Breath of the Wild Sequel in 2020?


  1. Commonwealth Realm

    Commonwealth RealmРік тому

    Hope you enjoyed the video. But what do you think, Will we see another New Open air Zelda before 2022?

  2. Smooth Jazz

    Smooth JazzРік тому

    Take a look at what investors want. Go to the stock price history from 03/17 to current numbers. With the fact it won game of the year tells me that it was 'all hands on deck' by early in 2018 (with the same engine not limited to the WIU's performance issues) and Nintendo is holdings their cards close to their chest. They learned their lesson from poor sales of Majora's Mask (that theme saw its day). Every two years per release with today's technology is not too difficult in my opinion.

  3. Benjamin

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  4. Valexas secret

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    I hope for a continuation!Hyrule is safe again and we get a closer look on it.Though I prefer the old style of the game with the searching of special items and if we open a treasure the epic music jump in...But I think we don't get it back.

  5. Evetchen Brown

    Evetchen BrownРік тому

    Nooooo ( there won't be )

  6. Richard Alldredge

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    Commonwealth Realm I hope they do every idea.... I like my Zelda games...

  7. Lionessa

    Lionessa21 день тому

    **one year later** Nintendo in January: So, botw will be coming out in.. COVID19: *hey guys whats up its me*

  8. Jimmy Kielbasa

    Jimmy Kielbasa8 місяців тому

    A sequel to Breath of the Wild in 2020? I don't think so. The Legend of Zelda should be a Link to the Past while being remade for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

  9. ุ

    7 місяців тому

    I'm so excited though.

  10. That One Guy

    That One Guy9 місяців тому

    Tbh ganon was really easy to kill they should make ganon really hard to kill where you need really good gear and you have to solve dungeons like you have to get the triforce and they should add dungeons not shrines (dungeons meaning like the divine beasts that is the way to get stamina and hearts)

  11. M

    M11 місяців тому

    I hope Nintendo brings back the dungeons breath of the wild kind of sucked without dungeons

  12. Evan plays bass

    Evan plays bass11 місяців тому

    Bad end tho

  13. Rocky227 be

    Rocky227 be11 місяців тому

    Nintendo said they weren’t done with botw, but it kind of seems like they are. I’m hoping either the sequel to botw will come early 2020 or take time on the sequel and give us a skyward sword but more importantly twilight princess port to switch.

  14. Skelzore

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    Then BOOM, we get a BotW sequel announcement.

  15. Ferdinand Taslim

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    And now you know it’s true

  16. TriforceOfEverything

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    Who’s watching in 2019 when they said there making it

  17. vcastik

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    😂😂😂"Get Old First!" 😂😂😂

  18. McKenna Marshall

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    Yeah but I don’t want the traditional clothes in the next game, they look ugly

  19. El Hombre Reviewer

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  20. jasonmg99

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    i'm gonna say heck yes!!

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  22. Sammy arango

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    I love how they guessed it

  23. Astrid James

    Astrid JamesРік тому

    I don't think they're gonna make a new console for a very long while, they said at the launch of the Switch they had 80 games in development and the Switch is doing really good considering they're sales since the Wii U, but yes I agree they will be doing a bunch of Zelda remakes to keep us busy in the meantime of development of the sequel to BOTW, I have heard that Nintendo will re release Windwaker HD for the Switch and Twilight Princess HD for the Switch as well as rumours about a Skyward Sword HD remake for The Switch as well

  24. Yoshikage Kira

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    Lucky you

  25. low level otaku

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    your suspicion was proven correct

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  27. ???

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    *2 months later* He is confirmed!!!

  28. MPE Gabriel

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    He predicted the future

  29. jk109

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    He's a master

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    Well you aren't wrong

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    came here after the sequel announcement xD

  35. Antonio Muñoz

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    we already got a teaser of the sequel

  36. Mat Jk

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    Omg is really your my best Channel

  37. Cliff C

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    Omg in this game we will finally get to use Zelda as a playable character who has to save Link!!

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    Haha you were not wrong

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    You were right

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    hey buddy

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    Welp, we’re here bois

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    guess what your right

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    Well guess what, You were right!

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    Well... um... I guess you were right

  48. Nic Anastasi

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    Omg u predicted it

  49. ink animates

    ink animatesРік тому

    Alot of us did, but really.. it's still so suprising how soon it was revealed after cadence if Hyrule and links Awakening

  50. Nightshade TV

    Nightshade TVРік тому

    My dad also predicted that as well

  51. GamingPanther43

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    So they officially announced the sequel for botw🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  52. AOJ_47 Z

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    Who is here after the direct

  53. Herman Ådlandツ

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    It got announced on the Nintendo direct. It's coming!!!!!!!

