Boy George's “little sister” in The Voice | Journey #64


  1. The Voice Global

    The Voice Global10 місяців тому

    English subtitles available! Enable them via the settings of the video player. What was your favorite performance of Cody?

  2. Helga Macleod

    Helga Macleod4 дні тому


  3. Christiane Cruz

    Christiane Cruz6 днів тому

    All of them, but I'm terrifying with Mad World

  4. eeeelaine88

    eeeelaine888 днів тому

    @Martin F. 🥳🥳

  5. David Andrews

    David Andrews11 днів тому

    @Analiase Savage Same with Tears For Fears' Mad World, I think. And you're right ... I'm living in Finland (not the paradise that people are led to believe it is, sorry to say), so I never hear about this until I find it almost a year after the fact on here! I feel a bit disappointed that she didn't get to win it but it's clear that George is right: it (hopefully!) hasn't been the end of the road for Cody.

  6. David Andrews

    David Andrews11 днів тому

    For me - easily Ordinary World and The Chain ... particularly the latter. She has that seriously 'Stevie' vibe in her voice, and that was easily the most suitable sort of song for her ... fantastic. ETA: Okay - add Mad World to that list!

  7. Michael K. Jensen

    Michael K. Jensen4 години тому

    amazing it made me roll a tear and gave a flachback .... peace and love

  8. _the_sillies_

    _the_sillies_12 годин тому

    Seriously why aren’t her versions of these songs on Spotify? Like that would be awesome

  9. Judith Schmitz

    Judith Schmitz14 годин тому

    How did he not push the button !? I- I- i mean shes so great!

  10. Speak Life

    Speak Life16 годин тому

    She has a BORING DRY STAGE PRESENCE SHE HAS A UNIQUE LOOK AND RASPY VOICE BUT SHE COULD PUT MORE EMOTION AND MOVMENT INTO HER STAGE PERFORMANCE MOVE AROUND DONT JUST STAND THERE looking like a vampire zombie Add some life !!! Just blahhhh Can’t vote for people bcuz they wear weird makeup and clothes there needs to be a whole pkg I feel like she only went thru bcu of her LOOK nothing more

  11. Sarienn Horror Narrator

    Sarienn Horror NarratorДень тому

    Fucking love Cody's voice. It's like heaven.

  12. charles ellison

    charles ellisonДень тому

    She's a 🌟 she has EVERYTHING it takes to be the next Madonna

  13. XX Milky

    XX MilkyДень тому

    is Cody I boy or a girl??? bc he or she was wearing high heels but it sounds like a bit???

  14. Jeremiah DeLosSantos

    Jeremiah DeLosSantosДень тому

    She's absolutely beautiful with a amazing voice.

  15. Joleen Koenig

    Joleen Koenig2 дні тому

    This young woman has what many artists struggle to achieve, rawness. Cody's voice is unique and carries emotion with it.

  16. Andreia Aparecida Vancini

    Andreia Aparecida Vancini2 дні тому

    Ele é da minha epoca

  17. Kristy Marie

    Kristy Marie2 дні тому

    She is incredible love everything about her she brings that whole 80s vibe .... keep shining

  18. Claudinei Dornelas

    Claudinei Dornelas3 дні тому

    fujam do convencional. seja simplesmente o que quiser ser

  19. SUMAI

    SUMAI3 дні тому

    Can someone tell me what is that Ducky haircut that woman has?

  20. Loadin. _ya

    Loadin. _ya3 дні тому

    Gives me a little bit of Melanie Martinez vibes but her own style it's beautiful

  21. T. O. D.

    T. O. D.3 дні тому

    Thought she was his actual sister which is why i clicked

  22. Cecile Rose

    Cecile Rose5 днів тому

    Somente hoje que ouvi e vi i a Cody . Amor instantaneo e incondicional . Show .

  23. Alexis Newell

    Alexis Newell5 днів тому

    Awesome Awesome Awesome love Cody ❤❤😍

  24. Aiden Meardn

    Aiden Meardn5 днів тому

    Q PEDO NO RECONOCE A SU PROPIA HERMANA?!!! 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  25. Michelle B

    Michelle B5 днів тому

    During the Cody/Heather battle, I felt like I was seeing and hearing a battle between Any Winehouse and Adele. I hope they both go far with singing in life if it's what they want to continue doing.

