Breaking Up


  1. Me0o0

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    my gf broke up with me cuz her life was too busy for time for me /:

  2. Beerus Sama

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    I may be a god of destruction but I do enjoy playing yugioh in my spare time. Respecc atem 0:28

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    Why is this shit on trending

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    1# on trending congrats bro

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    Congrats on 1# on trending :D

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    That yt rewind tho

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    The timing on this video. Wow

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    why did it take you 1 month to do a video im happy for this one

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    How is this number one trending?

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    Never went through a breakup. Never went through a relationship...

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    been waiting for another video for so long man started questioning if your still alive...

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    Aye if she breathe she is a thot.. Jk, just cheer up lol

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    It’s a girl’s world...

  14. Tre Saves Lives

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    I literally broke up with my girl a couple hours ago😬

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    2:30-2:37 I jus-just love that. So much.

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    It's #1 on Trending!

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    I’m just in middle school and this shit already started

  18. Greenbit5721

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    bro, uh as much as I appreciate the collection of red flags, maybe you could note the good signs that a relationship is working?

  19. MOM

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    kids kids kids *sigh*

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    Domics is honeslty my favorite animator

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    HEY!! pls do me a favor and create a vid on Acne would greatly appreciate it😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    Hey domics, how about that I am single my whole life. So no over complicated things.

  23. CodexMake

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    Just so you know it’s not coooooooooool to break you’re fucking heart now i become someone who i never wanted to be i disagree life it’s becoming so sad and depressive because of this

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    Eyy #1 on trending

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    I saw her kissing him. It’s weird I am not crying. I just feel empty.

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    1 on trending congratulations

  29. fegu

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    It's like I waited for the video to begin and it never really did. What was the point of this? What's the advice?

  30. Qilin Yang

    Qilin Yang35 хвилин тому

    As a person who recently went through a breakup, this made me feel much better. Thanks!

  31. littledicks

    littledicks36 хвилин тому

    Mercury in retrograde

  32. Just a simple channel

    Just a simple channel36 хвилин тому

    *OUR breaking up

  33. Jacom m

    Jacom m37 хвилин тому

    I bet most of the people watching don’t have girlfriends 😭

  34. Marco Fusco

    Marco Fusco39 хвилин тому

    I liked the video, although I preferred the old animation style. I mean, it might be just being used to it, but this one seemed to have a lower fps rate. Also, more explicatory and less... delivering jokes. Anyway, good video, love ya

  35. TurbulentGun

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    Watching this to get over the SBFP breakup.

  36. AhmedZcraft Gamer

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    Why you make a man date a man? Cant you draw a girl?

  37. Funworks 163

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    I don't know if Dom made a video about this yet or not, but I've never been in a relationship before and I'm too scared to ask out my crush because I don't want to make things awkward between us. I know its not good to wait, but I really don't want to chase them out of my life.

  38. loot noot

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    Pretty sure my boyfriend is gonna break up with me soon, hahaha everything succckksss

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    1 on trending btw

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    #1 ON TRENDING good job!

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    "I'm sorry if partner breaks up with you later tonight " 😂😂😂 damn dom

  42. Ashley Caron

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    Wait, did you ever mention why "what's her name" broke up with you? It is okay if you don't want to say. It is probably personnel.

  43. Liya K

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    Well cool, now I made up my mind to end things

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    Dang #1 on trending

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  46. Azuya Sakuya

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    I'm watching this vid after getting my first GF xD

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    Just be rich simple

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    please support me, sub me

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    Yes Domics trending #1 where u belong 😁

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    Ehhhh, this video is useless for me. Like who said I would get a girlfriend

  51. BrockLee

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    I’m 18 but I’m tired of these little girls, my next women gotta be like 27

  52. Monkey

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    Wow so much info and a sponser right after that info, ok i guess

  53. Moji Moon

    Moji Moon54 хвилини тому

    Yay! Congrats on trending, and this video gives a lot of advice for those in a relationship, searching for one, or who doesn't really care. Break up sucks but they are a part of life sometimes. I have two ex's, my first break up hurt very badly and couldn't get over it for a year since that's how long we were together also faced the same problem cause he never gave me a proper reason but after a year of avoiding him I finally managed to connect with him again with the help of my supportive best friends and my second ex boyfriend/ another best friend (we broke up cause he saw us as more close friends, and we weren't ready for a relationship). So yeah overall, I agree with the fact that breaking up is just something you need to experience and that'll help you keep searching for a significant other you can truly connect with! ☺

  54. CptSideSlider

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    MGTOW. The end.

  55. Prototype 176708

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    lol don’t get married don’t have kids!

  56. Where MUSIC DANCES

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    What a coincidence..!!! I just broke up today ... And was depressed ... But after watching this I'm damn happy... And confident

  57. Chunky Memes

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    🤔 T H O T 🤔

  58. skypiea channel

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  59. QuitoLie

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    Well, for me the signs were clear. My ex fucked my best friend. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I have a handmade hell prepared for them.

