Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)


  1. chaiwat sasaki

    chaiwat sasaki4 години тому

    The " we cannot save you" in the last of song remain all song so Hot!! Good job guy!!!!

  2. U563 Rick

    U563 Rick4 години тому

    At first I was amused because of the times we’re in, by the end I was like damn, this is actually a really good song! Enjoy the ride!

  3. CaioAlka2

    CaioAlka24 години тому

    I don't know what bad music is, because I'm a fan of Bring Me The Horizon.

  4. Goomi3

    Goomi34 години тому

    thats the better thing i had listen ever

  5. Shane Baker

    Shane Baker4 години тому

    1.5x speed, hot damn!

  6. Viva Roach

    Viva Roach4 години тому

    This song should be soundtrack for Resident Evil 7 lol .

  7. ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴏʀᴛʜ ᴍᴏ

    ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴏʀᴛʜ ᴍᴏ4 години тому

    Words cannot express how much I love this band and the amount of hard work they put in these amazing songs. I've listened to them on and off in the past without really taking into consideration how much their music just speaks to me, how it motivates me further to do better and be better not just for myself but for those that care about me. And now, I can count myself as a fan. BMTH forever!

  8. ambrosio flavio

    ambrosio flavio4 години тому

    Epilepsi anj

  9. Полл Ашшаща

    Полл Ашшаща4 години тому

    Why did he sneeze?

  10. Steenex CZmOvies

    Steenex CZmOvies4 години тому

    first 20 seconds are good

  11. Jayden Williamson

    Jayden Williamson5 годин тому

    I need something new, I fuck with the video tho, let's blood lust

  12. elegant_ trash

    elegant_ trash5 годин тому

    I really don't know why but bmth and yungblud should totally collab I feel like it would be a nice mix

  13. Neko MiiMii

    Neko MiiMii5 годин тому

    This is our future! All hail BMTH!

  14. Petr Hubáček

    Petr Hubáček5 годин тому

    I heard you Chester B. at 3:10

  15. Miranda Kusmack

    Miranda Kusmack5 годин тому

    I love this band not only because their music is great and their lyrics but because they seem to be "woke". When he says put chips and pins in the needles he's talking about how they're going to put microchips in the vaccines. And then song is called parasite EVE because this isn't the real thing yet, but it's coming.

  16. Pink doggo

    Pink doggo5 годин тому


  17. Chandre Pretorius

    Chandre Pretorius5 годин тому

    i’m too high for this

  18. Essere Vivente

    Essere Vivente5 годин тому

    Like se sei italiano

  19. CL Anthony

    CL Anthony5 годин тому

    For those unaware, Mick Gordon worked on this from the Doom games, if you were wondering how BMTH finally found their balls again.

  20. Den sus

    Den sus5 годин тому

    Where is Aya Brea?

  21. Art blender

    Art blender5 годин тому

    I'm sorry, Are you guys clickers?

  22. IndieTimmie

    IndieTimmie5 годин тому

    This DIY low budget music video is by far my favorite of theirs. I'm not just addicted to the song but I'm addicted to the video as well. Perfect Aesthetic.

  23. Alfredo Picazo

    Alfredo Picazo5 годин тому

    2020 feels like this video

  24. Snavels

    Snavels6 годин тому

    I know they collabed with Mick Gordon (so the reason is obvious, it's just Mick's style of making music) but I get heavy 'Command and Control - Doom Eternal' vibes from this.


    MOBA INDONESIA6 годин тому


  26. George McCullough

    George McCullough6 годин тому

    Remake Parasite eve, then have this song in the release trailer

  27. Snavels

    Snavels6 годин тому

    So at first one would think it's referring specifically about the virus going around, but I believe It's more of a double meaning kind of thing. At first yes it is about the virus, but thinking more about it you'll also see the meaning "Humans will no doubt find a way to kill each other" the virus just the example, but it's also applicable to tons of other things. One day it's the virus killing us, the next day it can be something completely different and trivial.

  28. showers that are british

    showers that are british6 годин тому

    im gonna come back here every night akjajdjdjd this video is my religion

  29. Michael Y

    Michael Y6 годин тому

    1:17 move

  30. Юлия Комарова

    Юлия Комарова6 годин тому

    Really!!! BMTH is a new genre, a new style, like a breath of fresh air! They are professionals, great work feels!