  26. bcdjrise

    bcdjrise5 днів тому

    The world is upside-down! What is ugly and non-talent becomes music for the most. Here is the zombie nation . You're lost in a swamp of tattoos

  27. Z I N

    Z I N6 днів тому

    Really wanted to hear her vocals properly when they turned around for her blind. I hate how loud the audience were

  28. Aquil's Hangout

    Aquil's Hangout6 днів тому

    So wait, cody is a girl's name?

  29. MaskedMan66

    MaskedMan666 днів тому

    She's wonderful!

  30. Alana Lilley

    Alana Lilley6 днів тому

    I think both did a bad job nice voices

  31. De Cnijf Kris

    De Cnijf Kris6 днів тому

    thumbs up for B

  32. MisterDon

    MisterDon6 днів тому

    Mad World is from another planet. GREAT.

  33. Christiane Cruz

    Christiane Cruz6 днів тому

    Linda, impressionante, que voz!! Única, incomparável. Beautiful, awesome, What a voice!! She is unique.

  34. Elizete Mattos

    Elizete Mattos7 днів тому

    Ok. But she is not so incredible... At the end, the comment "growing up, having kids, etc", was really ridiculous. She is judging others too. So?

  35. Jhelynjoy Lunio

    Jhelynjoy Lunio7 днів тому

    His voice reminds me a boy band in 80s

  36. Noelia F

    Noelia F7 днів тому

    Hay muchisimo talento solo falta apoyarlo :')

  37. Jacqueline Alvarez

    Jacqueline Alvarez7 днів тому


  38. Melissa Rivas

    Melissa Rivas8 днів тому

    Rad song picked .love it

  39. umbra 1

    umbra 18 днів тому


  40. Zoran Kalina

    Zoran Kalina8 днів тому

    Huh..listening those 2wo girls... Maybe it is a best time for left a world in thears heands We /1961/....maybe we are to blinde...corupte...missleading...and all on that maner Looks to me that kids/born in 21st century/ Are so much more mature...then I am

  41. Zoran Kalina

    Zoran Kalina8 днів тому

    What is this?!? Kids become so mature...singing if nothing🌞🐻👍🍀👋

  42. Hector vivio

    Hector vivio8 днів тому

    nice voice Cody ,beautiful choice Boy George`s you are a legend

  43. Thiago guerreiro

    Thiago guerreiro9 днів тому

    Essa Cantora Cody...Canta Com O ÚTERO ...PQP;;;NOTA 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  44. Thiago guerreiro

    Thiago guerreiro9 днів тому

    A Gordinha Heather É FARSA...Mídia Fabricada...MEDIOCRE LIXO MUSICAL...MAS...A Cody....SIM...É UMA CANTORA PERFEITA...Claro...Ela É Irmã Do Mestre Boy George.

  45. bobcatwelder00

    bobcatwelder009 днів тому

    awesome duet

  46. Mazel Mazlíkovi

    Mazel Mazlíkovi9 днів тому

    Ta první pěnice mě připomíná Janu Kratochvílovou z Otrokovic

  47. Esther Malfoy

    Esther Malfoy9 днів тому

    I really like her style but obviously my parents would not allow me to But i wonder what her parents reaction would be like she is just 18 and she knows herself, she died her hair, have a little hair do of her own style etc Her voice is just words cant describe it I know i'm 10 months late but i'm glad that i watched this

  48. Lulu Díaz

    Lulu Díaz10 днів тому

    He shouldn't have put Heather vs Cody

  49. Luci Rosa

    Luci Rosa10 днів тому

    Donie Darko 😭😭😭😭😭 I just cried watching this video

  50. Zoe Rosta

    Zoe Rosta10 днів тому

    her voice is so beautiful I have never seen any body sing with such emotion and potential like this... this was great

  51. Luci Rosa

    Luci Rosa10 днів тому

    Her voice... Her interpretation...😭😭😭😭😭❤

  52. Wangs Last

    Wangs Last10 днів тому

    She reminds me of christina grimmie. Her personality and her smile resembles her.

