1. liv o

    liv o17 днів тому

    what happened to garrett

  2. Christi Post

    Christi Post20 днів тому

    Keep vlogging please.

  3. Anna V

    Anna V26 днів тому


  4. Ema Kristic

    Ema Kristic29 днів тому

    Little did he know that shane is gonna break the internet with his palette🥺

  5. JanaRoxy Nelson

    JanaRoxy Nelson29 днів тому

    Omw and Shane has his own makeup line now. He has come so far. Love him and Ryland together. Hope everyone is also staying save during these trying times

  6. Evangeline Jacobson

    Evangeline JacobsonМісяць тому

    Honestly, I could watch the squad sitting doing nothing and still be entertained

  7. Sydney Aquilino

    Sydney AquilinoМісяць тому

    The IRONY of this video😂

  8. MyLifeAs Molly

    MyLifeAs MollyМісяць тому

    Shane knew he was a mua this whole time

  9. Helena Farese

    Helena FareseМісяць тому

    When garret said I can’t say it to that thing I said a curse 😂🥺💕

  10. Evelyn Larin

    Evelyn LarinМісяць тому

    who’s here after he’s a whole beauty guru 😭

  11. Jessica Somerville

    Jessica SomervilleМісяць тому

    Says he can’t go outside like that was it not night and they were going to bed when Shane decided to do it lol ohhh what it must be like to be friends with them

  12. d0LLy•gh0st

    d0LLy•gh0stМісяць тому

    i'm sure this flamingo will rott there for 400-600 years ,cauzzz thats what plastik do

  13. Miles Steinmeyer

    Miles SteinmeyerМісяць тому

    Cut ahead two and a half years to Shane literally being a beauty guru

  14. Dakota Von Quack

    Dakota Von QuackМісяць тому

    This video has aged like fine wine

  15. SylvieSylvie ?!?!?!

    SylvieSylvie ?!?!?!2 місяці тому

    This guy really just called a flamingo 🦩 a swan 🦢............ 🦩=🦢. 😳😳😳😳😳

  16. • m v v n l i q h t •

    • m v v n l i q h t •2 місяці тому

    2:03 i thought this was a casey montage until he showed the messed up tree..

  17. pineapplezlicez

    pineapplezlicez2 місяці тому

    Now Shane has come so far in the makeup community/doing makeup 🥺💗

  18. Addison Rayl

    Addison Rayl2 місяці тому

    Drew is messed up

  19. Haylee ????

    Haylee ????2 місяці тому

    Omg that box of makeup compared to the whole room he has now

  20. Haylee ????

    Haylee ????2 місяці тому

    Shane now is quaking at the sight

  21. crissy roche'

    crissy roche'2 місяці тому

    Shane has gotten so far eith makeup

  22. Reo J. Saints

    Reo J. Saints2 місяці тому

    i love both shane and your vlogs

  23. Reo J. Saints

    Reo J. Saints2 місяці тому

    i thought the conspiracy couch was in a living room, wow

  24. Jojo candy

    Jojo candy2 місяці тому

    That Uno and Cheeto painting is amazinggg

  25. Amy Odom

    Amy Odom2 місяці тому

    You look like a Barbie

  26. Ella Sanderson

    Ella Sanderson2 місяці тому


  27. o w e e h lemon

    o w e e h lemon2 місяці тому

    I ont know to you guys but How shane shouted "lit" was so fuckin adorable

  28. black nigga

    black nigga3 місяці тому


  29. Brittney Scotto

    Brittney Scotto3 місяці тому


  30. Olivia CASTRO

    Olivia CASTRO4 місяці тому

    5:59 casually eats the makeup

  31. J Beezy

    J Beezy4 місяці тому

    I HATE the Friday Friday girl. Wtf. Her voice ugh

  32. Jennifer Ramos

    Jennifer Ramos4 місяці тому

    Uno wanted his makeup down toooooo

  33. Jennifer Ramos

    Jennifer Ramos4 місяці тому

    Done *

  34. Cosmic Love

    Cosmic Love4 місяці тому

    shane: flaming hot cheeto i'm dying

  35. Cat-tastic

    Cat-tastic4 місяці тому

    4:04 RIP TOYS R US

  36. Red Feather

    Red Feather4 місяці тому

    Little did he know the future he would be a beauty guru

  37. ii_Dvzzy

    ii_Dvzzy4 місяці тому


  38. Kimberly Player

    Kimberly Player4 місяці тому

    I love the vlogs. The songs are fun! I think you should let Shane do your makeup and see if he's got any new skills. That lipstick looks terrible on you. Way too nude. I think your new shade or a light gloss would look best.

  39. alice Lehoux

    alice Lehoux5 місяців тому

    your dog is amazing

  40. Lily Haboush

    Lily Haboush5 місяців тому


  41. Maisie Stephens

    Maisie Stephens5 місяців тому

    I think it really showed how hard work pays off.2020 and Shane is a celebrity and launched his own pallet!

  42. Alicja Gronowska

    Alicja Gronowska5 місяців тому


  43. Jess Nesh

    Jess Nesh5 місяців тому

    Yes luv watching your videos 💙

  44. Marissa Juana

    Marissa Juana5 місяців тому

    Lmao Shane goes “hmmm”

  45. Meekestthings

    Meekestthings6 місяців тому

    Ryland: “ a light up banana” Also ryland: “Some light up balls” Me: “okay a banana and balls.. huh..”

