Brawl Stars Summer Brawl Talk!


  1. Diego Garcia

    Diego GarciaГодину тому

    Please new mode game

  2. Cristobal Araya

    Cristobal Araya6 годин тому

    Redesign of the primo

  3. regiane cristina alves alves

    regiane cristina alves alves7 годин тому

    Nice yes thug Life Nice Nice yes browstar Nice ya yes nice supercell 👍ou may good bombe man mite pro Ryan a Frank

  4. regiane cristina alves alves

    regiane cristina alves alves7 годин тому


  5. regiane cristina alves alves

    regiane cristina alves alves7 годин тому


  6. regiane cristina alves alves

    regiane cristina alves alves7 годин тому

    Browstar ia noice☺

  7. regiane cristina alves alves

    regiane cristina alves alves7 годин тому

    Noice supercell

  8. Bravis the Grand Strategist

    Bravis the Grand Strategist7 годин тому

    Something needs to be done about this I was saving star points up for the Bull skin and every time the star refreshes it goes up and up it's so annoying

  9. regiane cristina alves alves

    regiane cristina alves alves7 годин тому

    Mice supercell thug Life browstar

  10. Alexandru mobile

    Alexandru mobile7 годин тому

    Tocca questo link per far parte di un club assieme a _Alexandru_.8 in Brawl Stars!

  11. Bene PROøÆ

    Bene PROøÆ8 годин тому

    So there would better ir hoy nerf shelly

  12. Rami Saleh

    Rami Saleh8 годин тому


  13. Slimeyk

    Slimeyk8 годин тому

    When the new update?

  14. Mortis lord

    Mortis lord8 годин тому

    on august

  15. jack white

    jack white10 годин тому

    We don't forget what you say supercell... And 150 is not 300

  16. Faze_Vic !

    Faze_Vic !11 годин тому

    Boom beach is better

  17. Faze_Vic !

    Faze_Vic !11 годин тому

    Your meta is trash fix brawl stars

  18. Banana let’s Play

    Banana let’s Play11 годин тому

    Залайкайте что бы англо говорящие думали что я написал что то умное

  19. Armando Esparza

    Armando Esparza11 годин тому

    I love to play this game

  20. Rares Fanu

    Rares Fanu15 годин тому

    Nu mai îmi aplica Leon Te pup câteva zile multe multe tot lui Vali de ce ai dat leonel de ce nu îmi dai

  21. Игорь 236

    Игорь 23615 годин тому

    Rebo el primo

  22. iPad Gameplay

    iPad Gameplay16 годин тому

    When is gonna be the next brawl talk

  23. Yygg Gdyr

    Yygg Gdyr16 годин тому

    What new brawler!!!!

  24. Palkia Gacha

    Palkia Gacha18 годин тому

    We have robo spike and mecha crow now we need mecha Leon or robo Leon

  25. Altuğ Dinç

    Altuğ Dinç18 годин тому

    "These skins start at 150 Gems" Mecha Crow 300 gems Mecha Bo 300 gems Robo Mike 300 gems Robo Spike 300 gems What are you talking about? But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    EDI GAMERUL19 годин тому


  27. Progamer 253

    Progamer 25322 години тому

    Imo Worst Update...

  28. Fede 64 Plush

    Fede 64 PlushДень тому

    New skin for you is Barley Super Mario and Tick King Bomb-Omba

  29. Fortnite Trash

    Fortnite TrashДень тому

    Oof I need new brawlers for the trophy road. I just got to 7 k.

  30. The Unity

    The UnityДень тому

    999IQ gene 0:40

  31. GAME ON

    GAME ONДень тому

    SUPERCELL - hoje eu abrir 15 caixa brawler 2 cai na grande e não veio brawler nenhum e minhas porcentagem estava muito alta para ganhar brawler motivo ou épico e já faz tempo que não ganho 1 mês por que, respondam...

  32. Eddy ##

    Eddy ##День тому

    Do we have July brawl talk???

  33. Mortis lord

    Mortis lord8 годин тому

    no they r on vacation

  34. Luca Polidori

    Luca PolidoriДень тому

    Why Tick is common when his “well oiled” was red colour ???? Please answer because I want to know why !!!!


    ZMD4THEWIN18 годин тому

    It was problaly to not spoil the rarity and throw us off

  36. adnane AF

    adnane AFДень тому

    the next brawler is an INDIAN like bo and nita plizzz

  37. KontrolGame

    KontrolGameДень тому

    Тик говно

  38. Alejandro Chacón

    Alejandro ChacónДень тому

    Dijeron que las skins costarían 150 gemas. Yo veo un 300 en el juego >:v Ya están como EA estos menes

  39. mr.somboti345 the robotic

    mr.somboti345 the roboticДень тому

    Who next brawler this July

  40. Valdivino Sousa

    Valdivino Sousa2 дні тому



    СТРАШНЫЙ VOLK2 дні тому


  42. ღiτʑ ƒαcυღ

    ღiτʑ ƒαcυღ2 дні тому

    La actualización más pedorra en el universo

  43. Kitten Murlo

    Kitten Murlo2 дні тому

    Мяу кто русский ставте лайкусик

  44. Justin Villanueva

    Justin Villanueva2 дні тому

    Plis emote

  45. Németh László

    Németh László2 дні тому

    "These skins starts at 150 gems" *Costs 300* Nice peace of work, Supercell

  46. LoL 881

    LoL 88119 годин тому

    Németh László they say it STARTS. Robo spike is 150

  47. hansol kim

    hansol kim2 дні тому

    I think you guys should put the star point system to the trophy instead of the drop half and earn cause then the lower trophies cannot earn star points easily and your leaderboards will also decrease

  48. Efdal Kalyenci

    Efdal Kalyenci2 дні тому

    Pls nerf leon still he is very op

  49. ShaMRocK

    ShaMRocK2 дні тому

    1:34 где бо слева? Очень топовая окраска

  50. shobha shetty

    shobha shetty2 дні тому

    why r skins 300 gems?

  51. Fabiano271119 _ROBLOX

    Fabiano271119 _ROBLOX3 дні тому

    quiero k hagan a leon pero tiburon plz

  52. Ness

    Ness3 дні тому

    Most of the skins are 300 lol

  53. LamprosGamez

    LamprosGamez3 дні тому

    0:06 your left thumb, perhaps

  54. Miguel Players

    Miguel Players3 дні тому

    The old attack of the tick os terrible

  55. Bestia Negra

    Bestia Negra3 дні тому

    300 gems per mecha bo and dynamike robot, said it would be 150 gems

  56. ZachLy ?

    ZachLy ?День тому

    He said STARTING AT 150. They didn’t say 150.

  57. •Hiroshi Gacha•

    •Hiroshi Gacha•3 дні тому

    Vim pelo zezin

  58. arda vr

    arda vr3 дні тому


  59. Fungi Man

    Fungi Man3 дні тому

    Why golden mecha bo is different? This is Black,Red and golden But now is just golden :(