  53. Wangs Last

    Wangs Last9 днів тому

    @wysteriak Ramone yes , she was actually getting big slowly that time. Gone too soon.

  54. wysteriak Ramone

    wysteriak Ramone9 днів тому

    I miss Christina Grimmie the music world is a much dimmer world without her in it! I still go to her channel and listen to her songs~♡~

  55. toyzbg

    toyzbg10 днів тому

    Soo an Adam's family show...

  56. Gunn Wrights

    Gunn Wrights10 днів тому

    Never... NEVER...*NEVER!* ... attempt to go up against Simon LeBon!! His voice is PERFECTION - no one will ever do it better than he can!!

  57. GEGEL

    GEGEL11 днів тому

    Shes so cute!!!!

  58. Phanes Erichthoneus

    Phanes Erichthoneus11 днів тому

    I liked her "brick in the wall" more than Pink Floyd's.

  59. Metal Monkey

    Metal Monkey11 днів тому

    She shouldn't be allowed to be in the same Voice were her brother is a judge

  60. Guilherme Marcelino

    Guilherme Marcelino11 днів тому

    He isn't actually her brother.

  61. Rich Goff

    Rich Goff11 днів тому

    Very talented young lady

  62. Crystal Freeland

    Crystal Freeland11 днів тому

    Cody is absolutely amazing, adorable and talented! I'm crying.

  63. Crystal Freeland

    Crystal Freeland12 днів тому

    Who is Paloma?

  64. No Body

    No Body12 днів тому


  65. FluffyBalls

    FluffyBalls12 днів тому

    Im not a real fan of her style but her voice and her energy is what i find makes here special.

  66. Jim Frost

    Jim Frost12 днів тому

    Cody will definitely be the bigger star.

  67. test oneclicks

    test oneclicks12 днів тому

    I think that she could sing an amazing version of "the sound of silence", like a Disturbed style

  68. New horizons

    New horizons12 днів тому

    Cody said she dresses that way to be heard. Now that that isn't a problem anymore should she change her look? She is really beautiful, but even if she wasn't it wouldn't matter anyway with her talent would it?

  69. Dove My Beloved

    Dove My Beloved12 днів тому


  70. Lina Hsieh

    Lina Hsieh12 днів тому

    she's so pretty

  71. Maria teresa Perez ortiz

    Maria teresa Perez ortiz12 днів тому

    Cuanto orgullo deben sentir sus padres de esta pequeña y al lado de una leyenda por Dios yo estaria feliz

  72. Vera V.N.M.V

    Vera V.N.M.V12 днів тому

    I felt really bad for Heather 'cause she knew that everbody loved Cody more than her

  73. all types of things

    all types of things13 днів тому

    Title: You bring the tears to my eyes Me: didnt see T in tears and read "You bring the ears to my eyes"

  74. Joseph Vasquez

    Joseph Vasquez13 днів тому

    He was pretty good. Great job kid!

  75. jen ferguson

    jen ferguson13 днів тому

    She is great!

  76. Dork diaries

    Dork diaries13 днів тому

    Anyone else get Melanie Martinez vibes from her?

  77. Haley Edwards

    Haley Edwards14 днів тому

    She is won of the best i have ever heard

  78. Jeff Cooke

    Jeff Cooke14 днів тому

    Gay George, now I remember why I didn't like the 89s.

  79. ian van den bonne

    ian van den bonne14 днів тому

    She looks like she kills hamsters for fun, but what a voice...

  80. A G

    A G14 днів тому

    Love her !!!

  81. Jam Den

    Jam Den14 днів тому

    Heather sings like Adele and I felt so bad for her but honestly speaking Cody is the best in my opinion.



    If I have half of her voice texture and her modes for music, then I am a super star... this look like a cheat to me, like a super star brought into the voice... she is really a real star!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 she should be singing at Grammy or MTV or billboard and lot more....

  83. Ousa Khun

    Ousa Khun14 днів тому

    She reminded me of a girl in high school that would only let me copy the first page of her math test. hehe

  84. P B

    P B15 днів тому

    Both have beautiful voices.

