днів тому


  106. Jump on it

    Jump on it11 днів тому

    Why is every black mirror trailer so confusing!

  107. Jump on it

    Jump on it10 днів тому

    @YouGlowing @Xavier Martinez I love the fact that Alex Lawther is in it!

  108. Xavier Martinez

    Xavier Martinez10 днів тому

    Also it's a good way to not get too much story

  109. YouGlowing

    YouGlowing10 днів тому

    because every episode from a series is different

  110. Adam Burke

    Adam Burke11 днів тому

    Трейлер обещал типичное Черное Зеркало, а по факту, получили какую-то пустышку, которая лишь косвенно напоминает предыдущие сезоны. Netflix в своем репертуаре, загубили своей толерантностью хороший сериал. The trailer promises a typical Black Mirror, which in fact has received some kind of empty, which only indirectly resembles previous seasons. Netflix in their repertoire ruined a good TV series with their tolerance.

  111. Jorge Ayala

    Jorge Ayala11 днів тому

    "Striking vipers" el mejor episodio de la 5ta. temporada, el resto muy flojo la verdad...

  112. Raul Asakura

    Raul Asakura11 днів тому

    Smithereens is amazing...

  113. komigennufan

    komigennufan11 днів тому

    Netflix.... allways gays, feminism and brainwashing you with communists ideologies.

  114. SosYGMing // MC

    SosYGMing // MC11 днів тому

    This was, in my opinion, the weakest season of the series.

  115. Harvey Ford

    Harvey Ford10 днів тому

    I agree

  116. chirag arora

    chirag arora11 днів тому

    Anyone who knows what love is... will understand. Anyone! Anyone! Anyone!!!

  117. Rozo

    Rozo11 днів тому

    I cant get enough of black mirror

  118. Aggro Traveler’s Bucket List

    Aggro Traveler’s Bucket List11 днів тому

    Western civilization is falling. The end game is being hooked to a computer, while we let other beings evolve