  46. gabriela mendez

    gabriela mendez6 місяців тому


  47. The_Awesome1

    The_Awesome16 місяців тому

    And yet he didn't know that in 2years Shane would be a beauty guru

  48. Nessa Snow

    Nessa Snow6 місяців тому

    Aw Shane did makeup a long time ago. Here bc I’m rewatching from the beginning

  49. Indiya Grace

    Indiya Grace6 місяців тому

    do it again shanes skills have improved

  50. Hi I like food

    Hi I like food7 місяців тому

    Well at least Shane can do better makeup than me

  51. dead lol

    dead lol7 місяців тому

    Fuckkk I miss drew in the videos with the squad

  52. UMICL

    UMICL7 місяців тому

    Drew…… 😣😓

  53. Amanda Stewart

    Amanda Stewart7 місяців тому

    I love these vlogs! I wish you would do more. ❤️❤️

  54. Rock

    Rock7 місяців тому

    RyRy won 2019. Getting engaged to Shane who then made millions from JStar. Muh boi RyLAND making dat $$$ da ez way. It's all bout dem benjamennnnnnnns

  55. Ana McDade

    Ana McDade7 місяців тому

    “You get your makeup done by two beauty gurus and all of the sudden...” Shane magically drops one of the most iconic palettes.

  56. Octavia Blue

    Octavia Blue7 місяців тому

    I wanna see Shane's reaction to how he use to do makeup

  57. Emily Fischer

    Emily Fischer7 місяців тому

    Does anyone know the song at 2:05?

  58. Jojo Lou

    Jojo Lou7 місяців тому

    Shanes always been a jeffree stan❤

  59. TikTok

    TikTok7 місяців тому

    HE IS UR FIANCÉ!!! 😁

  60. lurking Smurf

    lurking Smurf7 місяців тому

    lol shane then, vs just after he released the conspiracy pallete

  61. Maria Gonzalez

    Maria Gonzalez7 місяців тому

    We NEED a shane does my makeup using the conspiracy palette! 😭❤

  62. Gabriella Pitts

    Gabriella Pitts7 місяців тому

    this was a joke then, but now it’s his business

  63. Jungkook's banana milk

    Jungkook's banana milk8 місяців тому

    2 years later, shane has his own makeup line with Jeffree star. I'm so proud.

  64. marixa310

    marixa3108 місяців тому


  65. alyssamorgn

    alyssamorgn8 місяців тому

    I'm watching this a few days after Shane and Jeffrees makeup collection sold out within just a couple of hours. I'm so proud of him. I've been watching Shane since he first started his youtube. He's come so far. Thank you Ryland for always supporting him and being such a good boyfriend (now fiance) to him. I'm so glad you came into his life! Love you guys!

  66. Gabrė D.

    Gabrė D.8 місяців тому

    He should totally recreat this look now when shane is like actually into makeup. With his *first* pallete

  67. Gaby

    Gaby8 місяців тому

    Watching Shane's first attempt at doing Rylands's make up after meeting Jeffree is everything. I feel like I did watch this video a while back but totally forgot about it.

  68. Edwin van der Kaaij

    Edwin van der Kaaij8 місяців тому

    Nice, maybe do a remake of this video with Shane’s current make-up skills...

  69. HotMess Mom

    HotMess Mom8 місяців тому

    Shane has come a long way in his makeup journey. So proud of him!!!

  70. Intergalactic jxn

    Intergalactic jxn8 місяців тому

    It’s amazing to look back at this video and then now see a new video of shane improved in doing makeup I’m very proud of him. He is actually a pro now.

  71. macarena

    macarena8 місяців тому

    2019, Nov 1st. Now Shane has an ENTIRE room full of makeup and today he's launching his own pallette with Jeffree Star.

  72. Johri R.

    Johri R.8 місяців тому

    macarron chacarron 🥺 I’m so mad I didn’t get oneee

  73. SasukeTomoyaUchiha13

    SasukeTomoyaUchiha138 місяців тому

    When Shane’s make up skills went from uhh okay to professional!

  74. marshy mallow

    marshy mallow8 місяців тому

    Who is watching this right before Shane's palette launch 😍 QUEEN!

  75. cassthedancer

    cassthedancer8 місяців тому

    The makeup was great but no shade Ryland ur lips reminded me of when I painted my room purple and the paint was still wet😂love u tho❤️

  76. Remy Murphy

    Remy Murphy8 місяців тому

    2019 check? Now Shane is into makeup!

  77. *Astarael*

    *Astarael*8 місяців тому

    10/10 Would have my makeup done by the Double Headed Beauty Guru any day💕

  78. M J

    M J8 місяців тому

    whoa, foreshadowing!

  79. Kate Brown

    Kate Brown8 місяців тому

    Now Shane is launching his own collection with JSC & is BOMB at makeup.

  80. Regina Getter

    Regina Getter8 місяців тому

    Ryland: *turns mirror around* *Struggles to find something nice to say* "It looks sooooo bad."

  81. Just Abbi

    Just Abbi8 місяців тому

    It’s so weird watching in 2019 when the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star pallet is coming out and Shane is actually good at makeup.

  82. ilove2929

    ilove29298 місяців тому

    Omg i watched this in 2019. This is GOLD now that shane is launching his pallette with jeffree