  31. ImDuckyBruh _

    ImDuckyBruh _6 годин тому

    so anybody else get reminded of the ps1 classic of the same name or is that just me?

  32. Ron Gom

    Ron Gom6 годин тому

    Does this have anything to do with the Parasite Eve games by Squaresoft? I'm still waiting for a sequel or remake.

  33. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty6 годин тому

    Empire: “It’s the start of the end” Parasite eve: “the end has arrived”

  34. bigdeuce66

    bigdeuce666 годин тому

    Well this certainly isn't the same band I started listening to about 8 years ago

  35. Дмитрий Русев

    Дмитрий Русев7 годин тому

    Россия с crown**virus в восторге от вашего очередного шедевра

  36. DeRanK

    DeRanK7 годин тому


  37. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty6 годин тому

    canción xd

  38. Dane Gilson

    Dane Gilson7 годин тому

    Everyone else : COVID 19 Gamers: This is actually based on a videogame from the 1990s playstation era

  39. MEDiNA

    MEDiNA7 годин тому

    All of this song is amazing but holy macaroni, 1:16 - 1:28 is glorious. Those 12 seconds are the hardest ive head banged in a while. move..

  40. Adam T

    Adam T7 годин тому

    Song is the shit!!!!!

  41. Guilty

    Guilty7 годин тому

    If it's not deathcore/metalcore, it's not bring me the horizon. At Least change the name of the band

  42. Valera Metal

    Valera Metal7 годин тому

    Bring me Каспийский груз

  43. Lite

    Lite7 годин тому

    Gw kyk liat bimo picky picks nyanyi anjir

  44. J D

    J D8 годин тому

    MOAR PLEASE. This and Ludens are the best songs I’ve heard in so long

  45. Steve

    Steve8 годин тому

    Who is selling the mask that the drummer has?

  46. Cole Olson

    Cole Olson8 годин тому

    I'm happy for other people that like this but for me this puts a nail in the coffin for the future of this band. As someone with a long history in songwriting and producing this is just sloppy. Trying to do too many things at the same time and not really doing any of those things exceptionally well. I think the biggest flaw is the failure to commit to either being more poppy or being more gritty. The thing to me that made them great was not the screaming (favorite album was that's the spirit) but the power and drive in the music oli and the mates can be such a power house of a band but feel like their cutting their skills short for the sake of " experimentation ". I digress it was a good run boys

  47. Vyktor

    Vyktor8 годин тому

    Top ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  48. Cindy S.

    Cindy S.8 годин тому


  49. 치킨마이쪙

    치킨마이쪙8 годин тому

    뭐야 존나 쩔어

  50. Rivski Włóczęga

    Rivski Włóczęga8 годин тому

    Parasite eve, psx game :)

  51. Korey Brown

    Korey Brown8 годин тому

    An absolute banging song can't stop listening to it

  52. Every day Drums

    Every day Drums8 годин тому

    First sample it’s(voices)Russian?? Thanks for this song, guys!! It’s impossible!!!! Waiting in Saint-Petersburg!!❤️❤️❤️ One love BMTH!!✊🏻

  53. Sr Zero

    Sr Zero8 годин тому

    Esperen...parasite Eve no era un videojuego? Es alguna clase de referencia a eso? No soy fan de la banda, vine buscando una reseña del propio juego pero pues...ta buena la canción xd

  54. Sr Zero

    Sr Zero5 годин тому

    @Sebastian Pacheco sí, recién ahora me doy cuenta en los comentarios que también tomaron el nombre "Shadow Moses" para un título de otra canción jajsja Que buenos gustos que tiene la banda xd

  55. Sebastian Pacheco

    Sebastian Pacheco6 годин тому

    Si fue un videojuego, la banda escogió el nombre de la canción como referencia a ese videojuego

  56. Luis Adrian Morales Guzman

    Luis Adrian Morales Guzman8 годин тому

    Una obra de arte!!!