  54. Joshua Matkin

    Joshua MatkinРік тому

    I would like to see skyward sword on botw's engine Then you still get the setting and story os skyward sword but get the open world of botw

  55. Jordangus *

    Jordangus *Рік тому

    BOTW needs more dungeons that have differences between each other and a deeper story. Keep the great things about all of the other Zelda games and put it in BOTW, keep the formula! Shrines aren’t dungeons! Keep the great beats as like the first challenges for the hero then BAM more evil emerges or something that opens up the work more to be player. I want to play and have mysteries that make The Legend of Zelda so rich with history. 🙏


    ATTJ76 XXVIIIРік тому

    You know, they still haven't made a Zelda 3 yet, as in a sequel to the Adventure of Link.

  57. me myself

    me myselfРік тому

    Currently (not) working on the next Zelda's story(actually I'm twelve). I can tell you that in the next one, it starts a few generations after and begins with people rottening within each tribe across Hyrule. They start believing that Zelda and Link are actually evil and Ganon was actually good. So Link and Zelda go searching across Hyrule and beyond to find the source of this disbelief. They find (insert_nonganon_villain_name) and fight it out. Zelda becomes heavily injured and captured by(insert_nonganon_villain_name). Link manages to escape with fatal wounds far from Hyrule to unknown lands to heal them do he could save Zelda and Hyrule once again. Sorry for bad writing english isn't my main language and I'm on mobile

  58. randomjester

    randomjesterРік тому

    No chance of a new Zelda game in 2020. We might see one in 2022.

  59. Son Gohan

    Son GohanРік тому

    It seems that Nintendo wants to give us a Zelda related game every year at this point. In 2017 we got BotW, 2018 Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition, and 2019 Link’s Awakening Remaster. I don’t think it’s too far fetched for BotW 2 to be released sometime around the holidays to get tons of sales for this game.

  60. Max Castillon

    Max CastillonРік тому

    What if they made lana from hyrule warriors canon in this sequel. Super obscure wish but i hope it comes true some day.

  61. Jake Mahaney

    Jake MahaneyРік тому

    I would love to see a 2P feature, Link and Zelda from BotW going on adventures together 😁😁😁

  62. blepeded

    blepededРік тому

    holy shit, dude

  63. Benjamin Monessa

    Benjamin MonessaРік тому

    I hope the new Zelda game is nothing like BOTW. As BOTW was nothing like a Zelda game. Link doesn't climb, he is a knight on the ground. Link wears a green tunic, not blue pajamas. Link's master sword is indestructible, but BOTW decided to change that. Link doesn't eat, hes too busy saving Hyrule. "The environment is pretty!" The environment resembled nothing of a Zelda game, ever. The dungeons are shit, and what the fuck are these english voices? It just ruined everything that the Zelda games have built up and declared as facts, such as, the master sword being a powerful entity that can literally only be used by one person. Its like Thor's hammer breaking in the Avengers and he goes to the store to buy another one, oops, not again! BOTW is an overhyped piece of commercial shit. The camera angles don't even feel like Zelda. If the new games are anything like Botw, I'll stick to my old games. I rather play Sims then BOTW, and that says a lot cuz i fucking hate sims.

  64. Joseph Williams

    Joseph WilliamsРік тому

    I liked your videos better without face cam

  65. ZombleBee

    ZombleBeeРік тому

    What if in the next one we return to termina where Ganondorf gets hold of majora's mask.

  66. ZombleBee

    ZombleBeeРік тому

    I was like wait what Zeltik 😂 I took me a minute to be like wait a minute

  67. Adnan Golam

    Adnan GolamРік тому

    I really want dungeons and a good story for the next Zelda game because breath of the wild was trash. I want more games like skyward sword and ocarina of time

  68. ohnoitstoasty

    ohnoitstoastyРік тому

    How about a new one now

  69. Scott Roberts

    Scott RobertsРік тому

    I want a online version of we can play with friends

  70. Silly Goose

    Silly GooseРік тому

    Botw but in termina with items like the hookshot and themed dungeons

  71. Apind35

    Apind35Рік тому

    BOTW was great, but I want Zelda to go back to where it was prior to BOTW, I would love it for Zelda to go back to the ALTTP and OOT format

  72. Sakeena Kadeja Joseph

    Sakeena Kadeja JosephРік тому

    don't care when its coming out its gonna be fiireeeeeeeeee best zelda game

  73. Matt Lawrence

    Matt LawrenceРік тому

    Traditional dungeons please and bring back the importance of the triforce. You can still have a linear story in an open world map.

