BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)


  1. 젤존이

    젤존이7 годин тому

    한국댓글이없네 한복이짱이다!!!

  2. Dhowa Salem

    Dhowa Salem7 годин тому


  3. viamaris figueroa

    viamaris figueroa7 годин тому


  4. Isaiah

    Isaiah7 годин тому

    I came back to this one bc I feel that this is literally the same performance from last night

  5. daffa majid

    daffa majid7 годин тому


  6. Kalyca Kairav

    Kalyca Kairav7 годин тому


  7. jackylen ilagan

    jackylen ilagan7 годин тому

    Love you Blackpink 🥰

  8. C.C.G

    C.C.G8 годин тому

    Is this kpop?

  9. C.C.G

    C.C.G8 годин тому

    So these people can speak some English..

  10. C.C.G

    C.C.G8 годин тому

    I have no idea who black pink is, but the views on this compared to your other videos in the same week, is insane.

  11. Rodriguez Grocrigos

    Rodriguez Grocrigos8 годин тому

    캬 ~ 국뽕 드디어 한국 댓글을 찾으셨네요 축하

  12. Alfiadhi Putra

    Alfiadhi Putra8 годин тому

    let's get to know you first. how you like that?

  13. Cuan Berlimpah

    Cuan Berlimpah8 годин тому


  14. n n

    n n7 годин тому

    You're so lame.

  15. Aayushi Bokade

    Aayushi Bokade8 годин тому

    ok i cannot just believe at how fuckiiiingngngnggg prettyy they are?!!!

  16. the taejun 75

    the taejun 758 годин тому

    Just play it 1.25X speed it makes the Song perfect ....(it's amazing at normal too)

  17. Tiara Permatasariii

    Tiara Permatasariii8 годин тому

    LISA is the best rap among other idols as well as dances. JENNIE vibe wow. JISOO face is very pretty and the dance is very cool. the voice of ROSE is no doubt. they deserve to be called a queen. I LOVE U SO MUCH BLACKPINK

  18. Syarief Azra

    Syarief Azra8 годин тому

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  19. neiska fenny S

    neiska fenny S9 годин тому

    pasti kebanyakan para lelaki yang nonton ini 👌

  20. jessie elysian

    jessie elysian9 годин тому

    jennie looks like some kinda anime-🤣

  21. BP fo lyf

    BP fo lyf9 годин тому

    Vote for HYLT Blackpink

  22. Benjie Salandino

    Benjie Salandino9 годин тому

    Basta ung iba dito pumunta dahil bored lang

  23. Mehdi Rabiee

    Mehdi Rabiee9 годин тому

    Jisoo is best vocalist and she is so beautiful

  24. Shiva, Chandar Chandar

    Shiva, Chandar Chandar9 годин тому

    #cancelblackpink In the music video for this song.. they used and disrespected a Hindu Indian god statue, they kept on the floor as a prop, our religion is is not a trend or a prop, and even thought they edited the statue out.. they still never publicly apologized and many fans said INCREDIBLY RUDE COMMENTS which whole not be tolerated in any other religion, before anyone says it’s YG’s fault I don’t wanna hear it, I wasn’t an apology,

  25. Morph Kogan

    Morph Kogan8 годин тому

    Who gives a fuck. Literally nobody cares about "cultural appropriation". Cry me a river honey

  26. Wysse

    Wysse9 годин тому

    Don't waste your time wiht that #cancelblackpink because they never said: I WANT TO HAVE A GANESHA IN OUR MUSIC VIDEO, all those production stuff are not decibed by them. I didn't like they use Ganesha as part of the scenario, it was disrespectful, but Blackpink members has nothing to do with that, YG made the impossible to edit it without re uploading the video, and after the edition you can see that Ganesha wasn't on the floor, it was a table, but even though, disrespectul. Anyways, It's not Blackpink's fault and YG fixed it even if he didn't apologise, He edited it and that means he listened to Blinks.

  27. Aig 00

    Aig 009 годин тому

    What defakkk people keep commenting like "no one talk about their outfit" I keep on scrolling and 60% talkin bout the hanbok smh

  28. Morph Kogan

    Morph Kogan8 годин тому


  29. Ohh My SingaPore

    Ohh My SingaPore9 годин тому

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  30. Richard Adinata

    Richard Adinata9 годин тому

    Lagi Kangen Jogja ? Dengerin Nih Lagu “Istimewanya Jogja” Dijamin makin kangen 🖤

  31. XyRa_ Aranda

    XyRa_ Aranda10 годин тому

    will always be a blink until the last “Annyeong haseyo Blackpink imnida” of 🖤💗

  32. Ferah Chute

    Ferah Chute10 годин тому

    Fucking hoooot

  33. Azrina ayudia A

    Azrina ayudia A10 годин тому

    Lagu opo iki ?? Ra mudeng maknane

  34. Cooking like a chef, I'm a 5-star Michelin.

    Cooking like a chef, I'm a 5-star Michelin.10 годин тому

    I knew it from the very beginning that they film this at SBS Inkigayo stage. 😆

  35. cleo xd

    cleo xd10 годин тому


  36. cleo xd

    cleo xd10 годин тому


  37. cleo xd

    cleo xd10 годин тому


  38. cleo xd

    cleo xd10 годин тому


  39. Aidar Jakypbekov

    Aidar Jakypbekov10 годин тому

    Jennie ♥♥

  40. Elisa Baronyan

    Elisa Baronyan10 годин тому

    I feel like the subtitles really helped me understand the song, I mean... [ singing in Korean ] that’s a good translation tho.