  85. slimydick23

    slimydick2315 днів тому

    cody's teeth scare the shit out of me, imagine if she bit you

  86. Mz Jonez 2

    Mz Jonez 215 днів тому

    Wow this is old? We'll still loved it just the same 💓

  87. Mz Jonez 2

    Mz Jonez 215 днів тому

    Don't cry Boy 😥

  88. Sean Edwards

    Sean Edwards15 днів тому

    What a voice, poor heather, you could just see it on her face she had no confidence about winning everything other girl sung. except her voice was equally as good, have confidence girl.

  89. Isabella Beltran

    Isabella Beltran15 днів тому

    wonder if she listens to girl in red

  90. China Cobain

    China Cobain16 днів тому

    She Is capricorn 😍 good luck it's our year💖

  91. Sydney Riney

    Sydney Riney16 днів тому

    I love her style it's really punk and love her choice of song and voice she has natural talent

  92. Sasha Cherry

    Sasha Cherry16 днів тому

    Way off key in Multiple parts 🤣

  93. Amy M

    Amy M16 днів тому

    I felt so bad for Heather, but Paloma stole her so she still went trough :)

  94. Sheila Rogers

    Sheila Rogers17 днів тому

    if cody frost makes a cd...i'm buying it! Love Love Love her voice! Her energy is amazing...she's a very talented artist and singing is just a small part of that.

  95. LottaTroublemaker

    LottaTroublemaker10 днів тому

    I would love to buy her music too! If she hasn’t got a contract yet, I just don’t understand why, because she is such a talent! 👏👏👏🤘✌️👏👏👏

  96. Jasmine Brown

    Jasmine Brown17 днів тому

    Cody should’ve won 😒

  97. halley style

    halley style17 днів тому

    cual hermana? nieta mas bien

  98. RobinBird J

    RobinBird J17 днів тому

    Heather was amazing. As a DUO, they were fabulous. Made me cry, too. Cody’s voice is raw and tears you up...that’s what made her stand out. But I hope this wasn’t discouraging to Heather. She reminded me of Sarah McLachlan and Katherine McPhee.

  99. MsDaniMarie02

    MsDaniMarie0218 днів тому

    I’m so in love with her voice. It strikes a chord.

  100. matthew ramirez

    matthew ramirez18 днів тому

    im dumb, I legit thought she was his actual sister so I was waiting for him to turn around and be shocked that his little sister can sing like that. but I wuz wrong....... (edit: thx yall for agreeing, but some yall get so worked up, like yEa i thought it was his actual sister tf)

  101. Chip Powell

    Chip Powell18 днів тому

    I would LOVE to hear this young lady sing an Arch Enemy song.

  102. Ted Heavy

    Ted Heavy18 днів тому

    she sucks

  103. Alejandra San Martín

    Alejandra San Martín18 днів тому

    Me recuerda Cindi Louper , bella !!

  104. Angelika Chr. Oles-Guhl

    Angelika Chr. Oles-Guhl18 днів тому

    in a way even Pink is involved to my thoughts (to me it is Petra B, with whom I once was in Gb (lake district).....

  105. Angelika Chr. Oles-Guhl

    Angelika Chr. Oles-Guhl18 днів тому

    also a bit like Abby (Navy CIS) to me! and, and, and: really a great !type" (Cindy, greetings to SPO!! nd of Amy Mc Donald´s history (once saw a documentation on tv also from Great Britain, similar environment.... GREAT!!!!! Also the VOICE (remind me of John Farnham`s song....)

  106. Angelika Chr. Oles-Guhl

    Angelika Chr. Oles-Guhl18 днів тому

    at first I thought of Alex Pl., then Coldplay (FF from Pulheim)....I like her voice and the androgynity of her´s as Boy George´s!

  107. Mimi Moeller

    Mimi Moeller18 днів тому

    She is beautiful and amazingly talented.

  108. Taking It One Day At A Time

    Taking It One Day At A Time19 днів тому

    Cody and Billie Eilish need to collab asap...

  109. Mary Rencel Jaravilla

    Mary Rencel Jaravilla6 днів тому

    Ohhh my goodness that is perfect honey

  110. Sergio Silveira

    Sergio Silveira19 днів тому

    it is not true that she is the sister of the singer Boy George