Breath of the Wild Sequel in 2020?


  1. Commonwealth Realm

    Commonwealth Realm8 місяців тому

    Hope you enjoyed the video. But what do you think, Will we see another New Open air Zelda before 2022?

  2. Smooth Jazz

    Smooth Jazz5 місяців тому

    Take a look at what investors want. Go to the stock price history from 03/17 to current numbers. With the fact it won game of the year tells me that it was 'all hands on deck' by early in 2018 (with the same engine not limited to the WIU's performance issues) and Nintendo is holdings their cards close to their chest. They learned their lesson from poor sales of Majora's Mask (that theme saw its day). Every two years per release with today's technology is not too difficult in my opinion.

  3. Benjamin

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  4. Valexas secret

    Valexas secret7 місяців тому

    I hope for a continuation!Hyrule is safe again and we get a closer look on it.Though I prefer the old style of the game with the searching of special items and if we open a treasure the epic music jump in...But I think we don't get it back.

  5. Evetchen Brown

    Evetchen Brown8 місяців тому

    Nooooo ( there won't be )

  6. Richard Alldredge

    Richard Alldredge8 місяців тому

    Commonwealth Realm I hope they do every idea.... I like my Zelda games...

  7. Jimmy Kielbasa

    Jimmy KielbasaМісяць тому

    A sequel to Breath of the Wild in 2020? I don't think so. The Legend of Zelda should be a Link to the Past while being remade for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

  8. SuperGamer7621

    SuperGamer762125 днів тому

    I'm so excited though.

  9. Abby from Wii Sports

    Abby from Wii SportsМісяць тому

    Tbh ganon was really easy to kill they should make ganon really hard to kill where you need really good gear and you have to solve dungeons like you have to get the triforce and they should add dungeons not shrines (dungeons meaning like the divine beasts that is the way to get stamina and hearts)

  10. M N

    M N4 місяці тому

    I hope Nintendo brings back the dungeons breath of the wild kind of sucked without dungeons

  11. Evan plays bass

    Evan plays bass4 місяці тому

    Bad end tho

  12. Rocky227 be

    Rocky227 be4 місяці тому

    Nintendo said they weren’t done with botw, but it kind of seems like they are. I’m hoping either the sequel to botw will come early 2020 or take time on the sequel and give us a skyward sword but more importantly twilight princess port to switch.

  13. Skelzore

    Skelzore4 місяці тому

    Then BOOM, we get a BotW sequel announcement.

  14. ThundraZEKE YT

    ThundraZEKE YT5 місяців тому

    And now you know it’s true

  15. TriforceOfEverything

    TriforceOfEverything5 місяців тому

    Who’s watching in 2019 when they said there making it

  16. vcastik

    vcastik5 місяців тому

    😂😂😂"Get Old First!" 😂😂😂

  17. McKenna Marshall

    McKenna Marshall5 місяців тому

    Yeah but I don’t want the traditional clothes in the next game, they look ugly

  18. El Hombre Reviewer

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  19. jasonmg99

    jasonmg995 місяців тому

    i'm gonna say heck yes!!

  20. Google Goob

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  21. Sammy arango

    Sammy arango5 місяців тому

    I love how they guessed it

  22. Astrid James

    Astrid James5 місяців тому

    I don't think they're gonna make a new console for a very long while, they said at the launch of the Switch they had 80 games in development and the Switch is doing really good considering they're sales since the Wii U, but yes I agree they will be doing a bunch of Zelda remakes to keep us busy in the meantime of development of the sequel to BOTW, I have heard that Nintendo will re release Windwaker HD for the Switch and Twilight Princess HD for the Switch as well as rumours about a Skyward Sword HD remake for The Switch as well

  23. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage Kira5 місяців тому

    Lucky you

  24. low level otaku

    low level otaku5 місяців тому

    your suspicion was proven correct

  25. erber238

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  26. Chris M.

    Chris M.5 місяців тому

    *2 months later* He is confirmed!!!

  27. MPE Gabriel

    MPE Gabriel5 місяців тому

    He predicted the future

  28. jk109

    jk1095 місяців тому

    He's a master

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    Well you aren't wrong

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  33. Netabare kun

    Netabare kun5 місяців тому

    came here after the sequel announcement xD

  34. Antonio Muñoz

    Antonio Muñoz5 місяців тому

    we already got a teaser of the sequel

  35. Mat Jk

    Mat Jk5 місяців тому

    Omg is really your my best Channel

  36. g wee

    g wee5 місяців тому

    Omg in this game we will finally get to use Zelda as a playable character who has to save Link!!

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    Haha you were not wrong

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    You were right

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    hey buddy

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    Welp, we’re here bois

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    guess what your right

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    Well guess what, You were right!

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    Well... um... I guess you were right

  47. Nic Anastasi

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    Omg u predicted it

  48. ink animates

    ink animates5 місяців тому

    Alot of us did, but really.. it's still so suprising how soon it was revealed after cadence if Hyrule and links Awakening

  49. Nightshade TV

    Nightshade TV5 місяців тому

    My dad also predicted that as well

  50. GamingPanther43

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    So they officially announced the sequel for botw🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