  41. Wan Zacs

    Wan Zacs10 годин тому

    Rapping in korean 🤣

  42. En Gnourt

    En Gnourt10 годин тому

    Rosé proving why she is the MAIN VOCAL

  43. Azlin Ishak

    Azlin Ishak10 годин тому

    Hmmmmm..... Trying so hard...

  44. Karl David Manabat

    Karl David Manabat10 годин тому

    This song is so mediocre. But Jisoo is a kuudere faced and I would like to cuddle with her. Please Lord make my wish come true. I will bath myself with cool and spicy fragrance before coming closer to her. Jisoo is so attractive maaaaan.

  45. Wysse

    Wysse8 годин тому

    @Karl David Manabat I know all the comeback are not lit, but I am honestly saying that HOW YOU LIKE THAT is better than Kill this love, but not Better than DDDD, AIIYL, etc. But it's better than KTL, because the rap verse, the pre chorus, and the longer Dance break, Kill this love dance break was too short

  46. Morph Kogan

    Morph Kogan8 годин тому

    @Wysse I totally agree with OP. you can be all whiny and offended, this song is not that good. It's pretty unoriginal and mediocre. it's du-ddu 2.0. the chorus is pretty dissapointing. Get over yourself

  47. Karl David Manabat

    Karl David Manabat9 годин тому

    @Wysse I also have to be honest. I only liked the intro of How You Like That. But the chorus itself lacks soul. I thought after the intro it would drop bombs. But no, the EDM music ruined the chorus.

  48. Karl David Manabat

    Karl David Manabat9 годин тому

    @Wysse Plus, I don't trust music awardings anymore. I stand with my own criticism and I know what's better or not when it comes to EDM music. Even Sour Candy was way way way more better.

  49. Karl David Manabat

    Karl David Manabat9 годин тому

    @Wysse Accept it. Not all comebacks are lit. Kill This Love was way better. As if YG was just forced to make this because the fanbase were desperate. And this song is kinda rushed. It lacks creativity and the EDM is shit (not matched with their voices).

  50. Irwan Sanusi

    Irwan Sanusi10 годин тому

    Beautiful,,,,, black pink

  51. Christian Añasco

    Christian Añasco10 годин тому

    They just aired this on Inkigayo today

  52. Shofi's Island

    Shofi's Island10 годин тому

    Black pink:it’s a bird it’s a plane.. Me:ItS A BUWUNG PuYUH

  53. Pitta Gacha

    Pitta Gacha11 годин тому


  54. Pitta Gacha

    Pitta Gacha11 годин тому

    Pertunjukan tidak penting. Un important show. Ayo wong jowo, balik lestarikan budaya jawa,, jangan mau disuguhi budaya import gak penting

  55. Emma Hammersmith

    Emma Hammersmith11 годин тому

    bring out the bottle ? ugghh come on jimmy

  56. Trung Dương

    Trung Dương11 годин тому

    Tui là người Việt Nam

  57. Dede Misbah

    Dede Misbah11 годин тому

  58. 손준혁

    손준혁11 годин тому

    불핑이 세계적으로 유명해지면서 노래 제목이나 가사에서 영어 비중이 많아져서 한국적인걸 잃어버리는건 아닌가 생각했는데 제 괜한 착각이였네요 블핑 만세!!!!

  59. sein K

    sein K11 годин тому

    얘들카메라 워킹 마이 발전했네ㅋ 한국에서 배워갔나?

  60. Zergv V

    Zergv V11 годин тому

    걍 한국에서 찍은거임ㅋㅋ

  61. Lutvi 2712

    Lutvi 271211 годин тому


  62. Andrew Xiong

    Andrew Xiong11 годин тому

    Is those clothes Chinese By Payne Xiong

  63. Morph Kogan

    Morph Kogan8 годин тому

    @Wysse cringe

  64. Wysse

    Wysse9 годин тому



    EURYDICE GARCIA11 годин тому

    we love blackpink

  66. Anisa Yulianti

    Anisa Yulianti11 годин тому

    Jenny, lisa

  67. Dilla's the _ VLOG

    Dilla's the _ VLOG11 годин тому


  68. Syed Khair

    Syed Khair11 годин тому

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  69. madadina almas2

    madadina almas212 годин тому


  70. Scarlet Hubyan

    Scarlet Hubyan12 годин тому

    Jennie is so attractive. The girls all slayed its just that I cannot take my eyes off to Jennie

  71. treasure yg

    treasure yg12 годин тому

    Blackpink Amerika X Korea How You Like That

  72. 셰인Shein

    셰인Shein12 годин тому

  73. Renuga Ganesan

    Renuga Ganesan12 годин тому

    BTS is more better than blackpink

  74. Morph Kogan

    Morph Kogan8 годин тому

    Of course they. Not even close.