  57. Anabel Landeros

    Anabel Landeros9 годин тому

    I love it I love it I fucking love it

  58. Slash_ _Mist

    Slash_ _Mist9 годин тому

    Wasnt Parasite Eve a game too? If my memory serves me right then these guys are absolute fucking nerds and there's nothing wrong with it

  59. TheNerdySportsGuy

    TheNerdySportsGuy9 годин тому

    "Please remain calm. The end has arrived. We cannot save you. Enjoy the ride." Haunting.

  60. Yoni 13December

    Yoni 13December9 годин тому

    indonesia hadir mhank

  61. Jake Walker

    Jake Walker9 годин тому

    This is FUCKING incredible!!!! The moment the 1st chorus dropped tell me you didn’t go nuts

  62. VagDude

    VagDude9 годин тому

    Man this video is pure Art.. also the opening with the Bulgarian voices reminds me the Soundtrack-Trailer from Alone in the Dark Inferno videogame..

  63. Muhammad Fahmi Dwi Rizaldi

    Muhammad Fahmi Dwi Rizaldi9 годин тому

    This eve is for pandemic ?

  64. Lulu

    Lulu9 годин тому

    Bring Me The Horizon does not follow a music gender, they are and the gender.

  65. Jamaica Lirayén Ayelén Jara Sepúlveda

    Jamaica Lirayén Ayelén Jara Sepúlveda9 годин тому

    Quisito fijate

  66. ty8rown

    ty8rown9 годин тому

    Apparently Mick Gordon helped with this song. I can't unhear his parts of the song after learning that and it makes the song that much more amazing!

  67. Megavania Man

    Megavania Man9 годин тому

    Enjoying what Horizon is brining.

  68. That Music Channel

    That Music Channel9 годин тому

    The Horizon is coming

  69. Zach LaVoy

    Zach LaVoy10 годин тому

    Is the girl who whispers "This is a War" Grimes? I feel like it is.

  70. Brad Callahan

    Brad Callahan10 годин тому

    In the future when artificial intelligence is so advanced that we can't tell the robots from humans, this song will be played and those who rock their head at 3:10 will be verified human, and those who don't will be found out to be robots.

  71. LILITH

    LILITH10 годин тому


  72. Mr Anonymus

    Mr Anonymus10 годин тому

    They kinda went Kanye West lately. If you know what I am mean?

  73. Addin Fahmi

    Addin Fahmi10 годин тому

    This is dope 🔥

  74. JonnyT

    JonnyT10 годин тому

    "when all the king’s sources and all the king’s friends don’t know their arses from their pathogens" I think I've just found my favourite lyrics ever. When I have kids, the version of "humpty dumpty" they're going to learn is going to be a little unique.

  75. Alana Stewart

    Alana Stewart10 годин тому

    I’m sorry but BMTH is really not the same anymore I like the story behind the song. But this is not them. Shame :( they released some fucking banging albums over the years but this song, is just pure definition that they are now sell outs.

  76. Kevin Martinez

    Kevin Martinez11 годин тому

    I swear this is the new pray for plagues 🤣

  77. Anton Ashikhmin

    Anton Ashikhmin11 годин тому

    Видимо начало трека они купили там же, где и Каспийский Груз :)))

  78. padowo

    padowo11 годин тому

    “Put chip and pins in the needles” so vaccination bad yea??

  79. Fernanda Ferrari

    Fernanda Ferrari11 годин тому

    This is sooooooooo fucking creepy and gooood!!!

  80. D a i t h i

    D a i t h i11 годин тому

    Are they fans of the game? They also named a song shadow Moses which is from MGS

  81. Umbrella Corporation

    Umbrella Corporation11 годин тому

    Parasite Eve was a great fucking game.

  82. VagDude

    VagDude9 годин тому

    Haha yeah PlayStation 1 the memories...

  83. BlackCoffeeGeneral

    BlackCoffeeGeneral11 годин тому

    Haven’t been digging as much of their new stuff. Definitely not the case with this one. A real jammer.

  84. Mau b

    Mau b11 годин тому

    3:21 que manera de tocar la batería ese flaco🙊😲😲

  85. Kyle Budding

    Kyle Budding12 годин тому

    I've uploaded a Guitar Cover of this if anyone is interested. Cheers! 🙌🏻