  74. Akemiku

    AkemikuРік тому

    I cannot believe I’m saying this but what I would want for a new zelda game is more kingdoms yes like you said but your handed down all your ansestors items that guided them such as Zelda’s harp from skyward sword the ocarina was a very classic zelda but can’t remember name the OTHER ocarina from ocarina of time (when it’s called the ocarina of time) and majoras mask also the masks from both games different bows cuz how do I say this?They all look different before BotW having multiple bows but how about only keep the ancient guardian bow and get the others from the other games and use whatever one is appropriate same with swords except most of the links use the master sword when others or they use multiple you could use like the deity mask gives you a sword you can STILL only use that when wearing the mask but the bagoron sword and others like that one from twilight princess made out of goat horns I believe it’s called the ordon sword? With the shields make it the wood shields and near the middle of the game get the hylian shield(s)*they had different designs remember the tetraforce?* and all mirror shields...but it would take Nintendo FOREVER to make a game like this and they have to make enemies,map,etc.

  75. Minecraft Gamer

    Minecraft GamerРік тому

    I have a great thing to say about breath of the wild it’s a game 11/10

  76. Cryo

    CryoРік тому

    how many times have they used thar thumbnail

  77. Yusef Joe

    Yusef JoeРік тому

    They have a bigger Zelda team so they wont take that long cause they have more people to work on the new game

  78. Weebithbeanith ಠ_ಠ

    Weebithbeanith ಠ_ಠРік тому

    I hope they actually add underwater stuff like in twilight princess or like in majoras mask but without transformation masks but they should bring back the fierce deity mask as a form that you can actually activate after a certain boss and add some time of wall run boots or a grappling hook which is already used to use the sand seals to surf

  79. Nameless anatomy

    Nameless anatomyРік тому

    Zelda was great but there are far better games on ps4. Horizon zero dawn i thought was far superior in many ways. BOTW was unique and link is a very love able character without having to say a word.

  80. killerjdog51

    killerjdog51Рік тому

    Your right, a split between handheld and console is unnecessary with the switch. I do believe that we'll get a sequel to BoW in 2022. But I also believe this makes the switch a perfect platform for remastered Zelda games. I believe it is very likely that we will be seeing Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask coming to the switch. They've already remastered 4 of those titles for the 3DS and Wii-U, now they just need to port them over (which sounds likely based on the job recruitments and many hints dropped by the creators).

  81. kekky

    kekkyРік тому

    I want a game that has both shrines and good dungeons. Maybe interconnected shrines would be cool too. The perfect dungeon was hyrule castle. It was so open and free, and interconnected reminded me of dark souls. I want more of them. I also want a feature that lets you customize controls and buttons. And please make weapons repairable. I liked that weapons break but I would like an option to repair broken stuff. That would be nice.

  82. Álex Montoya

    Álex MontoyaРік тому

    You're being too optimistic. These new games, even if you reuse assets, need huge work in designing the detail and gameplay we've grown accustomed to. I would't hold my breath, I don't think it'll arrive before 2022-23.

  83. Hee Kee

    Hee KeeРік тому

    Next Zelda waiting

  84. Hoan Ngo

    Hoan NgoРік тому

    I haven't defet Ganon

  85. Geleeuw

    GeleeuwРік тому

    It's like you just shat in your microphone.

  86. L naufrago

    L naufragoРік тому

    One of the main cores and strengths of the Zelda games has been dungeons/temples. Bring the real dungeons back. Build the game around the engine you already have and make it as long as possible.

  87. jasonmg99

    jasonmg99Рік тому

    I think not only should they reuse a lot of the mechanics in breath of the wild but also to expand on the engine that was used in Majora's mask.

  88. ChaCha Schimmer

    ChaCha SchimmerРік тому

    It’s not that I don’t like the blue tunic....but please bring the green one back.

  89. ChaCha Schimmer

    ChaCha SchimmerРік тому

    It’s not that I don’t like the blue tunic....but please bring the green one back.

  90. ChaCha Schimmer

    ChaCha SchimmerРік тому

    Bring back the Champions somehow? Maybe Link goes on a quest to bring back those killed 100 years ago. I mean not only the Champions, but all the innocent lives that were lost. Somehow, I don’t think Link and Zelda would just accept all that unnecessary death and would do everything in their power to reverse it. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking but I think that would be very cool.

  91. danny g

    danny gРік тому

    Imagine a plot twist of the mysterious bad guy being one blonde guy A familiar blonde guy

  92. a_Creamsy1st

    a_Creamsy1stРік тому

    Make a Botw style game that is a Majora’s Mask sequel Twilight Princess prequel.