  75. catira009

    catira0099 годин тому

    that group whose company tagged Bigbang (the kings of KPOP) and other groups in their UAreporter videos and MVs till found out? eww nope

  76. 제이Jin.이

    제이Jin.이12 годин тому

    Good music

  77. 호롤롤로

    호롤롤로12 годин тому

    한국 무대인가?

  78. kimura3033

    kimura303312 годин тому

    Gorgeous performances!

  79. H A N N A H

    H A N N A H12 годин тому support

  80. Joe Bermudez

    Joe Bermudez12 годин тому


  81. Ricardo

    Ricardo12 годин тому

    who did the subs? lmao “sings in korean” “raps in korean”

  82. Ricardo

    Ricardo12 годин тому


  83. Bushra

    Bushra12 годин тому

    I back here to see if its the same as today performence😂

  84. Kisah Cinta Anak Tiri

    Kisah Cinta Anak Tiri11 годин тому

    Kalo gk salah ini studio SBS dipake Tonight Show karena balckpink gk bisa ke Amerika

  85. Hélder Anunciação

    Hélder Anunciação12 годин тому

    I wish they didn't use so many backing vocals. I can't hear their live voices.

  86. Catatan Bang Akik

    Catatan Bang Akik12 годин тому Fum is fun

  87. Xuan Pham

    Xuan Pham13 годин тому

    Chó 😡 đen hồng

  88. Yusra Ida

    Yusra Ida13 годин тому

    :( im not even the blink.but they look all beautifulll 💜 love from army

  89. Jilian Vil

    Jilian Vil13 годин тому

    Jennie's hair and outfit is literally a blackpink! She's very energetic and slaying in the stage(but they are all really slaying in the stage) i love you jennie

  90. zayn Fadli

    zayn Fadli13 годин тому

    Gatau pun maksudnya joget joget

  91. jc k

    jc k13 годин тому

    잘 보고 갑니다

  92. T Gaming

    T Gaming13 годин тому

    hayyy para pecinta plastik,masuk sini semua peliharaan kpop jing,,,

  93. AhMada89 'Said'

    AhMada89 'Said'13 годин тому

    assalamu 'alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh kawan² Indonesia-Ku semua.. ampunilah dosa² kita dan dosa² hambamu ini serta dosa² kedua orang tua kami dan dosa² keluarga kita semua.. semakin banyak yg me'AMINkan insya Allah do'a kita akan MUSTAJAB agar COVID-19 ini segera diangkat dan dihilangkan dari muka BUMI karena Ramadhan-Syawwal-Dzulhijjah bahkan Muharram nanti kita butuh kekhusu'an dalam beramal kebaikan dan beramal ibadah.. Semoga juga kita semua selalu diberikan kesehatan serta dihindarkan dan dijauhkan dari segala Wabah Penyakit khususnya Covid-19 yg belum ada habisnya ini, Semoga juga saudara² kita yg terpapar virus Corona lekas diberikan kesembuhan dan diangkat penyakitnya, dan Mudah²an juga rezeki'y kita semua selalu dilancarkn dan dimudahkan juga segala urusannya dalam membawa amal kebaikan dan amal ibadah dgn keridho-an Allaah SWT fiid dunia wal akhirah. aamin yaa Allaah . . klo gak ngerepotin kawan², minta tolong bantu like, share, koment & Subscribe channel saya yach (AhMada89 'Said'). Gak disubscribe juga gk pp, saya hanya minta KE-IHLASANNYA saja. trimakasih banyak.. New Video..Al-Qur'an Juz 27 surah Al-Waqi'ah dan surah Al-Hadid, Alhamdulillaah bisa posting kembali #AlQur'an: Last Video..Al-Qur'an Juz 27 surah Al-Waqi'ah dan surah Al-Hadid, Alhamdulillaah bisa posting kembali #Al-Qur'an:

  94. Brian Castaño

    Brian Castaño13 годин тому


  95. Hannah Hwang

    Hannah Hwang13 годин тому

    The stage looks like the same one from Inkigayo???

  96. Morph Kogan

    Morph Kogan8 годин тому

    It is same performance I'm pre sure

  97. cass95 Hoang

    cass95 Hoang13 годин тому

    But background different, i think

  98. Malika Gasbaoui

    Malika Gasbaoui13 годин тому


  99. ARMY박

    ARMY박14 годин тому

    왜케 인기가요보는거같지...?

  100. ARMY박

    ARMY박13 годин тому

    jisoo black 아!!! 어쩐지 카메라워킹이랑 무대세트같은게 한국방송같다 싶었어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 답변 감사해요😊

  101. jisoo black

    jisoo black13 годин тому

    한국에서 무대해서 그럴걸요?? 미국 직접가서 해야하지만 코로나때매 한국에서 찍은걸 지미펠런 측에서 틀어준거니