  60. Vixx Celacea

    Vixx Celacea59 хвилин тому

    My very first relationship was quite loose. Like we never solidified much. He was deciding on if he wanted to date me for real. He went over my pros and cons and ultimately decided no. Was it fun to hear what is making me a non-viable candidate? No, but I am SO thankful that he was not only honest, but he gave me a pros and cons list. He was cordial and nice, but he never covered up the truth. This helped me immensely in my relationship now of 4 years. I got to find what I liked, what I didn't and work on the negatives he mentioned to improve for the next person. I am super lucky that while things ended a little sour ultimately, for the most part everything was very understandable. And I was insecure emotionally volatile individual, but he basically let me in on that fact. So thank you to him. Let someone know why you are breaking up with them. Pros, cons or even if you guys just grew apart. It's not fun to hear and it still hurts, but it's just like Dom said. You maybe done, but the world isn't. People don't just disappear when you aren't interested in them. Give them something to work with and ask maybe they could even do it for you, so that it feels a bit more equal in letting go. Relationships help us grow, they help us discover ourselves and others. They are useful, even if some ultimately end. You are also not doomed to lose one eventually. Many people stay together for life and not always just for convenience, but because they grew together, instead of apart.

  61. Phil Chao

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    6:09 "strangers, again" nice wong fu shout out =)

  62. cosmosisdown

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    even tougher when u never rlly officially started dating and already smellin them pseudo-break-up fumes

  63. memeceratops rex

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    look if your not made for each other just fallow my advice don't speak you well just know what you both saying and just stop your explaining and the 2 of don't need your reasons and don't tell her cause it hurts and you fallow my advice I have no doubt that the break up will go smooth and you will come to a understanding

  64. no no

    no noГодину тому

    my last breakup was so bad ive been celibate every since. its been six years. ive had opportunities since then to get involved with other people but i just dont have the emotional real-estate to do so anymore. at least not right now. i have good friends and a good support structure, so its been pretty easy to be on my own, but i'm lucky in that way.

  65. NYA5H

    NYA5HГодину тому

    .. breaks up later, tonight. Wait, what?! :o

  66. Ink Toxicate

    Ink ToxicateГодину тому

    In ur next video, can you give sum tips on how to handle the situation when someone develops a crush on you and how to tell them that you don't really have the same feelings as them? I need it desperately lmao

  67. yes_im_pedro

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    I thougy it said waking up XD

  68. The Shady Scarecrow

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    History exam tmrw. Fml

  69. MomoGalaxy

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    My best friends broke up and they're arguing then SOMEHOW I got caught in the middle of the fight T□T I'M SO S T R E S S E D! I dunno what to do TT□TT

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    Trending BOI

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    Thank you Dr. Domics, i really need it this, it does help to understand and level with the situation

  72. Normal Nintendo fan boy

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    My cat broke up with the living world R.I.P

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    #1 on Trending in Bangladesh 👏👌✌

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    Honestly Dom doesn't realize how many relationships he's going to end with this video... Granted if this video ends relationship it was not a good one

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    #1 on trending wow

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    Yea I had to go through one that just happened, this video was good for me. Thanks Dom!

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    Congratulations for being 1 in trending

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    Wish this video got released a month ago but it's alright

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    R we gonna ignore u being present in rewind. Hence, commiting a crime

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    Good job at being #1 on trending

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    Have u ever got a distance love relationship? 🤔 It could be a cool subject to talk about

  84. The Present Show

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    I hate it when 10 year olds go out with each other and then break up and then they start saying “i HatE YOu yoU’rE mY EX!!!!111!!1!1!”

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    Congrats #1 on trending.

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    Dom, I keep watching your videos because you have great narrative skills and also your animations are pretty amazing. Keep it up bro

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    Would do asian kid know about breaks up, stfu

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    Dammit you stole my milk again even my broken card

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    Why is he always trending xD great video, by the way.

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    Trending is judged by comments

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    *Breaking up* is *lit* 👌👌

  92. xTeddy

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    Never got a closure, its been 4 months since the breakup and it still hurts from time to time

  93. Joel

    JoelГодину тому

    That makes me remember my break up a few years ago. I was with my ex for almost 2 years but things were not going the best between the both of us (nothing big, we were just not having as much fun as the beginning). Well what happened is that my ex decided to bring up the topic right a few weeks after I ran away from home and had all of the pressure in the world on me to survive with the little money I had. Man it was a shit time but I’m GLAD she didn’t wait for me to be in a stable situation because that could have taken so long. Even though I was having my worst moment in life, my ex did the right thing to worry more about her feelings than mine, therefor not waiting for me. There’s never a perfect time to break up, talk about it as soon as you’re considering it or else someone will get more hurt than before.

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    Congrats on getting #1 on trending keep up the good work!😀

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    This video was useless for me😐😢😭

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    6:29 on the down left excuse me what are u doing.

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    Great vid

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  100. Lance fisher

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    Break ups are hard especially with a high school sweetheart, my advice is to break up on each others terms. Talk it out don't just end it out of no where, every one deserves an explanation.

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    i just watch the youtube rewind and hes there